Is the Devil Whispering in Your Ear?

The word "Devil " is a metaphor in this writing.

A thought of mistrust entered your mind,

So you made accusations and hurt someone.

A thought of fear entered your mind,

So you suffered afraid and alone.

A thought of anger entered your mind,

So you said words that will never be forgiven.

You arise from sleep in the morning with negatives

thoughts and suspicions without any reason for having these

thoughts. You may think you are being warned or

having a premonition.

How do you know when it is a premonition or warning? If you

have negative thoughts often and have found that in the past they

turned out not to be true and you ended up hurting people for no

reason; then guess who is whispering in your ear?

How can you stop these thoughts, Say devil go away, I

will not listen to you today! Then think of something pleasant

and busy yourself with your day. Don’t be afraid and make

more out of it than it is. The devil whispers in most everybody’s


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ZipperConstantine profile image

ZipperConstantine 2 years ago from United States Author

Thank you for your words of support for this article. I am glad you took control of the negative thoughts.

AQim Jamal profile image

AQim Jamal 2 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

I used to hear voices in my head telling me to do the most negative things. As time passes by I told myself to be strong and this is exactly what I did. Thanks for sharing. It definitely does work. (:

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