Knight to a Superhero

Ephesians talks about the armor of God that believers need to fight their daily battles with the devil and his temptations. This is the spiritual armor that god gives us all, some can picture a knight in armor ready to do battle in an early days of “The Way” many people related to this picture of spiritual battle. Now in order to bring this teaching to the modern believers this armor needs and a makeover.

First let’s look at the way Ephesians describes the Armor of God, Helmet of Salvation, Breastplate of Righteousness, Belt of Truth, Sandals of Peace, Shield of Faith, and Sword of the Spirit. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Now let’s take each piece of the armor and transcended it into a superhero:

Helmet of Salvation- Protects the mind and imagination.

Breastplate of Righteousness- Protects the heart and emotions.

Belt of Truth- Protection from deception from Satan and those he uses against god’s purpose.

Sandals of Peace- empowerment to stand firm against attack them.

Shield of Faith- Protection from Satan’s schemes.

Sword of the Spirit-God’s truth within our hearts so, we can defeat Satan’s lies.

How knight of old becomes a Superhero of today

Knight-Helmet transcends to Superhero’s Mask.

Knight-Breastplate transcends to Superhero’s Costume.

Knight-Belt of Truth transcends to Superhero’s utility belt that holds the extra helps needed in battles.

Knight-Sandals of Peace transcends to Superhero’s boots (or other footwear) so can stand firm against their enemies.

Knight-Shield of Faith transcends to superhero’s special abilities that are unique to them.

Knight-Sword of the Spirit transcends to the purpose the superhero fights for their cause.

Being a Superhero for God is much like how knights used what they had in the early days of “The Way” to combat the lies that the devil would use to discourage or stop the progression of God’s Word to reach all the people he wants to reach, “Go make Disciples of all nations.” In today’s society we have many more tools to accomplish this but these tools also can become distractions and tools used by the Prince of this world to discourage those who believe in the Savior and his message of grace through his sacrifice. And as with any superhero we have an arch enemy that comes in many new forms and uses many new tricks to try to defeat us in our purpose. Our superpower comes from the Word of God and knowing that we have a place in heaven with the Father and the Son. Our only weakness is our own insecurities of the mission that god has for each of us in their own walk with the Lord.

Are you ready to become a Superhero for God and protect all the innocents from the cruelest of all enemies?

Finally as with most superhero’s who have sidekicks our sidekick at times can be more powerful than the superhero, The Holy Spirit of God. Who we can go to when we need the Intel needed to win our daily battles. Be strong for as it is written, “If God is with us who stand against us.”

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teacherjoe52 profile image

teacherjoe52 4 years ago

Very good style of pointing out the truth.

God bless you.

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