Despair, Hope & The Human Dilemma


His life was over. Alone in the darkness he knew that better than anyone. There were no candles burning because the pain had become too much for him to bear in any kind of light. 

Staying in the dark was a delusional defense mechanism. It fueled the silent voices that swirled inside his head taunting him by highlighting his every desperation.

There was a stack of overdue bills that would never get paid; a long string of broken relationships that would never be repaired; mistakes that were impossible to fix; a lifetime of accumulated broken dreams and empty promises. Failure had crawled up inside and attached itself like a leech bleeding him dry.  

Once upon a time the future had been full of possibility, but now it was a stark few moments from its end. The note had been carefully written; the pistol was fully loaded. He lifted the gun to his mouth with determination. He closed his eyes as his heartbeat throbbed in his ears.

“I’m sorry,” he said to no one, to everyone. The blast reverberated in the night as the shock waves of his action echoed through the lives of those who loved him. They had never known the agony of his inner turmoil. Now it was too late.

  "Some days I feel like my
   shadow's casting me
   Some days the sun
   don't shine
   Sometimes I wonder what
   tomorrow's gonna bring
   When I think about my 
   dirty life and times."
      ~Warren Zevon~ 

Have you ever experienced a sense of hopelessness?

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Common Humanity

The above story is fictional, but tragic scenes like this play themselves out all too routinely. Even a casual appraisal of society brings a stunning revelation: Many people are mired in a quagmire of hopelessness. Sinking deeper and deeper into the pit, they fervently grasp at anything to hold onto as a lifeline.

In their desire for deliverance they clutch at astrology, psychic hotlines, gambling, promiscuous sex, alcohol and drugs. Lack of hope causes people to chase after an endless multitude of deceptive practices and philosophies that guarantee much but deliver nothing as they spiral downward. 

No one is immune.  This is not an us and them deal; the potential to be ensnared in hopelessness is at the core of our common humanity.  A sewer pipe of hopelessness runs just below the surface of our carefully constructed lives.  We may be able to be insulated from its stench with material comforts for a time, but sooner or later the pipe will spring a leak and toxic despair will seep into every corner of our lives. 

Masks & A Nutshell

Dressed in its different disguises, lack of hope always creates the same painfully naked result: Hopelessness breeds desperation and despair; desperation and despair gives birth to alienation and isolation until at the bottom of the pit, suicide becomes an option. But suicide is never the answer because death is not the end.

We struggle through our days endeavoring to attain a sense of purpose and meaning in the endless monotony and minutiae that is life. Our time is poured into the quest to succeed and however success is defined, achieving it uses us up.

The result is a vast array of feelings, with no assurance of peace of mind. At the top of the heap, many have determined that their ladder has been propped up against the wrong building.

In quiet moments of reflection we seek answers to timeless existential questions that have occupied the greatest intellects and poets the world has ever seen, but come away disappointed.

Stripped of the hypothetical or romantic, we discover the collective reasoning has a startling conclusion: Hopelessness is the human dilemma in a nutshell. It is hardwired into our makeup. Within ourselves we have no capacity to deal with the vagaries of life and death.

No Magic Pill

It is in our spiritual dimension that we find hope. In his wisdom, God interjected himself into the mix of humanity in the person of Jesus Christ to offer us the opportunity to be rescued from the bog of hopelessness.

The Psalmist wrote: “He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.”

Our journey to the solid rock of hope is found in relationship with God. The choice is ours to make. God has already paid for this privileged rite of passage. The cross of Calvary is the lifeline that bridges the gap between despair and hope. There is no secret mystery, no magic pill to take.

Our relationship with God begins when we exercise faith, which helps us comprehend that we are delivered from our sinful past by Christ’s death. Hope blossoms as we discover all that God has in mind for us; we are empowered by the never-ending hope of redemption and resurrection.

