Living in the Kingdom NOW!

My youngest son against the glorious sunlight in a ricefield. Like a scene in the glorious Kingdom of God.
My youngest son against the glorious sunlight in a ricefield. Like a scene in the glorious Kingdom of God.

On Earth as It is in Heaven

One day, I posted on my FB wall--

"It's good to wake up in the Kingdom of God!"

I got alarmed comments:

"You're still young brother! God can still use you in this life!"

"Why do you wish to die so soon?"

"Don't die yet!"

I couldn't help but LOL. Some folks cannot imagine the Kingdom on earth, much more, living daily in the Kingdom while still on earth. But the Master told us exactly that through his prayer--God's will should be done on earth as it is being done in heaven. He wouldn't lie, would he? He wouldn't say something that isn't possible.

We have to live in the Kingdom now and be governed by Kingdom principles, statutes, and precepts daily, every moment of the day--though there are no "laws and rules" in the Kingdom the way the world has them. In the Kingdom there's only freedom--whom the Son sets free is free indeed. That word is eternal, taking effect now and forever.

And that's another thing. When I tell churches (who invite me to speak) there's only freedom in the Kingdom--no prohibitions--their jaws drop in disbelief and suspect me to be a cult. If you're in heaven, do you think God will tell you that sinning is forbidden there? Of course not. It's in your Kingdom nature not to sin when you're in heaven. No big deal. Right?

But that doesn't have to happen only in heaven. Jesus told me (I mean us) through his prayer that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Isn't that clear enough?

They Thought Jesus was a Madman

It's inevitable. If you live in the Kingdom now while on earth, people would see you a madman. "Many of them said, 'He is demon-possessed and raving mad. Why listen to him?'" [John10.20]. Festus thought Paul had become insane: "At this point Festus interrupted Paul's defence. 'You are out of your mind, Paul!' he shouted. 'Your great learning is driving you insane.'" [Acts 26.24].

Seriously living out Kingdom life--with its mindsets, principles, and cultures--will render you odious to those of this world, even some bible-believing people. Weren't Jesus' and Paul's detractors all solidly bible-believing people? In fact, they were God's people.

I imagine Jesus heading to remote places and the mountainsides everyday while all the rest headed to their workplace, schools, bible-based ministries, and the marketplace. Jesus alone took that different route because he was a Kingdom man. All the others had the world as the priority, but nothing was more important to Jesus than to hear the Father speak.

Mary probably was worried about how his son would turn up king of Israel as prophesied if all he did all his life was to seek the Father in remote places. He should be in university or seminary earning degrees and titles if he were to be high priest or king. You see, nobody knew what Kingdom life really was, not even the most "spiritual" among them, except Jesus.

That's what living in the Kingdom now, means.

A Kingdom not of this world.
A Kingdom not of this world.

Not of this World

I'm in this world but not of this world. I believe that with all my heart. So I live it out daily, each moment--I'm not of this world. If an alien lives in Manila, his body, soul and spirit is still very much alien, though he may love the culture and try to belong. But deep inside him, he will remain an alien.

I live and move around in the world as if I belong to it. But deep in me, I know I'm not of this world. I live as a stranger and alien. I think, act, and live differently from those who permanently reside here. I even look and speak differently. Most times, they find me weird--I have a different culture, tradition, and look forward to a different future. And mind you, I'm not just talking about attending a different bible-based church without idols, with a different worship program and church doctrine. I'm different from all that. I'm different from anything of this world.

I'm a real citizen of the Kingdom Jesus talks about in Scripture.

A New Creation

If you live in the Kingdom now and everyday, you are a new creation--the old is past. This new creation is totally different from how the old creation had been. It's not a combination of the old and new, and it's definitely not something you workout gradually. Anyone in Christ is a new creation, period.

While everyone values material possessions, influence, and power so that they work hard to get what they want, you believe that blessed are the meek because God will make them owners of the earth. While everyone values position, titles, degrees, recognition, and self-importance as keys to success, you believe that blessed are the poor in spirit (or the selfless) because they own God's Kingdom while still on earth.

Living in the Kingdom now means you do exactly the opposite of what the world does without meaning to. No effort. It's in your nature to be different. Non conformists put lots of effort to prove they're different, but not you. It's in your DNA to be an alien in this world because you have the Jesus DNA. That DNA cannot be had by merely being active in church, mouthing spiritual things, or posting verses on Facebook. You have to really quit the world and start living in the Kingdom daily, each moment.


Quitting the Rat Race

One sign you're in the Kingdom is if you're out of any rat race. The Kingdom knows no rat race--competition, busyness, hitting targets, proving your worth, vying for positions, pleasing people, looking for acceptance, bothered by opinions or anything like that. Kingdom people simply move with the Holy Spirit as they're being led. As they flow with the Spirit, Kingdom targets are hit in Kingdom timing. Everything fits in the Kingdom timetable.

You don't have to hurry up or slow down. You don't have to worry about yesterday or tomorrow. And today just happens as it is in heaven. You're never late or too early for anything. It's a zero-stress life so you don't have to be too angry or disappointed at something that it affects your character and health. Just make sure you're in the Kingdom with the King, under his aegis, dominion and authority.

Quitting the rat race like this makes you think I'm living in a solitary place in the mountains where I'm secluded from all human activity. Nope, farther from the truth. I'm a web content writer working with clients, I'm into sales and marketing (freelance), I'm into network marketing, and I'm in the Sun Life insurance and investment work. Just the other year, I was even a marketing director of a direct sales company. I often deal with difficult people, stubborn folks, and those who get pleasure by making other people miserable. They can't touch you if you're in the Kingdom--God's Kingdom is too high for them to reach. So they remain below.

I discovered the Kingdom Life in 1998 (I was born again in 1980) and have been growing in it each day. I'm right in the middle of busyness in the world and yet I daily live in the Kingdom busy only with the King's business. Oh yes, it's possible. It's true--the poor in spirit owns the Kingdom and the meek owns the earth.

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