"I Worship You"

Stain Glass at Navy Pier
Stain Glass at Navy Pier
Stain Glass  at Navy Pier
Stain Glass at Navy Pier
Stain Glass at Navy Pier
Stain Glass at Navy Pier

I worship you Oh Lord,

Visit the foundation of my soul;

Great is thy majesty and power,

The windows of my soul open unto you.

Waves of your glory flow over me,

Sweet fragrance of divine essence;

Drawing his design within me,

Perfecting His grace inside.

Patterns etched upon my heart,

Of heavens perfect illumine;

Crystal reflections of supernatural,

Mirrored image of my soul.

Why I devote myself to worship,

Why I sing and praise;

He is the eternal substance of life,

Ever peaceful, replenished dreams.

Keep the doors of my fragile heart,

Instill within me greater strength;

Draw me closer, closer still,

To thy total counsel, perfect will.

I will worship you always,

Never my heart shall fade;

My soul finds comfort in you,

Nothing on earth would I trade.


March 16, 2000

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Judah's Daughter profile image

Judah's Daughter 4 years ago from Roseville, CA

What a beautiful prayer of worship and praise.

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