I Ching Prediction of USA Economy in 2009

I was asked today by two of my readers regarding the I Ching divination on USA economy in 2009, and here is the result.

I Ching Divination on USA Economy in 2009
I Ching Divination on USA Economy in 2009

The Subject (Barrack Obama) is sitting on Power element, which means he is in power now (as it is). The question is about economy, which is the money element. The money element in here looks strong and promising, because it is supported by the day rat 子 water element and month rabbit wood. Day rat 子 water will support the wood (money element in the chart), and the month rabbit 卯 wood itself will of course support itself (the wood element whih is the money element in the chart). In the end, the money will support the Subject - Barrack Obama (wood triggers fire).

There're two active line, line three and line five. Line three is a money line which change into a monkey 申 metal which in the end conquer back the rabbit 卯 wood (the money element), but this action line is weak because it was not supported by the day and month (metal produce day rat 子 water and month 卯 rabbit wood fight back the metal). This action of line three is fails.

Line five is a rooster 酉metal which also conquer the rabbit 卯 wood, and this line change into a monkey 申 metal (backward movement in the sequence of the 12 animals), and is a symbol of "Retreat". It is also a weak line plus it clash against the month rabbit 卯 wood. This action of line five is also fails and weak.

I assume this companion element or competitor we can say, is the Republican party which is trying to make people loose faith in Obama, because it the object line opposite to the subject (Republican is always opposite to the Democrat).

The conclusion is the USA economy will be good in the year 2009 in the magic hand of Barrack Obama.

Hery Yansen is a Chinese Metaphysics practitioner and owner of Authentic Feng Shui Asia website. His website http://www.authenticfengshui.asia provides an informative content on different kinds of Chinese metaphysics for those who are keen learner on Chinese metaphysics subjects.

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George Enis 7 years ago

I did believed you Henry since I read your preadiction on US election. I pray for you and for Obama to succeed both him and his family,cabinet. Whoever wish him bad should failed.

Thanks Henry.

George Enis 7 years ago

I'm now one of your fans. username is logogy.

George Enis 7 years ago

I am just trying to knows everything about Obama. You know that GOP and some Democrats are very dangerous. I just wanna know if Obama is going to succeed his presidency.

Hery Yansen profile image

Hery Yansen 7 years ago Author

Thanks, George. We'll pray and hope that this world crisis will be ended soon.

Amanda Severn profile image

Amanda Severn 7 years ago from UK

Hery, thanks for using the I Ching to make this forecast.

I sincerely hope that your forecast is accurate. Barack Obama blew into office on the Wind of Change, but these are turbulent times.

Hery Yansen profile image

Hery Yansen 7 years ago Author

Thanks Amanda ... We hope Barrack Obama can overcome the turbulent times.

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