I Am A Real Vampire

...And This Is My Story

Vampires have pervaded human myth and mystery. But is the true power of the vampire that the vampire is no myth at all?

Only after the third interview request I received this week, my partner said to me, "Don't you think it's time to just get out there? To tell your story? To let people know you a little better?"

What he meant is that I'm one voice in a huge choir called the real vampire community, but it's a voice without restraint or fear of convention.

I am out of the coffin, an open vampire and leader within the real vampire community. I suspect you would find me something of a surprise, as I am a vampire of a different fang as it were. I am no creature of the shadows nor do I readily buy into anything. Attend me.

Ask Sappho Your Questions!

I have been involved with the real vampire community since 1985. I am looking to continue working for the community, especially by bringing in my professional assets in the media and in publishing. Additionally, I am open to mentoring individuals who feel the pull of the vampire, but aren't entirely certain what they are. This is the story of how I have arrived at this point without getting into dull Dickensian description or some morass of pointless self-promotion.

Let me begin by saying I was raised in a philosophically open family. My family encouraged me to use my mind and my imagination, to explore and discover. There was no such thing as taboo. Now I can look back and see where the roots of my vampirism are in my own upbringing. I was raised to be open and aware, and so I have continued to be.

My "awakening", as it were, happened on August 6, 1985--the fortieth anniversary of the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima. Actually, that was the day when months of self-examination and reflection crystallized for me.

I was not yet 14 years old. I hadn't known the words "empathic" or "psionic" and consequently could not have used them to describe what I had been experiencing. I knew I was living with a different and heightened set of senses, and that the whole of me hungered and yearned for something I couldn't identify.

I had come into the sphere of the Order of Maidenfear, a vampire sanctuary, months before through initiated friends that seemed to really understand what I was experiencing. On that day, the puzzle pieces of my thoughts clicked into place. I too was a vampire. I decided that I would never deny that aspect of me--in fact, I could never deny it. I would embrace vampirism and my existence as a vampire.

For the following four years I spent a great deal of time at House Maidenfear, learning and developing my own abilities. My own initiation was in 1989, once I turned 18. However, I had to take the Maidenfear Way and my own life as a vampire on an adventure. I moved away to college, where I studied history and linguistics and became an expert vampire researcher. I was able to enhance that skill in graduate school in Florida. Wherever I went, I made connections with the local vampire communities. I came home to House Maidenfear in 2001 and I was elected to my current station in 2003.

I came to call myself Sappho after a thorough reading of her poetry. Her words have such an ability to wrench deep emotional energy that I came to regard her as something of a vampire herself.

I'm known affectionately as the "Vampire Philosophe" for the amount of time I've spent in the more cerebral aspects of the vampire existence.

Here are a few of my thoughts.

There exists an entity of living energy all around us and in the universe. I mean that this energy is both alive itself and imbues all things with life of one degree or another. A vampire is an adept at energy play, an adept at tapping into this living energy for self-benefit. For some this is achieved through drinking blood, for others it is a matter of psychic living energy. A vampire knows how to take what energy they want and need and use it for their own purposes.

I believe we as vampires are at an exciting time in our history. At no other point in the history of the world have circumstances been so ripe for us to fully express ourselves and be true to what we are. My commitment to the vampire community is to help us achieve our greatest potential.

In the 1960s, there was a woman here in Philadelphia who was taking a second, third, and fourth look at the idea of the vampire. We all knew her as Anne de Molay, although whether she was an actual descendant of Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, remains something of a mystery (for one thing I don't think old Jacques had any descendants, but whatever). Her theory was that it wasn't the blood that vampires needed, but rather what was IN the blood--living energy, which she called prana.

In an era of horror film schlock, Anne investigated the archetype of the vampire and came to the conclusion that vampirism was a very real interaction with life energy that could benefit the practitioner. Having shared her vision, Anne was able to form a group of like minds and established the Order of Maidenfear in 1966.

Why "Maidenfear"?

Why use a word with no obvious associations with vampirism to communicate the Order's existence to the world? Anne wrote, "I came upon this term, and for some reason it struck me deep, it resonated within me. What a perfect concept, the nervous excitement of fear and desire captured in a single word. For me, this word was so replete with energy itself that I could see nothing else but to apply it in my own form of vampirism."

In 1970, Anne inherited a generous amount of money after the passing of her father. She was about to turn 40, she was a history teacher, she had decided against having a family, and her one absorbing passion was the Order of Maidenfear. Anne invested in the future of her Order by buying a large Victorian house in Philadelphia, the building that became House Maidenfear. Dedicated to Anne's vision of the vampiric life, vampires from the city and the Eastern seaboard came to live in House Maidenfear.

In council on the Summer Solstice of 1970, the Maidenfear vampires wrote and approved the Maidenfear Entente, a document which would be the constitution of Order operations. For the next twenty years, House Maidenfear and the Order operated in relative obscurity. After all, this was not a philosophy that everyone was ready to hear. Like minds found and joined the order.

Anne de Molay was the first Grand Master and remained in that position until 1987. Myself I've been "Grand Master" since 2003, except that I changed the title to "Matriarch". I come bumbling in around 1985, guided by Maidenfear vampires who helped me understand what was going on within myself (and in reality I came to the conclusion myself and they were there to support me).

I was lucky to have Anne as a guide and a friend until her passing in 2003. But my point is that there was no Internet at the time. We kept in contact with each other the old fashioned way--snail mail or telephone. There weren't any publishers willing to snatch up anything about a real vampire community. If we wanted to come together, we had to work at it. And forget mentioning vampirism to anyone outside of the group!

Was it harder to be a vampire in my starting days than it is now? I think it might have been. We had to have strength and determination to see it through. But if we triumphed--when we triumphed--the experience made all the hassle worth the effort.

And so I don't know if this makes me any more or less real than any other vampire, but this is my heritage and my legacy. This is a true story, but I bid you to keep in mind that this experience has been my own truth. Your truth is probably very different. If not, you know the possibilities out there for you are endless. Dare to know.

Creed of the Kindred

I am vampire.

I kneel before no other creature.

I am an intelligent animal who has retained my animal intelligence.

This flesh of mine is a gift in which I celebrate passion and ecstasy, but my lot in the convoluted universal matrix is to exist as a creature of energy.

I thrive on the energy of the cosmos around me. That energy exists in many forms. It exists in lifeblood, in psychic forces, in the angry hurling of lightning bolts from cloud to cloud.  This diversity manifests on the earth in the many different and legitimate breeds of vampire which share the world with mortal humans.

