Learn how to pray to God

First it is helpful to know what GOD means to you. Talking to God is like talking to a trusted friend. Someone you can tell anything to and know you will not be judged.

How to Pray to God is easy if you trust that there is a power greater than you. Even if you have Never Prayed you can trust that the Laws of the Universe are here for you. ALL the Great Teachers of all Religions and different Spiritual backgrounds knew that prayer was the key to happiness and having a balanced life.

It is important to know that every belief, religion, or any other man made belief does not have all the answers. Trust in what You Believe.

Do not feel Obligated to Pray to a God you do not know. How to Pray to God, I will tell you this, EVERYTHING you talk to God about is OK. Nothing is off limits because you are not being Judged.

Like any conversation with a friend, you need to also listen. If it is always about You and You are not open to what God is telling You, Then You are going to stay on the Outside instead being Inside with God.

That little voice you hear or that feeling you can not get rid of or that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach, it is all God. YOU just need to Let Go and Let God.

This article is about helping you get closer to God. So follow these steps and you will start to experience a change in your life.

1. Find a quiet place were you will not be interrupted.

2. Just start Talking to God. Do not worry about any format or having to articulate in a special way. Talk to God as you would an intimate friend. If you need to ask for something special do not beg. Ask in a clear manner knowing exactly what you want without specifying the outcome.

3. Know that God is with you. Try to center yourself so you can listen to what God is telling you.

4. Give thanks for your life. Give thanks for the conversation and what you may have asked for.

5. Know without reservation that you have already received the Blessing you need. Release all thoughts into Universal Mind knowing you all ready have it.

I believe it is important for me to tell you this. How to Talk to God! Yes it is not hard but the thing to remember is until you get comfortable and understand the way God works in your life do not expect miracles.

You are still using the consciousness you now have. Your thinking will need to come more in sync with the Universe or God. It would do you good to take the time every day to practice until you are comfortable.

Read some of my other articles and it my help in giving you great insight on how to improve your consciousness.

Be patient with yourself and it will all come together for you.

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Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

Jo_Goldsmith11 5 years ago

thank you for sharing this! This is really awesome! :-) I talk with God like I would a friend. I think it is so important for folks to know that God is infinite and undescrible, but he just wants us to talk to him and fellowship with him. Great detail and really inspiring!

Bravo! voted up! way up! :-)

Rev Bill profile image

Rev Bill 5 years ago from FORT WHITE,FL Author

Thank you for your kind words. I agree with you it is important to go inside every day. Blessings, Bill

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