Mangal Yantra-A Tool of Timely and Happy Marriage

Influencing the Impact of Mars

In the beliefs of Vedic Astrology, Mars has been described as an intrinsically malefic planet, which more often than not creates an inauspicious impact on a person. In some cases, its inauspicious phase lasts for as long as seven years. Usually, that long inauspicious period remains comprised of too many difficulties and troubles to be faced by the host. Mangal Yantra can be brought into use for stimulating the influence of Mars and for eradicating the malefic impacts as created by it during inauspicious period.

Also, it strengthens its position and pleases its Lord. It has been mentioned in various sacred texts including Purans that when Mars gets pleased, it confers lots of elements of content in ones’ life. Also, it also fulfills all desires of a person to the justified extent. Precisely, if your Mars resides in either first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house, then it is highly recommended to have this Yantra.

A Yantra for Marriage

It is prominently known for its abilities to eliminate all the causes and obstacles of hindrances in someone’s marriage. People, who find themselves or anyone in their friends or family circle to have passed that appropriate marriageable age, should prefer to have this Yantra to no more get delayed by it. It has also been found to be one useful Yantra for those who are already married, but are unhappy with it because of too many conflicts or lack of understanding in it.

Other Benefits

Besides the above stated useful benefits, this Yantra also possess many other divine powers with which it can positively influence few other essential segments of life. It has been accepted as an effective tool for pregnant women, who by possessing it can ensure safe delivery of child. Also, if a woman wears it, then all chances of abortions get eliminated and all hindrances which might be depriving one from the content of motherhood terminate. In case, where one is under the burden by enormous debt and has been genuinely remain unable to clear it, possessing this Yantra can be effective. It will bring in resources enough in your life to make you able enough to clear all your debts.

As already stated, all desires of a person get fulfilled and one is able to lead a life which is full of comforts. All rivalries and rivals either ward off or terminate or face defeat. It protects its wearer from all sorts of danger which poison or poisonous substances can make. It also eliminates one’s vulnerability to suffer accidents or injuries. In its healing properties, it brings a relief to those suffering from the problems of high blood pressure.

Using It Aptly

It is very important for one to strictly abide by the rules of possessing, using, and worshipping a Yantra, if one wishes to derive any sort of results out of it. Here, we will discuss about the process of possessing it.

Take a bath and purify yourself not only on the aspects of body, but also mind and soul. It is very important to attain that state before getting started with the process. With a positive frame of mind, sit down at a place which is peaceful and where you can put in profound concentration while performing the process. Make sure to have your face directed to East. Light incense sticks and lamps, in as many numbers as you want. Offer fresh flowers and fresh fruits to the altar. Open Mangal Yantra and place it beside the idol or image of your Isht Lord and deity of the Yantra. Take some fresh water, and sprinkle it first over yourself and then over the Yantra by filling it in a leaf of any tree. Concentrate and devotedly chant the associated Mantra of “Om AngGaaRaKaya Namah” for at least 21 times. Conclude the process by offering your prayers to the Yantra, deity of the Yantra, and your Isht Lord.

How to Derive Utmost Benefits

If one wishes to derive utmost out of the powers of this Yantra, one is recommended to follow a worship process, which involves following a fast for 21 Tuesdays on a stretch besides offering worships to this Yantra.

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