Manifesting Your Heart's Desires and How it's Done

There's No Such Thing as 'Extra Money', so Manifest What You Need

Wouldn't it be nice to manifest a wad of cash every so-often? It can be done!
Wouldn't it be nice to manifest a wad of cash every so-often? It can be done! | Source

Negativity Hurts Us All

In this world there are unseen, intangible laws working whether we notice them or not. For instance, the “Like Attracts Like” law, which some people mistake for an aspect of Karma’s “what goes around comes around.”

Unless one can see auras, we cannot see what we or others are attracting except by looking at their lives and how much happiness or Peace they exhibit. Naturally, those who put out negative thoughts and actions live more negativity than those who try to remain positive.

Thoughts are real things, although we cannot touch or see them, and once we think the thought, it goes out of our control and it sticks in our aura. Whatever kind of thoughts they are, they attract like thoughts put out by other people. These attracted energies can (and do) attract people, energies and happenings around us, making our thought forms bigger and bigger from joining together until it surrounds us. One can fairly say that a person lives the amount of negative or positive thoughts they put out into the Universe.

This is the reason some say we are what we think, and to an extent that’s true. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, healthy or sickly, positive thinkers have a better time at Life, good and bad. They don’t see situations as ‘bad‘, per se, but more as, it’s just the way things are right now, at this moment; it‘s just what has to be done at this time, and it‘s temporary.

Manifesting Your Desires Takes Time to Learn

It takes some amount of concentration, true desire, and expectation training to change the way a person thinks; they must truly want the change and make a true effort to bring about the change, giving it the time necessary for the desired change to take place.

Nobody else can do it for us, and at first, it isn’t easy. It’s that four-letter word nobody likes: WORK.

We’ve all heard sayings like, ‘If you can see it, you can be it,’ or ‘Create the change,’ or ‘Visualize what you want to manifest.’ There are a myriad of sayings to go along with these, but you get the general drift. Some people tape daily affirmations to their bathroom mirror and repeat them each day. Some meditate, which is really the best way to manifest anything we can wish for, and others spend every waking minute pushing negative thoughts out of their head.

There are tons of ways to bring about the change and, even with the help of a ‘trainer’, only the person doing the work can decide which way works best for them and how much they can do it. It’s a very personal thing.

Manifesting is a Gift From God for Those Who Have Faith

One of the laws we are enveloped in, yet most never even think of it, is the Law of Abundance. It’s in the bible and people who translate, modify and apply it to their everyday lives have what they need … and want… in abundance. It’s not just for businesses, for getting money, or being selfish; it’s using a God-given property that not only works, but can satisfy many kinds of one’s abundant needs, be it healing, finances, food, furniture; literally any/everything.

How do we use this Law of Abundance? Many of the steps you’ve already known for years and they’re very easy to perform, but for whatever the reason you either used them inefficiently or altogether disregarded them. Other steps are more difficult to do but the results are impossible to deny, and once realized, will become more of a way of living than an effort to be made.

The thing is - and this is very important, even detrimental to it all - you must actively train yourself to completely believe all your needs will be met simply for the asking.

If YOU don’t have faith in your thoughts, neither will the Universe, and, it’s those positive thought forms that you want to attract, so thoughts are extremely important here. Even if your thoughts are just telling yourself that it is so and you believe it will happen simply for your blind faith. Convincing yourself to believe it will put out the right kind of thought forms you need to attract for manifestation.

So, even if you find it hard to make yourself believe something will happen, spending time convincing yourself of it is just what the Universe likes to ‘see’.

Open Up and Believe

Waterfalls provide the perfect 'white noise' that often can help in meditation and manifestation.
Waterfalls provide the perfect 'white noise' that often can help in meditation and manifestation. | Source

Get Manifesting! Here's How to Manifest Your Desires

Getting ready for your first manifestation session, clear your schedule for the first half-hour of the day after you‘re warm, fully awake and rested (so get that coffee going), fed (eat something), and without distraction (shut the door). It doesn’t have to be dark in the room, but it helps at first. Quiet is more important, unless you’re really good at tuning out distractions, and if you are then you can do it anywhere you’ll be left alone for a little while.

Step 1:
Think seriously about what it is you lack an abundance of. Write it down and specify exact details, like what you want, how much of it you want, when you want it, what color, how big; everything you can think of. Vague details may manifest unwanted results when you leave them up to the Universe to decide them.

Your needs maybe be many, so make a complete detailed list of all you can think of, with the most urgent need at the top, and things you can wait for at the bottom.

Step 2:
Starting out, just do one item on the list at a time, starting at the top of the list. After the top few have been manifested, you’re well trained at it, so then you can try to manifest 2 or 3 at a time, making sure to give all of them equal time and effort.

