Lets Manifest

So spending several hours in the salon I had a chance to watch a ton of reality television and this is something I don’t do at all. We started watching an episode of Jerseylicious. The show was like any other reality show but one of the characters Olivia became motivated after seeing a movie and created a dream board. This was really cute because she puts things she wants on the board and then she can manifest them. Her use of the word was a little out of context but I was really feeling her motivation.

Manifest means clearly apparent to the sight or understanding; obvious. Olivia was putting her goals in front of her. Even though she was starting on a smaller scale, it would help her see them and realize what she is working so hard to achieve. Leaving the salon exhausted but on sensory overload I was motivated. Who knew someone else’s reality could put you back in prospective of your own. Writing down your goals and dreams is the first step to visualizing the moves you want to take. Simple…. right

I have not pulled out my construction paper yet and created my dream board but I’m pretty sure I can “manifest” one in the near future……..


Alice F Spencer

The cold air hits my nose, as the fish circle around to hear my story.

Oh no not tonight guys, I’m silent

As silent as the currents

You ever look out across the water and wonder where that one light will lead you?

Every current is a different thought, different dream

I just want to accomplish them all at once but….

I have to stay silent and take one current at a time


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