Human and Spiritual Energy

The Power of Energy

What is energy? Energy surrounds us everywhere we go and it comes in many forms. Potential energy is a stored energy such as electrical or mechanical. Kinetic energy is a ‘doing’ energy, such as heat, light motion and sound. The human body runs on energy which is fuelled by food enabling us to operate our bodies and minds. We also have an energy field that surrounds each of us, can be called an aura or spiritual energy field. This energy can expand depending on whether we are focusing on a meditation or working in a spiritual way. When not opening our minds to focus in this way and going about our every day tasks, in normal awareness it remains close to us and has a protective shell around it.

If a person is empathetic then they can pick up on others emotions/mood just from being around them, the more empathetic they are the stronger and easier they’ll feel this. At times it can be a problem for some, where negative emotional vibes are felt. It can be somewhat overwhelming and they seek help to attempt to shut this off somehow. It is very real. So where else can this be from apart from a person’s energy field?

I had no idea of the strength of this energy until my spiritual path opened. There were and still are different ways in which I discover the variety of its possibilities. The way it can be felt and the way it can be manipulated. When in meditation I have experienced feeling rushes going through my body, starting from feet upwards, once this has hit a certain point it causes me to draw in breathe and exhale deeply. It rolls through you like a wave. I used to see this as an energy being put through me by spirit and so it may be so in some cases.

I am forever learning and my helpers(guides) have told me quite explicitly that when I feel that or touches it is through my energy field. They are not actually touching my physical body. In my body when I feel these touches it is like having pins and needles without the discomfort in the area the hand has come close to. It is a very tickly feeling and can be quite intense, enough to make me have to squirm as you would from a person tickling you. It always makes me smile. I have experienced actual body touches and that feels entirely different, much more physical just like a human touch. It has been rubbing at the top of my arm each time I have felt a direct touch.

When you feel quite emotional about something it reflects in your energy, palpably felt by either humans or by people in spirit. In fact it is far more so for people in spirit, they take it on board so to speak, for themselves. I have had comments made to me about how they have felt my emotions through my energy, whether it is sadness or joy. If it has been sadness they have expressed the sorrow they felt and when it has been joy they have felt from me their comments have been upbeat and excited. It is not an observation of my emotions; they really feel it as well.

A spirits energy is much the same as ours, people often report feeling a certain way when a spirit presence has been felt. If it’s a negative energy this is usually noticed by the person, they feel it and it is usually correct whether negative or positive. Of course if a person is fear based about spirit generally it could easily be a misinterpretation of the energy around them. However if a person is not having a knee jerk reaction to a spiritual presence and is observing and can feel a certain vibe from a spirit then what they pick up will generally be correct. It’s best to follow and trust your instincts.

It is quite amazing how energy can be manipulated and utilised. It can be expanded, sent out in healing, and manipulated using visualisation and focused thought. I have practised this and have had comments from spirit on how they experienced it afterwards so know although it may seem like a good imagination it is a very real tangible essence with direct effect. Next time you feel a certain vibe from a person around you; don't dismiss your feelings, you are probably picking up their energy field quite correctly. Trust your instincts!

As Mark Twain quoted: And what is a man without energy? Nothing-nothing at all.

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Amber Allen profile image

Amber Allen 6 years ago

Hi Dawn

I've not had any spiritual experiences that I've been aware of but I'm fascinated by the whole subject. I look forward to reading more.


Dawn71 profile image

Dawn71 6 years ago from UK Author

Hi Amber, thanks hon :)

lisadpreston profile image

lisadpreston 6 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

A subject that I am very interested in. There is so much to learn and so much of it I don't understand. I hope you write many, many more hubs on spirit. You seem to know a lot about it.

Dawn71 profile image

Dawn71 6 years ago from UK Author

Hi Lisa, the learning never ends that's for sure. I will be adding more, just about too add another now :) Glad you want to read about it! The communication I have & the experiences given have given me the understanding I have. Thanks

Jerami profile image

Jerami 6 years ago from Houston tx

Two thumbs up

I am constantly amazed with the different aspects of the spirit.

I think that religions should explore this side of spirituality more than they do the lives of the prophets, Cause,.. spirituality is where the prophets got their message from.

Dawn71 profile image

Dawn71 6 years ago from UK Author

Many thanks Jerami...I really like your way of thinking! Religion misses out on a lot!

Jerami profile image

Jerami 6 years ago from Houston tx

Yes religion does miss out on a lot.

We are all prisoners of our thought processes/beliefs, and scriptures even say so.

I think that the main content of Jesus' message were explaining our spiritual nature and yet this aspect was (for the most part) left out of the canon. WHY?

I could go on all day on that! But I won't.

Dawn71 profile image

Dawn71 6 years ago from UK Author

Yes I agree. Yes I agree. And yes I agree! I'd be happy for you to go on all day, I could too!

Lots was left out of the bible and also it was manipulated to instil fear and control of the masses. Shame as there is truth within it. Jesus' message was that yes but it has been somehow overlooked.

