Jesus Christ What Are You Talking About


My inspiration and information comes from many sources and this article came from Yachazy'al Yachazaq Yahu Shalum, Yachazyal@Yahuahislife. Whenever you see the letter H followed by a number(H1234), this is a reference to the Hebrew section of the Strong's concordance. The letter G will signify The Greek section of Strong's.An Interlinear bible is recommended so you will be enabled to read the scriptures in its original language and get a better understanding of important words and verses.

The word Jesus Is actually a Latin transliteration of the Greek word Iesous(Hesus was the actual name in Latin).The Greek letters for Jesus are iota eta sigma omicron upsilon sigma. You can type out the word Iesous on any Microsoft word program and select the font labeled "symbol" and get a perfect Greek spelling. There is in no way,a way to turn Iesous into Yahusha(Hebrew name of messiah), but there are very scary truths to reveal about the name Iesous.

In 1577 in the Geneva bible translation there was no "J" in the English language or ancient Greek or Hebrew for that matter.The letter "V" would be pronounced as "U", and the name "Jesus" did not exist. Ieous would have been pronounced as ee-ay-soos. The "soos" suffix of Jesus' name is of Hebrew origin H-5483(sooce) is written in Hebrew as smk uu smk and means horse. In Spanish, Jesus is pronounced as "Hey-soos."In Hebrew , hey- soos would be pronounced ha-soos and mean the horse. How does the horse have anything to do with His Name? The Greek Iesous(horse) later became Iesus in Latin and was the Greek Goddess of healing. Remember the "J" was created from the letter "I". When this happened Iesus became Jesus. A similar goddess was a prominent Egyptian idol named Isis(Wonder Woman). Notice the name Jesus originated from female goddesses. Though some scholars say Iesous was Hebrew in origin, here's proof it was not. The name Iesous can be traced back to pagan sun worship. Esus was a Gallic deity comparable to the Scandinavian god Odin. Notice how Esus is Jesus without the "J"? The Greek abbreviation for Iesous is IHS(Short for Jesus/Iesous), which is found on many inscriptions made by The Roman Catholic Church during the middle ages and today. IHS was the mystery name of Bacchus(Tammuz), another pagan sun idol. Catholics still use the IHS inscription.

Since the name of Jesus also spells out a salute to Zeus(hey-soos/Zeus),what are these lies saying that Jesus is the transliteration of Ha Mashyach's Name? Let's dispel this lie now. G-2424, Jesus(note the pronounciation of ee-ay-soos), is said to be of Hebrew origin, H-3091. Upon our arrival to H-3091 we find two spellings of the word mistakenly called Joshua. The spellings are ya-ha-uu-shyn-uu-aynYahushua) and yd-ha-uu-shyn-ayn(Yahusha which is the true name of the Mashyach). Are these names really the origin of Jesus? Do the same letters from the Greek Jesus(Iesous) really give us either of Joshua's true, Hebraic names(Husha or Yahusha)?

Husha in Greek is written as eta-upsilon-sigma-eta-alpha(Hosea).As we learned earlier, Hosea was the Greek way to pronounce Husha. Yahusha in Greek is written as iota-alpha-eta-upsilon-sigma-eta-alpha(Iahosea;ee-ah-ho-say). Does this name transliterate as either Jesus or Iesous? Are the spellings the same? They don't even come close. The Greeks always used the prefix of "iah" to pronounce the Hebrew word "Yah".Therefore, "iah"(Yah) and Hosea(Husha) would have been the Greek way to say the Name Yahusha!

What would be the actual tranliteration of Iesous inHebrew? Iesous is iota-eta-siga-omicron-upsilon-sigma. Iota makes the "I" sound, but there is no "I" in Hebrew. Since the Greeks "iah" to represent "Yah"/ it is common knowledge that they would use the Y for for the Hebrew yd. The eta makes the "ay"sound which would give us nothing in Hebrew, so we must preserve the original sound and write Y-ay. The Greek sigma makes the "s" sound, which would be equivalent to the Hebrew letter smk, now we have Y-ay-S. Next we have the Greek omicron which makes the "o" sound, again, nothing in Hebrew. We are now forced to write Y-ay-S-o. Next the Greek upsilon makes the "uu" sound. This is equal to the Hebrew letter uu. Y-ay-S-o-u. Adding another sigma gives another smk and we are left with this: Y-ay-S-o-U-S! Amazing! If you transliterate Iesous into Hebrew, you get y-ay-sous unfamiliar sound in Hebrew.The way a name sounds, does not change. So Let's ask again, how does G-2424(Jesus & Iesous) become Yahusha? It did not family. We have been lied to and deceived. You have been shown that the word Jesus is a Latin transliteration of the word Ieous. If you sound out ee-ay-sooce(greek), hey-zeus(Latin), and ha-soos(Hebrew), you can see the attempt to try and preserve the name. Jesus Christ is a pagan name that describes a male/female type god creature that is the savior of christianity.

The following contains quotes from http://hinduism-indian-religion,

Did you know of the amazingly coincidental similarities between the names Jesus and Lord Krishna? Stop for one minute and ask yourself: why are the names of two major religious figures in two different religions the same. Have you ever looked at the different religions and wondered if it is possible that christianity derived from Hinduism(partly the story of Lord Krishna)? Well, you are not the only one. The Druid religion served Krishna, just like the Hindus do today. Christianity is a watered down way of saying "Krishnanity".

