Leo Woman and Virgo Man

Leo woman and Virgo man is a difficult match. More so than you might think at first, and I'll tell you why. They are polar opposites in every way! Yes, opposites can attract. But when you're this opposite all levels, the attraction isn't likely to last for long unless there are some significant aspects in the natal charts which make this combination more likely to succeed. So if you've met a Leo woman or Virgo man and you want to know how compatible the two of you are, have a look and see!

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Woman

Leo woman is a drama queen, but most people are too busy admiring her to make a big fuss over her need for attention. Not Virgo man. Virgo man likes his environment serene, peaceful and drama-free. This is hard to manage with a Leo woman present, particularly when she's raising hell over his lack of demonstration toward her. She wants him to show how much he loves her and she's already got strong opinions as to what that would constitute. Virgo man finds this childish and wants to change these habits and make her more laid-back -- but you cannot change a Leo woman unless you've somehow managed to make her think it was her idea to change, and when it comes to being a drama queen, she's perfectly happy being such, thank you very much! Why should she change for Virgo man? Better he simply adapt and show her the love and respect and admiration everyone else on earth shows her!

Virgo Man

Virgo man is naturally drawn to Leo woman just like every other man, but he will really find it annoying that she can't seem to control herself -- can't control her spending, can't be a neat-freak like him, can't control her emotions, and needs constant reassurance from him in matters of affection. At some point he'll also realize he can't "teach" her these things, because she's not got the genes for it, and since no one else seems to mind, she's in no hurry to change. He may also resent how much drama she wants in the boudoir -- he's more of a laid-back Romeo and she wants to turn him into Don Juan. As you can see, both of them want to change the other in fundamental ways, which can lead to big conflict.

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