What Is Happiness Some Questions

The World's Happiest Man

The World's Happiest Man. In disguiseI think.
The World's Happiest Man. In disguiseI think.

Is Happiness Overrated

Is happiness overrated...?

  • Hard to say when nobody knows exactly what it is.
  • Happiness is a self-indulgence.
  • All have a right to be happy or none have it.
  • It's just right, but it's also different for everyone.
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Follow Up

What Is Happiness Some Questions

Sometimes, satisfaction just eludes you.

After talking with The World's Happiest Man, I was flooded with some many questions, I had no choice but to track him down again and ask for some clarifications. I was, needless-to-say, reluctant to ask him to "elaborate."

I found him, much as you see him in the accompanying photo, idling, watching the river flow on 42nd Street.

Me: Sorry to interrupt, but I thought of a couple more things I needed to ask to get to closure.

World's Happiest Man: Pretty zen-like term, closure.

Well ...

World's Happiest Man: It's like heaven, isn't it? Closure is exactly where you are, but you keep looking for it. The reason you keep looking for it is because it isn't there. Around and around...

What I meant was that there were a couple of things I wasn't clear on, and I hoped you would be able clarify a bit.

World's Happiest Man: Of course. Was it the "experience is all that matters" deal? Was that it?

That was the major thing.

World's Happiest Man: Look at it this way, Dave. Imagine you're immersed in a pool. Well, actually, you are immersed in a pool, but try to think of it more physically, like you have fresh water all around you. There is no current. You're alone, and the temperature of the water is exactly the same as your body. Good with that?


World's Happiest Man: There's your basic life basic condition, constant readiness, with no external influences to change anything. What do you do? You act. You have an experience. This example is too simple to make a point about the quality of the experience. When there are other substances in the water, then you chose, and your choice dictates the quality of your experience.

Well, there's the thing. From an existential point of view, why would you chose anything?

World's Happiest Man: You'll excuse me for being obvious, but it's because you want to. Maybe it's too obvious.

Want to want what?

World's Happiest Man: Do-wop, right?

Seriously ...

World's Happiest Man: Stop right there! Seriously never gets you anywhere, at least not anywhere near the truth. When we start getting serious, we're simply acknowledging our loss of the lighthearted wisdom that's always percolating in our heads. Serious is for professionals and other basket cases. Seriousness is mental thumb-sucking.

Sorry I used that word.

World's Happiest Man: Okay. No more profanity or I'm going to lunch. What time is it?

It's Howdy Doody Time.

World's Happiest Man: Better. Where were we before you cussed in public?

How do we get to what we want? How do we know it?

World's Happiest Man: Dave, you're not serious!

I promise I'm not, but I guess I'd like to know what you think the essence of it is. How do we get a wanting?

World's Happiest Man: We don't know. That's why we started our religions. We can't stand not knowing. Makes us vulnerable enough to have gurus and ministers tell us what we should do, regardless of what we want, should we ever discover what that is.

Are you saying we don't know where wanting comes from?

World's Happiest Man: Here's a question for you: Like, who cares? Does it really matter where it comes from? Isn't it enough to have a desire without knowing the source? See that dog over there?

I don't see a dog.

World's Happiest Man: Well, pretend you see a dog then. He's coming toward you, smiling, wagging his tail. He wants you to be his friend, maybe rub his cheek or tickle his back. Does it matter one iota why he wants that?


World's Happiest Man: If it isn't important to know why a dog wants things, why is it important to know why you do? Most of the people I meet have enough trouble understanding what they want. If they had to also figure out why, most of their heads would melt.

I guess I find it a little easier to buy this stuff from a guy in a dress...

World's Happiest Man: Hey! No judgment, but if I didn't have the legs for it, I wouldn't.

...but it would still bothers me if we couldn't know the truth, you know, what's behind it all. That gives me an empty feeling, you know?

World's Happiest Man: Alright, then, we can know. I was lying back there, to make a point. Of course, we can know. That would be preposterous and just the type of thing some unfortunate youth would learn in college.

We can know?

World's Happiest Man: Of course, it's easy. It's one of the three pillars.

What three pillars?

World's Happiest Man: To know. To find love. To be free. Come on. They're in all the books.

What books. I read a lot, and I've never seen it.

World's Happiest Man: It's in all of my books. That's what I should have said. Anyway, we need to stop here. It is lunch time, and I have a date with Buffalo Bob. He promised to bring that clown with the bell. Love that!

Wait, now. Tell me what you think it is, whatever creates wanting.

World's Happiest Man: Unfortunately, no time for that, but try to get very clear on anything and everything you want, all of it and how much. Then, it if you still think it's important to know why, ramble back. We can ask God about it?


World's Happiest Man: Kidding. Sorry about that. There is no God, fortunately. What a pain in the butt that guy would be. Phew!

No God?

World's Happiest Man: Sorry. Kidding again, or was I? No time now. Gotta go!

As he walked away, his dress turned into faded blue jeans, and he had on the coolest old sneakers.

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Dan Carpenter 6 years ago

Creation... the mother of invention of the wanting... IMHO.. liked this one David

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

terrific hub great stuff thanks

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