In Christ Jesus, What Father God Thinks You’re Worth!!

In The Image of Father God "We" Are Created!!

The Lord Jesus Walked the Earth and Died for Humanity to Redeem It!!
The Lord Jesus Walked the Earth and Died for Humanity to Redeem It!! | Source
Wondrously Made!!
Wondrously Made!! | Source

In The Beginning!

The Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) states, Father God created man in His image and in His image He created man. This goes for people who already live for Jesus, sort of live for Jesus and don’t live for Jesus, we are All Created in the image of Almighty God!! No other creation created can say this, not the birds of the air, the creatures of the sea, nor the animals of the land. Only Human Beings can say, “We are Created in the Image of Father God!” This statement right here proves we have value to our creator, Father God Jehovah! We have been set apart from the rest of creation. Is it possible to find out why Human Beings are set apart or is this something we can’t answer or ascertain?

Father God the Creator Created All Things!!

Because He Created "Us!"

It's Just That Simple!
It's Just That Simple! | Source

Why Are “We” So Important to Father God?

As it has already been stated and also shared within We Are Indeed the "Final" Generation, Father God created humankind in His image and set “Us” apart from the rest of creation. Whether You Know It or Not, This is Jehovah’s Story and He is the Author and the Finisher of this story or as the Bible says: "the Alpha and Omega." His reason for creating “Us” was to establish a creation which would Worship Him and be a Blessing unto Him. Not to mention Glorify Him and Honor Him as well, which He is so worthy of, I mean greatly worthy of! How Great is Father Jehovah God begins to explain His greatness, “We” serve a Massive God!! Father God created or established “Us” to be pleasing unto Him and to do what He asks of “Us.” Then why give “Us” free will or the ability to choose?

Our God Given Free Will!!

Yup, That's the Deal!
Yup, That's the Deal! | Source

The Lord God Loves Enough to Give “Us” a Choice?!?

Why give “Us” free will you say? Let me pose this question, what do you get from someone when you Make them do something or force them to do things? Well? A project or an experience which was half-hearted or without great purpose, true the workers or people may have done what you asked but there was no reward or a job done above and beyond. It may be hard to believe or accept, but it actually hurts Father God when “We” don’t choose to accept or acknowledge Him. Yet at the same time He Love “Us” so much, He will let “Us” go with the choice we make. For example, if you choose to live an alternative lifestyle and pursuit unnatural affections, Father God isn’t going to stop you. This was your choice and you choose to accept the consequence of your choice as well, this is Free Will, Father God Given Free Will!

The same can be said when “We” choose to accept and acknowledge Jesus Christ for ourselves. We freely made the choice to serve Jesus, seek the Will of Father God and do what He asks! We freely give ourselves to be used by Father God through Christ Jesus and we accept those consequences or Blessing rather!

Jesus Died From "Us" Because He 1st Love "Us!"

Jesus Bore All of "Our" Guilt, Every Single Bit!!
Jesus Bore All of "Our" Guilt, Every Single Bit!! | Source

His Love For “Us” Caused Him to Die For “Us,” Why!?!

Remember Father God created “Us” in His image, which means He loved “Us” greatly; “We” are set apart from any other form of creation! So Yes, Father God Jehovah Loves “Us,” Humankind and it was this love for “Us” is why the Lord Jesus left Heaven to become God in the flesh, as a man and as God the Son, Jesus Christ! The plan of Father God to redeem “Us” back to Him was through His Son Jesus when Adam and Eve sinned against Father God. This is Why We Need Jesus!

You Say I Need Jesus, Please Be Honest With Me? Just like Jesus said and the Bible also states: “I (Jesus) am the Way, the Truth and the Life, none can come to the Father but by Me.” Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for “Us,” He gave His Life for “Ours,” so we can have Life and have it more abundantly! The Lord Jesus is “Our” Hope, “We” have none by any other!! Jesus is Our Answer, Why Father God Loves “Us” so Much! As the Bible says: “He Sent His Only Begotten Son, whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting Life.” This everlasting Life, is the Promise of being in Heaven, the dwelling place of the Lord Jesus!

What Happened At The Cross in the Spirit Realm!!!

Explore Your Worth in Jesus!!

Let Him Show You The Way!!
Let Him Show You The Way!! | Source

Why Should “We” Draw Close to Jesus?

As we have just found out, Jesus Christ is our answer, we can’t come unto Father God accept through the Lord Jesus! If you want to experience the promises of Father God, Jesus is the only way to get them. That’s right, He is the Only Way! So by drawing close to Jesus, you in turn are also drawing close to Father God! Just like the Bible said: “I (Jesus) and the Father are One.” To Love Jesus, is to Love Father God! Uh What? Think of it this way. When you come to Jesus and make Him Lord of your Life, when Father God looks upon you, He will see Jesus! That’s right; you are marked with His Blood and His Image! Simply because of Jesus, you are pleasing Father God!!

