We at SATHGURU SAITHAIGURUPIRAN GNANALAYAM who have built an 18feet MADURAI VEERAN TEMPLE AT ANUMANTHAPURAM village near CHENNAI, wants to create a club of members who are having MUDURAI VEERAN as their kuladeivam, so that wee can gather information about HIS temples in south and outside world. Also we can communicate between us as brothers or sisters of the same family.More over we can gather HIS stories, history if possible, from the kuthu. dramas,or old oral songs etc, and pool the datas in between us. Our guru SAITHAI RAMALINGANAR, was VEERAN desiple, and all will ask how MADURAI VEERAN " LIVED" during 17th century can be a GURU to one who was born during 1916. MADURAI VEERAN is a SDIDHA, which HE has not shown in that AVATAR. As they are beyond time and death, and as such they can come anywhere at their will. Please conact me Suresh Pusari. CELL 9688293979, Pease send your Name, age, address, contact numbers.

yours brotherly,



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madhu saravanan 5 years ago

sir kindly advice me how to make pooja for madurai veeran and where.thanks

manjula 5 years ago


P.K.PADMANABHAN,|am manjula and our family kuladeva is madurai veeran our ansister did not showed the place and we never came to madurai veeran to take blessing.

our jotyish is saying that you should go to madurai veeran for blessing to complete your work or wishs to complete. So we don't know how to come for the madurai veeran, will you please say has how to come and what are the traditions to follow

Hoping you will help us.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


MR. NAVEEN 5 years ago

Dear Sir,

SIDDHA means great yogi who has attained the highest place in yoga, and HE is GURU to our GURU SAITHAI RAMALINGANAR under whom I was trained in yoga of meditation

Saravanan 5 years ago

Thank you sir, for posting this information on web. I want to know more about our Kuladeivam. Please help. My email id is

P.K.PADMANABHAN 5 years ago

Dear Sir,

Please refer madurai veeran story written by me at Wikepedia.


Isha 5 years ago


I would like to know what prayers to say so that I don not fream about Madurai Veeran anymoer.

Thank you

Isha 5 years ago


I would like to know what prayers to say so that I do not dream about Madurai Veeran anymore.

Thank you

iSHA 5 years ago


So many people want to see Him atleast in dream. If this distrub you please pray mentally to Him, and the dream will stop. No mantra is required.

PADMANABHAN 5 years ago

The above message is written by me to Isha please

T.V.Jayagopal 5 years ago

I am a student(pre k g) of Guru PKP, the teachings are very simple and leading and very nice experience to learn from him.

profile image

P.K.PADMANABHAN 5 years ago Author

Dear all,

If you look from HIS FEET gradually raising your sight from there to reach HIS CROWN with devotion daily for minimum 30 minutes, then it is enough to get HIS blessings in a year. For this you should have atleast a photo of HIM. You should offer HIM SOME FLOWES. If you want to see HIM, THEN IT IS POSSIBLE ONLY THROUGH YOGA.

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P.K.PADMANABHAN 4 years ago Author

Dear Sir,

I have written the entire history of HIM in WAKEPEDIA. sO i REQUEST TO RFER the same.

Shan 4 years ago

I just came to knoe my Kulatheivam is Ayya Madhurai Veeran.

I don't know proper way to pray to Ayya. I hope can get some proper guidance to pray cause i don't want to offence Ayya. Thank you

bala 4 years ago

Sir.can pls email me the madurai veeran history like

where he born?married with background..why they put name madurai veeran..wht is real


tq from malaysia- bala

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P.K.PADMANABHAN 4 years ago Author

Dear Bala,

i have posted all details known to me about MADURAI VEERAN in wakepedia. Kindly refer the same.

Thanking you for the enqueary,



SN.SURYA 4 years ago

Sir how to make puja for madurai veeran

SN.SURYA 4 years ago

Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,

You should have atleast a photo of HIM. Garland the photo and start to look from HIS feet,gradulay reach HIS face and like this for minimum ten times a day. There should be enough light. Finaly in the long run please see HIS eyes and close your eyes and concetrate on his eye, then you will see light flowing within. but it will take long time to achieve this stage.

If you want a simple method then, chant HIS NAME for atleast 108 times daily. Wish you success.



anita selvaraj 4 years ago

pls tell me about maduraiveeran .i don't know how to do puja him.maduraiverran photo i have .what should i do pls mail me my id

kalai 4 years ago

is madurai veeran vege or non-vege...pls let me

shashi 4 years ago

dear sir,i would like to know what else we must offer to HIM then flowers,ciggars&wine...what mantra we should use to get his blessings?i&my family also have some problems from black magic by our must we pray to HIM so that AYYA protects&helps us?pls reply to thank u very much..

