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1. Hazrat Younas (AS) was swallowed by the fish.

2. The last Wednesday in the month of Safar is known as Akhri Chhar Shamba.On this day Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) found himself well enough to walk around for the first time,after a severe illness.

3. Hazrat Noah (AS) is called Leader of the Prophets.

4. Hazrat Adam (AS) and Bibi Hawa (AS) perform first Hajj.

5. Kalori is the name of hill from which Hazrat Isa (AS) was lifted alive.

6. Date-Plam is the first fruit tree to grow on earth.

7. There were 1700 cities of the people of Samood , destroyed by the Divine punishment.

8. Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Dawood  have been addressed by the name of kalifah in the Holy       Quran.

9. In 9 A.H Hajj wa made compulsory.

10. Hazrat Bilal was the first renowned Muazzin of Islam.

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Tiger 6 years ago

Intresting Information.I like this

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