Jesus Christ Is Our Answer!

Our Return to Father God!
Our Return to Father God! | Source

Father God is “Humanity's” Answer Through His Son Jesus and Why!

Yes, I want to be pleasing to Father God and I know I need Jesus!! I am ready to make Him my personal Lord and Savior! Let’s pray: Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

By doing this, you are beginning to realize your worth and a J-O-B, What Man Thinks You’re Worth has no meaning to you! You have also allowed Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to write your name into the Lamb’s Book of Life! This means you will make Heaven your Home and also begin to find out how much worth you have in Christ Jesus! He dwells where Gold and Silver never corrupt or lose their value! Come to know your Worth in Jesus!

Establish a Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ and Maintain it With Ease!!

Face The Facts!

Let This World Go and The Things Of It!!
Let This World Go and The Things Of It!! | Source

Need Peace, Love, True Happiness, Joy…; You Will Not Find It Anywhere Else!!

This world can’t give you any of these things and if it could, it wouldn’t know where to find them. What you can find here in this Earthly Realm is plenty of strife, envy, jealousy, covetousness, hate, lust, need I go on? These are the worldly provisions, anything outside or above these like Love, Peace, Joy, they are of Father God! Through the Lord Jesus, we can experience them and grab hold to them! He is the only way we can have them and receive the Promise of His Blessings, which is exactly what these are the Lord God’s Blessings!!

This is Why We Need Jesus, and Why Jesus Christ is A New Beginning! Plus in these dark days we are already living in, we need to be Taking Authority in Jesus Christ, as well! One of the best resources Father God also gave us to finish this Race Strong is the Armor of God. We have been given everything we need to win in this life for Jesus, this way we can also enjoy the next life with the Lord Jesus as well. See, a double win-win situation and all centered on King Jesus!

Christ Jesus is Your Answer!!

Our Real Home!

Our Eternal Home!
Our Eternal Home! | Source

Heaven is Unlike Any Place You Have Ever Seen or Experienced!!!

As I have shared within TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions and also shared in the comment section of Do You See the "Signs" of the Times. The Lord first allowed me to hear the sounds of Heaven, where I could hear the voices and sounds but all I could see was a pure white haze or fog. On 8/16/2016, the Lord Jesus allowed me to see a very small part of Heaven and even that was still massive! Heaven is real and it is indeed unlike anything we could imagine! How would you like to be ageless, never grow old and always have plenty of energy!?! This is only the beginning of what Heaven is like!

The Lord Jesus is the only way to get there; we must be seeking and doing the Will of Father God! Also daily repentance and asking for forgiveness is also a key to making Heaven your Eternal Home. To seek the forgiveness of your sin also pleases the Lord Jesus! Yes, Jesus Rewards those who seek and ask for forgiveness of their sins, What an Awesome God “We” Serve!

Tell The World What You Think?

Did You Know You Have Worth in Jesus!?

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Having Jesus Christ, Changes Your DNA!!

All Things Are Possible With the Lord Jesus!
All Things Are Possible With the Lord Jesus! | Source

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TeamSTM profile image

TeamSTM 4 months ago Author

Hello HubPages Community, I have some exciting News!! I should have Shared this Two Days Ago!!! Please Welcome Matthew to the Body of Christ, he gave His Life to Christ on Monday 10/16/2016 while we were on the Job! All Glory, Praise and Honor onto Father God El Shaddai, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!!

The Meaning of Samuel in Hebrew means “Asked of God.” The meaning of Matthew in Hebrew means “Gift of God.” Matthew and I were just having a conversation about the goings on in the world and admitted he was concerned. This world has no hope; the signs and warning are very clear! Matthew knew the Bible so he was aware of the biblical significance.

It was at this moment when he heard the call and the beckoning of the Holy Spirit and we prayed together. This is what it is all about to the Glory, Praise and the Blessing of El Shaddai Father God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit! Only King Jesus can orchestrate the meeting of two people with names from the Bible and encounter the Lord Jesus Christ at the same time. Take a moment to Welcome Matthew into the Family of Believers, the Body of Christ and the Bride, Matthew realized he had no chance to make Heaven His Home Without Jesus!! This is exactly why the Lord Jesus Died, he did this for "All Humanity," not just for Samuel and Matthew, this includes You as well!!! Come to Jesus Christ now and if necessary, I will pray with you!! Amen

Take Care and Be Blessed Beloved!!

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