How To Intercede From A Place Of Rest



Definition: Free from worry, anxiety,Mental tranquility, To set your mind to rest.

Biblical definitions: Matt.11.28, 29 "Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden (burdened) and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of (from) me, for I am lowly in heart; and you will find rest for your soul."

Ps.55.6, Isa.32.17 David in his distress seeks rest from the troubles around him. He wants to fly away.

The fruit of righteousness will be peace...

How do we know if we are at rest or not? What are the signs?

Are we anxious? What is our present attitude with others or with ourselves?

Feeling stressed that we are not doing enough; striving?

Where is the source of our present state of being? Fleshliness or Spirit filled?

Do we recognize when the spiritual (Spirit) tank is empty?

Should our intercession be work? Why or why not?

There will be times of pain and intensity, what do we do about them?

Jesus knew how to get away from everything. He was always tuned in to the Father.

If we then are yoked to Jesus, who says, "Take My Yoke... Learn from Me... I Am Lowly in Heart... You WILL FIND REST for your SOUL."And we believe in this rest provision, then even during times of intensity there should be a stability in our soul and a transference into our spirit connected to His. There should be a constant conscious presence of peace coming from His heart through Holy Spirit within us. Our temple should be FILLED with the glory of God.

If it is not, then this is the place we need to get to.

There are different means to achieving this goal. Some of us use the quiet, a place of solitude, or worship music specifically chosen, or music that has special anointing for resting in God. Some of us use our own vocal worship and know how to resound or speaking out the word of God filling the atmosphere with praise.

Eventually God comes through and Holy Spirit lifts us and frees us and our intercession rises on wings of eagles as we soar into the heavenlies.

We enter with gladness, thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. Ps.100

Knowing God as Father, as someone who is always at a place of peace is a journey only our relationship with Jesus and Holy Spirit will teach us. Relationship, relationship, relationship...

A simple definition: Are you married? Did you just walk up to a stranger and say, "Marry me?"

Do you have children? Did your wife just suddenly appear with a child in her arms? No, you had an intimate relationship with her. It took two, it took seed, it took the two of you becoming one.

God is an intimate God. How well you navigate this area of the Spirit filled life will determine the ease of your ability to enter His rest.

Jesus sits (a place of rest) at the Fathers right hand, ever interceding for the saints. (That's us) we are in Christ, so we can have the mind of Christ, the Spirit of wisdom and revelation and the full knowledge of him and the eyes of our heart (understanding) enlightened. See Eph. 1


Do not perish for the lack of Knowledge.

The knowing is a person.

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UlrikeGrace profile image

UlrikeGrace 6 years ago from Canada

I believe Saintatlarge that everything we do needs to be from a place of rest as well as from a place of intercession. All my activity I pray would one day be constant communication with the One I love the most.

What heartache and foolishness I would save myself. Humility, quietness, relationship...away from the crowds, away from the heart is grieved tonight and I know my Father knows it, He is ever present with me, yet I sometimes "feel" like I just want to stay with Him and Him alone where it is safe. However, having said that (out loud) I know if that is what God wanted, I would be at home with Him. It is the quiet place, the place of refuge under His wing that He wants me to seek out and stay under. Not out of this world, but with Him in it, under His wing.

Sorry for the rambling L. but your hub was a much needed balm of Gilead on a heart that is sore from a spiritual kickin...I wandered too far away from Father, but I do praise Him that He protected me/us from worse as it may have been.

Thanks for the listening ear L.

And thanks for the timely hub


Saintatlarge profile image

Saintatlarge 6 years ago from Canada Author

UG you are always free to ramble. Your journey is taking you into the heart of God, continue to press in. He loves it when we chase after him. Blessings, L.

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