Knowing my lineage, I seek to mate my personal energy with that of magic and nature as a vital part of my existence. Pounding surf, rustling crisp leaves, magical ritual-all of these empowers me, and I take what is offered or what I have made for myself.

As a vampire, I am a natural being part of the natural universe. I am not confined to this plane or this dimension. I am a cosmic being of fluctuating energy. The matter that makes my flesh and flows through my body drifted down from the stars over millennia. My sight and my vision are necessarily wider and broader.

Life, death, what are these to me? They dance as close as hungry lovers.  This is no two-sided mortal coin but one great continuum. 

The impetus of eternity, then, is the power of the vampire. It is my power, and I claim that power for myself.

Liquid Dreams

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sarah 7 years ago

how does one become a vampire

sapphowolf profile image

sapphowolf 7 years ago from Philadelphia, PA Author

Oh, Sarah, it's not so cut and dry as you might think. In fact, there are different schools of thought in the vampire community itself about how we have become what we are. But I'll answer you to the best of my ability, because it is a valid question and certainly a question that is on peoples' minds when they encounter the notion of vampires being real.

First, forget anything dealing with biting, blood sucking, blood drinking, or any other physical form of "turning". You'll find vampires who claim to have been made this way--and maybe, in their own minds, it worked. But I'm not a believer in turning and neither are most of the vampires I know and have known.

The hot question is whether vampires are born or if they can be raised. Many vampires have been born with vampiric traits and instincts and attain an awareness of who and what they are in the course of life. Still others, though, have trained themselves to a level of psychic sensitivity that in a real sense makes them vampires by their own doing.

It's been my conviction for a long time that sincere curiosity about becoming a vampire is the first hint of a vampire nature.

tasha 7 years ago

This has given much insight-thank you for letting us into your life in some way.I grew as a strong christain and was brought up to believe that you are demons, however i have always felt differently,I have been doing much research and there is nothing wrong with the vampire community. You are a close unit and you live by a life that is good for you-you do no harm to human man so what can make you Demons-NOTHING!

Dianna 7 years ago

I have recently been doing much research into the existance of vampires and have come across some very interesting descriptions of psychic vampires, such as their personalities, life styles, etc. After reading several descriptions, I have found they fit me quite well. I have always had a sense of being different, and I have been told I am very draining by several people, especially by my ex-husband. I was drawn to a Wiccan coven and at first meeting told by the preist he has not met anyone who was not of high ranking level that had as much power as he sensed I had. However he told me it was erratic and I didn't have much control over it. I have since learned to control it and have been shunned by the other students of the coven. My preist shared with me it is because they too sense a great deal of power, or potential power, within myself that they do not possess. I have yet, at age 25, to get a sense of me, or find "myself". i continue to learn about and give tribute to the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient times, and I have felt on this path I could find myself, but and am still confused. I just don't know, but want to...am I a vampire? Do I contain the ability to draw others energy sources and have been unaware of it all these years? Perhaps some words of advice, or maybe a place to seek a true vampire in order for them to determine if I am one or not? Thank you for your time in reading this.

Disturbia profile image

Disturbia 7 years ago

Well I must say this is a most interesting hub.

Naar 7 years ago

Very interesting post.. I love it. I to have been doing great deal of research into psychic vampires.. I belive they are born not created.. I belive also there are 3 different types of vampires that are born. The one that's most hard to belive are the Immortal vampires that people claim they are. The reason being is that it just doesn't seem practical Ive read a few good articles here and there..

I have talked to many different covens and they all argue over facts and have different outlooks so just one point of view isn't right at all.. I hate it when people are narrow minded to different aspects even in dealing with the super natural. I have looked at http://www.vampirehelp.com they have a few decent articles and ideas here and there on them. I would read up on them if you were bored..

As for myself I am a psi vampire and as for your power not being sustained all of the time sapphowolf is that you do not feed properly or weren't feeding properly at the time and when you did you took in huge amounts of energy then you'd feel tired and drained and start getting sick. Keep this in mind that's one of the huge things you learn as you develop yourself.

Disturbia profile image

Disturbia 7 years ago

I don't believe in vampires, not the supernatural kind anyway.  Back in the 70s I lived in California and due to some rather bazaar circumstances, I found myself married to a much older and somewhat eccentric man. There were persons in our acquaintance who were, shall we say, somewhat flamboyant and theatrical in nature. Among them were several who did live a vampire inspired lifestyle replete with the drinking of blood, avoiding sunlight, and frequenting only certain establishments where they could be free to participate in certain rituals and other behaviors which might be considered odd by mainstream society. 

My mother talked to spirits her whole life, however, I don't believe in ghosts either.  But then, what do I know?

nazishnasim 7 years ago

DEMON! GET OUT ... GETOUTA HERE! *shows cross* ... *sniff sniff* ... why don't I smell anything burning?

Disturbia profile image

Disturbia 7 years ago

You forgot the bring the holy water naz, I don't think it works without the holy water.

nazishnasim 7 years ago

@ Disturbia,

I think it's dead!

The Modern Hippie profile image

The Modern Hippie 7 years ago from Brittain

Vampires are mythical things, you can't physically be one. Tell me is it a spiritual thing? My Therianthropy makes me feel at one with the wolf, but I do not for one second beleive my physical self to be anything other than human. Is this the same for you?

annie 7 years ago


are you for real? or is this whole absolutely completely mother fucking bullshit

you seriously thinking you are a vampire? LO mother fucking L

dude you are crazy and need help. psyciatric help. are you retarded vampires aren't real. what are vampires? you drink blood? but you can go in the sun im guess or else how did you go to college. woww seriously go get help you wasted your whole life on something retarded and are going to die thinking what the fuck

iamqweenbee 7 years ago

I wonder why anyone would want to be a vampire with all the blood diseases that are out there. However, no pun intended to the vampires

Zara 7 years ago

Hello found this very insightful but if possible would like a conversation with you. can relate to some of this myself ...but I do not want to go in depth on here please e-mail me. via the url

antwan the man 7 years ago

what is a great vampyre community to live in

Shanell 7 years ago

I am very curious about this subject. I have been wondering for a long time; How do I know I'm a real vampire? What are the signs of becoming one? I am only 17 years old, but ever sense I was 14 I have wondered if I, myself, could be a vampire. At the same time, I really don't feel like anything else than a vampire. But, I do have several things about me that make me still wonder. For example, I have a very dark, but kind mind. I also have a jaw deformation, causing my mouth to be able to open more widely than usual and my dentist told me the only way to have a correct bite, i would have to have surgery (this is not an overbite). I also have very quick growing, long, thick nails on my mother's side of my family.

