Jaina nude saints

 A nude saint removing his own beard hairs.Another nude saint is removing his hairs on the head.
A nude saint removing his own beard hairs.Another nude saint is removing his hairs on the head.

Jaina nude saints

proceedure of food taking by jain nude saints
proceedure of food taking by jain nude saints
 nude saint blessing devotees at a function
nude saint blessing devotees at a function
Nirgrantha muni(nude saint) at the feet of lord gommateshwara
Nirgrantha muni(nude saint) at the feet of lord gommateshwara
  Muni Shree Vidyanandaji taking bhiksha(food)
Muni Shree Vidyanandaji taking bhiksha(food)

Jain saints

Among Jains , there are two main sects- Shwethambara and Digambara. Shwethabars worship idols in pre-sainthood form whuile digambars worship god in the sainthood form.Nude saints are found in digambar jains community only.

symbol of great sacrifice

Sainthood itself, according to principles, is a symbol of sacrifice.Jaina saints follow strict principles.In digambar community, saints are of three catagories.


2.AILLAKA, and


Kshullakas ware a safforn dhothi and asafforn colth is put across their bust.Aillaks ware only a piece in the waist just cover their penis, and nirgranthas are fully nude. This is always followed irrespective of seasonal changes.Female saints(nunns) are allowed only for the first stage and they are called Aryikas. Other two stages are not allowed for them.

Principles they follow

Principles followed by jaina nude saints are the following.

1 They wont take bath or brush their their teeth.They just wash their hands and feet and face after going for excretion. They just rub their teeth with finger after eating food. But they are not permitted to use brush and bathe , as we do. The reason is that, by that action, microbes and other small organisms on our body may die. And , a nirgrantha is to see that no creature dies by his behaviour.

2They take food only once a day.That too is a strict practice. They can not use dishes or dining table . They stand , stretch out their palms, and somebody put food into their open palms. That they test by perusing cleanly and, after confirming that no germ, nor any other dust is there in it, they eat it. If any such thing is found, they leave it there itself, and no food will be taken by them till next day.

3 If they hear any cry- of an animal, or a person in distress etc, while taking food , they give up their food then itself.

4.The food they take is simple and tasteless. They take rice, chapathis made of wheat, some curry( without salt), cocconut water.The food is just to get minimum sterngth required to maintain life activities.

5 They often take 'hunger vow'-i.e., no food for the day. Sometimes, this hunger vow continues for even eight days.The great nude saint of twentieth century, Acharya Shantisagarji maharaj, had a total period of twenty-six years of hunger in his life span of seventy years.

6 They should not use vehicles for movement.They have to walk by walking only.And they walk faster than us!As they are not supposed to use vehicles, they cannot be seen in foreign countries .They are seen only in India.

7 They do not use beds, sleeping bags, or bedsheets and rugs. They sleep on wooden planks or wooden cot, just with a mat on it.In sleep also they do not change their side,with the idea that some germ moving there might be get killed.

8 They do not speak at night.

9 They are not expected to involve themselves in any worldly matters.

10 Needless to say- they keep away from sex, not only phisically, but also mentally.

11 They keep only thse things with them -a pincha( a bundle of naturally fallen peacock feathers to brush away the dust while sitting), a kamandala( a wooden vessel to clean themselves after going for excretion) , shastras(religious books) and spects, if he is a person waring them.They do not keep money or any valuble things.

12 They are not supposed to get angry- even to one who blames them.

13 They don't even drink water after their regular food, i.e. once a day.

14 They remove their hairs on their face and head only with their hands/ They wont use tools for that.

Laughing at nude saints is easy. But how many of us can follow these things?


A Jain nude saint gives up food during his last days.When he is about to die,other saints keep telling him th ephilosophy of soul and body

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H.G.Leela 9 years ago

Do they follow such difficult codes?Hai, then they are really worthy of a great salute!

Dr.P.Nagaraj 9 years ago

Excellent photography selected:simple ex;planation of difficult technical terms. It explains jaina philosophy to common interested people without technical jargans.Thanks to the hubber Prasadjain.

Rudra profile image

Rudra 8 years ago

Asceticsm is a major part of Indian religions.

kosinockjain 8 years ago

not good coverage..no names of any maharaj sb.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 8 years ago from Tumkur Author

Yes,Kosino,I haven,t mentioned any Saint's name here, as my aim is only to make readers acquainted with the vows followed by nude saints.As additional information, here I mention the names of some nude acharyas:

 1 Acharya Shree 108 Shanthisagarji

 2 Acharya Shree DeshaBhushanji maharaj

 3 Acharya Shree Vidyanandaji Maharaj

  4Acharya Shree Tarunsagarji Maharaj

  5 Upadhaya Shree Nijananda sagarji Maharaj  etc

Yagish profile image

Yagish 8 years ago from Israel

Very intenst path

thank you for sharing

shinujohn2008 8 years ago

Is such practices still existing in India

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 8 years ago from Tumkur Author

Yes, there are. And, this is followed by only by Jain saints, and it is very difficult vow to practice

G P Tripathi profile image

G P Tripathi 7 years ago from India

realy difficult and perhaps the most difficult of vows for saints of any religion or sect. what really worries is how do the cope with near zero temperatures during winters in India

Sameer 7 years ago

NOt sure ..why they do it?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 7 years ago from Tumkur Author

Mr. Sameer,

The philosophy behind this is- the body is not ours. The soul and body are different. I have no right to hide anything that is not mine.We should not be attached even to our body mentally. Even clothes are entanglements to this world. Because, there is need for caring for clothes when we wear them. Let anything happen to this body, i should withstand it.

Instead of laughing at the nudity, we must imagine how much self control and attitude of detachment should a person develop within himself, to take up that type of sainthood.

These are not guys. They are atleast middle-age crossed men. Youngsters taking this type of vow are much less.

Number of such jain nude saints may be within 2000 in the whole of India.

Just by being nude one cannot get salvation in jainism. Along with nudity, one should observe many other difficult principles. Some such principles are mentioned in the above article.

Sameer  7 years ago

Hello Sir,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I never laughed at them I think you got me wrong....I am someone who is researching every religion and respect evry individual and thats how came across this page...

Can you also tell if there anything in the Sacred Jaina Scriptures which support this belief...like Vedas in Hinduism and The Bible in Christianity and The QUran in Islam ...which the believers of these religions consider to be the WORD OF GOD(I am not sure if Jains believe in GOD or not)...

ALso ...please telll me whether this is the way of salvation for every Jain or only these saints.

Is the way of salvation for a non nude Jain is different ?

Suresh 7 years ago

Please tell me do children think when they see naked panis covered with pubic hair.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 7 years ago from Tumkur Author

Neither children, nor even women, who revere jain saints thinke anything bad when they see nude saints.The penis, or the public hair, anything, doesn,t looks awkward for them. Because they know beibg nude all the life is very difficult, and such saints will always be engasged in meditation, worship, or preaching good acts and deeds.

If we have sexy thoughts in our mind , then everything creates sexy asmbition in us- even a lifeless doll.

Siddharth Jain 7 years ago

I am Jain myself, I want to know if they want to be nude, why they be in front of beautiful women, kids and ladies... why don't they just hide themselves in a jungle or something ??

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 7 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Mr. Siddharth,

please go through answers given above to-Mr.Sameer and Mr. Suresh.Perhaps i have already answered your question.

A Digambar Muni will not mind who is standing before him-whether a man or woman.That means, it doesn't create any feeling in him.Why should they hide themselves in bushes? Neither the devotee women feel any bad infront of them, nor the saint feel any dilemma.When you give up your temptation on the body and on the world, quite naturally body becomes an open thing.Nudity is the peak stage of self-detachment.

And,there are rules about the behaviour of digambar munis and women, which both should follow:

1. A woman should not go singly before a nude saint.

2 A digambar muni should not take food from a woman who is single in the house.

3 A woman should bow to a nude saint form a distance.


please write to me for clarification of any doubt about Jainism.Please Understand and practice.

Suresh 7 years ago

Thanks prasadjain,

I am not a Jain but a Hindu. I got interested in by your reply.I myself want to spend my weekend with Digember Muni ,doing whatever they do morning to night , wearing no cloth.

is it possible.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 7 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thanks Mr.Suresh, for your interest to know the things. Now a days people with a quest to know are fast decreasing in number.

If you want to see the behaviour of Jaina nude saints, now is the good chance.Many nude saints are prforming their 'Chaturmasa'( staying for four months in the rainy season in a single place)in different parts of Karnataka.Here is some information.

1 .Chakreshwari Jain Mahila Samaj building,South-end circle( Tee-num-shree circle) Bangalore.( near the Jayabagar library)

2. Jain temple,Chandraguptha road, Mysore(near Big clock tower)

3Mandya (In jain temple)

4 .Shravana Belagola. ( near Jain mutt)

usually, these saints give public preachings by 3 p.m. in the afternoon.Anybody can attend it. You can ask then questions after their preaching is over


Suresh 7 years ago

Thanks for the reply.

Please tell me some temple in karol bagh , delhi or gurgaon.

Amarnath 7 years ago

I have seen several Digambar (nude) saints in Sarnath. I have great respect for their strong resolve and austere lives.

Amitabha Ch. 7 years ago

What is the ultimate goal of Jainism? What is the nature of salvation in Jainism? Does the realised soul retain it's individuality? What is the place of God in Jainism? Is it true that 22 Tirthankaras entered samadhi in Samved Sikhar? It would be very benefic if you clear my doubts.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 7 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thanking to you both, i try to answer Mr.Amitabha 's qn.

1.Ultimate goal of a person in Jainism is- Moksha or,Salvation.

2. Salvation means-loosing the bondage of all sorts of Karmas.By this-our soul will be out of the cycle of birth and death, and it will attain its true form-that of omnicient, eternal happiness, endless knowledge and endless lifetime.

3 Realised soul(mukthatma) retains its indivisual existance, but as all such souls posses similar characteristics,they can be called by single term(Siddha/muktha/ buddha/shiva etc)

4 Fully libareted soul( mukthatma) himself is god.He is Sarvagna,Sadasukhi.But he is not the creater. (creation,protection etc are also karmas)

4 20 thirthankaras attained moksha at Sammeda shikarji.Four others attained it in other places.

Each point can be eloborated to a good length. But i think this answers your doubts.

babloo 6 years ago

jainism is nothing but nonsense

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 6 years ago from Tumkur Author

Yes Mr.babloo,

those who cannot understand the philosophy, nor care to understand it, definetely fall in line with you ! However, you are not alone to think so. Many other nonsenses are there to vote in favour of this opinion!

Amitabha Ch 6 years ago

Jains are austere saints who walk in the path of extreme non-violence. They extend their feelings of Ahimsa to all forms of life, all humans, all animals, even insects! This kind of ultimate dharma forces the staunch practitioners to accept a lifestyle full of hardship and asceticism. When talking about such great souls in the present times smeared with senseless killing and uncontrolled anger, one should exercise veneration and appreciation. If more people took to these ideals, this world would definitely become a better place.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 6 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thank you Mr.Amitabha,for clearly understanding the greatness of this path and appreciating it.

Parbati 6 years ago

Why are the female saints(nunns) not allowed to discard clothes ? Is there any fear that naked female saints (nunns) can create Sexual feelings in Digambar saints ?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 6 years ago from Tumkur Author

Madam Parbati,

The thought behind that is, females have greater problems and karma bondages than men. So, it is not advisable to allow them to take digambar diksha

Parbati 6 years ago

Dear Prasadji,

Even if any female saint(nun)develops self control and attitude of detachment within herself, to take up that type of sainthood why will she not be allowed to obtain 'Moksha'?

Akshay 6 years ago

Dear Parbati,

It can be possible that a Female Saint(Nun) develp self control and attitude of detachment within herself, to take up that type of sainthood, but she will not attain Moksh because it is described that Female genetial organs like uterus, nipples etc. have micro-organisms that die with the activities they perform and there are numerous uncountable no. of these micro-organism on her body which she cannot be get rid of it. So, her ascetic involvement will take her to heaven, and from there she will born as a male, she has to become male and then only she (who became he now) will attain moksh, the ultimate benefit.

Jam 6 years ago

Dear Akshay,

You said that women cant attain Moksha because their activities and physical construct may kill germs. It is not just women, but also men. Any complex organism has immunity system that destroy intruding germs to prevent ill health. It is hilarious that you speak so foolishly even in the 20th century and has demonstrated very poor understanding of the human anatomy....

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 6 years ago from Tumkur Author

Jain Digambar and Swethambar sects have different opinions regarding Moksha possibility to a woman.Swethambar sect recognises that women can attain moksha even as women.(But after attaining moksha a soul will neither be a male nor female)But digambar sect doesn't agrees with this.They say , as Mr.Akshay rightly feels, that, by tapasya etc, a woman should shed down her karmas( it is possible) and then automatically that soul takes birth as a male, then it has to continue the ascetic life in still harder way and then get salvation.

Regarding Mr.JAM'S observation, I should say, evethough male bodies also have germs, the number is more in femaleswhen compared to males. So, they automatically go on accumulating more karmas than men.As a result,their ATTAINING OF MOKSHA cannot take place. Meaning of moksha itself is-coming out of all karmas.

Harish 6 years ago

How many types of jain:-)

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 6 years ago from Tumkur Author

There are two main catagories of Jains-Digambars and Shwethambars.Nude saints are topmost order in Digambar sect.It is discarding even the own body.

shree 6 years ago

If the nudity is posed in such high spiritual level - then there should not be any differentiation between male nudity & female nudity. Only male saints are exposed fully nude. Female saints are not. then there comes the gender insertion - male & female. This is totally thoughtless. Kindly stop male saints exposing fully nude - otherwise as a full natural justification expose female saints also fully nude. Better to preach without being nude.

shree 6 years ago

It is double standard to expose male saints fully nude & not the female saints. If it is natural philosophy, then there should not have been double standard. With the passage of time so many things are changing. Male saints should not be exposed fully nude.

Ved Prakash Anand 6 years ago

Dear Sir, do you know that even when we take breath each time, thousands of bacterias/micro-organisms, we take inside and simoultaneously they die the same time, and this activity continues throughout our lives. I just want to tell that they think about themselves that they follow complete non-voilence. Secondly, it is very much surprising that though they are male but they don't have any single knowledge that men is also having the feeling of shame & other feature as women is consisting of for her social living. Thirdly, that men also feels good or bad of such scenes.

Respected Sir, I hate jainism and its all philosophy, and no matter how ehical and civilized those are. Because they never cared about the feelings of men in a living society and goes naked. Very surprising that in India we talk of shame. Believe me, if what jaininsm follows are true than what is being followed by the rest of the religion, throughout this world is totally wrong.

Ved Prakash Anand 6 years ago

Dear Sir, one more thing, its ok that these are saints follow the path which are supposed to be completely free from wordly affairs and these are not easy at all to follow. And in this practice they don't feel any wordly attachments and goes naked without having to feel anything. Hope I am right till here.

But what about us. We are not those saints and I do feel that as per their phylosophy, we comes nowhere. I mean to say that we are all having worldy attachments, that we do feel shame and other things which these saints not related with. But still we don't feel ashamed of such things when takes place before us. Or in other words we don't feel anything when something unusual takes place and untimely like those moving naked saints in a busy street. What does this mean? I tell you about myself as a living being or social animal. I do feel bad, even worse, when I am faced by these scenerios. Then my question is, Am I uneducated/uncivilized/unsocial/uncultured/mentally disturbed or .....................

Vikash 6 years ago

And sirji, if you don't feel anything than you are not a human being who is supposed to have society and compulsory means (Clothing, Shelter & Food) for a living.

Only BAKWAS & nothing. The One believes in Simplicity (Sevetambaras) and atleast they wear something, surprisingly, even they put clothing to their mouth. Something which according to Digambaras, may lead to the death of Micro-organisms if used. Its good that they are also concerned to something which we are not able to see through our normal eyes. Even more than that they takes care of animals, further more they takes care of insects(mosquitos/flies..) And takes care of the women, No doubt. Where is the men? Why the men deprived of social values that they and also we all expect from the women and others but not from him(Men). I want to convey to digambaras that we also have feelings and we are also consisting of social values and in this way we also feel bad of the way that they follow their religion being naked because we are never taught and also we are not habitual to these kind of scenerios that they are famous for presenting.

