I'm Living But I'm Not Liking

I'm Living But I'm Not liking

I'm living but not liking things that I see

Everything that is happening around me.

The evilness abounds, destroying our land.

How much longer can our nation stand?

We're sinking due to man's ungodly heart.

Our evil laws are tearing this country apart.

All of God's Laws are being sadly rejected,

The truths we were built on ,badly neglected.

Man has forgotten to be thankful to God Above

For this great land He gave to us with Love.

How much longer till Gabreil's horn will blow?

Looking at the signs ,soon,as all Christians know.

.Man would not listen nor would he take advice.

Very soon they will have to pay a horrible price.

Knowing but not liking the things that will be.

The world is so full of evil they think God can't see..

His Laws are destroyed, then thrown in His Face.

To mention His Name is considered a disgrace.

Every knee will bow but it's too late then to pray

Man will meet his fate on God's Judgment Day!


We all have some loved ones who are unsaved

and our hearts ache for them, they think God 

is dead or never was, I guess they think God is

a figment of our imagination, How God's heart

 must ache , too, for all of His children

who have gone astray, If they would return to

God He could restore this nation. We know it

will end here someday but God has no time

limit. I think it is time that we should all pray

there will be a turnaround in this country to

come back to God and restoration of this

great land and His Godly Love.!

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SpanStar profile image

SpanStar 5 years ago

This is a very spiritual poem and I'd like to thank you for sharing it with me.

So much is true in those words. Just like those in the past who refuse to believe simply confirms what the bible says in regards to judgement. There will be more people heading away from the gates of Heaven then those heading to them.

Tessie Payne 5 years ago

Very nice! A superb message the whole world should hear and take inventory of the life they are living. Friends, where do you want to spend eternity?


inaniLoquence profile image

inaniLoquence 5 years ago from Singapore

Clara, this is a beautiful poem that really reflects what is happening to us today. :) Thank you so much for sharing. I am happy you got to publish your poems after months of waiting! :) Was the file I sent you useful?

clara kish@yahoo. profile image

clara kish@yahoo. 5 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio Author

Yes,it was very useful . not sure if I had answered you or not, If I didn't I am sorry to have overlooked your comment , I appreciate you ,clara

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