Another question is, can vamparism be passed down from generation to generation in a family? I ask this because I have made some very unsual discoveries about my past history and they came up to be talking about "Bulgarians" and "Egyptians" and about "human sacrifices." Is this anything to have to do with being a vampire?

I also was bored one day and went on this website for "Vampire Name Generator," which sounded fun to me, but when I actually put my name in, it gave me my vampire name, world to be known as name, and what type of vampire I was. My name came out to be Selene du Coudray, I was known in other parts of the world as Venus of the Balkans (Bulgarians) and I was an animal-like vampire who can barely speak - everything is actions with me and I run with the deer. I soon looked up certain things in this description of my name that interested me and found links to it all. At first I thought that the "Vampire Name Generator" was just another fake game thing like everything else on the internet, but after I had found so many links to what they had told me I was just from my name, I was very shocked.

One of the things I looked up was my name to be known as in other parts of the world: Venus of the Balkans. After reading some history on the Balkans and knowing they most-likely were related to me in the past, it scared me to see this in my "Vampire name." Also, I didn't exactly know the true meaning of a Venus, so I continued on my reasearch and looked it up. It came to be a demon-like Goddess that was nor good or bad. It also usually had a snake-like animal wrapped around it's human form, and the first one had been a female and had given birth to several others that soon became Gods and Goddesses.

I don't know what I looked up was exactly true, but a lot of it I sort of believe just by it linking to how I really feel about the subject and my real personalities. I am a very shy and mysterious person most of the time and when it comes to actually talking to people I try and hide. I also have anger issues that I've been dealing with for years to come, and they still are not healing.

So, please, Sappho, tell me the truth. I need to know from an expert; Am I really a vampire?

iamqweenbee 7 years ago


I found a witch on hub pages. Could you guys be related? Hoping to find a werewolf, too

Misha profile image

Misha 7 years ago from DC Area

Uh-oh. You guys scared me to death :O

iamqweenbee 7 years ago



iamqweenbee 7 years ago

I just met a zombie here! Creepy dude! Do you guys have a monster ball? Someone should just puff, puff, pass and not try to smoke all the goodies

sapphowolf profile image

sapphowolf 7 years ago from Philadelphia, PA Author

First of all, I'm really glad that this hub has provoked such a lively reaction. My first order of business, of course, is to dismiss anyone who is quick to dismiss me. All of the horror schlock ideas are fun and have their place, but let's be real here. I'm not talking about being a Fangoria centerfold.

That being said, I'm inspired by the growing number of people who are willing to at least look at the vampire as a psychic phenomenon, as a state of mind. This is an experience totally unlike the sanguine fodder of Hammer Films and the like.

I'm currently writing a book one of the themes of which is what happens when we lay aside the impossible aspects of the folklore vampire (immortality and such) and look at what's left--and how it's a common theme in humanity.

Shanell 7 years ago

Can you please answer my questions, Sappho?

Kristin 7 years ago

I find your story interesting, and I believe every bit of it. I have been researching about vampires for years honestly. They have fascinated me since I was about four or five. Meeting one would be amazing. Most people tell me I would regret my decision in meeting a complete stranger, especially one that believes that he/she are a vampire, and I understand their reason for saying that, however that still will not stop my curiousity. I have wanted to know about them, as well as meeting one. I guess this is why I am called a freak. Haha.

eddie dodd 7 years ago

i have always wanted to be a vampire can you make me one or teach me the ways of them and are they really immortal

Rebekah 7 years ago

Wow. I honestly do not know exactly what to say, only that I absolutely had to comment on this because it struck a nerve. I personally believe you, every word you have said. But I have so many questions, being the history fanatic that I am, that if I were to even begin asking you these questions this post would never end. I find this so intriging....I will be thinking about this for a very long time. Thank you so very much for sharing what I will presume was at one time a secret for you and the others. I am quite grateful for the information you have shared. Thanks again.

rose anderson 7 years ago

well as for me i don't beleave in a undead vampire intil i see them for my self ,

JAMIE 7 years ago


tsarina 7 years ago

hey can someone be a vampire and not knowing it???

Sesshyfreakalex profile image

Sesshyfreakalex 7 years ago from Asgard ;)

Very interesting indeed! I loved it, actually it´s the first trustworthy information about the Vampire Community I´ve found in years. Still I have a couple of questions, as anyone would have.

For the rest I´d like to congratulate you for taking the iniciative of posting this, as it would be a rather polemic topic, mostly because of all the new publicity vampires have had these last couple of years and became (again) fashion among teenagers; which would have taken some credit from your story, some other Twilight fan-girl.

As an occultist I´ve just known some energy sucking vampires, but oftenly these are people who, either don't realize their nature (?), or don't know how to take all the advantages of their condition.

Im pretty interested in Maidenfear, so I shall contact you soon.


jody lahmeyer 7 years ago

if you truly are a real vampire i challenge you my name is jody lahmeyer and i go by jo I really want to be a vampire you can contact me thru whatever means necessary i believe im listed in the phone book.

Evalina 7 years ago

Hi, I found this page because I´m sarching for real vampires. Because I am one...

I didn´t belive in vampires until I went to some party and I met these two guys...

Well, they did bit me, I´m not dead or anything, I still have pulse and everything in my life it´s like normal, except for the perception, the blood-sucking and such.

I don´t know if you´re real, but I´m alone in this and there are oter people here who seem to know a lot. I´ve been looking for the guys who bit me but I´ve never found them. If you could contact me and help me it would be incredible...

Evalina 7 years ago

My e-mail it´s: evalinarose@hotmail.com

As you know there are several things in wich i need help desperately.

clawznhorn 7 years ago

well I am up late, bored. I know where a real live vampire lives. He is now in a relatively small town in panama. contrary to much fiction he only has to eat once every 15-20 years. he still eats regular food, but his immortality depends on human life. He owned a diamond mine for a long time..and was quite nice. actually had something like real fangs..does it change a thing if vampires are real? the reason these otherworldly creatures don't come around much is due to the minds of humans..the minds of the common man are actually repugnant to these beings. funny how a human mind is disgusting to the "undead".

this is just a blog about real vampire written by a tired guy who wishes he could get to sleep. I happen to spend too much time with a lot of buddhist monks. they tell me all sorts of weird things that are seeable at high levels of cultivation...so much so that their isn't a mythic creature that isn't real.

