Living a Christian Life

Making it Daily

Day to day we are faced with many challenges that can almost throw a person off track. It can sabotage someone that is not stable in what they believe. That's why when living a Christian life, reading the Bible on a daily basis can help you through not only the little things but the larger ones as well.

Another thing that can help is to get a podcast of your favorite preachers, so that you can listen to them on the way to work, exercising, cleaning house, or anything else you might want to do. Listening to these can help build your faith and help get you through everything.

Love one another

I know this title explains it all. Love one another. Yes, it's easy to love people you are close to, but what about your enemies? Love them too. Pray for them. You should not allow anger for another person bring you away from what God has planned for you. If you feel your heart with love, it will be returned.

I know you may think this is hard to do. But it's not. Every time you find yourself getting upset with this person, think of something good about them. You not like your sister-in-law, but she takes care of the house, she works. It could be anything. If you focus on the good and not the bad, you'll see more good. Love them, no matter what they've done to you.

Living a christian life can be hard, but it's a joyous victory. And it's one that is contagious. When others see how well you are doing, they'll want to follow in your lead, so lead them the right way.

God Bless


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