Lucky Charms For Your Room

Laughing Buddha
Laughing Buddha

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Each of us has his or her own individual auspicious direction depending on his or her "kwa" number. Here are some lucky charms for the different directions or parts of your bedroom.

  • In the southwest part of the bedroom, display a pair of mandarin ducks, rose quartz in the shape of hearts or love gems for a successful marriage.
  • In the western part, display a pair of elephant figurines to have a productive marriage and good descendents (children). A picture of a pomegranate or a pair of swans give fertility luck and crystal globes will give smart kids. A figure of a three generation tortoise (three tortoises, one on top of the other with the biggest below and then smallest on top) will also help produce a good line of descendants.
  • The east is the health sector in your bedroom. To have a healthy life, display a tortoise orWu Lou (ground-shaped vessel), a jade tree or a Laughing Buddha in this part. These suggested enhancers could be placed on a table. Use a compass to find the right direction for positioning.

  • If you want to activate your marriage luck, create peach blossom luck. This will help you find your soulmate. If you are an ox, snake, or rooster-born person place a figure or picture of a red horse in the south portion of your room. If you were born in the yearof the rat, dragon or monkey, place a golden rooster in the north of the bedroom. A green rabbit will attract marital luck to the dog, tiger or horse if it is placed in the east.
  • If your bedroom is located in the east, hang a six-rod metal chime or six-heavy I-Ching coins tied in red string on the eastern portion to counter the effect of the illness star. You can guard your bedroom positioned in this location against this violence star with a pair of rhinoceros to overcome bad luck.
  • Counter the unlucky effect of the five yellow stars in the northwest by placing a five-element pagoda.
  • To avoid the argumentative star, which produces quarrels, rocky marriages and unstable partnerships, place a red and gold Laughing Buddha or a Mandala painting in the southeast sector of the bedroom.
  • To prevent extra marital affairs, place six smooth colored crystal balls in the center of a table or shelf in your bedroom.
  • The auspicious wealth star is in the south this year. To attract happiness and wealth, place a wish fulfilling bird like a peacock or phoenix and put bright lights in the southern sector of your room.

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Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 8 years ago from West By God

Thank You. I shall send this to my youngest daughter who it seems is havig a problem finding the right man to marry.

babybrownfox profile image

babybrownfox 8 years ago Author

I wish her good luck and may she find the perfect man for her.

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 8 years ago from West By God

You don't know how I wish that everyday. She almost got married--had everything planned last year for a June wedding and even paid for the honeymoon--and then he stole her debit card--wiped her account out and then proceeded to get his mother's card and do the same thing. Then she met another guy--who was an alcoholic. She is really having a hard time of it and she is 30 yr old. She needs a good man to find her!

babybrownfox profile image

babybrownfox 8 years ago Author

Oh really!!! that's very sad to know. She must have been so lonely for what had happen. I really wish her to find the perfect man for her. She should try to find some other places like the Philippines. Maybe she could find someone deserving of her love.

marivic reyes 4 years ago


gudday can u help me...i have a jade tree stone where i can put in my house it is ok in our bedroom..tnx more power hope u ans me

steven 4 years ago

what is peach blossom luck for marriages?

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