From Delhi. 6 years ago

Ask anybody, which religion is the true follower of non-voilence. u will find out the following,

Its Bodh Religion(Budhism). And its the world over. And there is no comptetion because jainism comes nowhere to this, even after much publicity.

And whenever we close our eyes and think about jainism, its only the naked people moving in the open society, though sevetambars also exist.

They hurt our feelings. Our thoughts are not united otherwise they would be beaten up wherever they are found.

I don't want this religion to be existing any more.

Deepak 6 years ago

Q: Oh God, can you tell me why the men are not taken care of, when it comes to feelings, emotions, that it has also the feelings of shame and feel good or bad, that he is also a part of society and consisting of social values which makes him happy or make him cry, that he is also having the sense of pride, that he is also someone who also feels ashamed of or feel degraded when he is ignored socially by the educated peoples.

Answer: Dear child, I don't have much time but still listen. For all you said, you have to be either a women, or take birh as an animal or be insect or if possible, ask for the identity of micro-organisms or bacteria because as per mine experience all these are always be getting respect and would be having sense of security or atleast those would be everybody's concern. But I am sorry that these are not possible for you bacause you are a men. And that's why it is always that you would be ignored socially. You will never be taken care of, for whatever reasons, except be educated and create lots of ethics in yourself. So my child try to get habitual to these and this will keep you happy forever and ever.

Vijay 6 years ago

I don't beleive on Jainism. If that would be a true religion, I see still the most worst thing happening in any society is Jains Society. Take an Exmaple of Dowry system, or pin pointing on the other religions saying the other religions are wrong. Which religion in thw world, except jainism, gives the message that only one religion is right and other religion should not be followed.

And most importantly the dowry system is most common among jains as compared to other religion.

Why so, if they believe in not hurting even a Small misrocorganism, then why don't they care of people's feelings.

Does this mean that you should care of only the smallest microorganism except the human?

I don't think so, the humanity is least in Jainism

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 6 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Mr. Vijay,

my answer to your comments is as follows,though it is difficult to satisfy anybody in matters like this.

1.Whether to believe or not to believe in Jainism,is entirely your choice.Neither Jain philosophy, nor myself hate others for not believing in this religion.

2.Yes,there are many Jains who demand and take dowry.But which book or Jain saint approves this practice? That has crept into society by social circumstances and by man's greediness.Whther sati system is advocated in Hinduism? in which script?Many practices are therre in every community which do not bear any canonical (Agamic) sanctity.It is incoorect to blame a religion for corrupt practices introduced by influences other than its preacher's teaching.Islam,which prohibitseven taking interest on loan lent, also has dowry system.Such practices bear extraneous conciderations, not religious principles.

3I doubt whether you have read any important Jaina text or not. Jainism never tells to hate other religions. On the other hand it tells-"truth has many dimensions.It is not single sided. Therefore,concider other's opinion also and come to a conclusion". This view is called 'Anekantha' and it is an important principle in Jainism.

2 Jainism never permits hurting other's feelings unnesscerily.It prescribes to keep a watch on what and how we speak.Unnecessery hurting is called 'Bhavahimsa' and it is not permitted.In our prayer daily,we pray 'Let those acts of mine, done knowingly or unknowingly,by which I have hurt any creature physically or mentally, be excused'.

4 Perhaps every religion in the world says only that is correct and others have lacune in their philosophies.That again, is one angle of truth only.

It is better to study and talk, instead of rash speaking.

chandra shekar 6 years ago

i am in love with a dhigambar jain girl as my sister..

bt nowadays jains have changed a lot..

they have adopted many modern things and forgot thr tradition..

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 6 years ago from Tumkur Author

Yes Mr.Chandrashekhar,

As every relegion followers have changed, so the digambar jains too.It is partly due to inevitability of modern working conditions, and partly due to not proper understanding of principles.

Ankit Jain 5 years ago

Dear Mr. Prasad,

I am really impressed the way you are spreading the jain religion , giving the answers of all bullshit question to the people who either don't understand the jain religion and don't want to jain religion.

I salute the jainism and to you who take step forward in order to remove the misconception spread among the nation.


Ankit jain

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Mr.Ankit,

Thanks for your sincearity in Jainism. WE must put philosophy in a scitific and logical way to enable people to unederstand it.Otherwise, nobody will get convinced.I'm trying to do just that. But the management of this site thinks that this is ugly and not allowing advertisements on this page.I don't know how to convince them.

swapna 5 years ago


Shruti 5 years ago

Dear Prabati,

I am with you on woman being naked nun.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Hon'ble Swapna mam,

Do you know that even Engineers are among the Jain nude saints? Do you know many of these nude saints are great scholars in Samskrit and Prakrit? How many pravachans of these nude saints you have heard? How many articles/ books written by them are read by you? Have you ever spoken to them?Have you read the article and the answers given by me to various questions fully? You are hasty in passing comments without understanding. The philosophy here is that of detachment,giving up the body temptation fully, to the core.This nudism is not uncivilized, but it is the ultimate state of self sacrifice.Learn before you brag.

Mohan 5 years ago

Why u guys r asking so much question abt jain Saints keing naked.

U were born naked.Its only ur dirty mind that makes u discuss only on one side of the scenario.

At this point I must address two common ideas about nakedness. First, “Doesn’t’ modesty imply that nakedness is wrong?” Modesty actually deals with what is put on the body, not what is taken off or absent. We say a person has a modest income we are describing the small amount they make.

Second, “Doesn’t nakedness cause lust?” No, lust is caused in the heart of the person by their own sin. Lust is a strong word denoting an “I’ve got to have it” and “I’ll get it whatever why I have to” mentality. A new car, house, or job can be an object of lust. So can a fully clothed person. Also, those in the health field, who are around good nudity, can attest that a nude patient is simply that, a nude patient.

Taufiq Ahmed 5 years ago

Good nudity is so foreign to most of us.

What we typically see is what I would call bad nudity. This nudity is on a voyeuristic level, in the pages of sex magazines and sex movies. Such bad nudity is meant to sexually entice or allure. Good nudity acknowledges and celebrates the differences in each human in a non-sexual way.

In other countries nude swimming, public bathing and even nude recreation is accepted. In some cultures nudity is a way of life due to very practical climate conditions. Because of this the body is demystified for people (much like a doctor or nurse who sees nudity in a non-sexual environment) and the curiosity to “look and see” is fulfilled.

Today the same curiosity exists in the hearts of people and it is typically met by viewing bad nudity. It is my suggestion that if we had more exposure to non-sexual nudity the “lust” factor would decline in our hearts. We would see the creation of God as good and we would view the body not as an object of voyeuristic sexuality but as the wonderful creation it is.

So i do not see any weirdness in Jain Saints Practices.

pratik dhanwani 5 years ago

i m not jain.but after reading the above comments i can understand the sole of jainism.its awesome.i do respect jainism..

Ashish 5 years ago


I don't know how much you know about Jainism. Seems like u hv linked jainism and its principles with nudity only. If at all you don't agree with the philosophy of a religion doesn't mean you abuse them and call them fool.

The kind of sacrifice and pain they go through , you cant even imagine. If u cannot respect them , don't insult them.

Ashish Jain 5 years ago


Seems like you don't know anything about these jain munis. Many of them are not only educated , but highly educated. And those who haven't taken formal education have so much knowledge that your or my education in front of it is nothing.

Shinobi99 5 years ago

Dear All

We are common people and common people may have anomalies to act differently. The people who call them-self Jains are nothing but an example of anomalies.

The pure human getting birth have instincts, the first one is to get milk feed from breast of Mothers. If we don't have instinct then it means we are not normal. A normal human being have instincts of hunger, sleep, lust. When by any means (disease, mental sickness, weakness) we are un-able to follow our instincts we become abnormal. Have the Jains, defied all these instincts???

Normally, any group of society which can not excel normal human beings and feel themselves on the bottom, then tries to emerge as to astonish others to get fame or feel distinct. Then what is different, Jains are just trying to hide there weakness by luring people into their Naked Body.

Jains are not exception to above, they just adopted to go nude to feel and act and present differently. If they wanted to behave good as they say in their dealings then they could easily do it being (non-naked). They are saying that want to get rid of karma, how they can get rid of their sense of distinction from other human beings. So this is all fake.

If being naked, makes you saint, then y don't all people on nude beaches or gay beaches are called saints. If the dealings is what makes you saint then good deeds can be adopted without being naked. No body in the world want to do good with being distinct or fame so are these jains?????

What about the people who fall after these Jains, without analyzing the truth.

AJ 5 years ago

Hello All,

We are discussing nudity for long in this discussion but not trying to look into the process in detail

1. Not anyone can opt to go nude and be a nude jain saint, there is a stringent process and stages through which a shravak has to go through under supervision of a Jain muni. Only once the supervising muni find that the his supervisee has attained required level then and then only he permits one to be Jain Muni.

2. Its not fun or joke to be nude. Jain muni

2.1 Do not wear any clothes whatever the weathter be ( think of colds when you clad your self inside multiple layer of warm clothes and still not able to get rid of it)

2.2 Do not use any carpet, they either sleep on floor or on wooden chatais only

2.3 Do not use any kind of footwears.... they walk barefooted in extreme summer too... try to get out of your home even at 9:00 clock in the morning in the month of apr, may

2.4 They do not Shave or get hair cut. Refer to the first image on this page.. they pick their beard and head hairs off using hands only

2.5 They eat once in 24 hours and that too only when "Vidhi" that they though of infront of God that day meets

2.6 They do not use any kind of transportation

Its hardest tapasya that one can exercise, so I kindly request people to not doing their interpretation just by looking at the outer representation. Once one start observing the finer details of this religion, disrespect is bound to vanish.

To me Jainism is the most scientific religion, some religious rules which were layed thousands of year ago could be easily accepted by today's wifi generation, like

1. Drinking water only after getting it filtered by a cotton cloth

2. Avoid eating after sunset, as the number of insects in the environment increases exponentially

3. Must not Drink Alchohal and consume Non-Veg

and many more

Jai Jinendra

ranjan 5 years ago

dear prasadjain,

I like to know that in what age can be a jain muni

(saint)before that what they want to do,after that what is the mission what will be the food and bevarage.

how can we find new videos about that you reminded digamber muni(s).

I have found this url name in youtube "25 Muni Diksha Acharya Vidyasagar ji Jabalpur part-4"

please tell me a way to get this whole and 100% clear pure video(s) and photo(s).

Expecting your reply soon

Thanking You,


vijai 5 years ago


i never heard so much of information about jain before, really u have taken a big effort. Your effort is much appriciated.

1)My Question is why they are plucking their hairs. shaving their Hair is harm to Microbes that is true, but they can leave it as it is,instead they are plucking it , why it is so

2) they are very Cautious about not harming any living Beings or microbes, if this is the case then why do they use peacock feathers. Definitely some of the feathers will be plucked from that bird which is also harm, they won't do that but indirectly they are part of that harm known, can you pls reply me because these are the 2 things bothering in my mind regarding jain.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thanks to Mr. Ranjan.

Please look to the following web for videos about Jain munis, their different vows, daily routine etc:


You must have Adobe flashplayer 10.3 to view this. These videos are also loaded to U-tube.

To Mr.Vijay,i would like to tell-

1.to have manosamyam(self control) it is necessary to keep body under some stringent hardships.Otherwise, mind moves as it likes. So Saints( real saints in all religions, for that matter)keep certain vows which provide difficulty to their body.Plucking hairs from hands without using tools is one of many such vows jain munis keep for this purpose.But there is no strict time gap told, between two such 'Kesha-lochans'

It is quite natural to think that why should not they leave the facial hair as it is, instead of removing it by hand. Reason is-1) that doesn't gives any scope to restrain the body i.e. such leaving doesn't provides any Kaya klesha.2) That again gives scope for birth and death of many microbes.

2. For your second question-

Peacock feather brush for them is prepared strictly by using the feathers fallen from the bird's tail. It is a rule that feathers should not be plucked for this purpose. That's why such peacock brushes for Jain saints are found in less number.You may be knowing that, just like other birds, peacocks also shed down their feathers now and then in lesser number.

Jain devotees keep the villagers informed to collect such fallen feathers and submit it to them.

in the whole of india, about 4000 such peacock feathers may be in use now. Guru handsover his peacock brush to his junior saint follower. Or, it is kept in Jain temple for the use by any other jain saint who may need it.

Keep up this thirst for knowledge, about everything.

May the almighty who you believe, bless you.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

I do not likt to replay to th eprehudiced comments by Mr.Shinobi 99.Many readers here have answered his comments earlier. If he had read the article and discussions before passing his opinion, then he would have had no need of writing the above comments. But some people do not want to know. Answering them is futile.

My replay to ' From Delhi'(8 months ago) is similar.

ranjan 5 years ago

Dear Mr.Prasad

1. Thank you for yor reply with a URL but in the youtube we cannot find any clear videos.I need 1080 HD videos can you tell me can I find like that quality.

2. So they are giving their cloths after the ceramony to end of their lives they should be a nude am I correct & also you didn't tell me their ages between.

3.Where do they live after become a jain sadhu even they cant go home or no problem.

4.Can they travel around the world in this position,earlier any sadhu traveled to Sri lanka

Thanking You


prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author


There are many Jain websites where you can find the information about getting the good quality videos. Apart from one website quoted above, another website is www.jainsansar.com .Google gives you the addresses of many Jain websites.

Another way is- Just watch where Jain munis are giving pravachans or staying. Presently, One muni,Sri.Jnanasagarji is moving near Sangli. If you contact the organisers of such programmes you may purchase CDs from them. In many cases, CDs will be available for sale, along with their books.In New Delhi, One muni,Acharyasri,Vidyanandaji is staying permanently ( as he is above 80 now)At Mehrouli, his followers have an ahram, yoga center, etc. You can contact them also.

After diksha, saints move in the country.Stay in temples or even houses arranged for their stay. Digambar munis cannot go abroad, as they cannot climb vehicles.Jain swetambar munis had gone to Lanka, not Digambar munis.

man 5 years ago

why only men saint? why not women ?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Answer to this question is already given in the discussion above.

Ranjan 5 years ago

Dear mr.Prasad,

Thanking you for the given details.

to whom do you called "Swetamber muni".why digamber muni cant go "because they are nude".

how we can contact them online.

specially I want to know the relationship between Jain Religion & Buddhist religion & Hindu Religion.

we also not agree to kill any animals.

this is one of my opinion that why didn't any digamer muni visit to sri lanka & preach.

thanking you

sayuri 5 years ago

''what is the mission that they are teaching about,do jaina people belive about rebirth

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Mr. Ranjan,

reason for digambar munis not going abroad is-they are forbidden to climb any vehicle.Reason for such banis-use of vehicles causes more harm than by walk. While walking, we can closely observe the earth and take care that our feet doesn't harm small creatures.Such care is not possible while we are on vehicles.As munis they have to follow Ahimsa vow to the maximum.So they have not visited foreign countries, not because they are nude.A digambar muni should not do anything that comes in the way of his practing of vratas(vows).

Swetambar saints are not naked. They wear white cloth.(not safforn).Tha's why they are called Swetha+ambara=white clothed.There are some philosophical differences between the two sects. But they agree on major issues in Jain philosophy.

You cannot contact jain munis online. You have to go where they are,and have dicussion, during day time.

The discussion about ahimsa and karma are very minute than in any other religion. In Buddhism, you should not kill animals.But you can eat the meat of the animal killed by someone else.Bothration about non-killing of organisms is on macro level in other religions, whereas, it is at the micro-level in Jainism.

Jainism believes in rebirth,but not in the creater.This world is not formed by anyone.Thw world is Anaadi and Anantha.It has formed according to natural phenomena in is explained by the modern science.God is the soul that has attained pure form, banishing all karmas attached to it, and secured solvation.

All discussion cannot be made online. If you are a Bangalorean, it is easy for you to come and meet me.

Here itself i can answer to Sayuri also. They believe in rebirth, as i have told above.These nude saints preach the philosophy told by Thirthankaras,.Discussion of the main points is made while answering questions above during the past three years.

Dear Mr.Prasad 5 years ago

Thanking You @ the beginning because you are answering me.

I am not a Buddhist.But I they are abandon killing people or animal as well as they are not eating flesh.But some people are eating.Not all of them.some monks are not eating foods with Maldive fish also.before

several years there was a monk believe me he don't know what the money is.

