Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Awesome! The whole process of the Jewish marriage and how Christ used it to illustrate the relationship between Him and the His Church is very revealing to me and helps me to understand the Gospels and meaning of The Marriage Supper of the Lamb, better. In the book of Revelation, chapter 19, verses 6-10 in the Bible, a person can read about, The Marriage Supper of the Lamb. My article deals with the background and the importance of this supper, not the date or time since this is a very controversial matter, and there is no consensus as to the date of time.

To understand the full concept of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, it is necessary to understand the marriage requirements during Christ's time.

The contract was made, and this started the marriage process. This contract was negotiated between the father of the girl and the potiential groom. A cup of wine was then served in a goblet to be shared between the bride to be and the groom to be, IF she accepted the suitor as her potential husband. If she didn't share the wine with him, the contract was cancelled. Up until the contract has made she did not give her opinion of him. Once this contract was approved and the wine shared between them they would move onto the second step.

Second, there was betrothal. Some compare it to being engaged - this is a WRONG concept, although it may convey some of the attributes of a betrothal. A betrothal had much more meaning than an "engagement" of today. Unlike today's engagement, this was a done deal and was legally binding. There was no changing of the mind, except though divorce.

After the betrothal, the son would return to his parent's house and start getting prepared for the marriage. This would include the building of a new section to the parent's house in preparation of the marriage where they would live. Back at the bride-to-be's house, she would be given instructions from the mother as what would be expected of her as a wife. (The common age of a new bride was in the area of 13.) During the betrothal period, the betrothed would not meet again until the marriage. This could be as long as 12 months.

The bride-to-be never knew when the marriage would take place, although he came sometime in the night to claim his bride. Each night she and some of her close girl friends would keep watch in anticipation of the groom's arrival to take the bride-to-be to the marriage ceremony. Sometime during the night the prospective husband would come for his bride, who was staying with her parents.

When all was ready, the "boyfriend" would take some friends and sneak up to the "girlfriend's" house. He would shout, once he arrived, and she would join him outside with her girl friends (who were virgins) and walk back to groom's house, where the marriage ceremony was to be held. Along the way, they would be joined in this walk by anyone who wanted to be part of the procession. (It could be friends, neighbors and even strangers.) Once in the house, the marriage ceremony took place, follow by loud shouting and seven days, or more, of feasting and shouting. During this time, the new bride did not participate in the festivities and was, "hidden".

This will all be documented at the end of this writing.

Here is my personal opinion on how this relates today. This is strictly my personal opinion and if you disagree, that's fine.

It all started with Adam in the garden Eden. God made the proposal and established what should have been a marriage between His human creation and Himself. But, Adam did not seal the contract. The contract was broken. Now to "bottom line" summarizing the Old Testament in one statement - from the time of Adam breaking the contract until the time of Christ, man (this includes women too,) tried in vain the make the contract valid, but without success.

God, the Father, Christ, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, The Comforter, had a meeting and decided man would never be able to meet the demands of the contract of the OT. So, they decided to send Christ who could meet the demands. (NOTE: Christ fulfilled the terms of the contract, not replace them.) Christ made it possible for us humans, the join Him as His bride at, "The Marriage of the Lamb" at some future date. Christ has now returned to His father's home to prepare a place for us. When He will come to claim His bride, (Christians) is not known, but we are told He will come to claim his "bride", and we are to be prepared because he may come at any time. Like the marriages in the time of Christ, there will be a feast at The Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and a time of celebration.

Now the documentation of the marriage of the Jewish girl in the time of Christ.

The King James Bible, The New American Standard Bible, The Holman Bible, Zondervan Handbook to the Bible, The New Unger's Bible Dictionary, Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary, The New Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Naves Word Study of the Bible, Various Internet sites.

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Wehzo 9 years ago

That is awesome Ray. I find nothing in your opinion that is contrary to what I understand of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. I have to admit you have gone deeper than I have on this subject, but that just means less work for me. I agree with you, and believe your opinion is worthy of serious discussion. I applaud your insight and willingness to share it. Thank you.

sunkentreasure profile image

sunkentreasure 9 years ago from RUIMSIG, SOUTH AFRICA

Dear Ray P Burriss

Thank you for a wonderful well-written and researched Hub.

Please give us some more Hubs on Biblical themes!

Warm Regards

Bernard Levine

jOY 8 years ago


Ray P Burriss profile image

Ray P Burriss 8 years ago from Chattanooga Author

Joy, sorry for being this long in answering your question. It's very seldom I come back to one of my Hub Pages once it has been posted. I'm also sorry too that I can't answer your question for a number of reasons. One is, there is a question as to when the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will be held. Two is, I left over 800 of my books in Puerto Rico when I retired from mission work, (cost too much to ship them to the states, so I can't give this subject the study that's needed. (Books I've looked at here in the States don't give any information on the subject.) I'll keep reading and if I find anything, I'll inform you.

paul moore 8 years ago

I notice that you say humans-including women. Hope womens lib dosn't read that.

Phil 8 years ago

I love this idea but I am having trouble finding other sources on it. Where did you find this information about the jewish man proposing with a cup of wine? I love the idea and think it fits in great with scripture, but where does it say that this was a custom in the first century? Thanks for the help.

Ray P Burriss profile image

Ray P Burriss 8 years ago from Chattanooga Author

Paul, the reason I made the statement of "this includes women too" is so there would be no mis-interpretation of what was ment. "Man", in this case was generic, but I just wanted to make sure it was taken this way. (In some religious circles, woman are counted with the cattle and other non-human elements. This was especially true in much of the Old Testament times.) I know of serveral Christian denominations that are of the opinion that woman don't count. Since I don't agree, wanted to make sure my use of , "man" wasn't taken in the wrong way. Bottom line: of course this includes women

Ray P Burriss profile image

Ray P Burriss 8 years ago from Chattanooga Author

Phil, all my various documentation is listed, but I'm not sure which one had the information in it concerning the drinking of wine to close the deal between "boyfriend and girlfriend. I'd have to research each book again for find it.

Ray P Burriss

Ray P Burriss profile image

Ray P Burriss 8 years ago from Chattanooga Author

Sunktreasue: Glad you receive some benefit from this hub. If you have a particular subject in mind, let me know. Enjoy doing research on Christian subjects. Right now I'm working on a hub that I titled, "Why was the New Testament Written?" Have been working on this for almost 6 months and hope to have it completed by the 1st of the year. (Don't have too much spare time and this is why it has taken almost 6 monts do write this hub.)

Ray P Burriss profile image

Ray P Burriss 8 years ago from Chattanooga Author


time to research your question at last.  (I only do this writting on the Hub Pages as a hobby.  I work full-time, even though retired based on my age of 71.)

Here are a few of the web addresses where I found the references to the drinking of wine to seal the marriage agreement.

Trust this helps answer your question on wine and the Jewish marriage custom at the time of Christ.

Constance Vanides 6 years ago

The Lord gave me the following message to share with the body of Christ, His bride:


"You've come to Me, beloved, ro commemorate with bread and wine My body and blood given to you, Myself, broken, that you might live today for Me and forevermore, eternally with Me. Because you've prepared your heart, I washed you with My Word, making you pure, clean, ready for the Husband I promised to be for you."

Scriptural reference: Revelation 19:7; April 3, 2010.

I trust it confirms Scripture, comforts, ehorts, edifies.

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