Is God a jealous God? Is God jealous of me, of you, of us?


Yes, but . . . Let me explain it this way, your son has a friend named Camden. Your son comes home everyday talking about Camden’s dad. Camden’s dad makes the best Bar B Q. Camden’s dad bought Camden a 4 wheeler. Camden’s dad took Camden to the mall to climb on the rock wall and they watched a movie at the theater. Camden’s dad took Camden fishing. Camden’s Dad has the coolest car, Camden’s dad can lift 100 pounds. Camden’s dad . . . Camden’s dad . . . and on and on and on. Never, or hardly ever, does your own child thank you for anything much less give you a complement.

You are the one who goes to work everyday, at a job you may not really like, even when you may not feel like it, so you can provide for your child. You’re the one who buys them clothing, and food to eat. You give them money to buy CD’s, and games for their game system. Its your computer they use to connect with their friends on Facebook and Myspace. You pay their cell phone bill, you drive them to school, activities, games, and their friends house. You pay for them to play a sport or take dance. You are the one who goes to their games, dance recital etc. Your own child doesn’t even thank you. Your child doesn’t give you one complement. How would you feel???? Jealous????

I believe this is how God feels, this is the kind of JEALOUSY I believe it talks about it the Bible.

It is God who provides for us. It is God who takes care of us. It is God who holds are heart when it is about to break. It is God who sends us help at just the right time when we need it. Are we thanking Him? Are we acknowledging Him for what He has done? What He is doing?

Do we ever think or say,

I am so smart”

I have gotten myself a great job”

I provide for everything and I can do what ever I want because of who I am

Are we praying to a statue? Are we bowing down to an image, an image made by human hands? Are we believing that we are in control? That we are GOD???

God is the one who does so much for us and do we even think of Him?

He gives us everything we have and do we thank Him? Maybe. Do we thank Him enough? Probably not.

God is a jealous God. God is jealous of me, and He is jealous of you He is jealous of us, because He loves us, helps us, and does so much for us and He wants us to acknowledge Him.

That’s the kind of jealous God He is.

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God is Jealous of His own - Song Christy Nockels - album Life Light Up

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Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

Jo_Goldsmith11 5 years ago

I thank God several times a day,both in the good and bad times. I don't agree that God is "jealous". I think it makes him feel sad, that we don't acknowledge him the way we should. Great points to think over.

fred allen profile image

fred allen 5 years ago from Myrtle Beach SC

Up and Awesome! This is exactly what God is looking for. Grateful hearts. I have NOTHING that was not provided me by God. Even the trials and struggles of life are gifts from Him, sent to make us appreciate the times of comfort. God bless you for this simple yet profound message!

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