Everlasting Love

It is simple faith in God through Jesus Christ. In some circles this is viewed as fantasy or a cliché to be attacked with a vitriol that can be disarming.

Which is okay because sooner or later the travails of our common humanity catches up with everyone; it is not unusual for the hardest skeptic or most vociferous agnostic to soften or become subdued when death or disease comes knocking close to home.

At the point of our helplessness, we learn that God’s love transcends human desperation. The miracle of rebirth awaits each of us because in everlasting love God became one of us to rescue us from our hopeless condition.

The cross of Calvary is the final solution to the human dilemma.

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sunflowerbucky profile image

sunflowerbucky 7 years ago from Small Town, USA

Great hub, Ken. I think this feeling of hopelessness is only going to get worse given the state of our country, our economy, etc.

Artin2010 profile image

Artin2010 7 years ago from Northwestern Florida, Gulfcoast

Your fictional story describes my life back in 1996. The only thing that saved me was between the time when I decided that I would end the agony and the time date in which I'd set to go through with my plan, my gun was stolen, someone invited me to go to church and I went. The very next day I called the VA Suicide Hotline and before I got to talk to someone, I was disconnected. Modern electronics! Later that same day I went to the VA Outpatient clinic here in town and they were merciful enough to allow me to go through Physciatric observation lockup fifteen days and straight from that to a twenty eight day live-in drug and alcohol treatment program in which I successfully completed. Thanks to the programs of recovery and a lot of meetings I have learned to try being responsible and accountable for my life and how I live it. I am married now and doing fairly ok. But I have to live each day and I deal with tomorrow when it gets here. Thanks for telling this story, I needed to read this. Right on time my friend. Thumbs up on this for sure!

Judah's Daughter profile image

Judah's Daughter 7 years ago from Roseville, CA

You know, to value anything, bills, house, relationships, etc. more than one's own life is pride! Who wants to live as a failure? Hey, everyone fails, but it's not the end. It's a learning experience. Life will go on, amen! We must lay down those bills, let go of that house or bad relationships, whatever the case, and cling on to life ~ cling on to God! God's LIFE-giving breath is One that delivers us from evil, rejuvinates, renews, rebuilds, heals and gives hope.

Rather than looking at suicide as the end (which you so beautifully said, 'death is not the end'), one should look at it as the first day of a new birth experience. God may take OUR plans away and give us HIS plans. He is able and has overcome the world. He forgives! It's a walk of faith, one day at a time ~ sometimes minute by minute. Each person must remember s/he is loved by somebody!! If nobody in this world, God alone!! He loved us enough to die for us and give us new life. He will also give us a new family, new friends, new loved ones. Job lost everything, but God blessed him with so much more when he stood through it, gave up whatever God allowed to be taken from him, loving God more than anything. Our trials come and pass. GOD is HOPE, which comes by His love for us and our faith in His love. Praise God!

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 7 years ago from United States

Ken, An excellent hub. Hopelessness and dispair are paralyzing and the Lord is truly that salve that heals the wound.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

sunflowerbucky - Thank you. Yes, there is a lot of despair connected to the economic times.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Artin2010 - Thanks for the visit & for sharing your story. It was/is inspiring. May God grant you peace for each day. Be blessed & encouraged on your journey.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Judah's Daughter - Thank you for your affirming comments. Amen to God is hope. Blessings to you.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Pamela - Thank you. Paralyzing is a good way to describe hopelessness. Much encouragement to you.

Johnny 7 years ago

There is a lot of confusion on this planet. We've become disconnected with nature and spirituality.

tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

Ken like anybody who is a human being I have had my dark times. One thing that has pulled me through was something I was told by a woman I knew when we discussed the suicide of a friend of mine. She said that if we kill ourselves we will never get to see how things turn out ! I have never forgotten that.

