I Thought The Boys Scouts Were Supposed To Teach You How To Use A Compass, Not Lose Your Moral Compass!


To say that I was thrilled that an Oregon jury decided that the Boy Scouts needed to pay a 38 year old man who was abused by an assistant scout master when he was a youth, $1.4 million dollars is an understatement. Never mind those of you who would say that I have an axe to grind with the Scouts after they threw me out for losing my Scout-O-Rama tickets as a youth. I can assure you that my delight in the fact that the Scouts are having to pay for their crimes is purely from a principle point of view. I thought the Boy Scouts were supposed to teach you how to use a compass not lose your moral compass! – Don’t Get Me Started!

The appeals have all ready begun in this case and whether or not the Scouts end up paying is immaterial, the point is that these Christian organizations that spend so much time sitting upon their high horse spouting their moral superiority, getting underlings to cover up any inappropriate behavior or scandal are finally being shown for the scum they are and that they do. As I often quote from the old television series Barretta, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.” And the Scouts along with the Vatican need to begin to realize that just because it’s something that they don’t want associated with them doesn’t mean that they can wash their hands clean by a couple of transfers of Scout Masters or priests in a sort of pedophile shell game.

Look, we all know that both the scouts and the Catholic Church do good work for some but what they want to be is perfect which is not a human condition and when they can’t be perfect they pray on it and convince themselves that Jesus forgives them for not being perfect which who the hell knows if Jesus wanted them to be perfect in the first place? But just in case that is what Jesus wants, they choose to strive to reach their perfection by excommunicating or throwing out those that seem less than perfect to them so as to not “ruin” their image. So while they are very proud of themselves that they’ve supposedly gotten rid of the “imperfect gays” in both organizations the truth of the matter is that it has far from solved their problems because gays weren’t the problem in the first place, they were simply a diversionary tactic. At some point someone among them had to realize that someone somewhere was going to let them know that they as their own self appointed emperor they had no clothes, right? Wrong. But at least now the courts are starting to let them know and maybe just maybe these as well as other organizations will begin to look at the real problems they’re facing and stop playing the gay scapegoat card. Maybe.

Straights and gays alike do great and bad things. It’s not an exclusive right of either sexual preference to only do good or bad but how long are we going to allow the unenlightened to base our laws and use their Christian covered hate based beliefs to continue to push non-Christians down like second class citizens? I don’t care if it’s the Pope acting as if it was some gays who infiltrated their ranks that were the pedophiles were the problem with the rampant child abuse done at the hands of the Catholic Church when he knows damn well he was a party to moving priests around to save them from being prosecuted or if it’s Mike Huckabee telling a college paper that allowing gays to marry is comparable to drug use, polygamy and incest. These irresponsible men hiding behind the skirts of the church need to stop and/or be stopped.

I had a bit of banter back and forth with someone recently from one of the video blogs I posted on YouTube. She told me how I was hurting my soul and had no relationship with God. She also told me to remember her words when Judgment Day came in what I can only assume is the only satisfaction she could get from me not buying what she was selling. I guess she figures if she gets to give me a big “I told you so” on Judgment Day that it’s payoff enough for her and she’s done her job so that she can get into heaven. I don’t want anyone worrying about my soul thank you very much I can take care of myself and my soul. What I want them to do is to worry about the fact that people (mostly kids) are being molested every day that need their attention much more than my soul. And I want them to understand that their days of irresponsibly blaming gays is quickly coming to an end. I won’t tolerate anyone who wants to try and compare me with a pedophile or commits incest and I will continue to fight for my marriage and human rights. You see, I have a moral compass that points me in the directions of helping out and being kind to my fellow man. Where is the church and the Boy Scout compass pointing? Always in whatever direction makes it not their fault from what I’ve seen. I thought the Boy Scouts were supposed to teach you how to use a compass not lose your moral compass! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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Guru-C profile image

Guru-C 6 years ago

Hi Scott, I like the way you have a hilarious title to draw the reader into a serious subject. I think it's great that victims are being compensated. Isn't it ironic that you find that kind of abuse in very conservative environments. I don't know when was the last time I heard about pedophilia in say, rock and roll camp... Great work! Hugs, c

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 6 years ago from Las Vegas Author


Thanks - so true right? You don't even hear about it in Hollywood...oh wait, Roman Polanski are you reading this??? Never mind! :)

jim10 profile image

jim10 6 years ago from ma

I couldn't agree more that the problem is pedophiles and not gays. It is wrong for the the church and scouts to imply it was gay people at fault. They shouldn't be trying to hide the problems either. They should have worked with the community to get the trouble makers out of their.

Luckily since all of the commotion the Boy Scouts have changed a lot of their rules. At every event each scout is required to be with a buddy or guardian. Also for the first year a parent must attend all meetings with their son. The following years 2 den leaders are needed for each meeting.

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 6 years ago from Las Vegas Author

Jim - thanks for all that info. Had no idea what steps the Scouts had taken. That said, if the Scouts really want to step into 2010 they need to lift the ban on allowing any gay men to be leaders for this organization.

jim10 profile image

jim10 6 years ago from ma

I couldn't agree more. That obviously isn't the problem they had and banning gays shouldn't be their solution. I'm sure many men that have been boy scouts realized they were gay as adults and some have been leaders but, they shouldn't have to hide it or be kicked out. Almost all scout leaders I have come across have had children who were currently involved in the Scout Pack. I can't think of any that didn't. Some of the people that take care of the various camp facilities don't have kids that are scouts anymore. But, I would question any adult, gay or straight that wanted to be a leader without any relative in the pack. It is a lot of work and they don't get paid.

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 6 years ago from Las Vegas Author

jim10 - I can understand your trepidation about anyone who would willing give so much of themselves to an organization involving kids without having an actual kid in them but I was a dance teacher for years and I can tell you that there is such a great reward in teaching kids, seeing them discover something that they didn't know they could accomplish or what have you that I can completely understand why people might get involved with an organization just for the high you get working with and becoming inspired by the kids you teach. That said, in this day and age I think everyone needs to go through a thorough background check that consists of more than checking someone's credit score and more about their former associates, etc. Thanks again for sharing your thoughtful insights.

oscillationatend profile image

oscillationatend 6 years ago from a recovering narcissist.

Loved it.

"Straights and gays alike do great and bad things."

'nuff said.

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