Do Jaina people not any sadhu or sadhvee eating any meet or fish.

can you send me a url to find new munis (25 munis) preach with there photos

sayuri 5 years ago

Why they are in nude priest & What is the relationship

between buddhist

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author


Thwere is much difference between Buddhism and Jainism.

In buddhism, the discussion on Ahimsa is not as subtle as it is in Jainism.Some buddhista may not eat meat, but it is due to there own wish to be pure; due to their disliking for that;not that it is totally banned in Buddhism.Some people who are non vegetarians by birth also, do not eat flesh,because, they just do not want it.

When I have told above that Jain sadhus care even for micro organisms, how can you gguess that they may eat meat? It is unimaginable.

For their photoes, please search various jain websites. i cannot sit searching for that

To Sayuri, i would like to say-

1.There is no relationship as such between Jainism and Buddhism. They are two independent origins.There is much difference between the two, which cannot be discussed here. One major difference is-Buddhism doesn't believes in the existance of soul. Jainism fully believes in it.

In jainism, priests are not nude.Only topmost level saints are nude. There is much difference between saints and priests.

Dear Mr.Prasad 5 years ago

I found about a protest of one digamber or swetamber muni from the google what is that.

what is this "Only topmost level saints are nude".

but in muni diksha there's so many young muni(s).

they abandon to touch the penis them self

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

i have not come across the protest. So I can't tell about that.

But,digambar minis are facing such protests now and then by common people,as they do not know the great sacrifice of worldly comforts by them.

In Jain digambars, there are three levels of saints. Topmost level is of nude saints.Other two levels wear saffron cloth.

Dear Mr.Prasad 5 years ago

In a country all the people have to put votes for in a situation of the election.

the Jain muni(s)putting votes isn't

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

No,they do not. they take interest only in two things.1) In developing educational institutions 2)In religious activities.They are not supposed to be interested in political matters. They do not have a permanent address. So, where can u find their names as a voter?

Dear Mr.Prasad 5 years ago

Can you tell me how to find more photos & videos of muni Tarun Sagar Ji

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Muniji is perhaps observing his chaturmas in Indore,it seems.His devotees also run a website to propagate his thoughts. i shall try to find out the address of website and post here. Be observing this

Johnvegan profile image

Johnvegan 5 years ago from USA

Go to Google.com and type his name..You can find a lot of youtube videos there..

AJ 5 years ago

Greetings Mr.Prasad, I am a Jain boy myself and have a question. There is a digambar muni near my house residing in a Jain family's house. I've been there for his 'darshan'. He was sitting comfortably in an air conditioned room. I don't understand this, if they have left behind all worldly luxuries then why do they sit in AC rooms? You must also be aware how many micro-organisms (heck, even macro-organisms) are killed when they pass through the air conditioner?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear AJ,

Your question is mostly agreeable.In strict sense of muni dharma,such acts should not be done.But that arrangement is made by those,who provide shelter to the muni.Even keeping of mobile phones,starting of schools and colleges by munis is not strictly according to munidharma(Anagara Dharma).But,can society progress if they do not involve in such activities? Same case may be there with muniji mentioned by you.Some 'Shithilaachas' are found now adays.

jitesh jain 5 years ago

this jain dharm and jain sadhu is an extreme example of sacrifice and spirituallity which tends to make the path from aatama to paramathama.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

You are right Mr.jitesh.Those who cannot understand it,blame it.

Ranjan 5 years ago

Have no any new videos of muni shri tarun sagarji

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Just search in U-tube.

Pranjal singhai 5 years ago

Dear sir

Could you tell me something about Pratemas taken by our saints.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Prathimas are the stages /vows practiced by our saints to achieve solvation .They are- Darshana prqthima,Vratha prathima etc. A detailed article is necessary to explain this. But soon i will be giving you more details in this box itself.

gh 5 years ago

really tough

raj_11@yahoo.com 5 years ago

Hey Ankit,

You are a stupid guy since you are jain you are with Jainism.Iam not against Jainism just informing that the saints should not walk nudily in road.If you are accepting god then keep it in four corners and don't make it public. Nowaday bullshit swamis/Babas are only corrupted for ex sathya saibaba from karnataka.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Mr.Raj_11 never bothers to know about the philosophy behind Jain nude saints. When he compares a jain nude saint with bogus sadhus,it is only to be pitied. Saibaba is not from Karnataka.

Anand 5 years ago

Dear Sir, do you still believe that digambara culture never hurts anyone since thousands of years. I am asking this having gone through many replies to you.

Prakash 5 years ago

In the name of religion he find it good to be nude & move naked in society and he always does get something in argument which as per him is very much social and at the same time very much logical and scientific and at the same time never intends to be followed by women.

How do the society come to know about the sincerity of those jain women saints who although pretends to be the follower of digambara culture but never follow the core principle of digambara religion.

Why it is so Mr. Prasad that at one side they strongly justifies their nudity but never agrees that it should have been followed by woman. The digambara culture have lots of arguments which favours nudity even in the open society than why they haven't been able to put that onto the woman as well.

Ranjan 5 years ago

mr.prasad in what village muni shri tarun sagar is linving place

Anand 5 years ago

Pl. add this.In the name of religion he find it good to be nude & move naked in society and he always does get something in argument which as per him is very much social and at the same time very much logical and scientific and at the same time never intends to be followed by women.

How do the society come to know about the sincerity of those jain women saints who although pretends to be the follower of digambara culture but never follow the core principle of digambara religion.

Why it is so Mr. Prasad that at one side they strongly justifies their nudity but never agrees that it should have been followed by woman. The digambara culture have lots of arguments which favours nudity even in the open society than why they haven't been able to put that onto the woman as well.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author


I know that Muni Shri Tarun Sagarji is Doing his Chaturmas in some city in North india. to know it exactly,You can search websites,typing his name.

When scrutinised, It seems,Mr.Anand,Prakash,are same,as the wordings of their letters are so mich same.i do not know why they are so much bothered about the nudity of women, when therre are so many other things to discuss!it has been told earlier, that Muni deeksha is given to women as they are bound by more karmas than men.That's why they suffer more than men.Jainism has high respect for women. but it also understands their problems.First Thirthankare Rishabhdev , When he was a king,First taught Maths and other knowledges to his daughters and then started teaching to his male children. So, not admitting women to Muni cadre is not from any angle of inequality, but from the point of view of difficulty in following the rules. When men are facing so many problems in it,what logic is there,in wanting to impose it on women? Besides,Which woman has asked for that so for?

Tarun saini. 5 years ago

saalon jainio tumhari ma, behen, beti bahu sab ki choot me in nange besharamo ka lund. dhongio marr kyu nhi jaate. saalo atma hatya karlo ja ke bhen ke lodo apne ma baap ko bolo hume paida hi kyu kiya

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Tarun,tum apne ma baap se poochna hi wo akhri baat ko

Akshay 5 years ago

@prasadjain... amazing sir.. thanks you tried your best to answer...

@those who criticize jainism... i can say only one thing that a blind cannot see the Truth...

@Ranjan.. Lord Buddha and Lord Mahaveera were brothers(cousion). Their Mothers were real sisters... Buddha praticed jainism for 6 six years and he was nude as written in some Pali Text and Many Jain Texts. Jainism do not allow any attachment when someone is a monk or I must say A person who is a monk should be away of all worldly attachments. Once when Buddha was doing vihar(moving from one place to another), a young girl addressed Buddha and had conversation with him.. This used to become everyday schedule. Buddha slowly started loving the girl but, as a monk, when he is not allowed the love for his body how can he allow material love for other and he brought a middle path.. where he developed his religion called buddhism. The antiquity of jainism is much older.. as Lord Mahaveera was the 24th tirthankar.. before him 23 tirthankar(fordmakers) existed. Tirthankar means the one who creates tirth(muni(male saint), arika(female saint), shravak(male household), shravika(female household)). Meaning of creating is that they tells the responsibility, rules and regulations to each.

Accepting Cloth, Allowing Meat, Having Family in Buddhism is the similar concept as Rishi's of Hinduism.. but accepting ahimsa, satya, siddha, arihant, moksh, dharmchakra etc. is the case of jainism... other concepts that are different in buddhism like soul, and reincarnation is different, its as per the buddha view.

if you want any more info. you can send me eMail to m.akshaypatni@gmail.com

@prasad jain 5 years ago

I know if hairs are not removed, organism will take birth and if we maintain or comb or put oil to it... they will be killed.. hence jain saints are allowed to have keshlonch(removing hairs with hand). when a hair is plucked by hand.. organism like ju, etc. don't get killed.. but if a scissor or a razor is used, they can be killed into pieces, harmed.. etc.

But I have a question that why jain saints don't shave their pubic hairs?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

It is not true that Buddha and Mahaveera were brothers.they belong to different clans and different regions.Buddha belongs to Shakya clan and Mahaveera belong to Licchavis.Their parents followed different philosophies. While Mahaveera 's parents followed the philosophy preached by Parshwa, what Buddha followed, is not known.Their parents names also differ.

ashish 5 years ago

foolish saint,,,,, they don't know how to respect and love such a precious life given by GOD. IF THESE SAINTS CAN NOT LOVE THEMSELVES ,,,, HOW THEY CAN LOVE OTHERS ? HA..HAAA ,, STRIVING IN HIS LAST DAYS TO DIE,,,,UTTER IDIOTIC ,,FOOLISH,,INSANE SAINT.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

They love the soul, not the body.Because, body is only temporary abode of soul.That which has to be shed, need to be shed down without any grief or craze. That is what precisely done by the saint you the in the video. if such vow makes you laugh, then god save you Mr. Ashish

sangeet 5 years ago

while going through previous comments i came across this-


there are rules about the behaviour of digambar munis and women, which both should follow:

1. A woman should not go singly before a nude saint.

2 A digambar muni should not take food from a woman who is single in the house.

3 A woman should bow to a nude saint form a distance.


please write to me for clarification of any doubt about Jainism.


it concludes as-

1.there is always a fear of being raped by a woman or girl, unless the female is slut...

2.jain saints are madarchods, as they can rape...(since it is advised for women not to go in front of them singly)..

3.jain people think that other castes are chutiya and other people would believe in them and get them fucked..

Priyesh 5 years ago

sir, i am 19 years old..

My neighbourhood uncle is jain. He always wears trouser or sometimes lungi only, while the upper part remains naked. I have never seen him in shirts. He wears shirt only when he goes for office and that too he wears in the car that comes to pick him. And i have heard that he removes his shirt as soon as he reaches his office. He enters in others house many times shirtless and not even with baniyan.

Once, he came to my home shirtless during ladies party asking for something. one day I saw him coming shirtless out of my neighbourhood aunty's bedroom, when she was alone in that bedroom. He is a highly paid officer. He is very rich. I always think why does he go semi-nude everywhere(except office, and other distant places). But I don't have the courage to ask him about his dress wearing style. Sir, can you please explain whether he follows any jain rituals or what??

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Answer to Mr. Sanjay,

Dear brother, you have written comments in a funny style.Doesn't matter.Sister Sangeeta has given the correct answer to your comment in a right way.

To sister Sangeeta,

your first 3 points are correct. You have understood properly.

Your next three points are incorrect. My answer to these points is as follows:

1. Jain munis are not afraid of anything.

Jains do not disrespect other communities, even,the non-vegetarians. Jainism does not support such disrespecting.So, they do not think others are chutiyas.Such thinking is against Jainism.

Advice is given to both jain munis and lady devotees not to be in private, not because one may rape the other,but because of the sound knowledge of human Psychology,which may succumb to weaknesses. A Jain-whether Householder or a monk, should be always take care of his charitra( which is described as Samyak Charitra)i.e. conduct.So, certain restrictions are put.Don't you think such restrictions are necessary?

Jain women should bow to a muni from the distance of 7 steps. She should not touch his feet also.

To Son Priyesh,

Your neighbor uncle is not following any Jain vow. He doesn't knows social discipline.That's all. Nudity is the vow practiced by high level saints only. It is not for House holders.That person may need some treatment by a psychiatrist.

1. Jain munis are not afraid of anything.

mj 5 years ago

awesome work going on by Mr.Prasad.....

mj 5 years ago

i salute ur work of spreading information about jainism world wide.....i am myself jain....n just love every single thing about jainism.....n do practice at home as well as outside to da extent possible for me.....


poornachand 5 years ago

good informations'

Ved Prakash Anand 5 years ago






N Jain 5 years ago

Here's a discussion regarding only Jain male munis being nude...Its not true...even females are nude..but they are not allowed to go in open(not allowed by society)..because of the restrictions of the society....if they are allowed they can also come in open because they have given up everything so they have no issuesw to come that way in open(that's my viewpoint)..

i have known people (a sikh family) who gave up eating Non veg for the complete life just by listening to 1 hour Jain Pravachan (called lecture in some nonsense language) just by normal Jain person (not a Jain muni)...Jainism doesnot teaches not to respect any other religion..in fact i think many Jains do visit temples, churches, gurudwaras as well...We do respect Buddhism as well since we know it is also basede on Non violence but has probably lost its Non violence culture since many Buddhist do eat non veg now...i am not saying that any Jain do not eat Non veg but the proportion in Jains is very low (No offences please)....We Jain...even normally try not to kill any ant by our legs and try to avoid stepping over them...

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Sorry Mr.N.Jain.I do not know or heard any lady taking muni deeksha,whether remaining in temple, or at other place.If you know such, please give the name and details.

Ved Prakash Anand 5 years ago

Hi Sir, So don't you feel that these type of culture, even in different other religions are followed by men only. Although, their principles or philosophies are based on different grounds and are carried out in different other ways but simultaneously they also believe that they have the much better ways in comparisons to others.

Can you come back with some logical answers as to why women couldn’t think that way, even after thousands of years. Or in another way, why only men got those things in their minds.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Mr. Anand,It seems you have already made a conclusion in your mind.Otherwise, my earlier answer would have helped you to find the logical answer to your question.

Jainism believes that- Karma is the cause of getting a body.greater the karma, problems in the body will be more.( this could be elaborated with various examples.)Women have greater physical problems than men. So, they have first to reduce that burden of Karma.Then they have to muni deekha. They can do it. Jainism believes that. When they progress in that direction,Automatically they get rebirth in male form.Hence it is said that women cannot take muni deeksha, while can take it.

I know that even this answer also doesn't satisfies you.Please do consult authentic Jaina Scriptures and discuss with munis. ( they are open for discussion). You may get satisfactory answer then. This is too small a place to root out your doubt.

mj 5 years ago

that's a misunderstanding....no women can ever take muni deeksha....dats not allowed....not just by jain religion bt by everyone....becoause of the natural problems of women....

mj 5 years ago

i meant no women can take muni deeksha in her present birth.....else depends on her karmas....for the next births...

mj 5 years ago

Respected Prasad Jain,

Sir,do you have any knowledge regarding jainlogy courses anywhere in India...???Kindly let me know....

Thank you..

N Jain 5 years ago

Yes sir, they are there..I think in Tijara, Rajasthan...but males are not allowed to visit them and only females can go in their rooms...I request you to ask some more knowledgeable person regarding this... because i am still very young...but i remember a few back when i went there, i went to muni and then my mom and other ladies also went to other room where there was a female muni (sorry if we should call them something else) and we were told not to go there...

N Jain 5 years ago

Prasad Sir, this is for your reference...a few names of mataji's are also written...


Ved Prakash Anand 5 years ago

I am done now.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author


Jainology courses are available in various universities and deemed universities. Some examples are here-

1.Mysore university,Manasa gangotri campus, Mysore-570006(Karnataka)-Only regular courses.Scholarships available.

2 Jain Vishwabharathi University,P.O.Ladnoo,Rajasthan.

(here, both correspondence and regular courses are available. This is a deemed university, established by Acharya Tulsiji. )Scholorships are available for regular students.

3 Udaipur University Udaipur ,Rajasthan(Perhaps, the actual name is Mohanlal Sukhadia University).Regular courses.

Apart from these, the following Institution conducts Prakrit courses By correspondence

Rashtreeya Prakrit Shodh Samsthan

Dhavala theertham

P.o. Shravanabelagola (Hassan Disrtict) Karnataka

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author


I followed your link. There, only the list of Minis and Aryikas is given. It doesn't open to their biodata.That doesn't helps this discussion anyway.

