I Am In The Boat or Am I? Lifesaver's Available But Look for the Life Savior!


In everything, there is a reason. Some are clear, some not so much. It may be when things are clouded, that God is working His best miracle in your life. Let go and let God, is easier said than done. But how often would your story have changed if you had given up before He was finished with you. By throwing in the towel and jumping overboard are you allowing yourself to remain clouded?

A boat that does not rock is calm, or it could depend on, perhaps it's complacency. When in a boat that is rocky, it's obviously dangerous or is it? Both scenarios could bring concern or opportunity. Could it simply be how you look at things? A calm can be peaceful and tranquil to some, where others may think, is this the calm before the storm? Complacency is defined as self-satisfaction or contentment, but what if you’re thinking, are things too routine? A rocky boat could be a sign of danger or fear, then again rocking can be just what is needed to shake things up a bit or move you to a different place.

Lifesavers are all around and yet so many choose to drown. We have the option to grab hold or not. We sometimes grab hold and still give up so easily, by letting go, rather than working to hang on. So what if you are in a wave, hold on anyway, it really isn't about you, it's about choosing the life Savior.

Clouded Vision

Many theories or myths cloud our vision. Some of us will give so much credence to them that they can immobilize your life. Is preparedness necessary? Yes of course it is. I suppose it just depends on the preparedness you choose.

We have seen the world where many were stifled by the idea of Y2K or Billboards predicting the ending of times. How many followed closely the confusion of the ending Mayan calendar? My thoughts, that guy writing the calendar, may have just retired. No matter, it’s not what we should be following anyway. History is an important thing. We learn from it and we can try hard not to repeat its mistakes. Sadly we often do just that, as history tends to repeat itself.

We could almost look at history as a new music CD playing over and over. We hear it and we listen to it, but at the same time depending on our attention to it we may need to play it several times before getting the words right. Many attacks come when following the greatest calendar, words and music of all time, the Bible.

If you truly read the word, you innately get caught up in it. Is it relevant? You bet it is. How many of us really play it over and over again until we see and hear its message for our lives? It may be a simple verse that takes hold and changes your thought process for a moment or forever. The Bible is an intricate piece of work and many find it overwhelming.

Just like the boat, it may be the way you are looking at it. Many will tell you how to read it, how to study it or how to learn and apply it. Many are well versed and can guide you in the ability to decipher the things that cause question. At the same time, your relationship with the word and God Himself is personal. He will reveal all you need to know in His timing. He may not have you see things the same as someone right next to you, this is for a reason. He is using each of us in a special way with a specific purpose for His plan is perfect.

Become a student

If you are willing to become a student of the word, I assure you the TEACHER will always be there ready to save you. He may want to use you in a way unlike that of those around you. He may want to reveal His teachings in ways not understood by others. You're His creations and the methods He chooses to mold you with are unique to His plan for you. Where will He place you? Will it be in a rocky boat or a beautiful lake with no ripples? Either place He will whisper to you. I suppose if you have played His CD over and over you will recognize Him wherever you are.

Just like the beats of your favorite song. Try not to be overwhelmed, The Father meets you right where you are. If you stray, and you most likely will at times, He will reach out an oar to bring you back to His boat. If you don't take hold of it, then he will be your lifesaver and hold you up until you make it back to His plan for your life, but never will He leave you.

Try not to always look out for the ways of the world and those in it. They may be helpful in your life, sent by Him, or they may even slightly damage the gem God is creating from you. All these things are allowed to make you special for Him, He wants you just the way you are. It's so important to observe quiet introspection of God’s imprint on your heart and open your eyes and ears to His CD. If you listen you will truly find peace in the message He is giving to you, personally. Just be sure you grab hold of the right life Savior. When you grab hold of the one that saves you will know it and you will stay afloat. If the lifesaver you are holding is pulling you under be sure to look around for the one that never lets you go. That life Savior is all you need!

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The Stages Of ME profile image

The Stages Of ME 3 years ago Author

Lab 143 ~

Thanks so much for stopping in and reading and your beautiful comment ~ have a blessed day.

lab143 profile image

lab143 3 years ago

Love this! Whether it is rocky or whether it is calm, the Lord is always a Lifeline as we reach out to Him. He then becomes our Constant Savior who keeps us afloat in good times and bad. He leads me and molds me in both. I need His calming presence before I can effectively face the rocky waters of this life. Beautifully written hub! Thank you!

The Stages Of ME profile image

The Stages Of ME 3 years ago Author

Thank you James ~

So true and your passage very fitting. I must read this book sounds very interesting. Thank you for reading and for your lovely comment. Have a Blessed week ~

James-wolve profile image

James-wolve 3 years ago from Morocco

Very interesting hub.When you talked about the boat,you reminded me about a beautiful passage from a novel called Three Men In A Boat :

Let your boat of life be light, packed with only what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends, worth the name, someone to love and someone to love you, a cat, a dog, and a pipe or two, enough to eat and enough to wear, and a little more than enough to drink; for thirst is a dangerous thing.

The thirst is a dangerous thing.If we direct it to knowledge ,we will be thriving .

The Stages Of ME profile image

The Stages Of ME 4 years ago Author

Thank you Dear Mekenzie ~

Kindred spirits is what we are. I am always so blessed to have your input. God is so all inspiring when we share our thoughts of Him. Oh the Potter's hand is so beautiful :)

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 4 years ago from Michigan

Well said dear friend, if we allow God's word to play over and over and over again (memorization - meditation) in our minds - it will change us and yes, we will recognize His voice wherever we are and in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

I have had those clouded circumstances .. the kind where you can't see 2" in front of you. I could not see but my God always see's and in the storm He teaches me to hang on and trust Him.

Thanks for some great analogies and encouragement to draw near to God.

Voted Up and Beautiful,


The Stages Of ME profile image

The Stages Of ME 4 years ago Author

billybuc ~

Thank you, I am so glad you understand this, praying so many others will as well. Blessings friend :)

billybuc profile image

billybuc 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

Beautiful message my friend. If we are willing to listen, the message will always be there. Love it!

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