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Parochial and narrow-minded perceptions of what fellowship is create a dark segregation of believers in exclusive bubbles. Inside a bubble, there's a misleading impression of "Body" fellowship and unity.
Parochial and narrow-minded perceptions of what fellowship is create a dark segregation of believers in exclusive bubbles. Inside a bubble, there's a misleading impression of "Body" fellowship and unity.

Kingdom social life (Kingdom community) is a global spiritual fellowship of Jesus churches. It is something a lot of Christian churches still need to fully understand and appreciate. They may have their members enjoying fabulous programs and concerts in their local churches and invite other churches to see them together, or be able to entertain guests well and have joint fellowships with other churches, but they still don't have the bigger-picture Kingdom community. 

Some of them do not even score high with their local church performance as far as fellowship is concerned. Some of them do not know how to minister to their visitors and guests well. Sometimes, even their pastors, too. And the few ones who do know only do so to up the church membership, nothing more.

Genuine Kingdom community, to be fully grasped, should go back to what Jesus did. For one, Jesus never entertained visitors or guests. You don't see him at the entrance shaking hands with people before or after his preaching. Sometimes, he even looked rather rude to those who attended and listened to his Word sessions. Once, he told Pharisees and law teachers, "Woe to you!" If top religious figures like that visited the church today, they'd be given the best seats.

For decades, churches have been teaching members how to "entertain" visitors. Probably we welcome them, but entertain? Why?


Jesus came to seek the lost. Our number one Kingdom community or social mission is to seek the lost. So, we share the Word, mostly through how we live daily than by preaching. Jesus did both. Then, if a lost soul seriously wants to know about the life, we tell them its dire cost--not just the "God-loves-you" or "You-will-get-to-heaven" stuff. Salvation is free, but seriously following Jesus has a cross to carry daily.

In Kingdom community, we seek to gather souls who are die-hard desperate for Jesus and the Jesus LIFE (those who are dead serious and willing to pay the dire cost to live Jesus' LIFE on earth. Willing to give up everything!). Because genuine Kingdom community cannot exist without the LIFE being manifested. We're not happy with merely having fun fellowships and with great numbers at that. We're like angels in heaven: if just one sinner truly and seriously and genuinely repents and radically embraces to live out the genuine Jesus LIFE, that's when we celebrate!

This was how Jesus did it. When someone came to Him to learn about the life, He always presented them with the dire cost--and dire costs are never entertaining. So we're not sent here to entertain, but to tell and live out the truth about Jesus and the LIFE he offers, how to live the Kingdom LIFE on earth. We must form a whole community of radical believers who are like this all over the world. This community connects with each other in spirit, locally and globally. They have only one connection system.

Now, even when we have found the lost, we also do not entertain them. We should not act like a fast food franchise where we entertain customers and help them get good seats and make them comfy and ask what they want. Churches have been like this for too long and this propagates pampered and big-headed spirits that later make demands and complain a lot and kick out pastors. Sure, this system can build mega churches. But genuine Kingdom community builds lives with the Jesus LIFE and who are connected together in the spirit, not mega churches.

Of course, we should be friendly and approachable. But again, we are not here to entertain anyone. We're not called to be clowns or mascots.

Fellowship with Believers

Denominationalism has so blinded the eyes of so many Christians--millions of them around the world--and many have died with this narrow-minded view of "fellowship"--that it is a gathering of believers in the same denomination. Their distorted idea of  "joint fellowships" means meeting with other churches of the same denomination. 

It's like your five little fingers decided to meet and say it's a Body fellowship.

And if one of them is seen fellowshiping with other denominations, he or she will be interrogated about it, making him or her feel that it was a mortal sin against God. Some even see this inter-denominational fellowship as a threat to their membership goals. They're afraid they might lose members in the process.

In fact, genuine Kingdom community is not even inter-denominationalism. Different church denominations sometimes form alliances for some causes, and that's cute. But that's not what God has in mind when he says he wants complete unity among believers. He means genuine Kingdom community, as they have it in heaven.

This parochial and short-minded view is killing churches trapped in this deception because it runs counter to God's will expressed in Jesus' John 17 prayer--that all believers become one as the Father and Son are one.

Genuine Fellowship

Genuine fellowship is a fellowship with the Father and Son, actually seeing them, and receiving their oneness in us so we can also be one, and this makes our joy complete, says John in his first letter.

Kingdom community is really the one true glorious church of Jesus without the denominational walls blocking the complete unity.

Fellowship, as God views it, is a constant inter-connectivity of the body parts. Thus, when God says "fellowship," He means the concept of the whole body coming together as one, with Jesus as Head.