About your other information, i shall consult my friends in Rajasthan and try to know about it. infact, i have widely toured in Rajasthan, and written a book about it, but hadn't come across this information. Anyway, there is much unknown to us.

karan 5 years ago

sir, I have heard from someone that jain people don't eat at night. Can you tell me why? Even at night also we have full facilities of light and everything and can avoid killing of insects.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Mr. Karan,

Thank you for your prompt inquiry. Yes,Jainism prohibits eating at night.I, and my family do not eat at night, normally. If complete stopping of taking food at night is not possible for a person, then, Jainism expects him to keep certain restrictions on eating at night.That means, he can restrict himself for tasking only liquid food, fruits, medicines, etc. Or, atleast he should refrain from taking baked food.

Even though we have much advanced lighting facilities now, nothing can stop the production and killing of microbes.At night, their production will be more.Aim of Jainism is to live with minimum himsa.That's why it prohibits food taking at night.There are many other vows also to be followed to reduce himsa in our life.

mj 5 years ago

Due to the sun light in day time less micro organisms gorw in each place as compared to night time...Also in night time small insects are attracted to the light in our house....And they enter in our house....and while cooking the food the insects may fall in the food we cook...

And that is why jain munis do not even talk at night as the micro insects can enter in the mouth...

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Yes Mr. mj; your observation is quite right

mohsin naqvi syed 5 years ago

if some small insect is killed by jain guy, how can he shed off his sins???

shabana nayar 5 years ago

Sir, I am a muslim and I eats mostly non-veg. If I want to convert myself to a jain, is it possible for me to convert???

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

If you kill something,it is a sinful act.But intention determines the magnitude of sin.If killing is done knowingly by a matured man, then it is greater sin. If you take all care to save a life and the creature is killed inspite of that care, then the quantum of sin is much lesser.Intentional killing whether by a jain or non-Jain, it invites same quantum of sin.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear sister,

i congratulate and appreciate your interest to be a vegetarian. To follow Jainism, you need not convert formally into Jainism.If you follow principles of Jainism, it is enough.Be a vegetarian(it is possible to live as a vegetarian.I know many Muslims who do not eat meat or egg),keep lees materials for worldly life, do not lie or steal, and be chanting the name of thirthankaras. have a detached mind towords worldly affairs. If possible, keep restrictions on taking food at night(for eg- take only unbaked food at night).

If you are very much interested in getting converted into Jainism, then you can approach any jaina saint and take mantra deeksha from him/her. That doesn't means you should become a saint.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Added replay

To Mr. Mohsin Naqui syed's inquiry I would like to add,to shed down the sin committed by killing an insect, there are various ways of penance. He can perform certain number of chantings(Japa),say about 301, and submit its fruit to the soul of the small creature killed by him;or, he can observe fasting for a day and offer its fruit to the deceased soul, etc. Normally, one should approach the guru or a learned man in the nearby area, confess his sin, and perform the penance act as advised by him

Sumith 4 years ago


I heard some festival about something called Diksha and also heard I'ts after 600 years.can you tell me about that

I am well respect to jain rules and that can protect from

the karma and sir what is this karma also what is nirwana

Lord Mahaveer and Lord Buddha lived in same ages.isn't it?

Prasad 4 years ago

Dear Sir,

My age is still 16 in age I like to be a digamber muni

because I very much like watch muni sri tarun sagar maharajs preaches.

is there an age limit?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Sir,

Diksha is the initiation ceremony into sainthood.It is conducted every now and then, whenever there is/ are person/s ready to enter into that group.I don't who, in what circumstances told it will be held once in 600 years.

Karma means-the acts and thoughts we acts and thoughts we perform or posses.Such acts, if bad are called 'Papa Karma'(Sin),and, if good, then they are called-'Punya Karma'.First one takes you to deteriorating conditions, and the latter ones take you to better positions.

Buddha and Mahaveera are contemporaries.But there is difference of opinion among scholars regarding their seniority.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Prasad,

I congratulate your interest infollowing principles.

But don't be eager to become a muni.

Everybody is not so lucky as Shri Tarun Sagarji.

There are many digambar munis whom the society is not taking proper care of.

Spend your time in meditation, read more and more, discuss philosophy, every doubts with learned ones,and , as your faith gets confirmed in those principles, then go on following stricter and stricter vows.

You can think of becoming a muni later.

There is no age limit as such.But usually now nobody below 21 years, is allowed to become a saint.

Vikash 4 years ago

What do you feel, that even in a stagnant position & in a hand distance while reading & writing they are needed glasses but are confident that when they move at the speed of 10-15 kms, even above grasses, will not lead to killing.

Vikash 4 years ago

There are even many more to go. But I know that we are never going to get changed.

Vikash 4 years ago

Don't you believe that we are more religious and less social?

Or, so far the women are not brought to this nude culture it is social. Or, it is very much impossible for us to understand the meaning of simplicity.

Or, wherein we are always taught to keep the women in a socially respectable position, we will never take care of men. No matter how far we go.

I will continue to feel bad of the Jain culture and will continue to feel pleasure that although being the oldest religion, but not even having the 1% of India’s population.

……………………………………………Laugh and forget because after some time you will be dead and you will be replaced by someone else.

We just want moksha……………………………………isn’t it.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Your question is not clear to me.A Jain muni doesn't and should not walk on green grass.When there is no bare mud space available even at little distance,and walking on green grass is totally inevitable,then, they have to walk.But they have to take self punishment for the damage they have caused to small organisms inhabiting there.

What is wrong if a muni uses glasses i.e. spectacles, to read and write?Does it cause harm to anybody? But, if a muni gets into such a weak eye sight that he is unable to see even the dirt/ insect in the food in his hand, then he has to stop taking food. that means, he has to take sallekhana. that's sri Shanthisagara Maharaj took Sallekhana after crossing sventy plus stage.

i could not understand what you meant by 'stagnant position'.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Vikash,

Please look back at the history of Jainism.understand it. you will come to know how many changes have taken place here. By 'change ' if you mean-'giving of principles' then, Jainism has not changed and need not changed.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

I pity your innocence and ignorance and lack of study,Mr.Vikash.

Dear Sir, 4 years ago

I have better knowledge about this life and it is full of sufferings but always I am looking through the positive matter always I like to read.

There were no age limit to become a muni those day's but way is it changed for upper 21.why is it.I heard muni tarun sagar ji becamed as diamber saint muni state in very younger age but not clear the age what is the age.

Please let me know the name of youngest digamber saints name and age please.

also very like to discuss with them about what we don't know ,deepest meditation to grow up the mind

Please answer my all questions Sir,

Thanking You


prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Prasad,

I don't suspect that you know about temporary nature of worldly things. but the point is, we will not be knowing how far our vyragya is true. That's why it is better to give some time to ourselves to firm ourselves.In the meantime, you can go on increasing your meditation time, use very simple clothes, take food only once a day with certain restrictions, etc.

Muni Tarun Sagarji became a brahmachari at the age of 13. He took digambar deeksha, after attaining 18 years of age.

Dear Sir, 4 years ago

I heard that some people change their minds very soon as like that after this digamber diksha some of one(s) may change their holiness that the are facing difficulties in their lives.

where do they live after this diksha is it with the village people or a special place that means a temple

I would very like to know are there a digamber muni in my age.I am still 16 years now & what is the name of muni sri.

are they learning after the diksha , what is your opinion

about magics are they real or are they getting that specific power through the meditation

thank you,

sachin 4 years ago

prasad ji ,

Jai Jaindra , you r doing a good work . I want to answer the question of Vikas the kalchakra according to Jainism , in this time people will forget the Jain religion .After that new age will start again Jainism will come to exisitence . If you see offical web site of mahalakshmi temple (inside mahalaskshmi temple ) it is written 60 jain idols are engraved in temple and it was a jain temple . So many temples other are jain temples i can give list . few jains did't built so many . The great Chandragupta morya after conquring and uniting bharat left the worldy belonongs and became a jain monk think why ? bharat is name after king bharat who was brother of bhagwan bhaubali so jainism has phase it will lose the momentum again it .

Only India has great phylosophy like jain ,vedas, buddh , charvak theory florished who described and tried to find the existence of god , soul ,universe views might be different theroies are told but they tried to find scientifically.Today science is answering to questions which answers are given ages behind like there is no creator of universe . so don't feel any pitty , this is only kalcharak which is revolving .

D.D. Raut 4 years ago

Religion with out meaningful reason needs review and revision .

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Hasty opinions are dangerous.

Ronald 4 years ago


After enter this salvation life that means man change normal life to digamber muni life cant they return again to normal life again.

If that can be happen

Are there some of people changed digamber muni life to normal man

Ashala 4 years ago

Prasad ji

If someone want's to enter for digamber muni diksha

after he married.the community can allow him and give him

the diksha.

Vikash 4 years ago

Pity to how many, sir?

Don't you feel it is sarcastic that although your saints are aware of killing of Micro-organisms but still they breadth giving arguments as the minimum requirement for living but at the same time forget the sufferings & pain that these micro-organisms bear when they goes inside their bodies.

Shame on us that we don't have any limitations and that we did everything that we could even imagine and thats for the religion sake.

Vikash 4 years ago

We live in a society wherein a majority believes in the minimum clothing that these should wear. I did find it good that even women are finding it good that these should have the minimum clothing. But at the same time we also believe that this is never going to happen.

Why Mr. Prasad, that this society always doesn't mind of what men do? He may be naked or may be easing themselves roadside or do whatever, we never mind.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Mr. Ronald,

Digambar muni stage is not salvation. It is the supreme sainthood stage. Salvation means-release from all karma bondage and soul staying in its pure form. When a soul attains that stage, there will be no wants or desires of any kind.That is the state of pure, ultimate bliss.Digambar muni is a saint who has sacrificed everything in order to meditate for that.

There are instances in the past where a person, even after becoming such a saint, by some temptations has come back to normal man's life.Great monk Maghanandi's story is an example for that. He was a digambar muni. At some stage, he left that and became a house holder. Thrn after some years, he again left the worldly life, became a muni, and continued his meditation and achieved marvelous things.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author


prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Mr. Vikash, Then what alternate do you suggest? Do you feel it is correct that a man should kill himself for the reason that micro organisms go inside his body while breathing?If you do not put that argument, then don't you feel thatwe should try to live with most minimum himsa possible? And, in that case, don't you see that these muni's practicesuch vows by which there is the practice of nonviolence at the maximum possible level for a human being?Do you say such concerns are useless?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Mr.Vikash,Why are you so much bothered about the nudity of women?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author


siddhartha roy 4 years ago

I Regard with my deep heart to digamber jains , why it not growing up , what is going on to develop digamber dharma ? now a days it is very necessary for the peace of this word.

Vikash 4 years ago

I just want them to understand that those micro-organisms are not created by them and furthermore as part of a living creature they also suffer pain while those believers of non-voilence, would have never felt that and this way atleast they don't have right to kill them in either way, even in the scenerios wherein they talk of 100% non-voilence.

Can you let us know, what kind of non-violence principles that they are following since thousands of years, wherein although they all are aware of killing of micro-organisms but still they doesn’t discontinue their acts which lead to their killings.

No Sir. Its not the maximum possible way that they follow non-voilence.

Too bad if they continue to do this even in the name of religion.

Vikash 4 years ago

If I bound to kill someone just for the sake of my own living. What would you call to my act or would you call me? And its not something which is done in more or less qualtity but still I do believe killing is killing.

And although religious books may allow but this won't lead anyone to moksha.

Have a good day.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

If you kill some animal for the reason that it comes to attack you, then, even though it is violence, the punishment for that( karma) is less.Even less residue of Karma will not allow anyone to get moksha. That is true.But if karma is lesser, it is easy to shed it off.Please go through the book 'Compendium of jainism' by late justice, T. K. Tukol, which gives a convincing description of all these matters without much technical jargon.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

All these points raised by you are discussed by Acharyas and answered with reasons. Please go through some Jain scriptures like- Dravyasangraha, Ratnakaranda Shravakachara, etc.Or, at least read the English book suggested by me below.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

It is very difficult to follow those vows. So, their number is less.You can see in this hub itself how much misleading logic is taking place.

siddhartha Roy 4 years ago

Prasadjee what do you think about Osho , does it right path ?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

His philosophical thoughts are deeper. But he pays less importance to restrict the sensual pleasures. Her says "Enjoy, and realise the worthlessness of those things. Then leave them, and meditate the self". But this , in practical,not much effective. Kama(sexual desire) doesn't quenches itself by enjoying. On the other hand, it increases.That is what Krishna has said in BhagavadGita.So, the best way is, after socially approved ways of enjoying, we have to restrict ourselves.

siddhartha Roy 4 years ago

I think first Naturism then Osho and then Digamber Dharma,through those two steps Naturism and Osho ,we all human beings both men and women could understood Digamber Dharma more perfactly ,here is a important point that in Naturism and in Osho both men and women have direct involvement.

I think without direct attachment of women any big work or thinking is possible.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Jain Digambar Dharma is much, much, older than the other two. If read and discussed with calm and clear mind,Jainism could be well understood.

The other sentence is true.Without attachment to women also many things could be achieved. And so also women can achieve many things spiritually without the help of men.

siddhartha Roy 4 years ago

Prasad Jee all you are talking about those are history ,that era has gone so far, the new era has been started with Films,TV,Mobiles & now Computers.

I had make a mistake on my last day statement that men can do a big work without direct involvement of women and I am Very sorry for that.

Without women it can't go properly.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

What do say of people who have achieved much without the help of women? For eg: Vivekananda, Sir.M. Vishveshwaraiah,etc.

Realist 4 years ago

"Laughing at nude saints is easy. But how many of us can follow these things?"

My question is, why would anyone want to follow these stupid rules?

"They wont take bath or brush their their teeth.They just wash their hands and feet and face after going for excretion. They just rub their teeth with finger after eating food"

And what religion promotes this?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

That is the religion of Absolute non-Violence Mr. Realist.The religion which takes care of even microbes,that is the religion which considers that personal life or cleanliness need not be maintained at the cost of other lives.That is the religion which thinks it is possible to live with much less harm to others. That is vow of giving importance to others lives more than to self. That is the philosophy of exteeme self control. And that naturally appears stupid to those who are not so sensitive to these aspects!

Anurag 4 years ago

Agree with parasadjee Bhagat singh chandra shekar azaad vivekananda atal bihari bajpayee many more they have done so much because of they are unmarride men do many more without women but if women is there he bounds with his family this is his boundation if we take ex lord hanuman he don't have a wife worshiped everywhere but women always questioned why ram left sita?we known ram loved sita more than anything else but again this was a boundation raja param dharm praja raksha then anything else even wife children also , again ex of durga she created by the power of brahma vishnu mahesh but they anaunced that they are all called gauri shankar,sitaram ,radhe krishna not reverse this is the kindness of deves ,to stop kali lord shiva came under feet of her, while he can stop her with his minimum power used ,due to tandav nratya of shiva he destroy whole universe with his anger but again this was the ex of women respect don't take my words wrong way i also respect women but they have small thinking they can do that work which is benifitial for herself but shut the mouths betterment for others i know and you also but we ignore it

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

We should agree that women have intelligence equal to men. they have achieved many things. Meera Bai,Rani Ahalya bai Holkar, etc are other examples. But achieving salvation with the same body is different. That has a specific philosophical detail. As far as Worldly achievements are concerned, they are not at all inferior to me.

Anirban 4 years ago

The job of all religions is to just contradict and fight with each other. As if this is not enough, people of same religion fight among themselves by creating different sects - all busy writing their own thick manuals of how to attain God. Take a couple of such manuals and they would totally confuse you with their contradictions. If self-realisation is the ultimate goal, then why such contradictions in theories, methods, rituals and vows? Thousands of saints and mystics have attained enlightenment without following any particular religion - their internal quest for the Creator have naturally led them to Him.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Your last line is perfectly right.And, surprisingly, all religions say that only. Still the reason for various philosophies is-the ability of man to think independently.That's why great people say' It is possible to have as many religions as there are people". In fight among men is not due to the inefficiency of philosophy,but it is due to the meanness of man.

mohit 4 years ago

sir itas tooooo g8....

please like this


Samit 4 years ago

Prasad Ji,

Itne dharya ke sath, logical answer dene ke liye sadhuwad. Hamare desh mein modhta janam ke sath hi dimag mein bhar di jati hai.

Aap kitna bhi prayas kar le, kadam kadam par andhvishwas ke sath kuch bhi karne wale, yeh log aapki tathya purn baate samajh hi nahi sakte.

