If Jesus Was Alive Today, The Religious Right Would Call Him A Socialist

I got to thinking about this subject this week because of "The DaVinci Code"; the inability of many "Christians" to view anything other than what is written in the Bible. Not that I don't believe the Bible. I do believe in the Holy Trinity; that is where my faith lies. I just could say I am a Christian, but lately that has become a dirty word. And this is very sad to me.

When I was going to Sunday School, I was always taught that Jesus was loving and accepting of everybody. It didn't matter your race, gender, social status, ethnicity, sexual preference, etc. How he preached about tolerance, loving your fellow man, turning the other check. How he cared not for his own glory or gain. How he was tried, humiliated, and died a long, painful torturous death so we could be saved. Not everyone believes he was the Messiah, but all agree he was a man of love & peace. So how did his message get so skewed?

As of late, his most vocal "followers", (and I use that term VERY loosely), are the ones lying, starting wars, destroying the planet, and profiting from pain? It boggles the mind. Then, to have people come up to me and say it's good to have leaders in this country with good Christian values. WHAT? Did I miss something? Like the parts when the priest said don’t do as Jesus did? I don't remember being taught THOSE values. I've actually been to church recently, and it hasn't changed. I promise you. Still love, peace and tolerance.

The Funny thing is about the whole "DaVinci Code" thing is you would think by the way they are reacting is that this is the first time a movie has come out challenging the traditional interpretation of the Bible. How soon we forget "The Last Temptation of Christ" & "Dogma". (The latter of which I absolutely loved.) Let's take them one by one.

I remember very clearly the release of "The Last Temptation of Christ". I was in college, and the town we were in was NOT going to carry the movie. The closest theater showing the film was 90 minutes away. Now, anything that gets protested as much as this movie was is guaranteed to make people want to see it, especially college students. So, the weekend it was released, there were many a road trip made just to see this movie. I didn't go because I had no real interest in seeing the movie in the first place. I'd seen trailers and such, and it did not peek my interest. But I must confess to wanted to se it after all the fuss that was made about it. And what was the fuss about? The fact that, while on the cross, Jesus THOUGHT about living life as a normal man. OOOOHHHH, he thought... And what was the end result of these thoughts? He still chose to die for our sins. I don't know about you, but wouldn't the fact that he chose to still sacrifice himself when presented with the choice to forsake his destiny make his actions that much more powerful?

The previous controversy was nothing compared to the witch hunt that ensued over "Dogma". Hell, we even had death threats over this movie. I guess the religious fanatics couldn't handle the that Jesus’ blood line remands to this day, much less work at an abortion clinic, an apostle, a thirteenth one, could black, and all sorts of other stuff that to list would probably spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it. This movie challenged people to think on their own. And the fact that it was written and directed by someone who was and is a devout Christian gives the film that much more creditability in my book. This film has brought people back to there faith, not turn them away from it.

As I also recall from my early days at church, Jesus was open minded. He LISTENED to what the masses had to say, and he did not pass judgment. Most of these movies' critics were people who never even seen them. Doesn't sound Christ-like to me.

I volunteer for a non-profit, humanitarian organization. I believe we should save the planet, and aid everyone no matter gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference or religious beliefs. I believe in the efforts of peace, and in forgiveness. And I have been called a liberal for this, like it was a bad word. I have watched the teaching of Christ be twisted and corrupted, and wonder how it could have gotten to this point. It breaks my heart.

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orangecountyjill profile image

orangecountyjill 5 years ago from Orange County, California

So great that you are out there helping so many people! I, like you, have done a LOT of volunteering. The one valuable lesson that I learned the hard way, is that you can't help people who are not willing to help themselves.

I believe, as Jesus did, that the best way to help people, is to teach them to help themselves.There are people that cannot do that, and we definitely need to take care of them. For healthy people, training, education and job opportunities are the best things we can provide for them. So great to see a person get back on their feet and be able to provide for themselves and their family!

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