Christ comes from the Greek word christos, meaning "the anoited one," or at least that's what we are told. The Greek word "messiah" is a transliteration of the Hebrew word Mashyach; anoited one, so what about christ? The Latin derivative of christ comes from the word cretin. Cretin is a person with deformities, physically or mentally, an idiot.When the Emissaries were called"christians(cretins)", they were being insulted by being called idiots. Christos is also the Greek version of the word Krishna!

While end time prophecies are rapidly coming to pass, many are waiting for the appearance of the anti-christ when they are already serving the anti-Mashysch,Jesus christ. His message of love and disobedience plainly challenges the core of being true followers of Yahuah and Yahusha. These names and titles are demonic in origin, they hinder knowing the Father and the Son. There is one name for the Father,Yahuah, and one name for the Son, Yahusha. Finally, but importantly, let me leave a word for the naysayers. Many people claim that since they don't speak Hebrew, there is no significance in calling the Father and Son by there Hebrew Names. Do you speak Spanish, Dutch, German, or Russian etc,? Though we speak none of these languages, we have no problem in trying to pronounce the names of people from these countries exactly the way they sound so as not to offend. Does not the Creator of the Universe deserve 1,000,000 more times the respect of men? Yeah, I know good people how your god has taught you about love thy neighbor, But let that social security check be late. Ha ha ha. It once again has been a sincere pleasure to share the word of Yah with you brethen. Let us not grow weary in this work of love and let us stay true to the only true Sovereign and His Son Yahusha. Call on the Name for salvation IN ANY LANGUAGE, the Name has been set apart, the Name is forever and only His people know His Name(Isaiah 52:5,6)Shalum

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Elijah7 profile image

Elijah7 4 years ago from Israel - England - Hong Kong - Hawaii - Paradise

So you are NOT a Chrisian yet.

You are NOT Baptized properly yet.

You are an Old Testament ONLY Jewish believer.

You write in English.

Can you write this hub in Hebrew, Greek or Latin (WITHOUT Google translate) ?

NB : The "in-zeus" and "cretin" comments are typical atheist NONSENSE, created by the unclean spirit of ANTICHRIST - prevalent ALL through history since BEFORE the Lord JESUS Was Crucified, Resurrected and Ascended - VERY SOON TO COME AGAIN..

AND this ANTICHRIST spirit IS globally rampant RIGHT NOW TODAY - May 18th AD 2012 (HK time)


Blessings In The Living Son Of God - JESUS The Christ - IN Heaven, In Charge and In Eternity, Past, Present and Future - Amen †

† Acts 4 : 11 - 13 †

"This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."

† Philippians 2 : 9 - 11 †

"Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

† This New Song Sums This Up PERFECTLY - Selah † :

Robertr04 4 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

Hey Elijah7. No, I am not an atheist. No, I am not a Christian, Muslim, Hindu,etc. I am a servant of the Most High, as we should be. No, I stated in other hubs and commits that I am not a linguist. Everyone has a right to believe what they choose to believe. If they choose not to go along with what you think does that make them wrong? I have seen your commits and can appreciate your enthusiasm, But because I recognize and use the true Names of the Father and Son, that makes me a non-believer? No wonder you suffer so much criticism and ridicule. You come off just like the unknowing, scripture spouting, fanatic that some perceive you to be, you have no clue. And you are right, just as Yahusha, I am O.T., but I follow the entire word of Yahuah Matt.4:4,Duet.8:3. Take that nonsense you speak to those who do not know any better. Come here with an open mind and let us learn together. Shalum

yachazyal profile image

yachazyal 4 years ago

Robert...My name is Yachazyal Shalum, and I wrote this articel that you have posted...two years ago. It is a copyrighted document. Why would you steal the work of Yahuah and take credit for it? The original article is at I am very ashamed that you would do such a dishonest thing.

AFoolishThing 2 years ago

All your base are belong to me! - The entire academic world

Linguistic nightmares aside, please fact check or at least cite your sources for the crazier claims. I am very familiar with various systems of pagan mythology and many of your references are flagrantly untrue with many more being stretches and mere coincidences of ENGLISH. And I got a headache trying to find a consistent logical thread. You can't just state something outlandish and call it proof. Unless you are claiming to have done original research and you yourself are an expert in the field in which case please link your academic work.

Robertr04 2 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

Which crazy claims?

AniaM7M 24 months ago

I like your thought on J-C's name ,but the Greek text of NT says "IEsou " in the first verse of Mat .Later it shows "iEsoun " or "iEsous " - which may be grammatical structure of this name in a sentence context . I'm not familiar with the grammar of the Greek language so I can't comment on that . However I also noticed in Talmud that Jews spell this name as "Ishu".

I wonder if this is the same "Ishu"(Esou in English) as "Ishu" ,the brother of Jacob ,who God hated . After all J-C had a brother James (Iacobus in Greek ).

Is the prophecy in Zech .13"the false prophet with pierced hands " related with"Esou who God hated "? And why the name of god of NT is Theou not Yahweh ?You cannot translate Yahweh into Theou and you can't translate Esou into Jesus . To me ,it looks like Jews made up gospels to turn gentiles into idol worshipping business .

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