I Bow To My Higher Self ~ Part II

"I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death."

Leonaro da Vinci


I feel I should warn anyone who absolutely cannot stand gushiness, at the start, because if you cannot, you should stop reading now...

Love, love, love, etc.

It is clear, to me, that God is acting through me. Where I am right now, there is beautiful open space all around with birds and wild things roaming. I do all that I can to bring joy to this because what it does for me is open my vision to who I am and who you are in this life. I have tried, for much of my life, to define God. I honestly don't know why I am so focused on God, but at this point in my life I have come to accept this path with open arms.

Every time a person reaches out to me with kindness or love it sends me into flight. I have met amazing people here on Hubpages. I want to repay your kindness in any way I can. The way I know best to do this is to send you an uplifting message, so here goes ...

I bow to my higher self because I can see you there~~~

God has found me, or I have found God, either way on this day in this precious moment I am no longer afraid of you. Einstein, one whom I greatly admire, said energy cannot be destroyed, so given all the requests I have been making of you, I thought it only fitting to let you know I no longer fear you and am looking to create the energy of harmony between us.

For the last many, many years I have worked through much of my fear because I really desire the experience of enlightenment. I have made the commitment to love you and to not judge you. I've even said that if I do judge you I will immediately forgive you. If we come across each other and you need help, I will help you to the best of my ability. It's funny to me, but I want to give you a disclosure here about my limitations, but I'm not going to.

If you look at how you see yourself this very moment and what my previous statements meant to you I would like to hear from you in the comments. Just a reminder to keep it clean. I do have veto power. Where do you say importance lies for you? Is it in gaining advantage over others? Is it in having more? Do you see yourself as the most important thing? Do you see a perspective as the most important thing? For me, I would say the most important thing is peace of mind. When I am able to view myself in this present moment in a way that only brings peace to others and myself I know that God and I are one. I love writing and it is such a priviledge to love you and see only the best in you. It is the greatest priviledge to be able to tell you that I feel this way.

I Bow To My Higher Self Because I See You There...



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moronkee profile image

moronkee 3 years ago

I'm glad you found GOD in your own way. GOD is LOVE.

CreatePerfection profile image

CreatePerfection 3 years ago from Beautiful Colorado Author


Thank you for your kindness. God truly is love and love is where we are ALL One.



Your Favorite Nephew 3 years ago

The greatest gift that you have ever given me was just being in my life! You are an amazing woman and my most valued mentor. God truelly does radiate from you and your light shines for me, even a thousand miles away!

CreatePerfection profile image

CreatePerfection 3 years ago from Beautiful Colorado Author

Dearest Favortie Nephew,

Thank you for your love and the light you bring to my life. My life is so much richer for having you in it. I love you so much and send you hugs and kisses.



CrisSp profile image

CrisSp 3 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

You said, "I Bow To My Higher Self "~ I do too.

Thank you Lela for this wonderful and delightful read. Not sure how I missed part-1 but I'm certainly going back to read it.

Love from the sky~

CreatePerfection profile image

CreatePerfection 3 years ago from Beautiful Colorado Author


Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I'm so glad we have crossed each other's path.



aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 3 years ago from Stillwater, OK

The higher power created the beauty that surrounds us, the birds, animals, plants, flowers, etc. Therefore you are surrounded by that which is love.

CreatePerfection profile image

CreatePerfection 3 years ago from Beautiful Colorado Author


Your friendship and kindness mean so much to me. You are a light and a fellow lover of the birds and wild things and even though we will likely never meet in person I cherish your friendship, your wisdom and the creative spirit that flows through your writing. Thank you.



EllenJent profile image

EllenJent 3 years ago

Blessings Lela,

What an uplifting message. Tis true that we are all mirror reflections of each other, as well as an opportunity to grow and learn, expand on the strengths and acknowledge and accept our weaknesses. I find the higher self is our true spirit in pure form, guiding us to our highest good. Some lessons can be disheartening, however we do arise much stronger from it. This is where transformation happens, and it affects every other person we are connected with.

Thank you for being the wonderful inspiration that you are, and knowing who you are as the Divine spark of light..



CreatePerfection profile image

CreatePerfection 3 years ago from Beautiful Colorado Author

Dear Ellen,

Thank you for this lovely message. We are all divine beings and if we are to actually experience this, it will first take our willingness to see it in ourselves, and then it will take our commitment to know it in each other. For no one is alone here and once we see this reality we will know all beings as ourselves.

Blessings Ellen,


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