SHASHI 4 years ago

Dear madam,

If there is MADURAI VEERAN TEMPLE nearby then go there and worship HIM. I have built HIS TEMPLE AT ANUMANTHAPURAM VILLAGE near SINGAPERUMAL KOIL, NEAR CHENNAI, and if you can come over here and do abhishekam and archana, then HE WILL PROTECT YOU FROM EVILS.. Like this you can do pooja etc, at the temple near your location



SHASHI 4 years ago

thnxx a lot sir,

by the way i also wanted to know what is the best mantra to be used to get his blessings&protections.thank you

Murali Kumar 4 years ago

Dear Mr. Padmanaban,

Really it is great details provided by you in Wiki and the answers. I am from Dindigul and we will also pray the same Madurai Veeran as our Kuladeivam. We have planned to construct a big MADURAI VEERAN temple near Dindigul. The Trust formation is under process. This is for your information and We will invite you for the advice. Since we don't have any separate temple for Ayya Madurai veeran at south side so we planned..

we will contact you soon.

Thanks and regards

Murali Kumar Segaran


P.K.PADMANABHAN 4 years ago

Dear Murali,

I wellcome your egerness to built a temple for MADURAI VEERAN. You can contact me through my id, in future for any guidence in this regard.

Thanking you,



shashi 4 years ago

dear sir,im from malaysia i wanted to built a temple for him here.but i need more money to do it....can sir teach me how to get ayya's blessing to get more i got a photo of him which i pray daily..what must i do to so that he will bless my family to get his blessings to get more wealth..thank you sir.sincerely shashi malaysia.

Mike 4 years ago

Dear Mr. Padmanaban,

Is Madurai Veeran related to Kal Bhario/ Kal bhariv?

P.K.PADMANABHAN 4 years ago

Dear Shashi,

HE WILL NOT GIVE MONEY, but will guide you to lead a good life, as money will come and go, and it cannot give any one a peaceful life. So pray before HIM to give you a tension free life.

P.K.PADMANABHAN 4 years ago

Dear Mike,

In some part of this world HE is called as BRAVO. BHIRAV is lord SHIVA"S INCORNATION and he has several temple but the important is at KASI

P.K.PADMANABHAN 4 years ago


Awaiting your comment,



Padmanabhan sir, 4 years ago

This is Chinni babu ,from Bangalore.After visiting his temple at Hanumathapura,i am blessed with Peace of mind and relief

from all obstacles.

I really love to worship him and pray him to give me strength

both by body and mind and make his temple a famous one .

Shobha 4 years ago

Dear Sir My in law families kuladevam is Madhura veeran so i m basically belong to a christian family but i follow all hindu rituals , fast, festivals, etc., but i would like to know can i offer prayers to madhura veeran at my place as we stay separate me my husband and three children. my husband says if you do the pooja then continuos we have to do everymonth 0r 3months is it like this. We do everyday pooja at home in my inlaws place we have a family get together and non veg etc with wine and all. so please guide me i don't have the photo also so what excatly i have to do because i m working women.

shobha 4 years ago

Dear SIr and also i m from bangalore and i think we don't have temple here. so please help me

vmvelloo 3 years ago

iI have built a new temple in my hse compound and I need the mantra

for the yantra.I already have d gold plate. Can I pls have d mantra so that I can give d pather to write on d plate


logeswaran 3 years ago

Hi there...m praying to lord madurei veeran since 26 years old and he is my kulla shud i knw that he is with me?..can u tell me some mantra tat i cn use to communicate wit i need to seat for 48days n read this mantra?and shud i get a guru to get this mantra?

Kavitha Murugan 3 years ago

Dear Sir,

Madurai Veeran appa is my kulam deivam. I want to know appa's the 48 moolam mandhiram (with his names). I have only 21 of them thru my search by internet. Ofr an example Aum Madurai Veeraya Namaha, Aum Maha veeraya namaha, Aum......... If possible, kindly provide me the all 48 names. Thank you.

Sivadasan.R 2 years ago

My kula deivam is also Appa Madurai Veeran. Appa will cover his deities from sorrows and evils. He will ensure that all the family members under him thinks good, treats good, prays good and feels good. I also wish to know the address of hanumantapura temple.

