Joseph Smith and Mormonism

Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith and Mormonism

Joseph Smith was born in 1805 in Vermont into a family of farmers. He claimed to have had his first vision as a teen, in which he saw Jesus Christ and God the Father. Three years after his first vision he was visited by the angel Moroni, who told him that there were three golden plates hidden on his farm.

Smith was denied access to the plates for several years by Moroni, but was finally allowed to see and translate them starting in 1827. According to belief Smith translated the plates, written in ancient Egyptian, through divine intervention. Smith rarely paused or corrected himself as he was translating the plates to relatives.

So came about the book of Mormon, which together with the Bible, is accepted by Mormons as divinely inspired text. According to the book of Mormon, an ancient prophet named Lehi, was told by God to go to North America in 600 BC. Further, the book recounts that God continued to choose prophets in the Americas. 

After translating the book, Smith founded his new religion in 1830, after which he immediately starting spreading the faith, causing great controversy wherever he went. He started moving west ever so steadily, first from Vermont to New York to Pennsylvania, to Missouri, and ultimately to Illinois. In 1844 Smith was thrown in jail after being charged with suppressing a local newspaper. This followed him being killed by and angry mob. With Smith dead, Brigham Young became the leader and took the church further west to Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as it is called now, proposes that it is not Orthodox, Catholic, or Protestant, but the reinstatement of the original church that Jesus Christ founded on earth. Smith is believed to be the first of a line of recent prophets, followed by Young and today's current president, prophet, and seer of the church. The church believes that the current prophet have the power to receive direct messages from God.

Some of the church's many doctrines include the beliefs in the importance of chastity, modest dress, and family prayer lessons. They also have a diet code called the Word of Wisdom, according to which Mormons are not allowed to consume alcohol, tobacco, coffee, or tea. What they are probably most known for, and controversially so, is a form of polygamy known as plural marriage. Ironically, polygamy was banned by the church already in 1890.

Interesting facts:

  1. Smith founded the city of Nauvoo when he was in Illinois, which in 1845 had the same population as Chicago.
  2. Mormons have the biggest missionary program world wide, which includes 51,000 full-time missionaries worldwide. 

Mormon Temple in Oakland, California
Mormon Temple in Oakland, California

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Vari786 6 years ago

Nothing about how Joseph Smith went to prison a few times? And he went to prison for fraud....

IAmThat profile image

IAmThat 6 years ago Author

'In 1844 Smith was thrown in jail after being charged with suppressing a local newspaper'

Did you read the article?

xobliam profile image

xobliam 6 years ago

Anyone looking into Mormon history needs to start with the story of Jacob and Laban. Christian text never says anything about how Laban the Aramaic dies. In Mormon theory, I believe found in the book of Esther, we are told that Laban is killed by Nephi, the son of Lehi, when he goes to Laban's estate to get the genealogical records of the true history of the Israelite tribes. Nephi takes that record with him along with a few deciphering stones called the Urim and Thummim and they end up in America. This is happening in about 600 BC when Nebuchadnezzar and the New Babylons are about to destroy Jerusalem. ( or something close to that )

It's an interesting story....but is it truth or fiction?

Like the picture of those wantabee Morbabes....I started researching LDS some years ago when an ex of mine got caught up into the movement.

Good people who would kick your hieny for almost any reason.....

Also like the part about the planet Kolob or is that Kobol...that is so Nibiru and 2012 ?????

You seem to be deep into this religion and philosophy stuff....keep digging

RJW 4 years ago

According to the religious historians the entire Joseph Smith family were illusionist. There was never any Golden Plates, he never seen or talked to God, nor was he given permission from the Angels to re-interpit the Bible. It was stated Brigam Young murdered twenty non belivers who refused to join the colt.

JWC 4 years ago

In a recent news paper it was stated most Mormon families cannot explain LDS religion to their children. The answers in dept can be ordered through the internet, the book is "Kingdom Of The Cults" written by Walter Martin. Who himself was a professor of Biblical Theology and also hosted by several religious historians. Obviously Joseph Smith was no Saint. His entire life was based on supernatural revelations that ended in conspiracy.

c d 4 years ago

read the book can see why so much has been hush hush from the diehard belivers

ccd 4 years ago

according to bibical theology joseph smith was stated as useing plagiarism to copy 25000 words from the king james bible to use on his own that alone would make smith a false prophet altogheter

cct 4 years ago

as a historian i have found the preceding letters of faild and false phrophets fairly accurate unfortunaly the faithful followers of jim jones david keresh and charles manson ended in ominous disaster

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