Learning How To Live With Ghosts and Spirits In Your Home

Ghost of Packhorse Bridge

Ghostly figure caught on camera at Packhorse Bridge, Caergwrle, courtesy of Cheshire Paranormal Society
Ghostly figure caught on camera at Packhorse Bridge, Caergwrle, courtesy of Cheshire Paranormal Society

Do You Believe In Ghosts and Spirits ?

First off I realize this hub may be a little weird. I guess I'm writing to see what my fellow "Hubbers" think. Is it just me or has the paranormal really gotten popular the last 3 or 4 years. It seems as if any given night now, you can find someone chasing ghosts on TV. I've even seen it on the news a couple of times. I have to be honest and say that it really piqued my interest as well. There are shows such as The Travel Channels, "Most Haunted", that I don't believe for a second. However " Ghost Hunters" which is on the Scy Fy channel, really made me think just maybe ghosts, spirits and demons may exist. The net is full of ghosts caught on photos and even on video, however with today's computer technology, these supposedly items of proof can easily be faked. A "skeptic" ? Absolutely !!! Being an ex-cop, I have always had the "don't pee down my leg and tell me it's raining" attitude. I had to have proof to believe anything. I even spoke with a couple of paranormal groups with the idea of joining and go ghosts hunting for myself. I had questions that I really wanted answers to, and to be honest the excitement of it all intrigued me as well. It seems as if so many people have their ghosts stories, except me, UNTIL NOW !!! If you are still reading, the following actually happened to me while recouperating after a back surgery. As a result, I no longer have the desire to hunt for ghosts and spirits, I had many questions answered and my whole way of thinking about the subject changed and I now know maybe we should just let them rest. Afterall they were once people just like you and I, with a family and a life. I no longer feel the need to pry into that world. Again the following happened to me, I really don't expect anyone to believe it, like me you have to experience it for your self.

A dark hooded figure standing at the water's edge Pennsylvania

How I Learned To Live and Sleep In The Same House With Ghosts.

As I mentioned above, I had moved in with a friend while recouperating from a back surgery. I spent most of my time in a recliner in front of the TV. I kept noticing something going by really fast. I couldn't see it straight on instead it was always off to the side in my periphereal vision. After about 3 days of this , I finally asked my friend if any one had ever died in the house. She gave me a puzzled look, and then replied yes, but how did I know that? After telling her what I had experienced, she told me that the lady that had owned the house prior to her (28 years earlier) had committed suicide in the home. She then sternly told me that she didn't believe in ghost and that I was never to discuss it again. As shocked as I was by her comment I decided to do as she ask. About a week later ,late at night, while laying on the couch I felt a sudden drop in temperature and my neck and scalp began to tingle. A few seconds later I felt something rubbing my face in an almost affectionate manner. There was no one in the room with me !!! A few days later during the day, I heard a woman crying uncontrollably and I decided to go see why my friend was crying. Once I got in the room where she was , I learned that she was taking a nap, and there were no TV's playing in the house. The fact that I was experiencing all of this and not being able to talk about it was beginning to get to me.

A week or so later I walked into the den, leaned over to turn on the TV and before I even got my hand to the "on" button, the TV came on without me even touching it. It started to seem as if each occurrence started get get a little bolder than the one before. Still I kept my mouth shut even though it was driving me nuts not to be able to tell my friend. I had gotten to where I was actually scared to walk around the house at night without the lights from being scared of what I may see next. I had actually been around it so much I could actually feel "its" presence when it was near. Finally about 3 am I was hungry and decided to go downstairs and get a bite to eat. There is an island cabinet in which I was standing ,and mixing pancake batter. While mixing an apparition of a lady actually appeared standing a foot away facing me. It was like the old type of rabbit ears antennas on a TV, she faded in ,was there for about 2 seconds and faded out . Because it happened gradually I wasn't startled, however when it happened I refused to look at her face for some reason. Maybe because I have never seen a ghost on TV that was wasn't scary, I don't know. You hear of people seening ghost and they appear to be transparent, this one once fully formewd was not it was just like a person standing it front of me. After this I was at my wits end. Here I was 56 years old and afraid to walk around the house at night.