Step 3:
Get another piece of paper and write down all the details of your chosen item without looking at your original list. Memorize all the details about it until you can see it fully with your eyes closed, trying to see more details than you have written down already. Write those new details on the new paper.

Step 4:
Eyes closed, hold the paper to your forehead (your Third Eye; put the writing on your skin) and visualize receiving the need in full abundance. For example, say you need $550 before the first of the month, when a bill is due. You would have the need written down (I need money) for (rent), the amount ($550), when you need it (the end of this month), method (cash, check, electronic deposit).

Still holding the paper to your head, visualize getting the money you need and your reaction to receiving it (happiness, handing the money to the landlord, sitting worriless on your patio enjoying sweet tea because your rent is paid up, etc). Do this for as long as you can, up to about 20-30 minutes. Throughout the day re-visualize this (only more briefly) and the many ways the money can come to you; see the mailman bringing so much money that it won‘t all fit in the receptacle and it‘s falling out onto the ground; see it raining $50 bills 3 feet deep and you‘re walking through them like Autumn leaves; or someone bringing you a bowl-full of cash as a meal in a restaurant. If your phone or watch has an alarm on it, it’s wise to set it to go off at least 3 times throughout the day. That way, if you get busy and forget, the alarm will remind you to do a little creative visualization.

Step 4a: Now you must live like you just made arrangements for your need to be fulfilled - without fail. Rather than thinking about asking for help with it or wracking your brain trying to figure out ways to make it happen, try to convince yourself it’s already underway and know that it’s going to happen. Don’t hope it will happen, don’t wish it will happen, know it will and know it every day until it manifests. Make sure you attract the right kinds of thought forms by adding to and growing your own positive-attracting thought forms.

Meditate, Visualize, Manifest!

The old Columbia Gorge highway leads to Crown Point, where the view over the river is breath-taking.
The old Columbia Gorge highway leads to Crown Point, where the view over the river is breath-taking. | Source

Manifest it in Your Brain; Know it Will Happen

Step 5:

With a verbal declaration/decree and a constant effort to keep Faith that the need will be fulfilled without fail, also re-practice the previous visualizations throughout each/every day. Your verbal decree should be said out loud three times in a row, and can be your version of “I believe God (Buddha, Allah, etc.) for $550 in cash by the 31st of December 2013 for January 2014‘s rent.“

Three times each day, state this need out loud, declaring your belief in getting it, three times in a row, for a total of 9 times (at least) by the end of the day. More often is better, but do what you can. At least do the visualization of receiving the desired abundance every chance you can and before you sleep. Try to ’put it out there’ as your first and last thoughts of each day, and then many times in between.

Step 6:
This is another step you should do each day. When you’ve finished visualizing and are ready to begin your day (you‘ve actually been meditating!), take the new piece of paper you wrote on and go outdoors with a lighter. or matches. Say a prayer to your Higher Power and ask It to take the burden of this need from you and ask to be blessed with the abundance required to fulfill it. Call upon the Ruby Red Ray of Opulence to magnify and multiply your funds ten-fold, a hundred-fold, and a thousand-fold, and ask that blessings for the money’s source(s) be returned to the sharers abundantly.

Give thanks and Praise, and it never hurts to ask for Divine Guidance, as well, remembering to ask for answers you can recognize and understand. Then, hold the paper by a corner and carefully set another corner of the paper alight and wait there until the paper has been completely and safely burned to ash (Don’t leave even a tiny bit unburned), and then give thanks again; this time for taking your burden off your shoulders, for your life and blessings, the feel of being loved, a warm home, food in the fridge, clean clothing, the colors we see, the wonderful smells of food cooking and flowers; the simple joys in your life.

Step 7:
During the days you are manifesting your abundance, pass the mean-time by practicing those positive thoughts and build up your giving. Building your giving means to give often; where a need can be seen, just to please another person, to help friends or strangers or a cause of some kind, be of service to one another, etc. You don’t have to suddenly become Mother Theresa, but the Law of Reciprocity often accompanies the Law of Abundance, so you must give somehow in order to receive, let alone receive abundance.

A good practice is to give of your time, give financially, or be in service somehow; do SOME thing once a day. When you’re just starting out its‘ okay to do one small act of kindness at LEAST once a week. However, this will need to be built upon and not a become comfortable weekly habit; it needs to be built up to daily.

At the end of this article you’ll find an inconclusive list of ideas for ways a person can give each day without it hurting or costing too much. Being creative can make for some interesting ideas that work, too, so add to the list or modify it with your personal touches.

Step 8:
Prayer doesn’t hurt, no matter what one’s Spiritual origin is. Around the world we all Praise and thank our Creators, Gods and Guides etc., in all cultures and all walks of Life. There is always someone to thank, so do make sure to thank often - and thank genuinely. Pray and wish well for others around you and for those far away, and for those you don‘t know at all.