Rajeshkumar 2 years ago

Dear Sir, pls help me sir we are from udumalpet. we are founding maduraiveeran samy kudikonda old temple village at madurai area, sir help that location name and address our temple above 10 years any function or any body not coming but now we are arranging festival but sami told our own place area theertham. we are founding last 1 year but till now unable to found that area pls help me sir.... ungalai than thevaivamaka nambi irrukkom sir pla help..... Regards, Rajesh - 90470 11435

Sivalingum Vishagen Moonsamy 2 years ago

Can you please send me your email address we talked over the phone

k.s.d 2 years ago

sir I wanna do annadhanam in maduraveeran temple. is it allowed in anumanthapuram?

lakshmmi 2 years ago

hello sir, im lakshmmi from telangana state.i got married in-law kula deivam is lord Madurai veeran(Madura veeraiya).i want to his wife name or the two ladies standing beside him.we have the photo and we worship god daily.

senthil 2 years ago

Am from Chennai. I want to pray my kula deivam madhurai veeran.... And also mudi erakkanum.. Kathu kuthanum... Can i do there... Please respond me

Uma Devi 2 years ago

Madhurai Veeran Sami is my Kuladhevam. The most beautiful thing iun my life is praying to him. I feel I can't live or die without him.

Uma Devi 2 years ago

Appa is always with me. My eyes always search for him. My ears are always listening to his songs and his name I feel I am not tired talking about him. I want to know about him an d his pooja. Help me.

sujay kumar 2 years ago

Sir can u pls tel me where is Madurai veeran temple in madhurai it is our kulladaiva and me along with my family need to visit the temple an get blessings from him..sir can u pls send the information to my email address

nanthiny 2 years ago


kumaresh 2 years ago

May I know how to do puja for madurai veeran as this is the first time.pls teach me...

siva 2 years ago

greetings, hi sir im devotee to ayya Madurai Veeran, i pray HIM at my home, but still he didn't come to my very worried sir..

ravin 2 years ago

I ama from Malaysia sir . 4 years i pray Ayiya Mathurai Veeran . But I don't knw how to do proper pooja for him?.. just i do abihisegam n pray through saivam only.. so can sir help me ? how to do proper pooja??

Ravin 2 years ago

This my email address any information sent to this address sir 10q

s n surya 2 years ago

Dear sir

I reside in south Andaman and my kula deivam is madurai veeran ayya.

I pray him daily and my question is en udambil arul aeravaipathu yeppadi.

tangarajan 2 years ago

Ennai kaappavarum....kaathu konddiruppavarum en appan veeraney.

Lalitha 2 years ago

In ullikadai-aduthurai there is a veeran temple where kumbabishekam also took place a year ago.

We can give number to contact if anyone needs.

thevar 2 years ago

my husband side-marutha veeran is their guardian god. If i want to have the status at my home, where should i place it? Outside facing my house or the road?any specific direction?

vasanthi 23 months ago

my kuladeivam is veeranar first time i'm going to worship how could i,please tell me

KUMAR 22 months ago

maru kal maru kai (details for this )

Ruban kumar.... 21 months ago

Dear sir,

I am from cuddalore. Our kuladeivam is sapthamatha(7),madurai veteran (1or3)and meenakshi,kamakshi,visalatchu(1oor 3) all made of brick under a tree since 300 years.... And sapthamatha and 3 idols are facing in same direction.. The 1 idol is straight opposite to 3 idols.... Our doubt is veeran is 1 or 3 (with his wifes)..... And usually veeran faces which direction?....... Kindly waiting for reply....... My email..... Phone...9994747421..... Thank you sir........

LAKSHMI 21 months ago


Uma Devi 17 months ago

Madhurai veeran sami can face any side. BUT never put him in South side.

Sivakumar 17 months ago

Dear Sir

Our Family god Madhuraiveeran at Thirumangaicchery near Kumbakonam,we are built new temple , my ancients are prey only photo

Now we are built suthai , So, pls need ur help ,Madhuraiveeran ,Siting photo with family or Standing photo with family pls sent my mail ID and our Main Amman silai (Kannayi amman) Thanks /M Sivakumar 9500099575

Ashok 12 months ago


Our family kuldeviam in madhuraiveeran . Please send email to of any events or pooja. I am in Chennai only.



Devendra 12 months ago

Hello ..

I came to know that my Kula dhaivam is madhuraveeran .but ,I don't know the proper way how to do meat festfest pooja

Vinoth 11 months ago

Hi boss,

I'm from Singapore.

My name is Vinoth and our kuladeivam is Madurai Veeran too.

I'm 27 this year.

Home Address: Blk 775, #02-3588, Yishun Ring Road,

Postal Code: Singapore (760775)

Contact number : +65 97265736

Do ring me or send me any invitation or letters regarding the temple prayers and all.

Thank you.

A BASKAR Chennai 3 months ago

Sir,my kuladeivam sree madurai veeran. I want to know the madurai veeran temples entire Tamilnadu. any saranam is there for our madurai veeran

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