Manifesting a Pet


A Soft and Cuddly Companion

Relying on meditation, imagination, photos and positive thinking, I finally got the dog of my dreams. I had some household concerns to deal with, but now we are all one happy family. The following is a story about how I used the law of attraction to manifest a loving pet into my life.

First, I used my imagination with my partner. I talked about my four-legged friend as if he was real. She played along with the conversation despite being against a family pet. As time passed, I wore her down. She started thinking that a dog would be good for me, especially when she had to travel.

Second, I began my search for the kind of dog I wanted. I decided on a West Highland White Terrier (Westie). They are a small bred terrier (between 15 to 22 pounds). They don't shed and they have a good temperament. I printed off a few photos to share with my partner. I also placed one of the photos on my desk as a visual affirmation.

Third, I received the green light from my partner to go ahead and get the Westie. I was pretty excited. We both agreed that the dog had to be an adult. We didn't want to worry about housebreaking a puppy. We decided that the best place to find a housebroken pet was from an adoption agency. I looked for a dog I could adopt but the choices were few.

Fourth, I began practicing a manifestation meditation. I found it on iTunes. It's an application called “Manifest” by iMobilize. I imagined my Westie on a cloud far above me. And then slowly I moved closer and closer until he was mine. Each night during my meditation, I focused on giving thanks to the Universe.

Soon I found a Westie shelter about 40 minutes from my home. They had Marley, who was a Westie mix. He was so cute. He looked very much like a Westie except he had more tan in his coat. We gave them our application and I remained completely positive. After checking our references and doing a home check, the shelter thought we were the best candidates. The foster mom said she had several other applicants, but felt like we were the best fit for him.

Now we have Marley. We're one big happy family. My partner is totally in love with our pet. When we took him to the Vet for a general check up, she held him the entire time, gently rocking him as if he were an infant.

It started off with a request to the Universe. I held onto my vision and kept my beliefs up. I also remained detached from any outcome. The Universe provided me with the best possible solution. And that's how I used the law of attraction to manifest my loving pet.


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