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"no one loved ever dies"

A friend verbally morns the dire straights of an ill co-worker enumerating his gifts; beautiful person; great father; mentor in a memorial to his existence. Another reminder that everyone of us needs to embrace the light of each day as a heavenly gift of atonement. No one is perfect though some live lives of obscure perfection. Why?

Reality bites! Pigeon holing our existence is toxic. Grow wings of freedom; an open heart. I have a sign in my bathroom that greets me every day. 'Love like you'll never get hurt.' And I say, 'Hurt like you have loved'. Now I'm here just where I want to be or is it? The world in front of me is vast and endless in possibilities. But old beliefs and coping tools are an amazing hindrance. Being alone is comforting yet unfulfilling, what an oxymoron of desire.

"Hurt me once shame on you hurt me twice shame on me"!

And so the protective robe of caution evades direction. I need to shed the limits of judgment that enabled others to define my existence.

"I am not what I am, I am what I think you think I am"!

Craziness! Allow yourself the freedom of you and all the joy your presence evokes. Deny the naysayers, critics of who you are and let the love that emits from your very core permeate the flesh of each person the sunshine of your smile warms.

"Live the is the first day of the rest of your life".

I opened my eyes to the light of the Lord this morning knowing full well he has granted me another day of living. As I sip my morning tea, outside my window two red breasted robins busily searched for worms in the soft green grass. A gentle wind tosses the leaves of the fall colored shrubs that line my walkway. I live blessed. The soothing ticking of the clock is an accompaniment to the peaceful silence. A lovely vase of late summer blossoms comfort my sleep filled eyes. I live another day loved!


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