Installation Service for a Pastor

Pastor Installation Service

The installation ceremony for a pastor is important to the pastor and to the church.  It is a way of passing the mantel from the old pastor to the new pastor.  It is a way for the church to get behind the pastor and say, "we are going to follow your leadership."  It is a time for the pastor to say, "I am going to love you and lead you."

This service is very important but, too often, it is handled as just another church chore to be done.  The installation ceremony for a pastor is a time of celebration, a time for rejoicing, a time for reflecting and a time for starting fresh and new for both the pastor and the congergation.

The new pastor will not know about anyone in the church (almost—some people are so mean and cruel that their names are known by many in the pastoral circles) so most all can get a new start.

Pastors Leave a Church

It should be a given that most of the time a pastor has left a church due to conflict. When a new pastor comes on board it is a time for both starting over and hopefully the pastor and church have learned something from their previous experiences that will help make this the last installation ceremony for a pastor the church has for years to come.

Churches will only become strong when the revolving door for pastors is closed. This is where pastor appreciation and honoring a pastor come into play.

Some installation ceremonies will include the district leader and other pastors from the district coming and laying hands on the pastor and praying for him.

Sometimes a special speaker is invited to do the service.
And some churches have the church board or deacon body lay hands on the pastor.

The service really needs to be an all-out service. For me, I was never given a good installation service. In one case, I did not have one at all. The district leader came up and preached a sermon and then left and went to the next church. He had too many things to do to spend any time with me or the church people. Of course the next church was a big money producer for the District.


It is also good to put the ceremony in the local newspaper and invite pastors and people from other churches. This is also a way to let the community know that they church is "under new management".

If a church is blessed with musical talent, there should be some special music. If not, then perhaps singers from other churches can provide some special music.

A good finish to an installation ceremony for a pastor is to have a potluck of some sort. Food just seems to add the finishing touches to a good ceremony.

The installation service is an important time for the pastor and church. It is also the time that the ex-pastor and members stop communicating with one another.

When a pastor leaves a church, he leaves it and all the people behind so the new pastor can develop relationships with the church without the influence of the old pastor. I know this because they used the church computer to send the emails and I saw them.

I have been in three churches where the old pastor was in contact with the people and influencing their attitude towards me which hindered the church from accepting me.

It is important for a church to cut all ties with the old and look forward to the new. After all, if the ex-pastor was so great then why wasn't he still there?

Installation ceremonies are an important part of the life of the local church. Go all out and make it the best service possible. In a way this service is like a wedding. It is the uniting of the pastor family with the church family.

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leonelle rochon 5 years ago

tomorrow is the installation ceremony of our new pastor father paul, who i love with my whole heart and soul. i am a total catholic, and i love my church so much. please pray that father paul's installation ceremony will be the most blessed event of his life, and one of the most happiest of mine. father paul is not only the most holiest and dedicated priest i have ever known, what i love about him, even more than that, is that he has such a vibrant, warm, lovable, and dynamic personality. usually reverent priests are somewhat off standish, but father paul is just a niagra falls waterfall of love and warmth. please dear jesus, make us all have a ball at his installation as pastor.

Dortha Ruggs 5 years ago

I agree 100% that the old pastor should get out of the picture and let the new pastor have full control. He should let him make his own decisions and mistakes if there be any.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 6 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

Very thoughtful hub, excellent read.

CJ Williams profile image

CJ Williams 6 years ago

Interesting hub. I've been installed as a pastor and it was an important event in my life and the life of the church. Thank the Lord it was not under any bad circumstances regarding the previous pastor. Thanks for a thoughtful hub that brought back good memories!

oscarwms profile image

oscarwms 7 years ago from PA

Promotion comes not from the east or the west but from God. God put you there. Look for him to equip you during the good and the bad. Be not weary in well doing, you shal reap if you faint not. God bless you Pastor.

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