The Inn Of The Damned

It's Friday the 13th 1976, and a young radio announcer watches in awe as a psychic-mediums face disappears and is replaced with the features of an ancient Chinese.

His radio audience listens as he describes the dramatic event. But this was just the beginning of the night that 2GO decided to broadcast live from the so-called Inn Of The Damned near Somersby.

On this black Friday, a young Doug Mulray and his crew Bob Burns and Mark Smith didn't really believe that they would see a ghost.

They had heard the stories of course, about the woman that had been murdered by her husband and how she had literally returned from beyond the grave to scare him to death.

Nobody really expected anything supernatural, but Roamy Warren the psychic-medium was there just in case something did happen.

The local radio audience listened and waited.

As Doug Mulray and Roamy Warren entered the upstairs room of the house, something strange began to take place.

Roamy Warren's face began to disappear.

As Doug watched in disbelief, the medium suddenly took on the features of a very old Chinese man. And then, before Mulray could fully comprehend what was happening, a myriad of faces flashed in front of him.

The medium's face seemed to be made of rubber, continually changing and contorting before finally settling on the face of a huge American Indian.

Then - according to Mulray - her entire body began to grow until she resembled this massive man in every detail.

Moments later, as quickly as it had begun, the transfiguration ceased.

The arrow points to the room in which a young Doug Mulray (inset) encountered the changing face of the supernatural during a broadcast from this Somersby Inn.
The arrow points to the room in which a young Doug Mulray (inset) encountered the changing face of the supernatural during a broadcast from this Somersby Inn.


It had now become apparent to Mulray and his crew that something very strange was taking place within the house.

Roamy Warren announced that she could feel the presence of a woman.

Everyone watched and waited. For what seemed an eternity nothing happened.

Mulray signaled his crew to go to air with some music, and at the very instant Doug's microphone was switched off - something happened.

From the far end of the room a woman appeared dressed in a gray flowing dress and bonnet.

As Mulray and the medium watched, the ghost drifted past them, turned and disappeared.

The apparition was witnessed by several people on that eerie night in 1976. Details were relayed to thousands of radio listeners.

This was not a radio station hoax - this was the ghost of the Inn Of The Damned.

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