About a week later my friend called and asked to me to hurry home from the store. After arriving I discovered that she had fallen down the stairs, breaking her ankle and her wrist. After returning home from the emergency room she said to me we had to talk. She told me that hen she fell, she had not lost her balance, instead it felt as if something had pushed her. She also told me that her son had seen the lady before. That night after she went to bed, I went downstairs and sat in the dark. Once again I felt it's presence. I knew something had to be done but what ? I wasn't a paranormal psychologist, ghost hunter or anything. I decided to try to talk to it. Man I felt like an idiot sitting there in the dark talking to something that I couldn't see. Anyway I told her that I knew she was there. I had heard her, felt her and even seen her that night. I also told her that I had heard how she passed and that I was truly sorry but that we lived there now. I also said that there was no reason we all could not live there, but there would be no more harming my friend. You know after I said those few words, I felt the tingling coldness go away. I had no more sudden surprises however I do hear something in the attic from time to time and I'll simply holler out, "you sure are making a lot of racket today "Diane" but that is about the extent of it. I really don't know why it ceased or why it started in the first place. I kind of believe acknowledging her presence is all it took They were people with lives once just like us. Some say a lot of them don't even know they have passed, some are stuck in between dimensions, I don't know. I no longer have a desire to ghost hunt, I have had my questions answered. Instead I just let her rest. If you have a ghost or even think you do, as weird as it feels you might talking to it just as I did. It sure helped get our life back to normal.

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efeyas profile image

efeyas 6 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

Creepy experience but it seems as though you handled it well. Good hub!

redwards54 profile image

redwards54 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks Liz for reading. I can't wait to read yours as well.You really have some cool titles.

Rita  6 years ago

Thanks for the link.

I had previously lived in two haunted houses. I discovered that not all spirits are harmful. In fact, I was attacked by one demoniac spirit and saved by another spirit of a different kind. I later had a feeling that God had sent me a spirit to save me from a series of demoniac attacks. I'd done nothing to invoke demoniac attacks. Only that I had once suggested to a possessed lady that she should pray for protection; thereafter, hours later in the night, I awoke to find a vindictive demon who didn't like my interference with a friend.

The one spirit who came to my defence in the first house also came with me into a second haunted house, which was quite different from the first. Fortunately, it wasn't demonically haunted.

Inside a second house, I was one night disturbed by an unfamiliar ghost lurking in my bedroom. I daren't look at him, in case it might not be human. Immediately, I called the one spirit guardian for help.

When he came, he firstly put me to a sleep, his way to alleviate my fears of spirits - before he went to suss out spirits in my surroundings. Hours later, I awoke to overhear the lively conversation between two spirits inside my bedroom. One unfamiliar spirit was curious about me and he listened keenly to all the stories that the other spirit was telling him about me. I was amazed to hear how much my guardian enthusiatically talked about me: my interests, tastes, habits, attitudes, etc.

The way he talked about me was as if he were my second father, as if I were some much-beloved pet project of his. Up to this day, this spirit has been with me all along since the outset of my existence. He has watched me grow and learn and mature with age.

I realized that my guardian has mediated peace with the spirit residents of the house. Next night, another four spirits visited my bedroom just to have a peep of me. I took fright at this. I relaxed when I overheard the lady spirit rebuking the others: "Come away. Leave the occupant alone."

Next time, that lady spirit came to me, when she overheard me praying for my deceased relations. I prayed for God's mercy upon their souls, for their happiness and reunion with loved ones. She politely interupted my prayers with a request: "Please pray for me too."

From time one, I had few more spirits asking for my help, mostly likely my prayers.

Ghosts love nice prayers to be said for them - not the exorcism. Most of them like us to pray for God's mercy upon them, for peace and happiness, for joyful reunion with loved ones, etc.

redwards54 profile image

redwards54 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks Rita for the comment and thanks for the education also. Demons is something I know nothing about except that I am terrified of them. maybe because I am so uneducated in that subject.Please feel free to e-mail me, I'd love to learn more . Rob

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 5 years ago from Southern California

I know all to well what you are talking about.

Hubertsvoice 5 years ago

Very interesting story. My experiences with, for the lack of another phrase, the spirit world have been peaceful experiences. If they continue, I would hope that they remain peaceful.

TransferAmerica profile image

TransferAmerica 4 years ago from Torrance, CA

This was a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

hi 4 years ago

hi i know what ur going through

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