I am still trying to develop in my relations with God and JC though. But prayer is a staple of my existence ! Thank you for a great read. The fictional story you put at the top of your hub is happening to someone right now ! That is so sad.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Johnny - Thank you for the visit. Yes there is too much confusion here.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Tony - Thanks for stopping in & sharing. Much encouragement to you in your faith.

tonymac04 profile image

tonymac04 7 years ago from South Africa

Suicide is the most fundamental philosophical question, as Camus said. Despair is a dreadful condition, It is disempowering. It causes what William Styron called "darkness visible." I agree with your diagnosis, but I'm afraid I can't agree entirely with your treatment. I think that there are many ways to deal with despair and depression, and religion, especially the kind that tries to engender guilt in people, is often the last thing that would help someone in that situation. For some, religion will work, as some of the comments on this Hub attest. And that is great for them. But it doesn't work for everyone.

But thanks for your interesting thoughts on this.

Love and peace


Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

tonymac04 - We are pychologically complex & you are right in that there are many ways to deal with despair & depression, but if the spiritual is not dealt with, then in my understandings, the root issue has not been addressed.

There are religions that engender guilt but I am speaking specifically about the cross of Calvary. The point of true Christianity is not about engendering guilt in people; it's about being released from guilt. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. The fact that there are practioners of the faith who misuse & abuse it to place burdens of guilt on people is tragic.

tonymac04 profile image

tonymac04 7 years ago from South Africa

Thanks for that. My experience is, however, that many people who claim to be Christian look down on those who are not, calling them "unsaved" or "heretics" and such names.

Love and peace


Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

You're welcome. As I said, Tony, that is tragic.

RevLady profile image

RevLady 7 years ago from Lantana, Florida

Hi Ken, quite an interesting hub that demanded serious contemplation on the human condition.

Certainly, in his ministry Jesus sought to bring help and hope to those suffering in the real world. He insisted that the transcendent hope for salvation must include the immanent hope of the here and now. For Jesus there can be no faith without feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, clothing the poor, caring for the sick, and consoling the prisoner and so on.

Yet, I think that while it is our responsibility to attend to the pastoral and practical needs of people lost in the darkness of despair, it is equally our responsibility to help them discern God’s invitation in the midst of the crisis, thus engendering the hope offered by Christianity.

Thank you and blessings!

Forever His,

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Thank you, RevLady. Amen to your wise words. Peace & blessings to you always.

A M Werner profile image

A M Werner 7 years ago from West Allis

As I read your hub Ken, I saw how truly wonderful life is. It is sad that many cannot be led to Christ because coming to Him is a new lease on life - the whole concept is to die and live for something new and different without all the sins of the old man. As I read RevLady's also wonderful comment, I saw the mirror of it. Many times, people in those desperate straits are looking for a way to be useful. An idle soul suffers hunger. Helping people find things to do for others can fill a cavernous hole. Peace.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

AM - I have a catch-phrase that I often say: "Taking all the variables into consideration, life is marvelous."

Thank you for the visit & thoughtful comments. Blessings & encouragement to you.

ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

Hello Ken, this hub reminded me of me a few years ago when I endend up in an emergency room with a stomach full of pills because of my desperation with my exhusband. I have then come a long way and will never try that again. Luckily I didn't succeed. I appreciate your hubs and I love the way you write. Nice job.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

ladyjane - Thank you for sharing your story. And for your words of affirmation. I appreciate them always. Much encouragement to you.

Dave Mathews profile image

Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

Ken as you know by my hub, "My Testimony" I have faced tragedy and hardships many times as a matter of fact, I am dealing with one, as I write this. Your story reminded me of a friend, who back in 1972 emptied a shotgun into his mouth over a girl of all things. His despair and my loss came rushing back. Thank goodness I met God and walk with Him every moment of every day.

PinanShodan 7 years ago

Hi Ken,

Wonderful Hub.

God Bless

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Dave - I suspect it hits close to home for many people. I had a friend do the same thing in '79. Thankfully, by God's grace, I got past a desperately dark time in my life. And yes, thank goodness we walk with God each day.

