Palmistry, astrology and astronomy of old times

The Nout goddess, personification of the sky

Times ago, Astrology and astronomy was the same discipline (science) practise of Astronomer -Priest.....

For ages, mankind is amazed by the sky, the fabulous show of stars, celestial bodies, and small shiny lights at night. Thunderstorms, lightning and tornadoes were also perceived as signs from « Mother Nature ».

When the man became sedentary and started to cultivate ground, knowing and recognizing natural cycles became of paramount importance. No culture was possible without understanding the seasons. Our ancestors noted that some celestial phenomenon reproduced with regular time intervals. They discovered quickly the influence of stars and planets (particularly the Moon and the sun) on our environment ... the era form Priests astronomer-astrologer was born.

The first known writings treating of astronomy and astrology go back to 5000 years and they are Assyrian shelves on which were consigned all the statements of the planetary movements observed by priest- scholars. The movement of the stars being perceived like divine will; priests serving translators

Astronomy-astrology was spread towards India, Egypt and Greece and until in ancient Rome while becoming more structured, less religious and more popular. The division of the sky in twelve zodiac signs as well as a horoscope was found in fifth century before J.C

Progress of the positive method in science, rationalist offensive against the magic and a hardening of Catholicism was going to be combined to push back the astrology as well as the Palmistry and others out of the scientific discipline. The first scientist who quite consciously wanted to ban all magic, all belief in the hereafter or in gods was Robert Boyle (1627-1691).

And in 1666, Colvert founds The Academy of Science and interdict to the astronomers to practise Astrology.

Chiromancy and astrology was put band and regarded as devil practices. The people who s' practice this old sciences were tortured and put at death.

Since only astronomy is a science recognized by Academy of Science, the others are regard as pseudo-sciences.

Below I will try to clearly explain to you what is astrology, astronomy and chiromancy

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What is astronomy...

Before astronomy was the observation of the sky and prediction of the movement of the celestial bodies that were visible with bare eye. This made it possible to understand the cycle of the seasons, the navigators also started to orientate themselves using stars positions.

Nowadays astronomy is the science which studies the celestial bodies, which means stars, planets including the Earth. Astronomers observes the structure of the Universe, how do celestial bodies move, what is their nature, how they are organised in systems, and so on.

Astronomy itself split in several sub-sciences : the measurement of stars and planets positions (using on CCD cameras and computers) is known as astrometry. The study of universe's nature (temperature, chemical composition, light emission,) is known as astrophysics. This is based on modern developments of physics, including quantum mechanics, relativity theory application, and particle physics. This requiers modern technology, like radiowaves detection.

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What is astrology...

Astrology is an empirical science, studying stars influence on individual persons. It is based on interpretation of a sky's chart corresponding to the day of birth. From a date, time, and place of birth, it is possible to know the exact position of the stars and planets. This is the link between astronomy and astrology. Astronomy says where the stars and planets were at birth moment, and astrology uses that to make their predictions. The astronomical table uses by astrologists are known as « ephemeris », and are the bases for astral themes produced by astrologists. These themes contain precise studies and forecasts.

Ephemeris provide the position of starts and planets under the form of tables with various time intervals (hours, days, months), depending on the speed at which the concerned object moves. A simple table and some extrapolation is sufficient to find a start or planet in the sky.

For scientists, astrology is not a science, neither a faith, but kind of a pseudo-science.

What is Empirical-Science?

Empirical science (empiricism = doctrines according to which l' experiment is the data first and the source of knowledge), are mostly based on experience gained through experiments, as well as medicine or psychology.

This type of science is very different from the applied sciences (mathematical, physics or astronomy), where an assumption is founded starting from an observation which must be shown by the experimentation.

What is Ephemeris?

A table of data, especially astronomical data, that depends on the time. A lunar ephemeris, for example, may give the right ascension and declination of the Moon for every hour of a particular year. You can also have an ephemeris of the Sun, Moon, planets, and satellites, and other astronomical data

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The practice of chiromancy and Palmistry is generally regarded as a pseudoscience

Do You know why chiromancy became famous in French ?

Palmistry became famous when Alexandre Dumas challenged Anne Victorine Savigny to apply her talents to twelve of his colleagues of the French Academy

Anne Victorine Savigny, also known as « Madame de Thèbes », was asked to portray these twelve persons, as they were showing their hands through a curtain, so she could not see them.

Her motto was « La main c'est le geste ; le geste c'est le mot visible ; le mot c'est l'âme ; l'âme c'est l'homme ; toute l'âme de l'homme est donc dans sa main », which translates in « Hand is gesture, gesture is visible word, word is the soul, soul is the man, so each man's soul is in his hands ».

The description she made of the twelve Academicians was so good in terms of character, ambition, qualities and flaws that she became famous in France and Europe. She even predicted some illnesses that affected them.

So palmistry gained some credibility, thanks to the very serious, but sometimes funny people of the French Academy.

Origin of chiromancy

Palmistry, also known as Chiromancy, reading of character and divination of the future by interpretation of lines and undulations on the palm of the hand art, the exact origin is not known, perhaps India, Egypt, Rome or Greece. However, the word Greek chiromancy (chiro Khier =hand and mancie mantia=divination), lets think that Greece would be its real cradle. Chiromancy aroused the interest of philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle.

At the middle Ages any person who practised Chiromancy and astrology were banned and regarded as diabolical practices. The wandering gipsies and in general tribes continued to read the lines of the hand in secret, and helped to spread palmistry in the world

A final word: many pseudo palm-readers do that only to abuse from naive clients. A serious palm-reader will need both of your hands, because one represents your karma (fate), and the other one the decisions you will take. A serious analysis also involves comparing the size, shapes, and harmony of your hands.

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