Talking to My Soul While Doing the Dishes

Photo by Mary Soliel

I now understand the way to the soul. It is through the heart. Not only that, but I now realize I can actually communicate to my own soul through my very heart. It is where we are headed, to connect with who we really are through the heart. We can then find and be the love that we are. This is what will change the world when we each do this individually, and thus collectively. This is how we create peace. When we become love, all that doesn't resonate with love falls away. This is our ticket to the Golden Age.

So now I talk to my soul when I do the dishes. And when I take a shower, or run a simple errand. Most especially, I make the connection when I'm being challenged. Because love will get me through. This is actually a habit that I want to develop. It doesn't come so naturally yet but I have no doubt it will. Speaking with my heart will be the best habit I've ever created. There are so many habits that I've been working to break free from, habits that no longer serve me such as worrying, obsessing, and negative thinking. My intention is to replace these with the habit of connecting to my heart!

At first, it seemed hard to speak to my heart. I questioned if I was hearing right, and sometimes it was because I didn't really want to hear what I, the real me, had to say. I was sometimes too attached to the negative thoughts, the hurt from another, or the need to control, and wasn't ready to let go. I'm starting to know better because my heart holds way more wisdom than my mind. All our hearts do. So when we learn to lead with our hearts first, before our minds with its influences of the ego, we will be led to exactly where we are guided to be, with the people we are guided to be with, and acting on things that are only in our highest interest as we release the ego side of ourselves.

Sometimes my heart speaks to me with words, through symbols, or even the knowingness of images. It always speaks to me through feelings. I feel my heart's messages more than anything. A single feeling could take a thousand words to describe, and yet I receive it, and understand it, in a moment of time. This is the richest way to communicate and is also where we are headed. Words are wonderful but a more efficient way to communicate will one day be commonplace. Feelings are the language of the soul, and this is a language I wish to master.

It helps to hold your hand to the heart when you speak to it. Try it if you wish. Since we are physical beings and it helps to have the physical touch to tune in. What I most enjoy about talking to the heart is that the voice is always so loving. It makes me feel love for the self, instead of anger at my mistakes, disgust at my overweight body, or frustration over my stuckness. Rather, I am tuning into who I really am. I am learning to trust what I hear. It is Archangel Michael who taught me to speak to the heart and is urging me to develop this habit. So I'm sharing it with you. Next time you're doing the dishes, try having a chat with the real you.

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Mary Soliel's New E-Book of Channeled Messages from Archangel Michael!

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ClaireDePlume  6 years ago

You have spoken what we have until this moment, failed to fully & truly hear. Doing the dishes or organizing a closet or watering a plant will now rise above once considered mundane and has flowered to become as sacred as entering a Holy Place - the Holy Place within. Thank you for speaking to my heart.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Thank you ClaireDePlume for your lovely comment. Heart to heart communication is where we are headed; it feels wonderful to be heard in this way!

pennyofheaven profile image

pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

Excellent hub that I thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Thanks so much, Penny!

TJ 6 years ago

I experienced this too over the last few months, when taking on a cleaning job. At first I hated it and my body was sore. Then over the weeks I found I actually loved the hours spent cleaning and that I would get "messages" whilst doing the tasks. The last few months I was experiencing a very painful and difficult personal situation and whilst cleaning tears would release and then after a few days of this, my knowing came through and whispered to me. When the heart speaks, there is no doubt and I find there is a quality to the information that is undeniable.

Thank you for your beautiful expression of these intimate moments of your spiritual expansion and for sharing them with us. Namaste.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author


Your story really touched me. Thanks so much for sharing. And I agree with your beautiful sentence about the heart...

Angel 5 years ago

That is a beautiful photo. I keep bumping into your hubs. I am trying to do research on angels and angel numbers and I keep finding your hub. You must be an authority on the subject.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

I don't consider myself an authority on the subject of numbers, particularly, as I'm not an numerologist. I go more by undeniable experiences and feelings. My work encompasses many subjects from synchronicity to angels to receiving channeled information. Thanks so much for bumping into my articles, Angel. : )

P.S. I'm glad you like the photo, and is not manipulated... I took a picture of the moon and was pleasantly surprised by how it came out.