Thanks for stopping in & sharing.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Thanks, Laura. Blessings to you.

Elisa Yager profile image

Elisa Yager 7 years ago

Hey bro~

Great stuff. Thank you for sharing this.

Like many others here I lost a friend to his own hand back in 1979. The pain of his loss still lingers with me. If I only had taken the time to tell him how much he meant to me as a person........



Dorance Calhoun 7 years ago

Ken -- Having conducted several suicide funerals, and several others that were in fact "suicides," (just slower and non-violent) I know you touched a chord in this latest offering. The responses here certainly give testimony to that.

I agree with your conclusion that ultimately faith in the cross of Christ is the only antidote to hopelessness, but I wrestle with why some who seem to have the least reason to continue living in hope do and others who seemingly have plenty of reasons don't. Free will? Predisposition? Lifelong habits coming to fruition? Genes? All of the above or some combination thereof?

Just ruminating. Keep up the good work.



Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Elisa - Thank you for the encouragement. I suspect the pain of loss, especially from suicide, lingers & remains a part of us until we die. Peace & blessings to you.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Dorance - Thank you for the affirmation. And thanks for ruminating. All good questions, for which there are no easy answers. Worthy of lots of thinking, which is always a good things. Blessings to you.

constancemary profile image

constancemary 7 years ago from Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

Strangely this is the second hub on suicide which I have read tonight. There is no question that existential despair, mindless consumerism, meaningless sex, fragmented relationships, abuse of body and ignorance of soul contribute to this problem. However, it is my experience that good Christian people, like all people, do suffer from the common cold of mental illness, depression. These people are not helped when they are told that the feelings they experience are the result of lack of faith or a drifting away from closeness to Christ. As a mental health professional, a pastoral counsellor, family therapist and a depressive, I attribute all healing to God. I accept that God may deliver that healing through appropriate medications, group and individual therapy especially cognitive behavioural therapy and an adjustment in spiritual beliefs which emphasize grace over law and love and forgiveness over judgment. I praise God for the healing I have received over time and in many different ways.

You have a fine mind Ken. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

constancemary - Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I agree entirely.

"I accept that God may deliver that healing through appropriate medications, group and individual therapy especially cognitive behavioural therapy and an adjustment in spiritual beliefs which emphasize grace over law and love and forgiveness over judgment."

Very well said. Peace & blessings to you.

50 Caliber profile image

50 Caliber 7 years ago from Arizona

Ken, California 1982 some of my crew and I stayed in touch. My crew cheif/door gunner on my Helo. was a close friend and we stayed in touch weekly. I carried a .38 snub nose revolver. Danny insisted on buying it and I consistently said it was not for sale. We had a seemingly open relationship with a group of us drank a little beer together and went to the high desrt and camped, shooting our rifles and hand guns, just target shooting and having fun, He finally wore me down and on a Saturday we were working on my old Harley in my garage and talking about what we were going to do next week. I sold him the pistol at around 10 am. and he left. At 2pm a police car showed up and asked about the pistol and I told them I had just sold it. They put me in the car and took me to Danny's home and when I went in he was on the living room floor and as I went further in his skull parts and spatter of his head were all over the kitchen table area with one chair over turned. He had sat down at the table and from a side shot, literally blew his brains out, staggered into the living room and fell. A neighbor called the police after hearing the shot. To this day I don't understand how a person goes about in a normal way living life and contemplates an act like this and insisting on a certain gun for the job, as there were much cheaper pistols in the gun shops. Why mine? Why do this? So I feel a need to understand people that are close to me, to a depth below the skin. Something definitely was wrong and none of us knew what it was, but we saw a lot and filled too many body bags together and I suspect that was the issue. They had coined "shell shock" and not PTSD at that time and VA care was non-existent. Those kind of memories never go away and you have to learn to live with them. I still meet with the VA councilor every 3 months and after much prayer, God has granted me no recollect of dreams, sleep studies have proved I still dream and am very animated during rem sleep from talking to arm movement related to flight controls (their opinion) but I have no memory of dreams even at the instance I wake up. So I often think of Danny and wonder why as I believe if you have life you have hope. I also realize that if one is going to follow through with this act they just do it, as apposed to them who threaten it, to garner attention and get the help they need.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

50 Caliber - Wow. What a tragic story. I can only imagine your pain & emotional baggage. May the peace & presence of God continually comfort & keep you. Blessings to you.