Jerami profile image

Jerami 6 years ago from Houston tx

I think that this is exactly what was prophesied in Revelation. Most specifically in chapter 13, The Beast with ten horns and ten crowns, bears a striking resemblance to the Church that The Roman Empire built, which all of religiosity springs from.

But to stress this point here in the forums does not encourage popularity.

Dawn71 profile image

Dawn71 6 years ago from UK Author

I think I might message you privately Jerami, if you don't mind? Think we could have a good conversation!

pennyofheaven profile image

pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

Excellent and well written hub! I enjoyed it immensely thanks!

Dawn71 profile image

Dawn71 6 years ago from UK Author

Thanks very much Penny :) Really glad you enjoyed it!

Jerami profile image

Jerami 6 years ago from Houston tx

Good morning Dawn. I did message ya a "sure" the other day. Don't know if ya got it?

I will be checking the rest of your hubs ,, been too busy last couple of days though. More Later.

Dawn71 profile image

Dawn71 6 years ago from UK Author

I didn't get it no? Unless it went into my spam, probably.

I have my family staying with me so haven't been online much. Will message you in next few days :)

mom101 profile image

mom101 6 years ago


Great hub.

Although the learning process is an ongoing process, I feel confident you have mastered or learned probably one of the first steps of ones spiritual walk.

Knowing "how" your spirit talks to you. With most everyone, it is a feeling that can not be fully described, and is very different with each individual. Yours seems to touch you on the shoulder; my mom, a strong headed woman, felt a wind blow across her knee.

Your spirit(s) know you, and they "choose" the method of communication with you. They know what and how you will listen for them.

The next, step, is the tricky one. EVERY time, you get that "nudge" on your shoulder, you need to be still and listen. A message is there for you. Example, my mom had just went to bed one night, got laid down,covered up and comfortable. My phone rang, and mom said what's going on. I could hear confusion in her voice. I asked her what she was talking about. She said when she got laid down, she felt a gentle breeze go across her knee. She got up checked the windows to make sure they were closed, got back in bed, again, she felt the same breeze and she said what the heck is going on. From inside, she said she heard a voice say get up and get on your knees and pray. She ignored the breeze and the voice. She dozed off and again, the breeze and the voice. She got up, knelt down and prayed. Then called me. Mom had been raised Baptist and she raised me Baptist. I had been going to a non denominational church and she had come with me a couple of times. She loved it. She couldn't explain it, but she loved it. I told mom on the phone when she called that she should be happy instead of afraid. The Creator had just sent her a message, and one that was of a warning nature. Jokingly I asked her what she prayed. She said, for my soul and to have no pain. Mom, for the next couple of months was more happier and at ease with life than I had ever seen her be. Mom passed on less than a year later. Don't be sad. She learned in a short time, what many many many people never learn. She was at peace with her soul. That is "rejoicing". I told this to say this, many are called, few are chosen. Many people go to church, they listen to the sermon, they sing the songs, and many feel the Spirit. Many pastors preach a wonderfully Blessed sermon, only to not KNOW how to explain it. Churches "preach" to the people, then after they get "saved", are left on their own. No instruction on how to live the Spiritual Life we are led to live.

For the few that have learned, and desire to teach others, we are mocked.

The Bible tells us to worship in Spirit and in Truth. The Creator talks to us just as our Earthly parents do.

When learning, be cautious. There is a battle going on around us every second of our lives. And part of that battle is to confound our spirit. There are "bad" spirits just as there are "good" ones.

Throughout your journey, take care not to become discouraged.

Blessings and Peace

Dawn71 profile image

Dawn71 6 years ago from UK Author

Mom101, many thanks for your comments and the story you shared about your mom, bless her.

I am fully clairaudient so the touches are just another aspect to it for me. So I have direct communication on a daily basis. I have experienced negative spirits as well as positive, worn the t-shirt and came out the other side :)

The creator blessed me with this ability and my pathway is clear, if I didn't do the work I do with spirit then it would be a rejection of it. My aim being to help wherever I can and also share with others what I've learnt, I'm writing my second book now including the errors I have made along the way so that others can learn from my mistakes as well as successes. I am one of many who are blessed with an ability to communicate, a drop in the vast ocean but every little drop helps :)

I don't have religion in my life but I have complete and total faith. Faith and love are enough for me.

Thanks for your kind words and blessings and love to you.

Mandy 4 years ago

i find this topic very interesting, i could also talk about this all day.... i was on a working holiday with residents from the care home where i work, i got resident in bed n then i had the over whelming thought come into my head about this subject, this made think and research on the subject, what i now understand about it as blew my mind and changed the way i do a lot of things in my life it makes so much sense. i mean if you are sitting there n things are not going rite for you, if you are sitting there feeling sorry for yourself, then these things never seem to stop but as soon as you try n change the situation, you start to feel more positive and things do take a u turn, this is down to your energy field, as the saying goes if you are sending negativity out you will get it back, if you send positivity out that what you get back.

As for the bible, there are so many clues in there about our spiritual life, the church doesn't even go into this.

Wow i so love this topic n like others some thing i could go on about all day.


Arjun 4 years ago

WOW!All this is really true...

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