I wish this post made a difference. But even if you believe it, it really doesn't.

oh, I;ve read those anne rice novels. the romantic view of them is not at all like the dude I met. He was more like a happy uncle figure who made sure everyone was taken care of. He isn't a brooding egomaniac.

order of the fang 7 years ago

hey uhm ive been testing my self and i have those sympthons of vampirism but i don't know what to do about it could u help me with it please and thank you

danny 7 years ago

is there any immortal vampires out there can they exist

danny 7 years ago

is there any immortal vampires out there can they exist

debbie 6 years ago

i want to be a real vampire but i am only 9 years old and aboy debbie is just my moms name

Araya 6 years ago

I am a real vampire. I have dark shadows under my blue eyes. I have been a vampire since I was 9 and I am 11 years old. I have bitten someone once but I found out a couple of things and I have a few tricks up my sleeves to help my fellow vamps. not be caught.

1.I bite my fingers until the bled and drink that instead of human blood.

2.I believe anything can happen. If a friend is in trouble I help them.

3. If someone gets hurt and bleeds I get far away from them.

4. If you want to be a vamp. but don't know any one that is one, cover your hands in your own blood.

that's all I can say.

Sarah 6 years ago

No... That is roung you said we could find a vampire on thos site im sorry this stinks.ps. Is

am a vampire and if you don't fix this I can drink your bloode. Really. :(

trish 6 years ago

hello, my name is trish, iv done my research on vampires and came up empty handed, i want to know the truth about them, what's myth and what's truth, do you live forever with out aging, do you have to drink blood to survive, do you have powers? ect.... how do i meet one? please let me know.... myemail address is, richtriz@yahoo.com,,, please no fakes, and if your just goin to email me sayin mean things, save it for someone who gives a crap what you say....

Selene du Coudray 6 years ago

i believe nothing you say. you speek of things you have no knownledge of.

memory 6 years ago

what if i want to be a blood donor or made in to a vamp

lavaniaabc123 profile image

lavaniaabc123 6 years ago from Mumbai,India

Araya I want to talk to you badly. Please reply is needed . I m looking for your answer.

You can contact me on lavania.abc@gmail.com

Faith 6 years ago

I'm honestly very interested in this subject, though I've been labeled as an outcast by my brother but accepted by one person whom I've told.

I've felt different since I was 11 and had a 'vision' as my great grandmother called them. I've looked everywhere and looked at vampire descriptions, and they all fit me in some way.

I feel somehow connected to the world. I open up to my cat more than my mom! I feel like an outsider, and reading your story Sappho, I feel a bit better.

Is there any real way to define vampirism? As far as I can tell, I feel as though i drew from my friend's energy without meaning to, and it scares me...

titaian 6 years ago

hello everyone i am a real vampire ive been one for 18 years and ime 14 my mum dosent know, i left home to live with an anonymous person that is an vampire he taught me a lot i would just like to say thankyou to him, and if you want to be a vampire contact this email address that a made for people who wan to be one koolkev11@hotmail.co.uk it doesn't hurt, thankyou.

lust maker profile image

lust maker 6 years ago

Hello there sappho is it i love your page and that's real cool your a vampire i have a lot of questions oh wise one but you should check mine out http://hubpages.com/hub/thiswebsiteisgreatnadiwant...

Andy 6 years ago

I am vamp. we feed on blood, not energies, but we don't ever kill to get it. We play by the rules. We pay taxes. why would you come on the web and lie? I was turned at 10, and i am 162. I look 10. Its nothing to desire.

Renee 6 years ago

Andy could you email me at Guilr994@its.nicholls.edu I would love to get to know you better.

wanderer 6 years ago

This post helped me a lot. I've always felt different and just wandered around various vampire pages in hopes of answers, and your post just made my journey a bit clearer. :D

Renee 6 years ago


If you dnt mind I have questions for you

Kyrie 6 years ago

I'm very sorry to see this post go from serious, and interesting to utter bullshit from insensitive morons.

I can say I am a vampire, if you chose not to believe me that is your own prerogative. I awakened at 13, and I am now 18. if anyone wishes to contact me feel free to e-mail me at the bellow address. I'm here to answer questions from anyone who might think they are a vampire, are one, or is just interested. or I'm here just to talk to.

Thank you


tip22 6 years ago

If any one on here is a real vampire email me cause I want to get to know you better cause I want to be one my self so email me at tiffanymarshll@yahoo.com and put in the subject box vampire so I know what it is about.

Daniel J. Neumann profile image

Daniel J. Neumann 6 years ago from Harrisburg, Pa

Interesting. By your definition, all the best artists, those that infuse logic to reason or vice versa in a sublime way, are vampires.

The connotations are against you, however.

I voted up. Great hub.



katie 6 years ago

i am a vampire

Sayuri 6 years ago

I salute all vampires around the world.Ever since I saw my first movie with vampires(I was at the age of 11-12)I knew that somewhere,out there,are real vampires.And somehow,I always felt I was different from humans.I remember dreams and things since I was 3 years old...I always had psychic abilities,and other let's call them supernatural abilities.I felt like I belong with vampires...In the last couple of years I've done researches and I found myself in so many descriptions of a vampire!And than,I knew:I Am one.And I'm happy now,that I know for sure I'm not alone.

rain 6 years ago

are u real? or a fake?

mAria 6 years ago

are you a real vampire? if you are... can i be one of the myths? so that i can scape reality for the sake of my tranquility...

kailyn 6 years ago

if your a true vampire e-mail me at wkailyn97@gmail.com i would love for you to anwser some of the questions that really curious me

jaw 6 years ago

here are a few of my questions. is there any vampires in pennsylvania? what are the signs of becoming a vampire? i would love if you could answer me back.

bfedshfhafghs 6 years ago

i beleve this so i dint realy have questions this tells me all that i am looking for

Vampire_Goddess 6 years ago

iam the goddess of all vampires smiles

what's in a name 6 years ago


jessica 6 years ago

hi, araya... im jessica.... i hope you are fine... i wanna know about you please mail me at nishu.anu4u@gmail.com

i do value for a true relationship and i want to know whether vampires do value the human relationship in to their life.. please reply.. bye.. takecare... sorry if i was rude...

Jeremy 5 years ago

I really don't know what to believe. I would like to believe in the existance of vampires, but everyone says they are of myth. If at all possible i want to be one, i've felt 'out of place' since i was a little kid. Can anyone help me out?