Inke liye dharm aatmswaroop nahi waran 4 fal-phool lekar kisi ped ke 4 chakkar lagana hi hai.

Main dawe ke sath kah sakta hoon ki aise sawal uthane wale log us dharm ki true sprit ke baare mein bhi anbhigya hoge jisko yeh bachpan se follow kar rahe hai.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Yes Samit,what you are telling is true. But we should not get angry with those who cannot understand.

samit 4 years ago

Prasad Ji, I am not getting angry but disappointed. I am disappointed the way the few Indians are going to lowest intellectual level.

Anyway thanks for spreading an awareness.

Vaidya Nitish profile image

Vaidya Nitish 4 years ago from PUNE

@prasadji, Realy a great work done by u sir...

I m a jain boy interested in basic jain philosophy & real jain dharma.

I think doing rituals & puja-path only, don't knowing anything about basic philosophy & real conduct of a jain is useless. I keep on telling this to people around me. I insist them to read d texts, take d knowledge.

But i get frustrated most of d time when i see d people involved in panchakalyan puja & some vidhan only, they believe doing this is only dharma...

Another fact of frustration is muni maharaj & sadhus involve in this... They don't tell the right jain dharma to comman people..... lot 2 tell

Anyway u doing realy a great job..

Above u mentiond about 16 parts of DHAVALA by dnyanpeeth.. Will u plz tell me how cn i get this in pune..

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thank you Mr. Nitish.

Dhvalas are published by Bharatiya Jnanapeeta Publication,Delhi.They are edited by great Dr.A.N. upadhye and Dr. Hiralal Jain.You can get it from them. I do not know whether copies are still available or not. The Prakrit texts have explanation in Hindi.

Even by participating in Poojas and other rituals with sincere dedication, there is some benefit. But that alobne cannot give us everything. Performance with knowledge has greater benefit.

Ankit jain 4 years ago

Tera tarun sagar maharaj sala french cut beard rakh ke show chalata hai.........likhte to bahut ho par karte kaunsa ho salo....eku ho...full publicity stunt.....nudist star se badke aur kuch ni ho...Air condition me tumhara tarun sagar ghumta hai..sale ki French cut Beard hai...upar se speaks lagata hai.. seedha bolo chate ho apna status upar ho....in short u r fattu

naj 4 years ago

I happen to read the article and almost of all comments including yours. Actually I am so upset seeing this as some people's odd belief and customs. Am a muslim (the one who submitted his will to God, the creator of universe)and studied major religions such as Christianity, HInduism..I don't take this place to explain what I learned but I will urge you to atleast study Islam, reading Quran Translation if you are serious to what is truth rather than just inheriting a religion of your ancestors follow. There are many religion around and the people are just inheriting their religion and keeping it as their identity. The human is a great being as they are given wisdom to think and choice for right and wrong. The best human is the one who best in his deeds. This all technology developed are by human and for human using their talent which is gifted God to be active in one's life. if anyone inactive, he deceive himself for what is given in him being human.

am very sad to see the wrong concept that shares through your teachings to people ignorent about their capability and talent !!

The technology that you use to share your teaching are developed by human who are devoted their talent and effort for mankind. If your people are majority in this world, then we would have been in dark that even you or me could not think of.....We should not be opportunists as it is a betrayal to yourself.

All the best and salam (peace) to you !!

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

The world very well knows what the followers of Islam have done. If they had followed the principles taught therein, much of the violence in the name of Dharma would not have taken place!

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

To Mr.Ankit Jain, I can only say,his language itself speaks what kind on man he is!

naj 4 years ago

Mr. Prasad,

I can understand your emotional reply to my comment above. Before accusing Islam for the accountability of troubles you pointed. you should have atleast understand what Islam teaches. what you accused is contrary to your earlier reply to other which will answer to your reply to me. just recall and which betrays yourself..""there are many Jains who demand and take dowry.But which book or Jain saint approves this practice? That has crept into society by social circumstances and by man's greediness.Whther sati system is advocated in Hinduism? in which script?Many practices are therre in every community which do not bear any canonical (Agamic) sanctity.It is incoorect to blame a religion for corrupt practices introduced by influences other than its preacher's teaching.Islam,which prohibitseven taking interest on loan lent, also has dowry system.Such practices bear extraneous conciderations, not religious principles""

So, don't be emotional rather be just to your comments. Moreover, what comment you made on Islam proves that the enemy's action is success as all troubles causes are Islam. first of all you are a novice as you don't know world politics. Even you don't read indian situation where all atrocities are now become so clear who are behind.....!!!

Very sorry prasadjain. you keep going with your own kingdom. But aware no one can deceive the wisdom gifted by God and that is the only tool we use to distinguish what is right and what is false !!!

If anyone harms or hurts, he is not a muslim. So don't account namesake muslims which are plenty like other faiths.

Salam.....all the best.

Sanathanyogi 4 years ago

Dear Prasadji,

While searching to gather more info about digambar jains, I chanced upon your article and found it very informative. I went through all the comments and your replies. You have dealt with each criticism and sarcasm with equanimity and that itself speak volumes about the philosophy you follow. Having read all of the above, I have the following questions for you:

Jain men knows that they are in the most privileged state of being as compared to women to achieve salvation. Still, not many turn up to become a digambar muni. Is it not an indication that common jains are getting put off by the strict rules laid out in their path and postponing salvation to their next birth? Are the jain munis achieving salvation quicker than the saints of other religions where the paths are simpler? is it not time for the jain community to simplify the rules (may be by adopting some principles from other religions) to make salvation available to all jains in one life time? Why can't the enlightened munis evolve techniques (or at least take some techniques followed by women saints of other religions) to give hope to jain women who would otherwise be living a wretched life as a second category being? Why women follow a philosophy that gives them no hope in their present form? Shouldn't philosophies become more flexible according to human needs and circumstances? If the humans had stuck to the same old stone tools, would it have been possible for the present civilization to evolve?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

When you can say I am misusing the technology,without understanding the sacrificial attitude of Digambar Jains and their detachment.it appears there is no use in explaining. Whether I am a novice or not, is well established in my other hubs and readers' comments.I have the best translation of Holy Quoran with me and i have marked where it resembles and departs from Gita and Jain texts.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Respected Sir,

I can understand the sincerity and concern in your question.It cannot be explained in this limited space here. i shall , in brief, wish to put my understandings in this matter.

1. Salvation is not something that could be given from somebody to somebody.This is the main difference between Jainism and other religions in the world.Salvation or Mukthi is to be achieved by the person(Atman) himself by destroying his karmas.So, evolving technics/making it simpler etc, is not possible.Destroying karmas is a harder thing. So following hard path for that is inevitable.

2 Women are not treated as second grade citizens in Jainism.Infact, they are given priority. The first Tirthankara Lord Rishabh DEv taught first to his daughters and then to sons. Many Jain ladies have ruled kingdoms. The meaning here is, soul of a person is sexless.But the body gets certain limitations because of sex.Ladies have greater difficulties.So it is believed that a lady as such cannot get moksha in the same birth.

3 Why only ladies, even a digambar muni cannot get moksha if he doesn't gives up anger, desires etc.

4 However, the Swetambar sect in Jainism believes that becoming digambar is not essential to attain moksha. There, even a lady can attain moksha if she performs Tapasya and destroy all her karmas.

naj 4 years ago


"I have the best translation of Holy Quoran with me.. "

That is enough for you learn and understand. Keep aside all pre-conceived notion and understand without bias, and well sure that it will lead you to right way and you will know what is the purpose this creation and life.

Eugi 4 years ago

I don't approve of this wotsoever. Its so funny that these jain saints / nuns torture themselves in the name of attaining salvation. What Salvation are they talking about. In order to go to heaven / attain salvation (any testimony till now where u will go?) and then come back on earth to live like HELL and this cycle goes on and on. Its like slow suicide. I am sorry to say but this is totally ridiculous. And I don't understand what is wrong with woman to accept being a jain nun and in turn get tortured themselves by these so called monks.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thanks for your suggestion. Do you have any Bhagavadgita copy? If not, purchase one copy published by Gorakhpur publications and read. That will take you a long way and help you .

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Deasr Mr. Eugi,

Salvation means getting out of the torture of moving again and againin this cycle of birth and deaths

vipul 4 years ago

you claim that digamber muni remains nude because they are nirgranth then why the appear on t v with mike and create more and more competition among themselves to get more and more exposure on t v

When one muni has started to appear on t v all other has started the same thing and are trying to get more and more exposure on t v and in that process use mike also

This is purly a moh maya and only to show their importance they use media as a sadhan

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Please remember Vipul that they do not approach TV channels, but TV men only come to their programmes and interview them for their thoughts and originality of ideas. Among about 3000 munis, how many are seen on TVs? just 4 or 5.

And, they are not compromising with their principles in order to get propaganda.And, if TV channels telecast their interviews, it benefits jain community only. After all, munis do not need anything for themselves!

VIPUL 4 years ago


Very good answer to give assurance to your self but the fact is that not only 4-5 muni come on t v they are in lot and one lady is also in the race

Bhagvan mahavir to whom they claim to followo has ask them to remain away from such attraction

also their body language shows that they are ony doing this for t v because there are about 10000 swetamber muni but none appear on tv like digambers

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

I have seen some swetambar gurujis also appearing on tv

vipul 4 years ago

what about body guard and sten gun

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

in some states, state government has recognized some digambar munis as their respected guests, and provided such honors. Not all munis have them. If a muni himself asks for such protection, i just laugh at him.

VIPUL 4 years ago

Very intelligent answer t v and media aprroch munis and muni accept it . State govt provide security and muni accept it .

In that way whole indian public aproch muni and provide minimum cloths but muni does not accept it because bhagvan mahavir has not ask for it

Bhagvan has ask for body guard to fight against gaushal and chand kaushik

To reach to the status of bhagvan remain naked is not necessary but to remain away from such attraction is more important

They remain naked only because they want to draw attention of media as well as public

example is that when rakhi savant come with full cloths no body notice her but when she come with minimum cloth there will be crowd and to draw cloud this is the way only

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Interacting with media gives a chance to explain Jaina view of life.That comes under 'Prabhavanga' which is a part of Samyak darshana.But doing so with the anxiety of getting publicity, is against munidharma.

i have seen munis who have simply excused vehicle riders who dashed them. they opposed any attempt by Shravaks to lodge complain against them. such munis are in large number.

Fody guards are provided to very less number of munis.It may be just 3 or 4.Just by that, shall we commonise that to all?

It is true that the inner purity is important that outer exhibitionism.

It is said in Agams itself that even if a muni is ambitious, is of bad character, is of angry nature, then even his nakedness cannot come to his rescue.

No amount of questioning can equal to the conscious reading of Jaina Agamas.If you do it, You your self will come to know who is correct and who is bad. Respect the right behavioured munis and Shravaks and leave out the rest. After all, the choice is only yours. Do it consciously.

vipul 4 years ago

so you agree with me that behaviour of munis on appearing on tv and keeping body guard is not proper and even if it has been taken innocently initially later on it becomes habituated

as seen in certain cases of digamber muni that without body guard and sten gun dhari they can not give pravachan

also to appear on t v and in that direction launching a full time channel and then only doing daily activity keeping in t v in the mind

so better way is to use minimum cloth where there is no maya for it remove maya for t v and body guard

that will take impression of jainism high in other community

just to remain nude to get sasti publicity is not jainism

vipul 4 years ago

i think you are wright that agam shows that nakedness cant save u from bad behavior but because digamber has denied exsistence of agam they have only accepted nakedness bahya achar but not other good things of agam . they have meaningfully forget it

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

You may have having more knowledge than me.You might be keeping the count of munis whose pravachan is telecasted. OK, be happy with that.

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prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Please read and understand what I have written earlier.

1. I have not said that nakedness cannot save a person from bad behaviour.

2. Digambars have not denied the existence of Agamas. In fact, they are the roots of conduct for both Shravaks and saints.

It seems there is no meaning in arguing here, as you are not carefully studying the answer, nor reading authentic texts.

vipul 4 years ago

i am also happy that atleast u have understood what is right and what is right and what is wrong

another points sometimes later

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

What kind of English sentence is this?

nitinjainmec 4 years ago

Jai Jinendra Sir and all,

Sir, your effort is good.

To all, Jainism respects every religion, every creature, every thought and every feeling which exists.

If We are right, it doesn't mean that You are wrong as Madhya Pradesh is in South direction for a person of Delhi and in North direction for a person of Kerala. Both are right at the same time but at their present condition. We both (You and us ) can be right at the same moment. It is difficult to grasp but is the truth. Jain culture respects Lord Jesus, Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Allah along with others.

This is 'Anekantwaad', first explained by Mahaveer Swami. Scientific meaning given by Albert Einstein by giving 'Theory of Relativity'.

We don't want to hurt anyone by any means.

The thread started by Sir is only to make people aware of the basic idea behind Jainism.

I believe Religion is not to complex a thing but to resolve issues of our lives.

Anybody can clarify their doubts. We shall be resolving all your queries and doubts to the maximum with our knowledge.

Sir, give me your latest mail ids. I shall surely come to you whenever I come Bangalore.

Be calm, cool and most important of all BE HUMAN.


prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thank you for the appreciation.If you send a mail through 'Contact Prasadjain' option, that comes to my mailbox and I will then inform you my mail id. i am 70 kms away from Bangalore

Asantha 4 years ago

pls send me an address link to get clear photos and videos about

and also details about new young digamber muni with their ages please



divya 4 years ago

Why do jain roam nude? may be they have many reasons behind that but i don't think so that they should do like this. they should think of the ill effects which are cause by their these type of acts.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

The philosophy behind that is explained in the hub. Not all Jains roam nude. Only saints with high-level detachment take Nigrantha deeksha remain nude.Their total number may be just 3000.More number of people move almost nude on beeches and sport fields.More harm is caused by such 'attached nudism'.

romesh 4 years ago

In Buddhism believe karma and re-birth according to karma.Do you

believe Buddha?. According to Lord Buddha's way if we finish these

karma ending at nirvana that means no birth again.Birth carries suffer to


In Catholicism Jesus is a lord who took human body and came to the world. According to lord Jesus way we have sacrifice our selves for others and live a correct way with love and at the end.then we can have the eternal life.

In Hindu Religion I Don't Know I am seeking at the moment.

Please explain me like this about jainism

akshay 4 years ago

go see gender and salvation book padmanabh s jaini

and then say women cannot attain moksh

search this

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

I know Dr. Padmapnabh S. Jaini's works.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

I am afraid some of your comprehensions are wrong.

1 . As for as i know, The original philosophy of Buddha doesn't believes in Atma/soul. But later, when Mahayana and Hinayana cults came up, then one of them believed in existence of soul.

2 It is true that if we get rid of Karmas, we get salvation/deliverance.

3. In Christianity, Jesus is the son of God, not god himself.

4 Jainism says that-we have to clear up our karmas by tapas, Adhyayan, penance etc. Then our soul becomes pure and gets the Godhood. God is perfect and blissful. Man can become god. God doesn't gives anything. Still we worship Him because, he showed us the way to purify ourselves.

jain 4 years ago

hello sir....

can u suggest me some correpondence digambar jain courses....

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

You can take correspondence courses at Karnataka university Dharwad. Prakrita Bharathi (All india Prikrit Institute,)Dhavala tirtam, Shrqvana Belagola also runs correspondance Prakrit courses.You can contact them.

You can also contact- Head,Department of Jainology and Prakrit studies, Manasagangotri, Mysore-6 Who may permit you to take some classes and give some relaxation in attendance.

Iliyas Khatib 4 years ago

Assalam - o - alaikum,

i just gone through all your mails, i want to congratulate you that you believe in God... :). Otherwise many people don't beleive in god or they just follow the religion only because they born in that. As i am muslim am i have rights to ask you some questions just for my knowledge :)



Krishna prem das 4 years ago

I am a Hindu and part of the vaishnav sect. We too follow non violence, but not really strict . We are asked not to kill any creature, but if any minute creature is killed by mistake, god forgives us. We regard Krishna as the supreme god and Jains think very differently about him. Why is it that Jains have created their own versions of Ramayana and Mahabharata ? I don't think we can BECOME god, but be one with him

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Sir,

Concept of God is different in Jains than it is in Hindus.Jainism believes that every Soul has similar qualities called-Anantha Gyan, Anantha shakti, Anantha Ayu and AnanthaSukha.These are fully expressed when soul is devoid of all Karmas-both Punya and Papa.That state is Deliverence,or Mukthi.One who has attained that state is god. As every soul can attain this,every soul can attain Godhood.

