Jesus and the Mall

Black Friday, Christmas, Shopping, Baby in a manger... which season is it??? I sat here in the early morning silence and pondered these words. I wondered if the article I was writing would be considered too "religion" oriented. I thought about the world and the violence and crime and wars that are a part of our every day life. I stopped for a moment, stepped outside and just looked to the sky. How far away have we stepped from what the season really means?

When walking into shopping malls, I am greeted with smiles and "Happy Holiday." Few dare say "Merry Christmas" because they might offend me or one of the 10,000 shoppers that have burst through the doors of most every store, hoping to find the best sales for the holiday. Push became shove and shove became yell and yell then became shove, yell hiss or be trampled. No one said "excuse me" or "sorry" and never were the words "No, go ahead of me, you have less items than me" uttered. It is a free-for-all, survival of the fittest, "like I care if I offended you by pushing" time of the year.

I thought about the greeter, so sure Not to say "merry Christmas" for fear of losing his/her job because they offended one of these shoppers. The same shopper's that made a wall out of themselves to assure that No one got in front of them. The very group that sent nasty glares and snapped at other "fellow" shoppers if they even looked like they might be reaching for the same item. THAT is the people that the greeter was in danger of losing their job for offending?!?!?!?!?! Really?!?!? It was and is an almost ridiculous fear that should never have been.

Looking at the crowd, from the outside in, I wondered to myself again. Did they know that the stars were shining outside? Had they seen any bright stars that just for a second, made them think of the star that shined above a Stable many, many forevers ago? The beacons going across the sky, huge lights telling the shoppers there was another sale waiting for them, drew them like June bugs to a porch light. My thought... if K-mart or Wal-mart were to call out over their speakers, in the middle of the Black Friday madness, "Blue-light special going on in apparels... Ever-lasting life with Jesus, only 5 minutes left, shoppers", would they push and shove and yell and scream and "Offend" so they didn't miss the sale? "Jesus in aisle three. Baby in a manger, wrapped only in swaddling cloth in aisle 5." Yes, I wonder, too.

The truth is, the reason for the season is lost somewhere in the midst of a crowd of people, intent on getting that 50% discount. Three Wise Men, led by a star, a beacon, went down into Bethlehem, bearing gifts for the new born baby. A baby that would one day grow up and become our Saviour. Sadly, I am sure that if those announcements were broadcast over the speakers, accompanied by "Anddddd, you have three minutes left to get your items to the front for the 50% off tags", I am afraid "aisle 3 and aisle 5" would simply have to wait.

We live in a fast paced, non stop, gotta stay in the front of the pack or get trampled world. We fight an economy that is stressed, to say it kindly, and a world that is all about survival. When I walk in to Wally-world, please, do not be afraid to say "merry Christmas" to me. No one wants or can afford to lose their jobs and I understand this completely, but when do We, as a people, take a stand and say, it's o.k.? How long will it be before we realize that with "Christ" in Christmas, we might not have to worry about Black Friday offenses simply because, we wouldn't have anything to spend. Did any of you notice Jesus while you were running wild from store to store? Did you see him watching over you, bringing you home safe to your families? HE was right there in "Aisle Everywhere."

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Becky Katz profile image

Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

I think about some of the same things. When they tell me Happy Holidays, I usually say MERRY CHRISTMAS and I hope you have the reason for the season. I do get some funny looks but get mostly beams.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago

Xmas... that word itself says is all really.

What happened to Christ's Mass?

If Christ was around today he would take a bullwhip to everyone in the Mall, staff and buyers.

Just as he did to the moneylenders in the temple.

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

absolutely do the same thing Becky. I figure the worst they can do is not respond but, mostly, they smile.

molometer, I am certain he would not enjoy the "hustle and bustle" of our Christmas shoppers. I wonder, Why are they buying "Christmas" gifts if they don't believe the reason we celebrate.Hmmmmm???? Thank you both for reading and responding. I appreciate it very much.

zzron profile image

zzron 5 years ago from Houston, TX.

Cool hub, I have a hub about Black Friday as well. I don't particularly like crowded shopping. And I am very sorry if anyone is ever offended about the expression, Merry Christmas. As far as I'm concerned they will just have to get over it. People have been celebrating Christmas and saying Merry Christmas for centuries. The way I see it. Everyone has the right to be offended or not to be offended as they so choose. What amazes me is people who don't even believe in God or Jesus celebrate Christmas with Christmas trees giftgiving and the whole 9 yards. Oh well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may the peace of the Lord be with you.

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

zzron... a wonderful comment to this hub and I thank you for your words. I agree 100% that even those that do not believe still make certain they are in on the celebration. Perhaps, there is more belief than meets the eye. Merry Christmas to you and all those that are awaiting the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama 5 years ago from New England

Hi Dday,

I think that since Jesus was a carpenter, he would have just hand-crafted unique gifts for his beloved family and friends instead of buying anything at any store. :0)

Enjoyed reading this hub. I'd probably say both "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Solstice"...even saying "happy holiday" with a smile and lots of love is good...but the important part is the love...agape...for our fellow humans. You are right that it's sad that store staff need to be afraid of losing their jobs if they say "Merry Christmas." If the store has Christmas decorations, it should not punish its workers for taking about that particular season....the whole point is that it's a season of love and matter what we say. You make good points about the same shoppers who are "offended" by being wished a happy holiday with the wrong words being the same ones that push and shove.

I tend to stay away from the stores this Black Friday. Not that I have the money...but it's also part of my "protest" in support of the "Occupy Boston (et al)" movement. I also didn't participate in "Cyber Monday" either. :0)

Happy, Peaceful Advent to you!

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

Seafarer... Always wonderful to see you here. Thank you for reading this and thank you for a wonderful response. As for "if they sell Christmas decorations", they cover themselves there too by calling it the Holiday Aisle. I think that no matter how you dress up a chicken, it is still a chicken underneath and people will recognize it as such. So they can hide it and color it and call it what they will... We will still celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour on this Christmas season. Thank you again and may you have the very best of the season. Always, Darrel Merry Christmas

Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama 5 years ago from New England

Happy Advent and Merry Christmas to you, too, Darrel!

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

it put a much needed smile on my face to see you here again. Thank you very much for that.

profile image

jami l. pereira 5 years ago

Well , im gonna say ," Merry Christmas!!" , because i too feel like everyone has forgotten the reason for the season , and what this country was supposedly founded on "In God We Trust"!!I have only been to one black friday sale in my whole life , and as far as christmas shopping goes , i never spend alot , just mostly things we need and maybe one special gift for all of us or for each one of us , but as far as going out and spending brash amounts of money i dont have , we 'make" things to give also , and i think those are still the best gifts of all , and they last longer , so does the meaning. I love this Hub , Its a wonderful message , Thank you for sharing it :) God Bless You and your daughters this Christmas !:)

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

thank you jami for reading this. we too make some of our gifts and they are truly the special ones. a little wood and a router make awesome gifts to hang. thank you again for reading.

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