Dejanerha 5 years ago

I never really accepted who i was as a person in 1814. I once i had been known for who i really was i went nuts because i was brought up to hate demons, vampires, ect. At first i tried every way possible to kill myself but then i relized it wasn't that bad and now i am trying to find a place that wants me. Anyone have a clue where i can go. i have been keeping the secret of vampires for many years and i want to be known now. known for who i am..... a vampire. oh before i forget someone asked if we value human life....... well i can only speak for my self.... yes i do.

deedee 5 years ago

Dejanerha , are you a real vampire?

if you are contact me at deeedee@live.fr and i know a way to make you known,but if you aren't real don't bother yourself.

if any REAL vampire read this please contact my e-mail,i'd be very glad to hear your story and maybe to meet you and be your friend too.

Dejanerha 5 years ago

i don't think my email can go to that but i can try.

Dejanerha 5 years ago

If anyone has any questions about vampires feel free to email me at tigercub55love@yahoo.com. since i am a vampire i will answer them with all honesty you can be possitvie on that

Veronica 5 years ago

Hey everyone, I am a daywalker(a.k.a half vampire half human)and i just want to say that if anyone has any questions, ask Dejanerha, because she is my friend and she helped me find out what and who I was... if anyone wants to chat about supernatural and what I am, please contact me at RockHardRoni@yahoo.com ... Thanks,


zoni 5 years ago

wow i like it

Dejanerha 5 years ago

like what zoni?

gerimac 5 years ago

Hi Everyone

This is so interesting. I've always believed vampires existed and not just what's on the tv or what's written in those books like Twilight etc. I cant even explain, just an instinct type of feeling I've always had.

If theres any real vampire who would like to become friends, I'd really like that. Perhaps we could find out about each other and you could tell me about your life. I know some of you have given your email addresses but I don't want to intrude or anything.

If you're interested in chatting and becoming friends, my email address is gmccormack01@gmail.com

Thank you :)


Care a lot  5 years ago

i wanted to be a wolf 4 da longest time before i found out that my super great grandma actuly breaded with a wolf! NO KIDDING! i really did not know that was possible.

Lily 5 years ago

Wow this is a pretty cook hub. I like the "ask a vampire" feature that you have. Have you met other vampires like these ones: http://www.reallifevampires.info/real-vampire-sigh... ?

Lily 5 years ago

Wow this is a pretty cook hub. I like the "ask a vampire" feature that you have. Have you met other vampires like these ones: http://www.reallifevampires.info/real-vampire-sigh... ?

Sorry for posting twice, last comment had a typo. :)

Akasha 5 years ago

Am a vampire, born in 1801, in banaras india. My real name was manisha, i assumed the name of akasha after my transformation, am stil young and alive, kicking in russia. We re four livin as a family. If u really want to meet me, mention my name three times nd i would appear in ur room. Desires can be so strong it can consume u.

Billybobjo 5 years ago

Trust me vampires are real, I was being chased by one last night but I got away. I think she might still be on my trail. Oh no there she is!

Sarah 5 years ago

Oooooooooooooooh that was delicious. And he was right vampires are real I would know. I am right now using his computer to type this up. I see that this computer is almost out of it's charge and I should probably get on my way but I will probably be back on using my next victims computer.

nikoli shadowwolf 5 years ago

hello vamps how are you all. i am not a vampire but i am

of the what some would unnatural realm just came across this sight and thought i would say hi and good for all vampires who speak about themselves without fear it makes me happy. take care friends

nikoli shadowwolf 5 years ago

ok so i am an energy user i am learning to manipulate energy in some cool ways and i am trying to unite all the "otherworldly" ppl not sure if there is a community for all of us but i was wondering if anyone could tell me what exactly makes a vampire a vampire cause my wife just told me she thinks i am one if anyone could help id be gratefull thanks. take care friends

mya stewart 5 years ago


Dejanerha 5 years ago

If someone can please talk to me that would be great/ i am very depressed here are my reasons.

1) my family was just killed by the council

2) I was just bit by a warewolf

3) And the cops think i serial killer is in the area

If someone wants to talk to me before i go to the council and make them kill me because i have nothing else to live for............ my email is tigercub55love@yahoo.com.

xaviex 5 years ago

i am a vampire i have felt it for two years i cant find anyone else help

hilda 5 years ago

I Want to become a vampire could u make me one

hilda  5 years ago

I am a vampire now so u could call me 945-2351 call me around 7:00

Dejanerha 5 years ago

hilda.... what is the first three digits of your number?

hilda 5 years ago

My three digits are323

emma florez 5 years ago

hi im emma

i am crazy about vampirez i wish i was one of them so if there any vampirez out there that is seeinq diz plz e.mail me at emmaflorez97@yahoo.com plz contact me at that email plz i really like vampirez!!!!!!!!!

Kaunain 5 years ago

are u kidding us its crazy vampires do not exists in this world its just like story.There is no scientific proof for vampires so basically they don't exits

hilda 5 years ago

Emma I am a vampire and kaunain there is vampires in this world

Eli 5 years ago

I am young to be researching this, but I have worked hard to get here. I have discovered that I have the ability to obtain energy through will. I still have much to learn, though and I have been looking for someone to teach me. I am only fifteen, but if you are willing, or know somebody who is willing to teach me, then I will do my best to listen, question, and learn.

Dejanerha 5 years ago

Eli you may email me with any questions you may have. i have a few questions for you like where you live......stuff like that. if you want i can be your mentor also.

hilda 5 years ago

Don't text me any more please

hilda 5 years ago

Eli I have questions for u to

hilda 5 years ago

U guy could text me but u guys have to text me at 7:00pm

scarlet witch 5 years ago

what is a vampire? what makes a vampire? It is the soul of the person that makes a vampire. the roots of vampirsim is pagan. the word vampire is new. not old as pagan.. A lot of pagans would tell you that yes they drink blood. It don't mean you drink blood you are a vampire, any one can do that and not be a vampire. The point is that through pagansim were the blood gods. The blood gods would have a priest kill or shed blood through a sacerfice in order to have the energy of that human or animal. It is the energy or life force that we need.. Its not the blood is self.. there are enery takers as well.. have you herd of a saying blood is the life. well there you go if there is life there is energy. That is the source of it all.. but vampirsm is been out for thousand of years through the pagansim ways. Beleive me. I did my research..

