Lapis Lazuli Benefits

Lapis Lazuli is usually found in vibrant blue and various close shades of blue color, with a tint of violet in it. Those which are most vibrant and intense in their appearance are the most highly priced forms, and vice versa. Besides being immensely popular among those who use it as an astrology tool, it holds an equal degree of status among jewelry lovers. They bring it in use various forms of elements of jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, pendants, etc. Afghanistan, Chile, Pakistan, Siberia, and United States are the prominent sources of this stone, fulfilling its huge demand over the planet.

The Evidence of Existence

The belief around the powerful healing properties of Lapis Lazuli stone is in place since ancient times. Several physical evidences of the same can be drawn from the architecture of Syria and Egypt. In those places, this stone was used to be an important and essential part of the architecture of the buildings. It is also an extension of the belief that this stone holds power and abilities to sustain human skeleton in strong state. Besides building, ancient Egyptians rulers, kings, and members of the royal family used to have this stone as their proud possession.

Besides that, it was quite a confirmed belief during the period of Middle Ages that this stone acts as a protective shield to protect soul from the evil attributes of jealousy and fear. Another belief that alleged during that time is that this stone is the cause of the ‘blue’ of the sky, and thus is a source of ‘light of God’ in the world.

Benefits: Deriving What It Depicts

Lots of benefits that Lapis Lazuli stone derives to its wearers, are symbolic of its intrinsic attributes and traits with which it have been astrologically associated with. Astrology states it to be a depiction of truth and companionship. Therefore, as an impact of this stone, one gets truthful and one attains harmony, contentment, and understanding in friendships. It also derives spiritual harmony to a person, thus making his soul move further higher to get closer to the supreme God. It also assists in spiritual enlightenment and healing, and sharpens one’s psychic abilities. It also stimulates Chakras of the brow and throat to convene intuition abilities of a person for a higher guidance. Therefore, those who engage in meditation and other spiritual practices can gain immensely out of this stone.

Healing Abilities

Those who are suffering the problem of insomnia or any other sort of sleep disorder should have this stone in order to get rid of it. This stone bestows serenity and a peaceful state of mind to a person. As a result, one finds relief from stress and depression to have a relaxed and relieved sleep. It has also been found to be effective for curing fever and other health problems related to throat and lungs.

Most Beneficial For

Lapis Lazuli stone has been stated to be most beneficial for those belonging to the Zodiac sign of Capricorn and Libra. For those belonging to the former category, it is their planetary stone, and for those belonging to the latter category, it is their zodiac stone. Besides them, it has also been found to be extremely beneficial for those born in the month of December, as it is birthstone of them. If you wish to further strengthen your relationship and enhance love and harmony amongst yourself, then present this stone to your partner on seventh or ninth wedding anniversary.

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Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 4 years ago from Caledonia, MI

Great information here and correct as well. Voted up. Lapis Lazuli is one out of the many stones I have in my collection.

SanneL profile image

SanneL 4 years ago from Sweden

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful stone. I do love the vibrant shades of blue color with a tint of violet in it. I enjoyed reading this very interesting hub on one of my favorite stones.


theastrology profile image

theastrology 4 years ago from New Delhi Author

I always try to write more informative hub on gemstones.

Thanks Cresentmoon and Sannel for your valuable comments and appreciation.

tebo profile image

tebo 3 years ago from New Zealand

I have this stone and knew of its ability to enhance psychic intuition, but did not know of its power to help with sleep disorders and depression. An interesting and informative hub, thanks.

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