Manifestation only works IF, and I do mean ONLY IF you come from a genuine place of Love for those who are not you. If you only pretend in order to get things, the Universe sees right through that as you cannot fake Spirituality.

Start small and Manifest something every day. Practice makes Perfect, and manifesting for others really gets you Karma points in the bank, too. Abundantly!

Play well, and be excellent to each other.


It's Not About You, You Just Benefit

This is the Reverend Diesel Divine. His mere presence raises the vibrations wherever he goes.
This is the Reverend Diesel Divine. His mere presence raises the vibrations wherever he goes. | Source

Good Ways to Give Without Breaking the Bank

Giving is beneficial for both the giver and the receiver. It helps the receiver because a need is fulfilled, but it does something as good for the giver, too.

Have you ever given something to someone that they were super appreciative for? Or maybe you've done a good deed for someone else (without being asked) out of the goodness of your heart? You know that happy, warm feeling it gives you that lasts for hours, or even days afterward? It's called a 'giver's high' and you can have it every day, with a little practice. The act of giving, then getting the 'buzz' is actually your vibration changing; Spiritually your vibration is elevated to a higher degree when you give and you feel more energy, love and happiness, all from one give. It makes us vibrationally closer to the Source and what we were created to be, and it feels good.

Here are those promised simple giving ideas:

  • If you're already going to the store, call a neighbor to see if they need you to pick up anything for them.
  • Do you like to knit, sew, or crochet? One grandmother in Portland, Oregon knits and crotchets winter scarves, hats, and mittens all year-round. Then, when they make the public call and put out depositories for winter clothing for foster and homeless children, she drops off between 50 and 100 sets of handmade warmth in the bins.
  • This one costs $25, but that isn't very much for the amount of fun you get out of it and for what the recipient gets to enjoy. You go into a family-style restaurant and get a table and order a soft drink (or whatever you want). While you're sitting there, casually look around the space; do you see an elderly couple dining together, or maybe a very young mother with a messy toddler bent on fraying Mom's last nerve? Choose your recipient and go to the cash register to pay their bill, including the tip, and tell the staff person that no matter how they may ask, do not tell the recipient who paid their bill. Return to your table and wait, and watch when they attempt to pay and can't. First they look around for someone they know, then they're thankful but confused and leave smiling. You know they'll be wondering and talking about it all the way home. It's great fun!
  • Tell a coworker, boss, friend or family member how much you appreciate them, if you're thankful they are in your life, or that life would be unbearable without them.
  • Bake/buy cookies, put them on a plastic platter, wrap tissue or cellophane paper around it, affix a bow of some kind, and make a pot of cocoa or sweet ice tea. Take it all to the gas station you always use and give it to the guys.
  • Go to a hospital with a maternity ward and ask about being a newborn rocker. There's paperwork and a background check, but that's a small price to pay to be allowed to hold, cuddle and rock those sweet gifts from God. Many hospitals appreciate volunteer rockers because they have important medical work that can't be done if nurses are holding newborns that need to be touched and held. Plus, it gets the rocker some affection and cuddling they may not otherwise get, improving that life as well.
  • Go to a pet shelter and ask to walk a dog. Shelters do so much good work for animals but are so overcrowded and staff is heavily taxed. Some shelters do paperwork and others give you a leash and ask you which one you want to walk. It's good for the dog, who would otherwise be confined, and we all know that dogs who aren't exercised develop behavior problems, which would make the dog harder to get adopted. The same can be said for humans (about the walking) so the walk is a two-edged benefit you can feel good about.
  • Cook dinner and do the dishes for your mom. Show up on laundry day and lend a hand.
  • A woman in Oceanside, California takes two days a month to give out lunches at the Labor Ready office. Everyone there is looking for work and many are homeless, too. On two Sunday nights a month she buys six loaves of bread, a large jar of peanut butter and a tub of jelly, five bags of chips, sandwich bags, paper lunch sacks and two cases of bottled water. In fact, after talking to the grocer about it, many of these items are donated every month. Then she goes home and makes a PBJ assembly line and with the help of her daughter she cranks out 100 sandwiches, which she puts in the sacks and adds the chips and water. She gets fruit from the food bank so each sack has an apple, orange, or banana in it, too. Then on the following morning she goes to the Labor Ready office and hands out her lunch sacks. The guys are always so thankful.

Be creative and generous, try to anticipate the needs of those around you, and come from a place of genuine love, and get those vibrations as high as you can, always. Somehow these simple practices really have a discernible effect on our lives and the way we see/feel/experience Life.

Memorize This Symbol. It's a Money-Manifesting Symbol to Use in Your Meditations

This is reported to be a "Money Manifesting" symbol by some Metaphysicians.
This is reported to be a "Money Manifesting" symbol by some Metaphysicians. | Source

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