Arya 5 years ago

i want to become a half vampire

plz help me

scarlet witch 5 years ago

why do you want to be half vampire? Are you sure you want to be a vampire.. there is a lot of suffering involed and there is not turning back once you are one. so make sure this is want you want. there is a lot of suffering through craving of energy.

justin 5 years ago

she is right why suffer that's a lot of crap please don't try to suffer would love to be one but I still would not do it and how old are you

justin 5 years ago

sorry the crap part did't make senese but how old are you

scarlet witch 5 years ago

who are you talking too.

rahul 5 years ago

i want to become a vampire so please contact me on rahul091986@gmail,com

CJK-98 5 years ago

How can i know that i am a vampire or not?

scarlet witch 5 years ago

you would know if you are a vampire or not. You just know. one of the signs are do you effect electronics or do you have another color around you pupils. do you like it cool when you sleep and dark as well. stuff like that. there are a lot of signs you can tell if you are a vampire. but deep down inside you know that is the main thing.

scarlet witch 5 years ago

also how you can tell if you are vampire is if you can run fast. what I mean is faster then normal. like me I can move fast like side to side no one can keep up with me. I can walk behind some one and then move on the other side with out them seeing me.. stuff like that. yes I effect electronics as well. I can feel others as well. I some times even read minds but that is often. My senses are high as well.. I can smell things pretty strong. my hearing is good to.. I can hear someone breathing if they are hidding and i can find them. if you can do stuff like that and have cravings for energy or blood they yes you are a vampire but its more to it then that.. you would know by your soul.. what does your feelings and soul tell you what you are?

scarlet witch 5 years ago

Also if you don't have the energy or blood you will get sick. what I mean is I need blood to drink if I don't I get sick or have no energy or feeling well. so yes I need to drink blood to keep my well being.. That is how I stay healthy.. if you have all these signs and feel and know you are a vampire then yes you are one.. No you are not crazy just different and need to be proud of what you and who you are.

Darkside 5 years ago

Can someone help see if i am a vampire because i have been felling real sick and craving for blood but i never felt this way til i got into a fight with a random person and the basterd bit me i will be glad to admit that i never believed in this stuff but ive been feeling this way for about a month and a half can someone please talk to me and see if i am or am not one because i would really really like to get this theory out of my head

scarlet witch 5 years ago

maybe you are one.. I don't know. what kind of cravings are you getting what I mean is what do they feel like.

Darkside 5 years ago

LIke I have been craving more of raw meet and blood ive been having to eat my steak medium rare to actually come close to stoping them AND I NEVER ATE STEAK THAT WAY. Im going crazy. I hope im just crazy instead of all being a vampire no offence to anyone. But that not a life i would like to have.

Darkside 5 years ago

Like literally i feel like i have no energy to do anything at all until i at least eat steak that way i have been eating steak everday since a week after that fight about a month ago.

Darkside 5 years ago

Ok i guess scarlet witch isn't that reliable. Can anyone else help me figure this out because i have to know what the hell is wrong with me can anyone at all be of any help.

scarlet witch 5 years ago

how do you eat your steak. I eat my bloody. just barely cooked. when I have blood i feel whole again and healthy and energized. I look healthy as well. stuff like that.

Darkside 5 years ago

That's how i have to eat mine now or i fell like im going to throw up and pass out

Darkside 5 years ago

Ok this isn't really working out this is taking to long for now on can you email with me instead is that ok with you cuz i don't want to keep talking about thison a public site can you email me at madmoody1234@yahoo.com please

Darkside 5 years ago

ok that's it im going somewhere else unless someone else here can help me.

Overwatch 5 years ago

can someone plz help me, i know im a vampire, ive known it for a while but i have a lot of trouble controlling myself when i get the urge for blood and i cant concentrate and i get tired and headaches. meat is the only way i can even get close to blood by eating it rare. i need to get control, theres been times when i almost ran out of the house to kill a stray cat for blood! someone help me plz!

Overwatch 5 years ago

The pain of bloodhunger is almost unbearable now. Someone please give me any advice. Please.

Overwatch 5 years ago

This is taking too freaking long, somebody answer please!

Darkside 5 years ago

don't waste your time here they wont answer you they stoped helping me figure out if i am a vampire or not see i was right not to believe this mythical shit

Zoey Elena 5 years ago

I know there is somethin different about me and its getting more difficult to cope with every day i don't know if i am vampire or what i am but i need help figuring it out!!!!

Overwatch 5 years ago

These people wont help you. They didn't help me. Didn't even try.

zoey elena 5 years ago

so what do i do then idk what else to try

scarlet witch 5 years ago

then drink blood from a steak that will help.. but it don't mean if you are bitten by a vampire you are one.. it has to take they take your blood then you drink from them.. that is the only way to turn. sorry I am not on here much i work a lot. I am never on.. but the only way to be turned in to a vampire is to take from you and then you take from the person that took from you or you are born one.. that is the only ways., no vampires don't live forever.. they eat food as well. don't believe in stupid moives it is a lie,,

To my friend Scarlet 5 years ago

Well, I think you've done your homework before checking this site out! Anyway, just so you and everyone else here know....vampires don't live forever, that's true...but there is one more thing that is true....200-300 years of a normal count is equivalent to a year's age for a vampire. Believe it or not, there are some very rare vampires that are truly immortal. But they are rare and mostly hidden. Just a bunch of info...for who really needed it...and the ones who want to get bitten and stuff...go..get a life...the life of a vampire is not what you want...

scarlet witch 5 years ago

grow up lol

scarlet witch 5 years ago

i know what i am a vampire.. nothing you say or blieave can change that.. regardless how I live my life. don't mean you drink blood or live forever you are a vampire..lol what makes a vampire or should i say what is a vampire if you are a know it all... anyone can drink blood or some how be immortal as you say. yes I do believe it is possible.. I just saying most cases but if there is immortals vampires then there is other stuff out there. so therefore even if you are immortal don't make you a vampire... even drinking blood.. all that stupid nonsense.. just answer the question what makes a vampire and what is a vampire.

To mu friend Scarlet 5 years ago

So you are saying that vampires don't live for long long years???

Look pal, I have researched and seen many immortal vampires. And believe me, they are really as they are portrayed in movies and all....but only to some extent. Not all that flashy, shiny body thingy works. It's that they live longer and have a great craving for blood. Believe it or not, vampires are very much real!!

scarletwitch 5 years ago

i am not saying that.. we do live a lot longer.. you not understanding and you didn't answer my question

scarlet witch 5 years ago

200 or 300 years is still not immortal that is what i am saying forever is forever not only 200 years

To my friend Scarlet 5 years ago

So, you are saying that you live forever....cool I guess...

Well, I don't find it that cool though, coz living so long would beat the crap outta me, for sure!

jasdmi 5 years ago

....do vampier still exist now???.or they have just fly away .???

die 5 years ago

vampires are so stupid don't they

Paul Olivier 4 years ago

If any REAL vampire is her , plz contact me on E-mail, paul.olivier03@gmail.com thanks , will be waiting

maxxiez4z 4 years ago

one doesn't need to have fangs to be a vampire. that's just for the scare in stories. who sais vampires arent real?. i hate it when people thing we need hard physical evidence of things we cant explain. start taking chances in faith for a second. we all know there are other things around. demons, angels, ghosts. are they easyer to explain then a vampire?. comon.