Unchained Grace profile image

Unchained Grace 7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

Some of my background is similar to that of .50 Caliber. PTSD and all that goes with it doesn't go away for some. It is very real. While some can acquire it from a tragedy such as a carcrash or similar incident, I will have to say that as a combat vet, that same type of thing occurs EVERYDAY incountry. Add it all up. This is not stated as a position that other incidents are less traumatic. It simply states that if you were to fully realize the effects of one incident, imagine the effect of multiples. Too many to count, sometimes. This does not even include the atrocities you see which are inflicted upon others whether they be friend or foe.

Depression is anger turned inward and when this becomes multiplied or allowed to fester, you quickly find those internal sewer lines that just don't leak. They burst.

It is why God is the only real answer. He was the only real answer for me. What kept me from offing myself before I met Jesus? After being shot at, shelled, bombed and becoming a POW for a short time, there was no way I was gonna let the enemy off easy. I wasn't about to do his job for him.

I'd fought too freakin' hard to stay alive through it all and I wasn't about to throw it all away. For what? It would've just made everything I did meaningless.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Unchained Grace - All I can say is wow again. Thank you for sharing your testimony. May the awesome grace of God remain unchained in your life, running free & embracing you all at the same time. Peace & blessings.

Ghost Whisper 77 profile image

Ghost Whisper 77 7 years ago from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals


Sitting here in silence after reading this hub and also the many people suffer inside, some have fighting spirits that help them survive and others give up;turmoil, pain, sadness, horrific tradgedies, war....this was an overwhelming hub emotionlally for me in many ways.

God is the answer but how do you ever reach people before these things happen? So much pain, they carry so much pain very sad.

Unchained Grace profile image

Unchained Grace 7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

Ghost, the only real way is right in your own words. Outreach. In all its forms, it is really the only way to be exposed to those you'd never meet otherwise. Why? We gotta meet them on THEIR turf. They may not come to ours.

You'd be very surprised at some of what we see on the streets of Baltimore at 0300. Prostitutes, ganbangers, etc.

Know what, though? Underneath the tough exterior lies desperation and frustration. I can tell you what it feels like when you bring a prostitute to Jesus at a bus stop on Pennsylvania Avenue. What it feels like to have a hardcore gangbanger hand over his weapons and cry like a baby. The frustration, feelings of abandonment, severe depression at not being able to be a "real" father. You see it all out here. Not unlike Nam in many ways. Who knows? Maybe that's why God wanted me way back when.

Let me take a moment to tell you a short story about "Reggie." He'd been a hardcore gangbanger all his life. Crackhead, dealer, hustler, hitman, etc. In 1998, when Holy Truth Temple of Deliverance was first established, it was a gutted out building filled with rats and garbage. It was what God gave Bishop Savage to start with. "Reggie" was walking by one day and saw Bishop hauling out some of the debris. Him and his boys offered help to this preacher. He accepted. They worked hard for weeks on end, living on beans, neck bones and collard greens cooked by the Bishop's wife. Finally, it was ready.

Today, many of those same guys are still with us and Reggie? He's a Deacon and personal armor bearer for the Bishop. Most of our church leadership are former gangbangers who were once tied to the Bloods, Crypts and other heavy gangs in LA, DC and right in Baltimore. Today, their experiences are THE quintessential testimony.

