If you are an Athiest do not read this!

September 19th, 1931

Before we get into this, visualize a dinner engagement between 3 inklings, yes I did indeed say 3 inklings. Namely a man named Clives (a devout athiest), and two others named John and Hugo. They were simply participating in (somewhat of a "lost art" in today's world) a dinner around a table void of both cellular interruptions and significant time constraints. The 3 inklings were eating dinner together at a quiet table and bantering about. The primary discourse was the subject of philosophy or more precisely "myth and metaphor."

After a lengthy discussion over dinner instead of sitting by the boob-tube, falling to sleep or promptly leaving as that peculiar phenomena, "hurry" would dictate. They did the unimaginable, the inklings simply walked, thought and talked. Yet they did this at the most infamous place called Addison's Walk through the evening and well beyond zero-dark-thirty. Addison's Walk is approximately a mile of partially forested and somewhat rural landscape that had the ability to focus one inwardly rather than distract one outwardly even in the presence of deer.

It was "a warm still autumn's night" that was interupted by a sudden rush of wind that lifted leaves and solicited the attention of this small kabal. Clives would later reflect that this was at minimum symbolic because he had just finished reading the Gospel According to St. John: "The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit" (John 3:8). Their discussion apparently lasted until John remembered that his better-half would be worried and he (J.R.R.) ran home at 3 A.M. Clives (C.S.) and Hugo (Dyson) continued the conversation for another rather lengthy 3600 seconds.

The 12th night after this eve, C.S. would write to another friend (Arthur), I have just passed on... My long-night walk and talk with Dyson and Tolkien were the immediate human causes of my conversion... C.S. concluded some years later that it was strikingly similar to the rather common metaphor, "It was more like when a man, after a long and deep sleep, still lying motionless in bed, becomes aware he is now awake."

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Hannah David Cini profile image

Hannah David Cini 22 months ago from Nottingham

I love this! The inklings have always fascinated me, I would love to have been a fly on the wall during their chats (or even more so to have been a comrade sitting at their table as I am not sure if flys speak English). A great hub.

TheBizWhiz 17 months ago

Wow John. When did you become a gypsy?

connorj profile image

connorj 17 months ago from Altamonte Springs Author

I speak my theory at some places... Google in quotations, "Revelation Theory of Learning"...

TheBizWhiz 17 months ago

I meant about the 'Palm Reading'. snicker

connorj profile image

connorj 17 months ago from Altamonte Springs Author

I did understand; yet my humor is depleted...

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