Is Ashmore Estates Haunted?

Ashmore Estates
Ashmore Estates

Ashmore Estates is located in Ashmore, Illinois it was built in 1916 and was in almost continuous use until 1987. It has been used as part of the Coles County Poor House and several times was used as a hospital for the mentally disabled. It has been reported that over 200 deaths have happened in the facility or on the grounds and that those unfortunate souls are buried on the facility grounds. Perhaps this is why when it was bought in 2006 it was immediately turned into a commercial haunted house, it already had the "ghoul" factor due to its previous uses; you can also investigate the estate for a fee.


A bit of history on Ashmore Estates, the cornerstone for the facility was laid in May of 1916 and was built for a bit over $20,000 dollars by J.W. Montgomery. It ran for almost 40 years as the Coles County Almshouse caring for the indigent and mentally ill. How the mentally ill were cared for is not documented and as we know from many other facilities, many places were apt to neglect or even abuse those with mental handicaps. From 1956 till 1987 it was also run as a home for the mentally impaired, under two different sets of management. In 1987 the building was closed due to lack of funding, soon after people began to illegally enter the premises for mischief and to scare themselves and their friends, what they didn’t count on was something scaring them back.

Gravestone at Ashmore
Gravestone at Ashmore

People are always going to go where they shouldn’t so it is not a surprise that during its 20 years of vacancy, well it wasn’t occupied by humans at that time, there were many who would make their way inside and some came out screaming. Others have felt oppressed and watched, some even claim to have been touched or scratched. There have been numerous sightings over the years of full-bodied apparitions and black shadows lurking in the halls or just out of sight around the corner. Many claim to have heard voices, talking, yelling and screaming out, whether to scare or ask for help is not always clear. Unfortunately there are a limited amount of documentation available on what happened in the facility and on the grounds. We also cannot forget the reported hot and cold spots that you may encounter throughout your journey on the estate, some have said it can be hard to breathe when you get enveloped in these hot and cold spots.

In 2011 a popular T.V. show, Ghost Adventures did an investigation of Ashmore Estates and was surprised at some of the things they were told by some of the visitors, such as one man who was physically thrown to the ground who apparently passed out and had to be shaken to come to, he also claimed that a few bones were broken. (Possibly ribs from being thrown) Another man who was playing a part at the haunted event in the estate felt somewhat possessed and wanted to assault people going through his area. Supposedly he felt a dark presence making him feel like he needed to hit these people that were just enjoying the haunted house. His family also reported that he would cry out in his sleep as if being tortured. Would you want to go if the opportunity arose? How many of us would leap at the opportunity to spend a few hours roaming those halls in the hopes that we would have some kind of experience, I know I would go! How about you?

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