I've Got Work to Do

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After reading "The Easter Egg Eating Contest", and "A Transcendental State Of Gullibility", I'm sure many folks are thinking that I am a cruel person. How could I do something like that to my own brother?

In my own defense, I must say, that I did pull some cruel practical jokes on Albert, but not one of them was premeditated. I honestly did not lay awake at night thinking of ways to get him. I would just find myself in a situation, and ad-lib it from there. They were very funny at the time (except to Albert).

Now over 40 years later, I do feel bad that I was such a bad brother to him, and I have been trying to atone to him.

I have written before that I believe this world is one big school, where soul learns how to be a mature soul, mostly through trial and error. Fortunately, for me, as I got older, I got to be more of a free thinker. I learned that humor should not be derived at someone else's expense. I have also learned many other lessons, some which came easily, while others have taken much effort on my part.

There is an old saying "only the good die young" that I believe to be true. If you have learned all the lessons you came here to learn, there is no reason to hang around. Well, I can say with some degree of certainty, that you will be able to read my dribble for many years to come, because I have many more lessons to learn.

I've got work to do.

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G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 7 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

"I do feel bad that I was such a bad brother to him, and I have been trying to atone to him".

We all have a choice...and I am sure He forgives you, but then again maybe you weren't really so bad, only in your mind...or maybe he had the problem...anyway you are big enough to say somethng and I admire that in a person...:O) Hugs

muley84 profile image

muley84 7 years ago from Miami,FL Author

Hi G-ma! thanks for the words of encouragement

VioletSun profile image

VioletSun 7 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

Aaaw, we all make mistakes. My sister is 7 years older than me, and as a kid, I was at the mercy of her and my cousins, and nowadays we are very good friends- we help each other during lifes ups and downs.  

I remember being unkind twice to my older nephew, when I was a teenager and as an adult, and those two incidents bother me a little, and it really shouldn't as we do the best we can at whatever point of awareness we where then, and I have been very helpful in his life.

Your hub is honest, brought out honest feelings in me, so thanks for this!

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