These things are for micro level philosophical discussions. For a normal peaceful relations,these different views need not come in the way.

Regarding Krishna, Jainism regards him as the Tirthankara of the future age.He cannot be regarded as a God as he encouraged himsa. Ofcourse,it was necessary in the context.But law has no excuse.So he has to suffer for sometime and again come out and he is bound to get Tirthankara state.

As a scholar, i personally feel Krishna is a remarkable personality created by Indian Culture.No other cutlure in the world can create such a personality.

chaitanya das 4 years ago

Who created the world, the universe, and humans and all living entities of god is not the creator? I think we humans have imperfect senses and therefore we cannot be eternal . God has created everything and we are part and parcels of god, that is the truth. And we can be godly by our own personal efforts, but not god. If someone says that he can become god, then that means he is jealous of god. You are a learned man, why do YOU say that? Besides, a tree has only one root, and the other parts have to serve it. If the root is watered, all the parts of the tree are satisfied. And therefore if god is served, all living entities are satisfied. There is only ONE god. ONLY ONE. The universe is annihilated and created again and again, by god. I read Krishna prem das' comment and totally agree with him. We are parts and parcels of god so we have his attributes, but we are not equal to god. Just as a drop in the ocean has the properties of the ocean, but the drop is not the complete ocean.

Thanking you


Chaitanya das

Hare Krishna.

Prabhupada das 4 years ago

We can clear up all our sins and karmic reactions by just serving God. No need for severe penances. I agree with chaitanya das.


Dear mr. Prasadjain ,

Krishna was not a created personality, but he had descended to the earth to protect his devotees and annihilate the demons. He is the Supreme Personality Of Godhead.

Hate krishna prasadjain .

Pallo latke 4 years ago

Does Jainism preach love of godhead?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Jainism preaches to love GOD, as he is the purest soul, not entangled with any karma.We worship god only to pray his qualities be acquired by us, not for any boon.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

I said Krishna as created, only from the sense of literature.Jainism also believes in the fact souls cannot be created. Neither matter cannot be created, only their forms can be changed.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Mr.Chaitanya das Ji,

It seems, if I answer you, perhaps it is the answer to other two-Mr.Prabhupada Dasji andv Radhakrishna dasji.

Here I try to answer the doubts raised by you. But, only if you can see it from the standpoint of Jainism,then only it could be understood.

1. According to Jainism, matter(dravya) is permanent, and the world is formed by the various permutations of dravyas. If a creator is necessary to create these matters, then various other questions raise,like-what was the necessity for him to create this world,If he has created the world, then ambitions in us are also created by Him only.Why did he do that childish job? Is it only for His enjoyment? If he has to create, then it means, he is also 'duty bound'. According to Vedanta, He has the duty to protect us also. Obligation to perform a duty is also a chain of Karma. How can we accept a soul entangled in karmas, as GOD?

2. So, it is not necessary to believe in a creator. That's why, Jainism doesn't accepts God as a creator.The matter or dravya is eternal and they go on changing their forms. As a result, world goes on forming and changing itself.It is a natural phenomenon. We need not have a god to do this.

3. Then, who is GOD? Jainism's answer to this is- the soul who has r3linquished himself from all bandages-both good and bad.Whether papa(sin) or Punya(Good deed),should give its fruit and soul should experience it.He cannot transfer it to anybody.Getting rid of this karma is very difficult. It needs many births. A person who has lost all those karma bondages is an ideal for us to worship. He only is god. So, there can be many gods,of equal type.He is the abode of knowledge, happiness, he is eternal, and he has unlimited vision.So, he could be worshiped as God, as he has shown us how to achieve that stage.

4.Jaina theory of Cosmology is different. Unless that is understood,the questions like 'drop is not full ocean' will not find any foothold.

padduram 4 years ago

but i have answers to your questions-

1. god created this world because he was ALONE. would you want to be alone? no.

2. moroever , he didn't send us to suffer in this material world, but it was us who rebelled against him.

3. our soul's eternal position is sat-cit-ananda, i.e., full of eternity, full of knowledge, and all-bilssful, which can be easily attained by chanting the Lord,s names, thinking and discussing his forms and pastimes, and following these four common regulative principles:-

no meat-eating

no gambling

no intoxication

no illicit sex

and non-violence should be followed.

4. if some microbes are killed UNINTENTIONALLY, then we can just keep chanting the lord's names, that way we can atone for our sins. ( UNINTENTIONAL SINS )

5. it is not god's DUTY to protect us, but he does that out of love. in fact, it is OUR duty to first serve god, gradually move to pure love, and then we can go back home, back to godhead.

6. god doesn't enjoy us in mundane ways, but we get the equal enjoyment if we start loving and serving him. just as if stomach is fed due to the service of hand and mouth, the whole body becomes healthy.

7. And accumulation cannot form the soul and the senses. we have such imperfect senses, how can we be eternal? originally we are perfect, but in this material world, you and me and everyone is covered by maya.

8. my jain friend has been learning jain cosmology for 13 years, he too agrees that we cannot be eternal. we are CREATED by a supreme being, but he doesn't realize who that supreme being is.

9. we need not go serious atonement and penances for our sins, but just chant the lord's names and be happy!

10. loving god is all- blissful, just think!

11. god doesn't sit in meditation all the time, he either plays the flute, plays with his cowherd friends, and at the same time takes care of all living beings ( and taking care he does out of love, not out of 'karma'.

12. you can even be a conjugal lover of god, you can consider him your friend, your son, and meerabai considered him her ETERNAL HUSBAND.

13. if he creates the world, he is not ' duty bound' . NO. he wanted somebody to love, and he and us, we both are eternal lovers of each other!

14. just chant hare krishna , hare krishna, krishna krishna hare hare , hare rama, hare rama, rama rama hare hare and be happy!

15.there are no hard and fast rules for chanting this mantra, anywhere, anytime, just CHANT!

16. : )

17. for any more questions, just reply.

18. jai sri gauranga- nityanda! and for you, sir- jai jinendra!

108 kumar 4 years ago

aishvaryasya samagrasya

viryasya yashasah shriyah

jnana-vairagyayosh chaiva

shannam bhaga itingana

In the above verse from Vishnu-purana 6.5.47, Bhagavan, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is thus defined by Shri Parashara Muni as one who is full in six opulences—who has full strength, fame, wealth, knowledge, beauty, and renunciation.


prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Jainism also agrees with this.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thank you Mr. Padduramji,for the pains taken by you in providing such a long replay.Such interested, selfless persons like you are rarely met in these days.

Anyway, differences in opinions will always be there. And, Jainism believes in 'ANEKANTAVADA' i.e. the theory that truth has many dimensions. It believes in the fact that what others say, also contains atleast some quantum of truth.I am reading Geetha for the past few months and enjoy reading it.

Now, regarding your points, i wish to say in brief:

1. Points 3, 10 and 15 are agrred.

2 Points 1 and 5- according to Jainism- love is also a passion, a Raaga. God should be 'Veetharaaga'-conquered passions.

3 Regarding other points,They are right in certain angles.But extension of its meaning and different interpretation is also possible.

Anyway, both of us agree that non-violence, following the true path, is essential for happiness. That's enough for the present.What we want is-peace on this earth and happy neighborhood.Other philosophical details are for high level discussions only. Afterall, self -realization , as you are well aware, is a matter of experience, not of logic.

Thank you

Paddu ram 4 years ago

Of course, true.

There ARE differences, but if we love god, according to vaishnavism, we can become highly purified and become freed of material existence. We can discuss more points on Jainism later.

Paddu ram 4 years ago

As far as Krishna is concerned, he committed violence to annihilate the atayayis; that is, the very sinful souls. Some of these were even liberated.

So according to us , he did that to protect the good and destroy the evil, so there was nothing wrong in it.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author


prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Yes,such acts becomes necessary. But even then, according to Jainism, That also acquires sin which has to be get eradicated by meditation.

Padduram 4 years ago

Can you describe the place where people go after attaining moksha? What do they do there?

And did the tirthankars predict that lord Krishna went to hell?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Jainism has a specific concept of Cosmology. i.e.-structure of the universe. The topmost point of this universe is called 'Siddhashila'.That is ' Lokagra.' Liberated souls stay there.There, all are equal.

As Krishna caused some deaths,that karma takes him to hell for some time. After that period, he takes birth again and performs tapas, and becomes the tirthankara of the future time -cycle.This is what Jaina mythologies say.They agree that Krishna was a great personality.

rames 4 years ago

After this digamber saint hood are the any saints that they converted or changed in to normal life.

Is that possible

Who is the youngest digamber saint and age

thank you

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

If a Digambar saint thinks that he cannot follow the principles of the sainthood of that highest order, he is free to relinquish it and lives the way he likes. Nobody can prevent him from that.Such incidents have rarely happened in the past.

As far as I know, the age of of the youngest Digambar saint living now is-32 years.

rames 4 years ago

May I know the name of that saint

are there are any brothers two or more than that in a same family can enter for the digamber saint hood.

are there are any brothers in the digamber saints

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Muni Vardhamana Sagarji is an example.His two younger brothers also have become Digambar saints.They are in the same sanghe, but without any previous relationship.

Umashankar Sharma 4 years ago

I am not a Jain, I was meet 108 muni shri pulak sagar ji before meeting with him, i was also thinking rubbish on him that he is nude etc. but after meeting with him i realized that i was wrong because he is very good saint and after seeing his face i realized that it is having TAPASYA SHAKTI like SUN of sky, he is also having supernatural powers (i am not discussing here) that i realized he knows all questions of my mind, my name, my address without knowing me and i was meet him first time with him.

I salute their Tapa

Jai Guru Pulaksagar JI

rames 4 years ago

I like to know about lord mahaveers life story

parents , life ,saint

rames 4 years ago

let me know the names of Muni Vardhamana Sagarji 's brothers

Umashankar Sharma 4 years ago

prasad jain ji,

I want to know that when Digamber jain muni leave their body (got nirvana) what will be done with their bodies do samadhi or like hindus in fire, if fire what is the treatment of Asthi Kalash will bo done? and who done the ANTIM KRIYA?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thank you Mr.Sharmaji for understanding the life of munis.but all digambar munis are not of that level of achievement.But all of them do follow difficult vows.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

There arre blogs written by other writers here itself.Youc an visit them.Or, search it in Google/Wickypaedia.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Mr.Sharmaji,

Jains burn the dead bodies,no matter whether he is a saint or a gruhastha.Antim kriya will be performed by the society at large, under the leadership of a purohit. Asthi sangraha is done on the 3rd day( as it is done among Brahmins) and released to a river or pond.But Jains do not believe in the sacredness of any river.

Umashankar Sharma 4 years ago

Prasadji i want to know one more thing that, when i was asked from gurudev 108 shri pulaksagar ji how you know that all about me and my questions which arises in my mind when i was first time meeting with him, he told me that " YE SAB YOG SE HOTA HAI"

What kind of yog shakti is achieved by Gurudev shri Pulak Sagar ji?

( He is also having knowledge of Yantras which is very effective in all problems of us. he provides free of cost without discrimination of Religion HE IS A TRUE SAINT IN INDIA)

You should also meet with him you also realized gurudev powers


prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Sharmaji,

I cannot say what kind of yoga cives that power. I only know that yoga means the concentration of mind and soul and meditating on the nature of self(soul). In Bhagavadgita, the word yoga is used in different meanings.When the true power of soul is realized, miracles could be done.Perhaps that's what muni Shri Pulaksagarji has told you.

But that Muni himself is not interested in exhibiting or propagating that capacity of his.Because,these are the capacities a person automatically gets as he he ascends in the spiritual ladder.Giving more attention towords these, spoils one's chances of achieving self-realization.The same thing is told in Vaidc philosophy also.

Bhagawan Sir Ramakrishna once told Narendra-" I have Ashta siddies like Anima etc. But it is of no use for me".When he was suffering from the cancer pains at the end of his life, doctors suggested him to lessen the pain by using his yogic powers.Sri Ramakrishna refused it.

Umashankar Sharma 4 years ago

You are right gurudev is also not showing his powers to anybody but when any person who is sick, poor etc. or he feels that he requires help then he helps him otherwise many jains bagging on front of him but he not shows his powers and told that " MAIN EK AAM INSAAN HUN"

when i meet him i was very depressed and not having any way to overcome from this i was thinking for sue site that time. So, he helps only those who not have any way

Umashankar Sharma 4 years ago

Even though these days he himself suffering from Cough but not curing his suffering from his powers

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

You are right. there are some such yogis in India. I suggest you to read the book -"With the great Himalayan Masters". It gives account of such saints.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Cough is a very simple variation in water content in the body, to get out of which, yogic power is unnecessary.

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago


If you can even imagine, that although being the oldest religion & simultaneously supposed to be the best practicing religion in this world but still remains the ignoring part of the total population.

If you could analyze the whole thing logically, this culture hurts the sentiments of the people which forms a society in various ways & which will not lead them to moksha irrespective of what your book says.

And this has been proved so many times that this doesn't make any sense to you people any more, as we are getting habitual to those nude digambara saints in our daily life as these doesn't make sense to us but we have to live with those.

You will find these nude & non-violence saints having attractive followers as women as it becomes a fashion along with body guards wherein they are teaching the meaning & importance of non-voilence & simplicity. Your temples are created which are the costliest one & which are erected after removing the vegetation & at the same time not thinking about the insects, animals, microbes. What your saints has to say on those.

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago

As per your religion Krishna was guilty & had been in hell for his doings. What as per you He should have doing to kill all those evils. PREECHING. Didn’t He do that.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Mr. Anand,

It is true that Krishna had to do so inevitably.That is called Karma.So long we are in the affairs of this world, we are forced to do one or the other sort of Karma . That definitely will have some result-good or bad.But if the condition is inevitable and the intension is good, even though it is the act of killing , accumulation of sin will be in lesser quantity.So, eventhough Krishna did it for social good, he can't escape from the sin of killing.

Jaina philosophy views the things from this angle-So long as we are here, Karma and accumulation of punya or papa is inevitable.Only He is free,who is not 'duty-nound ' inany sense. Only HE is 'Mukta' or, the liberated.That's why, even though Krishna was a great personality, he is NOT mukta.

Jainism and Hinduism have different concept of GOD.It cannot be settled by arguments.You follow your faith, I follow mine,with respect to each other.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

How are Hindu temples built? Are they built in air? To what extent you have studied the analysis of Non violence in Jainism? At least go through the book 'Compendium of Jainism' by Justice T. K. Tukol.

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago


Good to see your comments. But still every queries is not being including in this discussion wherein I have raised the nudity aspects of your saints.

One man for long got busy with the social life suddenly while meditating under a tree came to realise the meaning of life & shun everything even clothes. He moves in the society & we don’t find anything unusual about it. Never.

But have you ever wondered why this is happening to men only. The awakening. Why this kind of awakening never happens to women, throughout time & world. Why? Wherein she is the duty bound in herself & she is the only one which let life goes by child birth. Why God never found suitable gave her awakening.

I am not interested in the Jain philosophy wherein their body kills more microbes is the reason. But in general in all time & world.

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago


Krishna was not born but He was an incarnation of God.

Still if as per jain religion He went to hell than does this mean that every personality that we, the Hindu Religion regard as God, as per jain religion would be in hell for some time because each one of them killed someone, if you go through our literature.

Is it?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

YES.I have answered this point while answering to your one of the earlier questions.

You have to understand the basic difference in the concept of God,in Hindu and Jain religions.Hindus have a god concept wherein he is 'Dushta Shikshaka-Shishta Rakshaka'.There he is Omnipresent and Omnipotent.So killing of evils becomes a part of His duty and hence it is not wrong there.

But Jaina concept of God is entirely different.Here, He is Omniscient only.Not- Omnipotent and Omnipresent.He has not duty bound.He doesn't takes incarnation as he is not the protector .That's why,Krishna is not accepted God at present.

But Jains accept Rama as god.Because, In Jaina tradition Ramayana, Rama doesn't kills anybody.It is Lakshmana who kills Ravana.Rama, at the end of his life, becomes a saint, meditates and gets salvation.

Every theory/philosophy has to be understood in its background only.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

I have answered this point in one of my my replies to a question by another reader. I don't want to repeat it again.