Ken, sorry for taking up so much space, but I was trying to point out that God will meet you at the level you're at. Those of us who are seen as the least in the eyes of society are those who God lifts up and uses. Thank you for a very special Hub.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Ghost Whisper - Thank you for your words. It was not an easy one to write. So many suffer in quiet desperation. Peace & blessings to you.

Unchained Grace - Thank you for sharing. You REALLY need to tell these stories about the triumph of God's grace. Make a series of Hubs. Never underestimate the power of a personal story about God's grace.

Ghost Whisper 77 profile image

Ghost Whisper 77 7 years ago from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals

Ken-that was a great hub and suggestion to Unchained grace, stories such as the one he just told, they are filled with so much hope,love, reality of God on so many of our 'own levels' and 'conditions'- Many people do not reach out because of fear-being ripped off-fear of dying or even getting involved-I can't tell you the times being chastised for talking to "those type of people' homeless-streetpeople or hardcore who call out ot for me,funny, they have been nicer to me than the closest to me. I know God wants me to help and care and I am still here aint I? ;) Thanks for a great Hub Ken!! Have a good day! Oh,and I am so happy to hear about Reggie and the others! Made my day!

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

You are so right, Ghost Whisper. Stories of hope & love need to be told. We are strengthened by them. I like to tell folks that "we are our stories" because every one has a story & community becomes honest & genuine & helpful to others when we open up & share our story.

Thank you for all your encouragement. I am blessed because of it. And now, I am going to get busy & write a personal story. Have a wonderful day.

The Rope profile image

The Rope 7 years ago from SE US

Great hub Ken! It's amazing the number of people who find it hard to tell their stories but when they are finally told, it's also amazing the number of people who are inspired.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

The Rope - Thank you. Yes, I think we would all be better off emotionally, spiritually & physically if we would take our masks off & be honest about our struggles.

Peace & blessings to you.

Momma Mia profile image

Momma Mia 7 years ago from North Carolina

Not much left to comment here..............kudos for sure! Your writings do make a difference..........Can't wait to read more of your articles!

Take great care of yourself and those you care greatly for!


Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Momma Mia - Thank you for visiting & for your kind comments. Peace & blessings to you.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan

Ken, I am SO glad you stumbled upon my hubs or I may have never found you. This hub was written with such a rare craftmanship of words that it absolutely drew me in and painted pictures in my mind. As you say, We are all subject to being pulled into the pit of utter and complete hopelessness - I like how you say we are wired that way. Your depiction and explanation of a God who has the answer was an absolute JOY and rare treat to read - I love well chosen words .. can you tell? He surely is ... 'a God who transcends human desperation' Thank you for this article I LOVE your writing skills and the ability to choose words that communicate volumes ... it is a GIFT! I look forward to reading more. God Bless YOU! I can see that He does... :)

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Mekenzie - Thank so much for your kind & generous words. They are much appreciated & taken to heart. Peace & blessings to you.

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

I am grateful to God with less anything. I have wonderful family, house, food and friend. This is the big gift from me. My humanity said "help other". That is the happiness for me. You have great thought by peeling the humanity side into wonderful hub. Thanks

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

prasetio30 - Thank you for sharing. Appreciate the visit very much. Blessings.

profile image

Quietest Moments 7 years ago

Having worked in the addictions field, gone through my own trials, I have seen and felt what hardships can do to a person.God Bless you for understanding also. Have a great day. :-)

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Quietest Moments - Good to see you. Thanks for stopping in & sharing comments. Blessings to you.

Fluffy77 profile image

Fluffy77 5 years ago from Enterprise, OR

Ken, wow could not have said it better. We all do have a dark and light in us both, the way we share this with the world around us says allot about us. Like your writing, very telling of a loving soul you are blessed and so are us who get to read from it.

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 5 years ago from ON THE ROAD Author

Fluffy77 - Thank you for stopping in & sharing. Your comments are much appreciated. Blessings.

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