Mantras of Lord Hanuman- The incarnation of Lord Shiva

Lord Hanuman Mantra and Meaning

Lord Hanuman is a very popular God in Hindu Religion. We all know Hanuman as the devoted and dedicated disciple of Shri Rama, an avatar of Lord Maha Vishnu. He is also popular as ‘Pavan Putra' and there is also a story of Hanuman meeting mighty Bheem in Mahabharat. He is also known by names Maruti and Anjaneya. He is also called Mahaveera (the great hero) or Pavan-suta (son of air) or Bajarangbali. He is also referred to as the 'Monkey God'.

Sri Hanuman is considered to be the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is a celibate god who is symbolic of strength, divinity, courage, knowledge and devotion. Reciting the Chalisa or Mantra helps to overcome fear and bless with courage and wisdom. Special Pujas of this monkey God is done on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanthi.

The Mantra

"Maarutatulyavegam Jitendriyam

Buddhimataam Varistham,

Vaataatmajam Vaanarayoothmukhyam

Sriramdootam Saranam Prapadhye"


I surrender to Lord Hanuman whose pace is rapid like wind and quick as the mind, who is very intelligent, who has constrained his sense organs and who is the son of Vayu (Pawan), the chief of monkey tribe and the messenger of Shri Rama. His pace is as rapid as the wind and as quick as the mind.

Hanuman Bija Mantra

Aum aeem bhreem hanumate, shree ram dootaaya namaha.

Mantras of Lord Hanuman
Mantras of Lord Hanuman

Anjaneya Gayatri Mantra

Hanuman Gayatri Mantras

Om Aanjaneya Vidhmahe
Maha balaya Dheemahe
Thanno Hanuman Prachodayath.

Om Aanjaneya Vidhmahe
Vayu puthraya Dheemahe
Thanno Hanuman Prachodayath .

Sri Panchamukha Hanuman Dhyana Sloka

Panchasyachutamaneka vichitra veeryam ||

Sri shanka chakra ramaniya bhujagra desam ||

Peethambaram makara kundala noopurangam ||

Dhyayethitam kapivaram hruthi bhvayami ||

Listen to Hanuman Chalisa

Panchamukha Hanuman
Panchamukha Hanuman
Pancha-mukhi Hanuman
Pancha-mukhi Hanuman

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skperdon profile image

skperdon 7 months ago from Canada

Thank you for writing about Lord Hanuman.

profile image

manishnagpur 4 years ago

i recently join this hub pages it is very useful to all....

Thanks Anamika....good job

MANAS 4 years ago

mauritius is a very small island in indian ocean ,here we have a Panch Mukha HANUMANJI MURTI which is at Beau Champ in Flacq District and is very powerful prayers take place veryday there and is visited by many devotees

Jay Hanuman

Shivyogi 4 years ago

This is a good mantra for exorcisms best said on saturdays and sundays

Aum Namo Deep Mohe Deep Jage Pawan Chale

Pani Chale Shakhini Bhooth Chale Preth Chale

Nan So Ninyambhe Nadi Chale

Hanuman Veer ki Shakti Meri Bhakti Furo Mantra Vacha

Blessed Be!!!

Dr. Ravi Kumar, MD. 4 years ago

Blessing of Hanuman ji is:

Bal, Budhi, vidya :- If u have strength, wisdom, and education (mind) u don't need anything in this world. Mone and happiness are all directly related to the above virtues.

Mayur Rao 4 years ago

Om shree guru charan saroj niju mukur sudhari,barnau raghubir vimal jasu dayku fal chari, Buddhihin tanu janike sumerau Pawan kumar,Bal,Buddhi,Vidya dehi Mohi hareu kalesh Bikar. . JAI HANUMAN

seveaish 5 years ago

chant hanuman mantra u will get the glories in your life

haresh 5 years ago

jay bajrangbali

Han Storm 5 years ago

Master High Lord Hanuman had visited Earth in many guises before his lifetime with Rama and after this lifetime as well. See for the beginning of His adventures, growing into who He had become.The range of books reveal the time before his brief life with his beloved Rama.