Jainism has given equal importance to women.Education was first given to his girl children first, by first Tirtnankare Rishabh, and then he proceeded to teach male children.Women in Jains have ruled kingdoms,were allowed to manage business,and also to become nuns.Jainism never restricted women to remain in the house only.

To be inteested/ agreeing with a philosophical point or not, is the will of the person.

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago


It is going to be a big surprise for all of us to know that Rama didn't kill any one, as stated & as per the jain Ramayan.

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago

Who created religion?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Sir,

Different religions and communities In Indian sub-continent have developed Remayan and Mahabharats in their own style.In India,Jain .Vaidic, and Buddhist paramparas are the main. Valmiki represents Vaidic parampara.That is more popular.But all these paramparas have originated from folklore.The cultural and social environments in these three styles are entirely different. So we cannot say the Jain and Buddhist styles are branched from the Valmiki style.

In Indonesia ,Burma and Thailand etc,the Ramayans are recent-from 17th century onwards.They, in my opinion, are modifications of Valmiki style.

Thanks a lot for providing me an opportunity to tell these points within the orbit of my little knowledge.

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago

That was most interesting, But again, I would like to ask here,

Who created the Religion?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

it is we. Following the preachings of one who we liked,we formed a group and named it.It later came to be called religion. Some preachers named their philosophy.Shankara, Buddha,Ramanujacharya, etc. But some others did not name their philosophy.Followers named it later.

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago

And as if we go by this than who played the dominant role became the basis of forming a belief which is being followed now in different names & places.

I would like to further state that those being followed in the past remained the most influential & stronger in their times. Hope so you will also agree with this.

A little detailing of the topic will lead us to the conclusion that all those had a different meaning of life for which they lived. And they continued with that for the rest of their life. Few liked that & few not.

This became a culture or religion as we know.

So who was the most influential or stronger in his times?

Do you feel its men?

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago

I give you real life instance here. I completed my PG from Jabalpur. And as I am belong to Katni, often I used to do up & down from there.

One morning, around 07:30 AM, at Jabalpur station while waiting for my train to Katni something happened. Someone came down from Mahamaya Express. And after reaching to plateform one he starts removing his clothes and after some time he was completely stripped. He was standing there for some time, then moved on after some time.

No one came to greet him for whatever reason. With all this episodes I was looking at one woman who simply turned herself to other side. Now she was not facing the person who was busy removing his clothes without acknowledging anything & to anyone.

I want to know. What went wrong here? What you have to say about that woman who wasn’t afraid of him but couldn’t get anything else. Also what impression you get about that person. In the name of God or whatever. How far he was right?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

He must a lunatic!

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago


I don't know in what way I am LUNATIC PERSON.

It was very much logical. You responded that the religion has been made by us & as we are not perfect so we can’t expect the religion to be perfect but still the religion is everything for us.

And also, I gave you simple incidence & the reaction from others & just wanted to know from you, what your reaction would be for those & in those times & for those who did. Which I haven’t got & you won’t ever be able to.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

I said the person who unclothed himself on a railway platform is a lunatic.

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago

I wanted to ask this seprately,

One man for long got busy with the social life suddenly while meditating under a tree came to realise the meaning of life & shun everything even clothes. He moves in the society & we don’t find anything unusual about it. Never.

But have you ever wondered why this is happening to men only. The awakening. Why this kind of awakening never happens to women, throughout time & world. Why? Wherein she is the duty bound in herself & she is the only one which let life goes by child birth. Why God never found suitable gave her awakening ?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

I have read about a yogini who used to remain naked and meditating in a temple in Assam. Details could be found in the book "With the great Himalayan Masters" by Swami Rama.(Pub: Kamadhenu publications, Sheshadripuram,Bangalore)

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago

So, finally we got one.

This sound great that even in this world there are very few who follow the selfless path & they are even far ahead & far better who rather be on the selfless path busy in publicity stunts in order to highlight themselves.

The people & the culture they follow belong to a religion & wherever they go, their identity go with them. Big posters & sounds letting us know their presence always.

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago

You mentioned above in one of your comments that the religion has been developed by us & yet it is perfect in all aspects.

How far do you agree this (Even considering the digambara sect) ?

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

In my opinion, no religion is perfect to the extent that could satisfy all.Religion is formed by the followers of a preacher. Some preachers have named their religions like-Islam, Christianity,Jewish etc.AS accepting a religion is a matter of mental satisfaction, and, as minds vary from man to man, Any single religion cannot satisfy all people in the world.If that was possible, there would not have been so many religions in the world.WE cannot force any religion an anybody.That's why poet has said-'There can be as many religions in the world,a s there are people' But, every one has the right to say,'My religion is great'-of course, in a smooth way.

Hinduism has a specialty.It has no one single preacher.There are many who preached this religion and interpreted it in different ways.Jainism also has many preachers called 'Tirthankaras' but all of them have preached the samething.

Even though I believe and follow Jainism,I know fully well that there are many people who cannot agree with one or many aspects of this religion. They have a right to differ in a honest way.I an only tell them what i know, if they raise their doubts.But I cannot make them or force them to believe it.After all, this is a Democratic age, and Jainism also believes in 'Anekanta vada' i.e. many dimensions of truth.

Ved Prakash Anand 4 years ago

So do you think we should come to Humanity aspect, irrespective of caste, community Or Religion?

One should preach Humanity & not the religion & follow the same, not hurting anyone in whatever way.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

Humanitarianism is an outlook.No religion can be devoid of that. But religion is much more than that. it is to satisfy one's spiritual hunger. humanity is for social living. Religion is both for social and spiritual.If everybody follows his religion in its real meaning, there can be no clashes.Problem arises when one misunderstands or imposes the religion.

Ved Prakash Anand 3 years ago

So every religion has got some impression in which they are being followed.

But what if the religion being practiced in its extremity, wherein the religion becomes everything & any other thing becomes the secondary part of life, wherein the practitioner only thinks of the religion that he believes is right & the rest gets ignored completely.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

A saint can be like that. He is expected to be so. But,not a family person. If a family person behaves that way, he fails in practical life.

Ved Prakash Anand 3 years ago

I didn't get you.

You mean that a saint can go to any extent without having any limitations even when it hurts the sentiments of the common people.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

Please read my replay carefully. The answer is clear there.

Manu 3 years ago


I respect each & every religion but, the same can be done by wearing clothes,preaching good things,praising lord,etc.

But being nude doesn't make any sense.One more thing its for moksha of males only! What about the females? I just want to know what's the logic behind such an act.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

Answer is given above

imneha 3 years ago

Dear sir,

I have gone through many of discussions above but not all. I found it

very interesting and informative.

U had mentioned about "clans" [Buddha belongs to Shakya clan and Mahaveera belong to Licchavis]. please tell me about it.

Thank you

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thank you for your inquiry.Clan here refers to genealogy or heritage( though I know fully well that there is subtle difference in the meaning of two words. Here I am using it in broader sense.).Buddha belonged to a genealogy which was well known as "Shakyas". Mahaveera belonged to another such group called Licchavis.In fact, Licchhavis was the common term for the people living in a geographical area.

imneha 3 years ago

Thanks for the answer..

I also would like to know that why the Jains were split into Digamber and Shwetamber. what is the story and reason behind.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

That has a long story. To put it simply,Those who could not follow Jain principles strictly, followed it with some relaxation. Instead of remaining nude at the the highest level of sainthood, they wore white cloth.Instead of Taking food on their palm,they kept utensils and stored food in that to eat at the meal time.

Apart from some such differences, all other basic principles remain same.

it is said that such a split occurred at a time(in 3rd century B.C.) when there was a great famine for a long time when people could not follow certain principles.

I congratulate you on your sincere interest to know the matter without prejudice.

imneha 3 years ago

Thank you so much sir...i had this question for a long time and now i got a reasonable answer.. now i will be able to explore it more...

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

You can read the book "Compendium of Jainism" written by late Justice T.K.Tukol. It explains every important concept of Jainism in a convincing style. You can write to this email for the copy. But the postage may be costly if to be sent to foreign country.


email: bahubali_tukol@yahoo.com

Anurag arya 3 years ago

God created material world for our desire. We wanted to enjoy happiness separate from him, thus, he created the material world. Creation is certainly NOT a game.

And, inert matter cannot itself transform and take different shapes. You see, if you keep cement, water , and bricks together for thousands of years , they will not transform into a building by themselves. Similarly, collections of mere, inert matter cannot make a complete universe.

And pure, spiritual love is passionate, but it can free us from material bondage. The ultimate goal of our lives is not liberation, but to attain pure love for the supreme lord , krishna. Please read Bhagavad Gita As It Is by Srila AC bhaktivedanta swami prabhupada and you will know perfectly the absolute truth. And a religion CAN be perfect. Please study acintya bhedabheda tattva philosophy of Vedanta sutra, ( and not advaita, which is totally atheistic ) and you will understand.

For this purpose, you can download govind bhasya commentary on Vedanta sutra,


And also Prameya ratnavali:


You may see www.krishnapath.org for further download of wonderful literatures by Srila prabhupada swami.

Please give up your dry mentality of godlessness and accept krishna as the supreme lord. You will derive great benefit. Please get free from word and grammatical jugglery . Instead of reading all kinds of literatures, just please read Srila prabhupada literatures and you will understand. I would like to quote the first verse of bhaja govindam by sripad shankaracharya :

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

You are free to have your opinion and propagate it.

Anurag arya 3 years ago

I didn't understand your answer. Do you agree with my viewpoint ? Actually, this viewpoint is not my own. It is of Srila prabhupada's and other acharyas in our disciplic succession. I ask again, do you agree with my viewpoint?

Anurag arya 3 years ago

- Why did Buddhism and Jainism appear in the world?

- By composing selfish religious literature, the so-called Brahmanas began to cheat people. Being unable to fight, so-called kshatriyas lost their kingdoms and eventually began to preach Buddhist philosophy. The so-called vaishyas began to preach philosophies like Jainism. As a result, India lost a great deal of business. The so-called sudras, being unable to engage in their natural service activities became plunderers. The study of Vedic literature gradually diminished. Taking advantage of the situation, the kings of the mleccha countries attacked and conquered India. (Caitanya-siksamrta 2/3)

- When the philosophy of Godless secularism was very prominent in India; when the Vedic literature, which is full of transcendental truths, was accepted only as religious literature; when the mundane brahmanas promoted secularism as the path of the Vedas; and when such brahmanas tried to attain sense gratification by performing sacrifices and searching after perpetual happiness and the association of the Apsaras in heaven after their death, at that time Sakyasimha established Buddhism.

Becoming dissatisfied with material happiness, Sakyasimha, who was born in the family of a kshatriya, established the philosophy of Buddhism, whose ultimate goal is the happiness of nirvana.

There is much evidence that even before Sakyasimha, others preached the philosophy of attaining the “happiness” of nirvana. However, since the time of Sakyasimha, this philosophy has been widely accepted, the followers of Buddha have accepted Him as the original preacher of this philosophy.

Before and at the same time as Sakyasimha, a scholar named Jin, born in a vaishya family, preached a similar philosophy to that of Buddhism. The name of this philosophy was Jainism. Jainism was confined in India. The philosophy of Buddhism however crossed the rivers, mountains, and oceans and spread to countries like China, Tatara, Shyama, Japan, Burma, and Sri Lanka. (Tattva-viveka)

Anurag arya 3 years ago

- Does morality without faith in God have any value?

- Some people accept worldly morality, but they do not accept God. To protect themselves, they say that morality without faith in God is always fearless and dutiful. If one does not accept God, all his worldly morality is useless. (Caitanya-siksamrta 3/3)

- Have the mundane psychologists or scientists done any good for the world?

- Those who have written volumes of books on the subject of psychology, with the help of arguments but without understanding the real form of psychology, have simply poured oil onto ashes. They labored uselessly and became intoxicated with pride while accumulating name and fame. What to speak of doing good for the people of this world, they have created inauspiciousness. (Sajjana-toshani 8/9)

- What is the difference between metaphysical truth and transcendental truth?

- Until one realizes the subtle scientific difference between metaphysical truth and transcendental truth, one does not distinguish them when using these terms. Dry speculators find it very difficult to awaken transcendental love of God.

Due to an immense amount of piety, one develops attachment for transcendental subject matters; one cannot see the transcendental variegatedness by staying on the other side of the wall in the form of metaphysical arguments. (Sajjana-toshani 6/2)

- What is the purpose of the Vedas?

- Vedic literature teaches one to engage in pure bhakti – pure devotional service. According to the nature and qualification of its so-called followers, Vedic literature has recommended various processes such as karma and jnana. Due to the faults of these followers, various opinions have cropped up. Actually, the Vedas are the only evidence and the instructing spiritual master of mankind. On account of misinterpretation, various opinions other than pure devotional service have been preached. (Bhagavatarka-marici mala 1-6)

- Which Sastra is the essence of all scriptures?

- Srimad Bhagavad-gita is the essence of all scriptures. For one who has not received the nectarean instructions of Bhagavad-gita, studying other scriptures is like an ass carrying a big burden. (Sajjana-toshani 12/2)

- By studying which literature can one achieve auspiciousness?

- One should study all the Vedas, Smrtis, Puranas, Pancaratras, and conclusive writings of the mahajanas wherein the topics of pure devotional service are instructed and discussed. By studying literature containing other opinions, one simply learns useless arguments. (Sajjana-toshani 11/6)

- Which Sastra reveals the true meaning of the Vedas?

- The Puranas reveal the true meaning of the Vedas. The Vaishnava community believes that the Absolute Truth, which is ascertained in Vedic literature like the Upanisads, is explained in the Puranas in simple language by personalities like Parasara Muni and Vedavyasa. (Tattva-sutra 2)

The meanings of the Vedic statements are extremely confidential. To help the people of the world understand the purport of the Vedic statements, the great sages have put those purports in the Puranas. (Caitanya-caritamrta Madhya 6/143 to 148)

- If everyone has a right to study the Puranas, are they not inferior to the Vedas?

- Just as everyone has a right to chant the Holy Names of Krsna, the essence of all Vedic literature, everyone has a right to study the Puranas and Itihasas, which are as good as the Vedas. The same Vyasadeva who divided the Vedas compiled the Puranas and Itihasas; therefore, the glories of the Puranas and Itihasas are equal to the Vedas. (Sajjana-toshani 11/10)

Natural Brotherhood (Bhaktivinoda Thakura):

"Gradually, when the offensive portions of the established religions are destroyed, there will be no more differences in the bhajana performed by the various Sampradayas nor any quarrel between them.

Then as brothers, the people of all castes and countries will spontaneously chant the Holy Names of the Supreme Lord together.

At that time, no one will hate anyone or consider others dogeaters; nor will anyone be overwhelmed by the pride of high birth.

The living entities will not forget the principle of natural brotherhood."

The pastimes of Sri Krsna are always transcendental. Although they appear in the material world, there is no tinge of matter in them.

The supremely exalted pure pastimes of Sri Krsna have appeared in the material world along with Vraja from Goloka by the energy of the Lord for the benefit of the living entities.

The association between male and female in this world is most abominable. A living entity attaining Krsna’s association and a gopi form in a spiritual body is beyond the 24 material elements. (Sajjana-toshani 10/6)

- What is the evidence that the philosophy of Vaishnava-Dharma is eternal?

- The constitutional duties of the Vaishnavas existed from the time of creation of the living entities. Lord Brahma was the first Vaishnava. Sri Mahadeva is also a Vaishnava. The original prajapatis, or progenitors, are all Vaishnavas. Sri Narada Goswami, who was born from the mind of Brahma, is also a Vaishnava.

The names of those who are especially renowned have been mentioned in history. Actually, we can not estimate how many hundreds of more Vaishnavas there were during the time of Prahlada and Dhruva.

Later, the kings from the sun and moon dynasties, and many great sages and ascetics became devotees of Lord Vishnu.

In the age of Kali, these things are mentioned about Satya-yuga, Treta-yuga, and Dvapara-yuga.

Sri Ramanuja, Sri Madhvacharya, Sri Vishnuswami, and Sri Nimbaditya Swami of South India brought many thousands of people to pure Vaishnava-Dharma. (Jaiva Dharma Chapter 10)

- What is the history of the fully-blossomed Vaishnava religion?

- The Vaishnava religion is just like a lotus flower. It gradually blossomed with the help of time.