Nikki 4 years ago

For more info on vampires check this hub out...it's awesome!!

URL: http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/Vampires-R...

Kim Cammaro profile image

Kim Cammaro 4 years ago from NY

Interesting to see you on hub pages. Very well written.

Following you now. :)

bloodfang 4 years ago

So we can or cant be turned

Because i really really really wanna be a vampire.i think u guys r cool at least i still believe they r out there don't ruin my thunder people plz

bloodfang 4 years ago

Is there any way i could be a vampire sorry to bother u

Leola 4 years ago

There is no way to be 'turned' into a vampire. If someone offers too they are full of bs. Real vampires exist all over but most of them aren't usually trusting of our secrets outside of the vampire community. If you want more info use a search engine like google and try (autocorrect is messing with me sanguine vampire). There is a site called sphinx cat that has amazing info as well. Just be safe. Leave your email if you have a serious question. I am part of the online community. (not to step on Sappho's very knowledgeable toes and someone who I have immense respect for)

Alicia 4 years ago

How do you know if you are a vampire? I sometimes think I might be an empath, but am I a vampire?

phoebe180 profile image

phoebe180 4 years ago from Philippines

cool! i have been wondering much about vampire these past few days. I am a christian and i thought vampire is a curse... but I love the thought of being a vampire though. following you now!

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 4 years ago

that's good to know that you found a place for yourself in the world. To be honest, i don't believe in vampires, but I've been wrong before. i did find your hub very interesting to read though nonetheless.

protecter 4 years ago

Hi if vampires are real like you say they are then plaza turn me i dnt know why but ever since i wizard 5 I've had a weird feeling go through my body every time i think of vampires its like a hi to me and I've already Thor bout all that suffering thing and IM used to suffering so every night i went to the woods hoping to find a vampire that's willing to turn me. I no y'all are thinking IM crazy but IM not and IM 14 right now and all i enter to do is keep my family safe under any sercumstannceds so if a real vampire is reading that plaza help and not one of those pretenders so if u are willing to turn me i live in Lebanon Tennessee 906 North Cumberland St. In a 1storie house with an attic next to a dollar general store it'll have a 2007 Toyota Camry with a garage o n dnt come the back of the house Cuzco i got Pitt bull dog so if any r near or u no any1 near plz pay me a visit n i always stay up till 2:00am well think u n hope u c that n come n c me think u well bye. P.s. IMnot crazy i IM desperate.

Protecter 4 years ago

sorry about that last one i had to hurry and i was using a phone so i made a lot of mistakes. so i will start over. Hi if vampires are real like you say they are then please turn me i don't know why but ever since i was 5 ive had a weird feeling go through my body everytime i think of vampires its like a high to me and ive already thought about all that suffering thing and im used to suffering so every night i went to the woods hoping to find a vampire that's willing to turn me.I no yall are thinking im crazy but im not and im 14 right now and all i want to do is keep my family safe and never die and let them be attacked under any circumstances so if a real vampire is reading this please help and not one of those pretenders so if you are willing to turn me i live in lebanon tennessee 906 North Cumberland St. In a 1 storie house with an attic next to a dollar general store it will have a 2007 toyota camry with a garage o and don't come frome the back of my house cause i have a pitt bull dog so ya any way if any are near or you no anyone near plz pay me a visit and i always stay up till 2:00 am well thank you and hope you show up and turn me well bye

P.S. IM NOT CRAZY im desperate well im a little crazy but whos not.

Romulus Bloodmoon 4 years ago

I am sorry, what you have to say is quite interesting but you are no vampire. You have created an interesting psyche, ill give you that. However, self ordained vampires, psychic vampires, and the lot are all a bunch of vampire fanatics. They are trying to attain something that they have searched for and can not find. The real vampire, which exists, not a blood drinking emo, nor a self proclaimed energy user. The real people who live for centuries and centuries, who are completely enhanced, those who know what truly being a vampire is. I have no idea where all this physic and energy using vampire stuff came from. As for the "everyday" people who just say they need blood, which makes them a vampire, that's just pathetic. Open your eyes. There's only one kind of vampire, the real vampire, the biological vampire.

hi 4 years ago

hi to Dejanerha if you really a re a vampire and I believe they are real. I've heard the hissing ofa vampire from a phone call when I was on the phone to a best friend. um. what's your email? I have a lot of questions to as. I'm looking for vamps, because I am one, I want to be with my own kind.

Dejanerha 4 years ago

To "hi"

My E-mail is tigercub55love@yahoo.com. Please don't ask about the tiger cub thing. I made it a long time ago.

Dejanerha 4 years ago

You can E-mail me when ever you want. I am always up because I hardly ever sleep. That's just me. Also to anyone else who reads my posts, you too can E-mail me. My E-mail is always open and I can help anyone who asks for it.

Dave 4 years ago

I am a decent on my fathers side of jacques de molay and my mother side Draqula from the order of the dargon can you help me Sappho

Veronica 4 years ago

Hey, I'm a vampire too. My best friend is Dejanerha, we go way back. Anyways, if anyone has any questions about me, please email me at rockhardroni@yahoo.com . I will check on here every once in awhile, but if you need immediate contact with me, email me please. I'd be happy to answer any questions.

aman 4 years ago

Hi if you are a real vampire so please come to durg chhatisgarh because i have to become a vampire

CJ 4 years ago

I to have been interested in vampires, especially recently and I keep having dreams where I am one. While I wouldn't necessarily consider myself an actual vampire, I have always had a fascination with the paranormal since I was a little kid, and growing up I imagined/ half believed I had magical powers also as I became older I realized that I may in fact have slight physcic abilities. There have been many occasions where a thought or idea popped into my head and then a friend or someone else I was with mentioned the exact same thing I was just thinking about. While I can't control or explain how I do this very well, I do believe I posses something out of the ordinary but as to what it is and how I can develop these skills i am not sure. Any help or feedback from you guys would be greatly appreciated!

Veronica 4 years ago

To: CJ,

Email me, i might be able to answer some of your questions. My email adress is rockhardroni@yahoo.com . Thanks- Veronica S.

Austin Sirois 4 years ago

Hey, I read your article, (not the entire thing, im way too ADHD to read it all...) and i don't entirely believe in vampires, but after reading your article, i think i might possibly be one. I could be totally wrong and just be "a person with creativity" and a strange desire for blood. Human blood. It started years back when i accidentally bit my sister and a little blood dripped into my mouth, and i felt energy. I wanted more, but it was my sister, and i didn't want to hurt her even more.

