In the mystical realm

The Divine personality

Contemplating on the after-born effect when did we commit the sin that was cleansed by the Baptism? Can the Soul be touched or harmed? What are our relationship with God and humanity? All these questions are the critical questions that ponder me when I think about the divinity of self.

By nature we are created as free being, by religion we were born of original sin. By nature the soul is of eternity, by religion the soul can be destroyed. By nature man was a creature of God, by religion we were made out of the image of God. Remembering that Jesus love children and beacon them to come close to him implies that a child has no sin. Does this exist because Jesus said he is of the new covenant? Are we just being influenced by the autocracy of the old covenant? If that is the case we have not yet been saved by the new covenant which was the institution of Christ.

Man’s soul is of God. It remains untouched because it is an inanimate object. People make a lot of mistakes by thinking there is a relationship between the soul and the heart. The Heart is an organ of the body which is under the subject matter cardiology while the soul is of subconscious nature. The soul of a man is close to the cosmic or the unseen mundane instead of the earthly. Until a child is able to determine for himself or make a decision, the child remains holy. The soul governs the subconscious part of being, while the heart controls the physical. The brain is an intermediary. This point might raise issue so I have to clarify it now. The brain with its neuron-ligaments and transmitters links the subconscious to conscious. To understand this think back what happens when a man passes from meditation mood to trance. He at first makes good use of his brain to go through some hassles in the physical state. He continues with self attunement until he achieves the level of loosing his consciousness. Then he finally passes from conscious mood to unconscious mood.

The process required good brain activities with nourishment and good supply of blood and oxygen. The heart pumps the blood and distributes oxygen which is the vital life force. For all humans we recognize that man cannot live without oxygen. While the heart supplies the brain coordinates and the soul links man to the cosmic mundane where God might be found.

In order to understand the true being of a man people must read the Bible of the Old Testament because it was when God spoke to people. During the new era generally called the New Testament, the only person who communicated directly with God was his son Jesus Christ. Every other person only had encounter with signs from god. One might argue about Paul or Saul whatever name you are interested in. But you should remember that Paul was converted without seeing God rather a voice came saying “Why do you prosecute me?” Was it actually God or Jesus who struck Paul and made him a convert?

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