At first, it was in the form of a bud; later, it blossomed a little, and ultimately, it became a fully-blossomed flower.

At the time of Brahma, this Vaishnava religion, which consists of knowledge of the Absolute Truth, devotional service to the Lord, sadhana, and love of God, manifested in the hearts of the living entities in the form of seeds.

During the period of Prahlada, these seeds appeared as buds.

Gradually during the time of Badarayana Rsi [Vyasadeva], these buds began to blossom and during the time of the Acharyas of Vaishnava religion, they became flowers.

When Sriman Mahaprabhu appeared, these flowers of love of God became fully blossomed and began to spread wonderful fragrance to the people of the world.

Sriman Mahaprabhu has revealed to the people that chanting the Holy Names of the Lord with love is the most confidential goal of Vaishnava religion. (Jaiva Dharma Chapter 10)

- How were the authorized sampradayas established?

- The flower of devotion in the hearts of the devotees became unsteady as it floated in the current of Sankaracharya’s arguments.

Based on the strength of Sankaracharya’s philosophy, Ramanujacharya, by the mercy of the Lord, wrote a commentary on Vedanta that differed from Sariraka-bhasya. Thus, the strength and prosperity of Vaishnava-Dharma again increased.

Within a short time, Vishnuswami, Nimbarka, and Madhvacharya all introduced slight variations of the Vaishnava principles by presenting their own commentaries on Vedanta. They followed in the footsteps of Sankaracharya; they all wrote commentaries on the Bhagavad-gita, Vishnu-sahasra-nama, and the Upanisads.

At that time, people thought that in order to establish a sampradaya, one must have commentaries on the 4 above-mentioned works.

From these four Vaishnavas, the 4 Vaishnava sampradayas, such as the Sri-sampradaya, were introduced. (Sri Krsna-samhita Introduction)

- Where does spiritual science reach its peak?

- By studying the history of the world, it is found that spiritual science reached its peak in Navadvipa.

The Supreme Absolute Truth is the only object of love for the living entities. Unless one worships Him with attachment, the living entity can never attain Him.

Even if a person gives up all affection for this world and thinks of the Supreme Lord, still the Lord is not easily achieved. (Sri Krsna-samhita Introduction)

Do you understand ?

Anurag arya 3 years ago

Sri Rangam was part of the medieval Chola Kingdom of South India. The ruler during Sri Ramanuja’s time was Krimikanta Raja Raja Chola. The King and Sri Ramanuja had opposing religious views, which resulted in Sri Ramanuja leaving Sri Rangam . During his period of exile, Sri Ramanuja found shelter in the Hoysala Kingdom ( modern day Karnataka State ).

King Bittideva who was then the ruler of Karnataka, became a disciple of Sri Ramanuja. He converted from the Jain religion. The Jain scholars who lost royal patronage became angry with Sri Ramanuja and challenged him to a religious and philosophical debate . A contingent of one thousand Jain scholars assembled for this event. Sri Ramanuja was undisturbed. Like a true scholar, he accepted the challenge. The site of the debate was established at the ancient Yoga Narasimha Swamy temple, on a small hillock at Thondanur.

Sri Ramanuja spoke to the Jains as follows, ” I shall respond to all your challenges in one go, while I sit behind this curtain. All one thousand of you must speak at the same time “. The Jain scholars took Sri Ramanuja’s words lightly. They talked among themselves, ” What can this one Brahmin do behind a curtain. It does not change the fact that we are one thousand and he is one”.

Sri Ramanuja reveals his divine nature at Thondanur

Sri Ramanuja assumed his position behind the curtain. Sri Vaishnavas held the curtain on either side. The thousand Jains hurled a thousand questions at Sri Ramanuja at the same time. Sri Ramanuja replied to the thousand questions in one go. When the responses came, the audience heard loud hissing noises, like those of a cobra. The curtain was removed. The Jains saw Sri Ramanuja in the form of Adi -Sesha with a thousand hoods. The Jains admitted defeat and dispersed hastily.

King Bittideva appointed Sri Ramanuja as the Raja Guru. Sri Vaishnavism became the state religion and Thondanur , the seat of Sri Vaishnava activity. Several citizens who had previously adopted, the Jain faith converted to Sri Vaishnavism and contributed to the spread of Sri Ramanuja’s teachings in Karnataka. To commemorate this episode , an image of Sri Ramanuja as Seshavatara has been installed in the Yoga Narasimha Swami Temple.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

Jainism existed prior to the advent of Vedic age. For a simple reference, read- " Compendium of Jainism" by Justice T.K. Tukol.Published by- B.T. tukol,Kuber Nivas, Elephant rock road, Jayanagar 2nd block, Bangalore -560012.

Story of First tirtankara Rishabh appears in Rigveda itself.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thanks for the pains taken by you, to enlighten the readers.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

I too have heard this legend. There are many epigraphs which record the fights between Jains and Vaishnavs, atrocities caused to Jains etc.Even these battles find a place in Folk songs.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

Mr.Anurag Arya,

Nothing will happen by knowing the point whether I agreed with your point or not. WE can move on our paths as they are not going to cause harm to anybody. As You have firm belief in Krishna, I have firm belief in Jina.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

No.But i agree that you have right to have that opinion.

Anurag arya 3 years ago

As mentioned in your hub, 'Jainism, the religion of nonviolence', we shall certainly debate.

Anurag arya 3 years ago

One thing I would like to tell, that there are naga babas in north India , they also practice nudity. Thank you. And, we shall certainly debate.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

Yes,there are Naga sadhus. Some Aghoris also remain nude. But they do not follow other rules which are so subtle and aimed at maintaining non-violence, and sense of detachment, which Jain saints follow.If you are interested to know about the rules followed by Jain nude saints, you can read-'Bhagavathi Aradhana' prakrit work, available with Hindi/Kannada commentary.

samen 3 years ago

why jain digamber saint not travelling around the world and preach

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

They are not allowed to use vehicles. They have to move by walk only. Hence they cannot go outside.

antoniraj profile image

antoniraj 3 years ago from Tamil Nadu

Dear prasadjain ji,

I was staying in a Jain family home in the first floor in Chattisgarh, when the Jain Sadhu Sri Tarun Sagar ji visited their home. He traveled up to the town limits in a motorcade and then in a pallak carried by jain followers. He does not wear any clothes. I got few photographs of his visit to the house. How can I post the pictures here?

antoniraj profile image

antoniraj 3 years ago from Tamil Nadu

I was staying with a Jain family in Dongargaon, Chattisgarh when the Jain Muni Sri Tarun Sagar visited their home. He traveled up to the town limits in a motorcade and then was lifted in a pallak by the devotees. Travels in a luxurious air-conditioned car. I have seen another muni being pushed by devotees in a wooden cart. Mostly, the women sadhus walk in groups.

Here is one picture of the Muni during his visit


prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

You can scan them and post here as comments,if posting photoes is permitted by hubpages. They will be published after I approve them.Or, you can send them to me by email padmaprasad7@gmail.com,which i will add later.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

This could be done only for a short distance, for the satisfaction of devotees..Otherwise, even a digambar saint with illness, if to be moved to a longer distance, has to be carried on a plank tied to a bamboo by ropes, andcarried by people-either two or four.

sudhee 3 years ago

who is the youngest jain digamber mnui lived india and the age of him

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

I do not remember it correctly right now. But i know that there are munis of 32 years of age, and they took deekshabefore their 30th year of age. Sri Tarun Sagarji took muni deeksha at the age of 26 it seems.

sudhee 3 years ago

There a any jain digamber muni that visited to the other religious celebrations I mean Buddhist or any other celebrations or special moments

Please tell me where

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

No.But there are Jain munis who have visited jails to preach prisoners.Munis have met religious heads of other religions,but separately, not in their functions.

sudhee 3 years ago

I can remember there's a photo in Google about two of jain digamber muni s walking towards with Buddhist monk for a buddhist temple @ that time a function held , a big banner " Indian Maha Bodhi Society"

Thripitaka function

if you can give me an email address I can attach that and send you

expain me pls

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

If it is a religious conference, he might have gone to attend it. Such attendings are are banned.My email: padmaprasad7@gmail.com

Kamal 3 years ago

one of my friend met with an accident and he has broken the spinal code

doctors are saying that is not recoverable please inform any place with Ayurveda or supernatural something can be done

immediately he is suffering so sad with children and wife

that is very "Punya Karma" for you

thanking you

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prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

Sorry,I don't know anything of that sort.But I have heard that in Kerala, such Ayurvedic treatments are done.But in Bangalore,One 'Hosmat Hospital is there, which, I have heard,can do such difficult surgeries.

chetan 3 years ago

Hello Mr.Prasad jain

Born hindu by birth...currently at the age of 21

had read many things about jainism,finally up to the decision to take diksha

can i know the procedure to take diksha?

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prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

meet any Jain saint, listen to his pravachans and if you are satisfied, then ask him to gyve you diksha

jain M 3 years ago

may I know if I can get the granth 'Moolachar' with the meaning of each gatahas online ???

Sukumar 3 years ago

Dear Sir,

It looks like you are trying every possible way to protect your argument of nudity in Jainism. A set of Jain Monks traveled on a busy lane, a public bus stand near my house in Bangalore. It was so embarrassing for so many school & college students to view them like that.

How can you defend this act?

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prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

It is phblished by bharatheeya Jnana peeta,with commentery in Hindi.

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prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

Those who feel it awkward must understand that they have given up the ambition on their body.I recently saw Jain nude saints giving pravachans in Delhi, even in this chilly weather, when had clad ourselves with woolen clothes. You must tell them them that not only follow nudity, but also external and internal purity,follow very difficult vows. When people see only external view without thinking other hard vows followed by them, it looks awkward. But, nudity is only one of the several vows followed by them . As they have to follow 'Aparigraha'-i.e. vow of non-possession, they have to shun clothes.

Jayesh 2 years ago

To begin with...Prasadji you are doing a very commendable job of answering queries with openness and transparency. There are times when I am faced with similar queries and I give people choice of either follow good things the religion has to offer or move on, instead of criticizing it to no end with no particular purpose.

My Views on two hotly debated topics here:

1. Nudity of Saints -

It is really surprising that so many people are bothered by nudity of saint who has given up all Worldly materialistic desires, indulgences and wants. Firstly, I would like to suggest them to get a ban on Porn (soft and hardcore) first which is available at one click to everybody from new born to dying, m sure that is disgusting & awkward for all age groups. Once they achieve this they should go out and stop rapes, atrocities on women, gender bias. God Bless if they achieve this they should try living a restrained life with basics of life and devote their lives to God (any they would like to). If they are still surviving then try moving into the phase of these saints and experience first hand , how it is to be on the other side rather looking at with disrespect.

2. Inequality towards Women -

I again respect Prasadji for taking a stand and reiterating that Women has to reborn as men and continue the path of Moksha, even though I dont agree with it. Lets look at it from more practical view....Are you really that insane that to ask for a women to practice nudity in a society where even clothed women are not safe. Have we as humans evolved enough to appreciate that and not otherwise? Even nudist societies in the World (based on my limited knowledge) where women are members, practice strict rules and ensure safety of women. Do you really think that is possible for us the society at large to safeguard women saints who will practice nudity? Especially in India where we end up living in societies withing societies. Arguing just for the sake of arguing doesnt make sense to me (normally). Now to put up a religious point of view (my assumption but follows logic).....there is a cycle to attain Moksha... So first you take a Ekendriya (single sense- Jain term) form and continue your path to subsequent births by evolving in each birth and moving on to become Beindriya, teyindra..-panchendriya (five sense) ...- then you take birth as humanbeing - female...and at the end of cycle born as male and complete your path to Moksha. The cycle is completed provided that in each birth you practice your path to Moksha only with single focus. I guess that helps in understanding why being Man is at the end of continnum. On a lighter note we can always ask why a dog cant directly attend Moksha.....say he is guarding a Temple...it can be complicated to no end.

I like the way Prasadji doesn't force his view but only shares it. I am born in Jain family and try and practice it infrequently. I have concluded myself to be an agnostic, so I respect what everybody has to say and practice unless it is hurting anybody (alive or dead) else's feelings.

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prasadjain 2 years ago from Tumkur Author

thank you Mr. Jayesh, for your detailed comment. I request you to go on reading Jain philosophy concept by concept,discuss about your doubts with learned. Then perhaps,you may start feeling proud of being a Jain.


prasad ji aapne bahut kam likha hai, nude ki jagah digamber awastha word use kijiye,( aap apne father ke liye baap bhi bol sakte hain or pita bhi, kya achcha hai aapko samajhna chahiye) digamber awastha me rehne ke liye jo tark diye hain , ve adhure hain, digamber jain sant kisliye aise rehte hain ye to aapne bataya hi nahi ,

agyani se alpgyani bahut khatarnak hota hain, kripya apne lekh ka cistar kijiye.


mob 989351247

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prasadjain 2 years ago from Tumkur Author

Maine nude isliye likha ki videshi log ise jaan sake. Mai heading me Digambar badalne ke liye tayyar hun. AAp comments me diye huye mere uttar ko pure pade to ai kis tarah se Digambar muniyon ka samarthan kiya hun. who aap jaan lethe the.

kishore 2 years ago

Thanks to PRASAD jain for his wonderful explanations to all questions that were asked.

But my one question is : when the ability of soul of either men or women are equal in all respects then why women can't attain moksha and have to wait to be reborn as male. Agreed that female body is more exposed to impurities. But attaining moksha is related to soul and not body. Even thirthankar mother's were also women.

As per my understanding : any person who is self realized whether with or without clothes, men or women can attain moksha in same birth.

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prasadjain 2 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Mr. Kishore,

Your principle point -that Moksha is attained by soul, not by body, is indisputable.But the logic here is-soul can't become fully rid of Karmas in a female( not in a male also, just for the reason that he is a male).When females do tapas , follow vratas and go on getting rid of Karmas, automatically they take birth as males. If they keep on conuing their tapas etc, eventually that takes them to moksha.

Even tirthankaras mothers did not get moksha as females. it is just like, a bank cashier may have lot of money in his custody when he is on duty. But he himself cannot use it.

Vimal 5 months ago


Pls Let Me Know

@ what age can become jain digamber muni means jain saint.

Who is the Youngest Saint Living Know,The Honorable Name and Honorable Birth Year.

We are not in India so how can we get a speak with a saint honor,and take us some spiritual advice.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 months ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Mr. Vimal ji,

There is no such age restrictions to become a digambar muni, except for the fact that he must be a major. But agamas prescribe on the guru who admits one to muni sangh that he must ascertain that the wisher has not come just by emotion, and he should test his self control etc, and then only he should give him the deeksha.

As I know, the youngest person taking muni deeksha was just 23 years old. Now, the youngest digambar muni is 40 years old, approximately.

I don't think you can take advice from a muni on phone or email. You have to meet them personally when you come here. But,for your spiritual guidance digambar muni is not always essential. There are many kshullakas who can guide you. For some problems, people like me who have studied philosophy and seen life, can also answer. You can write to my e mail.Padmaprasad 7@gmail.com

Mr.Prasad 4 months ago

We do not compare religions ,but I want to know the deference between

Buddhist and Jain , are there any relation ship isn't it.What is nirvana

and sorry I don't know what and how about in Jain.

I Found a photo and that's in 2008 or near about that,one of Jain saint involved Buddhist Tripitaka converting ceremony , Is that can be happen

Most Sri Lankan People are visiting India for Some Business works or for

Spiritual Places,Are they Visiting Jain temple or Meet Jain Saints ,

do you know any thing about that

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 months ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Mr. Vimal,

Congratulations on your sincere interest to know the things. I shall try to answer your questions.

1. Meaning of " Nirvana " according to Jainism is- attaining moksha. But in ordinary sense, it is used to mean peaceful death of a saint. In Buddhism, it means leaving the physical body.

2 There is no relationship between Buddhism and Jainism. In original preaching s of Buddha, he doesn't mentions about soul, god and rebirth. Those concept s were introduced in it some years after his death. Ahimsa is not so delicate in it as it is in Jainism. Eating meat is not prohibited in Buddhism. But for Jain's, non violence or ahimsa is the greatest principle.

3 participating book releasing function, or all- religion conferences is not banned for digambar saints.

4 I have not practical my seen any Buddhist monk meeting jain muni. But they may meet a muni in order to know jain philosophy. Such meetings are not banned.

I think I have convinced you atleast to some extent.

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