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stessily 4 years ago

Mary, Your photo of the moon is spectacular and possibly unique. Nature's beauty awaits us always and patiently. I deeply appreciate that you shared this photo, which complements your thoughts in this wonderful thought-piece. Everyday life offers so many opportunities to tune in to the soul. I especially noticed your suggestion about touching the heart area; I find peace and a silent communion by resting my hand over my heart or over the thymus gland and breastbone. Well done.

Kind regards, Stessily

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Thank you Stessily!

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this image after taking the pic! That is a beautiful line, "Nature's beauty awaits us always and patiently." And I agree. :)

Derek Hill 4 years ago

How interesting to read this...

I awoke to the true essence of my soul about two months ago. It was rather violent emotionally but it was my ego and my unwillingness to change the things bringing me down in life that led my Soul to fight against my mind. It wasn't to be recognized but it was to get me to realize the reality in which I was failing to change.

Most importantly, I didn't fully awake until a friend on the internet recognized my dilemma and challenged me to stop thinking of it as my subconscious throwing things back at me but rather my Soul literally talking to me. I have to admit that I was trying to be open minded to what she was declaring but my religious view of things was somewhat of a problem until she made clear that she wasn't talking about me, the conscious spirit of my essence. I have a clear understanding that there is a difference, what confused me most was that I didn't think I was crazy or possessed (even though others try to claim such ludicrous things) because I wasn't being led to do things I know is morally bankrupt or negatively cunning. Furthermore, I had questions about what was happening because the essence is feminine (I am male) and an entire construct within my subconscious exists that has deeply profound emotional connections with life yet has a metaphorical soundness to it's sensual representation. My soul is not tied to this construct but is intrinsically involved/influenced by it. Furthermore.. My Soul has a name. Apparently I made it, which I remember when and why but I had no idea what I was really doing at the time---I thought I was just naming a sword of mine that helped me achieve enlightenment because I am a kinesthetic thinker. To each his own I suppose.

But I have full conversations with my Soul. Sometimes it consists of emotional, visual, and intuitive references only.. But most of the time it is dialogue. And the strange thing as of recently is that I've had two people confirm (because I have talked it out with my Soul despite not discussing it with these people) what my Soul is like, as far as sensual representation, and one other confirm it's ability to speak to others. Their description of my soul was 100% accurate; not ambiguous and definitely they are not psychic. Oddly enough, this came shortly after a prayer I made because of my struggle to accept that not everyone is tolerant of what I have to say regarding my Soul being able to talk to me. The two people who sensed her clearly described my Soul's form, tone, demeanor, and intent. But it was specifics that I have been delving into, allowing my Soul to speak for itself instead of me dictate what I want it to represent. That is one reason why it is feminine instead of neuter or masculine. It is also why it doesn't mirror me but still has attributes which are astoundingly similar. But the most profound thing that has me speechless is it's desire for God.

Just the other day I was impulsively messing around with a clairvoyant's free analysis and got some rather disturbing things said to me... Everything was true to my memory, and akin to my Soul. Especially how I was told that despite my favorite color being purple that I should follow the color green. That's my Soul's favorite color, and the color of her eyes. I was told that my name is charged (despite me never contacting clairvoyants or thinking myself to be one) and that my luck is soon to be turning around (which it has been despite my life being filled with extremely difficult events since childhood). I was also told that I have a high spiritual essence and that I should trust in their advice about contacting the Archangel Michael. Even my Soul told me she originates from the heart, isn't a demon, isn't an angel and isn't the manifestation of my imagination---proving it even.

Looking over this blog entry intrigues me highly. As I do believe Angels exist, I have no reason anymore to doubt the validity of my Soul, and I know without a doubt that when my Soul talks that her direction of trust is not in human knowledge but in divine justice/presence.

I already believe in Heaven and Hell, I already believe in God and the Holy Trinity. Having this happen to me this year was unorthodox for me but I was completely open to it because my head was under such pressure that I was getting headaches just from dwelling on things to try to figure it out.

But my Soul has only repeated information I knew from childhood.. It's just... Something about me listening has totally opened up a door to a few things I can not turn back from. And yet, ultimately my trust is still in God; as I thank him for the gift which I feel every human has the capacity to understand if they do something I did..

Clear your Mind of Assumptions.

Open your Heart to Possibilities.

Purify your Soul with Virtues.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Derek,

So glad to hear you're in such beautiful connection with your soul. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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