I know Mine and Mine Know Me

I'm not an evangelist by any means but this subject has interested me and inspired me over and over again. Jesus taught many lessons and many of them through parables. It has taken me a lifetime to appreciate the little bits and pieces that I have come to see and believe.

I know mine and mine know me

"I know mine and mine know me," (John 10:14) is awe inspiring if you think about it. We are taught that the least being which is supposed to be beneath us in intelligence has the ability to know and follow blindly it's master. How wonderful is that? Jesus is my master and I choose to follow. Yes, I choose because I was also given a free will to do with as I please.

I go to prepare a place for you

"I go to prepare a place for you" and "my mansion has many rooms" (John 14:2) gives us a sense of belonging. We have a home and a place to dwell if we so choose. Again, that word, "choose". We can follow the leader and his teachings and have a place ready for us when we are called to our reward.

The Apostles were the first evangelists and they were given an insight into the teachings that Christ taught while he was on earth. How awesome it is when you first come to realize what it was that they were given. Knowledge of God and the courage to follow what they had learned.

Today, I choose to see these two passages and I hope that I've inspired someone else to see into the wonderment of these parables.

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