Five fingers of a hand meeting together with a distorted concept of what the Body is cannot claim to have fellowship with God--it's not how God views it. You meet like that and the Head will never connect with you, even if you pray in His Name and claim that where two or three are gathered, He is there with them. It will NEVER work.

Have you seen someone with a head and 5 fingers only? Can you call that a whole man? You think God is glorified with that? That will only work for horror films.

If there are only two or three of you, but your spirits are one with the Spirit of God (your heart and mind agree with what the Spirit says about the Body of Jesus, for instance), then Jesus will be there with you. You fulfill the agreement in principle, God will fulfill His promise.

If two fingers meet together---not because their awareness says only fingers are apt to meet like that---but that they believe in their hearts (and their awareness naturally assumes so) that even toes and ears and knees--in fact, the whole body--may join them, God sees that and delights in it and remembers His promise about two meeting together to pray.

Kingdom Community is Not Just About Churches

When we have finally learned God's idea of a real fellowship or Kingdom community, then we can begin being a powerful and real witness to the world. We can then be equipped with a unique community concept we can show to the world and which the world can marvel at. As it is, what "fellowship" we have is also what the world has--sadly sometimes, the world has an even better version of it.

Kingdom community is not just the different church ministries. It is definitely something more. The church is just a part of the vast Kingdom of God. In fact, the universe and the heavenly realms are but portions of it. We've barely scratched the surface. Some churches think, with their seminary titles and degrees, they can confidently talk about it, even acting like they alone can judge what is correct and what is not.

Representing the Kingdom Aptly

We should be able to represent God's Kingdom well as Jesus did. We must be genuine Kingdom men and women who have God's Kingdom life, mindset, and priorities at heart. Denominational people who represent their denominations well CANNOT become Kingdom people. You can never serve or represent two masters.

Doing Earthly Business

Kingdom people do their businesses or jobs on earth differently. While mixing with people from all walks of life and fitting just right in their midst, Kingdom people obviously retain their Kingdom traits--because God Himself, in them, is there doing the business or work. This is how Kingdom community expands its influence in the world. The goal of Kingdom community is to make this world the Father's world, at the same time being unstained by worldliness: "The world's kingdom has become God's and Jesus' Kingdom," [Rev.11.15].

"You have made your Kingdom sons and daughters...serve God as kings and priests and reign on the earth," [Rev.5]. We reign through Kingdom community principles.

Yes, we are NOT of this world. We should not desire to gain anything from it. Yet, among our tasks is to inherit the earth as meek Kingdom people aiming to make this world the Father's world. This should be the underlying reason why we are still in this world. It's all about HIS Kingdom on earth, not denominational expansionism which only religious imperialists benefit from.

The Simple LIFE of Jesus: Kingdom Community Model

Some people, with just one look, can be easily identified as an engineer, architect, pastor, or one representing a particular denomination. Kingdom people are not like that. They are often regarded as a nobody, as Jesus would be. They're low-profile and work quietly. It is God who promotes them and brings them in the limelight, for His purposes alone.

In a crusade or church service, for instance, you'd easily spot the speaker or presider or worship leader. They wear their best and look impeccably dressed. Kingdom people would look like Jesus--very simple and unimpressive, probably even rejected. Now, as you look like this--like Jesus--you do your business about the world. You build Kingdom community--or more aptly, God builds Kingdom community through you. This exposes the hearts of people around you.

"To others we smell like death; to those who have life we are the fragrance of life," Paul said.

Hence, we're never here to entertain people. We're here so God can use us to expose people, especially the religious, not by our preaching or lectures, but how we conduct ourselves in the world. How we live daily. If we flow with the trend of the world, we can never expose people--instead, we will be exposed. 

Many church leaders love displaying titles and degrees around their names to gain the world's respect. If you live like the world does, you will blend with its environs and grow dim, unable to expose anything. Only Light can expose evil. If you live like the unique and radical Jesus, light glows in and around you, and anything exposed by your light is stripped naked, the foundations are revealed. It becomes clear what people and things are really made of. Kingdom community, as a whole, should be like this.

Anything exposed by the light as being not of God disintegrates, so that monuments of worldly and human efforts and achievements will all crumble and be pounded thoroughly as dust, not one stone remaining on top of another. As this purging goes on, only what is heavenly will remain unshaken, and that's how God builds Kingdom community on earth.

Kingdom community is a real community of radical Jesus believers in the world, a big one, and yet somewhat exclusive, because very few find the narrow road that leads to life.

Many feared the Acts church and very few joined them. Yet daily, new believers (those intent and desperate to live the radical Jesus LIFE) were added to them.

Kingdom community is unique and has a dire cost for citizenship. It is an invisible yet powerful and fully felt Kingdom growing out of an old, rotten, and self destructing one--out of a reactionary, traditional kingdom put up by men.

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