Rao SN 5 years ago

Jai Hanuman. With his selfless service to God Sri Ram, got the boon of Chirnjeevi (immortal) and in next Yuga i.e. Dwapara Yugam he gave darshan to Bheema and even in Kali Yuga there are several instances of his darshan to so many persons. These instances generates belief that he is Chiranjeevi. It is a fact selfless service has its own recognition and if it is realized by concerned i.e.Politicians etc., there is no need to people like Anna Hazare to take movement against corruption which is root cause of all evils.

Aashish.Israni 5 years ago


I'm looking for a mantra which is chanted to heal others. Normally you recite the mantra and blow over the water and give it to the person affected. Or else some times Peacock's feathers are used while chanting this mantra in order to cure the person.

Please guide.


nam 5 years ago

yes its true.. if u start saying hanuman chalisa u'l live a very gud happening life.. love u hanuman

mala 5 years ago

Hanumanji can make the impossible possible, we have seen this happen, just recite the chalisa, He will save you from all harm, all good will start happening as you recite the chalisa daily 5 years ago

Hanuman chalisa have a great power,and i have a personal experionse.if you fill it do 108times hanuman chalisa to 40 days your all wishes are full fill.


Raja 5 years ago

Don't forget one simple point...He was given the boon of "Amaratya" (immortality) by Sri, He still exi...

Balasupramaniam 5 years ago

My guruji from Buntong (Ipoh) Malaysia always said, whenever Sri Ram Jai Ram, Chalisa / Bhajan sings by devotee Hanuman will appear to bless them and dance with them. This is my personal experience. It's true

Balajee 5 years ago

I am too devotee of hanumanji.Frm today I will start reciding this hanuman chalisa

Prabhakur 5 years ago

I live in Canada and the only music i play when driving is Hanuman chalisa.I was driving home from work and a driver drove his truck at the intersection.I was unable to stop my car but miraculously,the car just moved to the left and swerved to avoid the truck and it came on the road by itself as if someone just grabbed and moved it to save me.This is my personal experience with Hanumanji.

Vinod Pande 5 years ago

Hanumanji is principal and most powerful GOD of KALYUGA. if you recite chalisa every day , i am sure that you are free from all bad energies and you will be protected by Hanuman ji. Lord Rama, Mata Sita ji and Bhrata shri Laxman ji will always be with you. So prasann karo Hunumaji Ko. Sare kam ban jayege.

Sanjay Apte 5 years ago

any buddy have Vichitra Veer Hanuman Stotram sinskrit & MP3

helen 5 years ago

he is one of the great deity in the world prayer to him sincerely and all wishes will come true

priya  6 years ago

he is the geatest devine power!!!!

i love reciting hanuman chalisa daily.

Rakesh  6 years ago

shri ram bhagat hunumaan ji ki jay ho

paikiran99 profile image

paikiran99 6 years ago from karnataka

superb are great ....i am your fan....

Sudhir 7 years ago

Hanuman is present in every human being as a molecule!For more details please go for Dr Tony Nader's research on the human physiology.

truefan 7 years ago

im seriously touched wit the information u provided.more over,it is knowledgeable towards indian culture.i sincerely respect u as a an INDIAN

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 8 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India Author

Hi rabhji, You are right about the power of Hanuman Chalisa. I have been told by several people that it removes all fear from mind. I like to chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra of Lord Shiva.

profile image

rabhji 8 years ago

i believe in hanuman i do not fear anything since i do his chalissa which i recite every morning

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 8 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India Author

You are right. Hanuman is a Hindu God of Character and Strength and is a favourite character of film makers as well.

ASHWINSPGA profile image

ASHWINSPGA 8 years ago from Lion City ( Singapore)

There are so many tales of Lord Hanuman that we can sit down and listen all day without getting tired or getting enough of.Of all the deity Lord Hanuman is the most unique and there is a sense of power one can feel if we become one in one with him. Wonderful hub with wonderful pictures sis. Thumbs up

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