I completely forgot about it for a few years until about last year, when some vampire symptoms began to occur. Regular food wasn't pleasing me. I started to like the darkness more then light. Other things happened, but nothing huge, just when i get blood, things get weird.

I have read a few reports that some "Vampires" have certain "Special abilities", and i think i might have one. Whenever im in a room, i can sense the emotions of everyone. I can't control them, but i can sense them. I'm not sure if that's a sign of being a vampire, or just me being a freak of nature or something else.

I'm 13, and a Christian, so im not sure if that's effecting me if i am a vampire, and if im not, I don't really care.

One thing i noticed is that you never really wrote all that much about Lycans. Do they exist? Are they more savage than vampires? Could my dog be a Lycan in disguise?

Ms.Anon 4 years ago

This message is specifically for CJ, Austin Sirois and all the others who care reading this.

CJ, I know what you've been feeling cause I've felt the exact same thing for years now. I'm not sure about the psychic thing but I do know that I've been dreaming about being a vampire myself. In fact, in one of my dreams I was a vampire- an actual one. But now after much research, I've finally understood that there are no such things as vampires!

No real or fake ones, they don't simply exist! The sooner you accept this fact, the better. I have spent a lot of time looking for a real one and if you are so SERIOUS about finding one (that is if they exist at all) I would like to advice you something- the internet might not be the best place to find one. Almost all the sites or pages you encounter are simply written by occultists or some hardcore twilight fans. I respect their beliefs but be practical. A vampire would have a lot of other work to do, instead of surfing around the internet answering silly questions on random sites put up by dimwitted children. Sorry to break the hearts of those who claim to be the "REAL" ones. But trust me, you're not gonna find any reliable information here on on any other internet based site. Instead, you must try and find the more primitive ways to quenching your thirst for information on this topic. I just wanna help you by writing a wall of words up there, because I have already wasted a lot of time running after people I met on the internet. Be practical and believe in God more than trusting something relating to Satan. Vampires are fiction and if you believe that you are one, then you are simply blinded by the psychological block that has somehow been induced in you. If you, Austin, really want to know what has happened to you, you must find an occultist or a psychiatrist. I'm not being funny here, seriously! Such blocks in someone's mind can at times severely damage one's mind. I respect what you've felt Austin. Trust me, I have tasted human blood and at that time, I was at the prime of my investigation. I felt the same as you- I wanted more and more. I started believing that I was, in fact a vampire. But I wasn't. It was just my impatient mind and conscience trying to impair my senses. After investigating and researching about vampires in the very roots of the entire mythology, I discovered that I was only being overly sensitive to this matter, since I have wanted to be a vampire for a very long time. C'mon guys! You have to accept it- the entire idea of vampires is very alluring. Immortality, strength, speed etc etc. And to top it all, some mindless freaks have created a book series and spawned a movie franchise out of this topic too.

Don't try and wish for something you can't handle or understand. Believe in god and try to accept this creature as a creation or man's imagination. Good luck!

Lillith 4 years ago

Is there a way for me to be half vampire if there is contact me at bloodsucker9@live.com

Earvin 4 years ago

I want to be one and i need a mentor could you teach me?

ill endure any pain to be a vampire.

SangreDelZero 4 years ago

Romulus Bloodmoon...Saying that biological vampyre existed long before everyone else here did.,,you're wrong..no vampyre is immortal..they die same as other human beings do.,,just a bit longer.,,don't overview vampyre as immortal beings.,,are you a real one.? or trying to be one.???you know nothing about being a vampyre.,,.....

master 4 years ago

Yes, we die but what a lie we lead. Good for you.

The Master.

SangreDelZero 4 years ago

to Ms.Anon.,,,

who says that vampyres don't believe in God?? And the idea of immortality??who says vampyres are immortal?? if you're looking for twilight like resemblance on being a vampyre,then you won't find one..its s overrated fantasy written on books and novels.,,you speak as if you know anything but the fact is that you're looking at wrong sides..

SangreDelZero 4 years ago

dimwitted.,, you're the one blinded..blinded by the idea weaved by you're false imagination..relating vampyres to Satan??that's one of the craziest idea youy bear in mind..

Veronica 4 years ago

Anyone with any questions for me, Email me at rockhardroni@yahoo.com . Thanks- Veronica

SangreDelZero profile image

SangreDelZero 4 years ago

looking for one or two out there.??go try to take a visit at the Tibetan plateau.. in the remote cities of Lhasa and Korla..that's all i can say...

The Darling Ghost123 4 years ago

I was wondering if their was vampire queen or a person who is half human half vampire, because my best friend told me that she thought that she was half vampire and half human. She also told me that once whenher tooth was breaking and some blood came out she tasted it and it tasted sweet so she started driking more,the other thing is that her birth mark is on her neck exactly where the vampires are known to bite,even now her teeth look sharp and once when she was small she had bit her dad on the hand for fun and he got hurt and their were teath marks even blood started coming out,she sometimes gets angry with the heat of the sun,her room is cold and the main thing she cant stand eating vegetables and mostly eats chicken/white meat and she loves it and even if she eats something veg she'll want to vomit. Please give me some idea that is she a vampire or not so i can tell her. Thank you!

SangreDelZero profile image

SangreDelZero 4 years ago

Real vampires are not undead creatures. Real vampires are living humans.

Real vampires are not immortal. Real vampires are mortal humans. However, some vampires may believe they have immortal souls, may believe in reincarnation and may have past life memories.

Real vampires are not demons. They are humans.

Real vampires are not superior to humans. Real vampires are humans with a need to obtain life-force energies from outside sources. They are perhaps different from most humans, but not superior.

Religious symbols do not ward off or bother real vampires by simply being held up at them. Beating or hitting a real vampire with said religious symbol may be a different story.

Holy water does not affect real vampires other than it gets them wet, and getting them wet might annoy a real vampire.

Real vampires in general are not necessarily evil, although some may choose to be. Religious preferences among real vampires will vary by each individual vampire. Some will choose to follow a certain religion, while others will not follow any religion. While some real vampires will choose to be satanic, not at all real vampires are satanic or devil worshippers. Believe it or not, there are even some real vampires that are Christians.

Silver does not bother most real vampires. Some are allergic to silver. Others will use silver for its metaphysical properties to control and/or focus shielding and/or feeding techniques.

Yes, a real vampire can be killed if one drives a stake through his heart and chop off his head, but so will most regular humans if one does the same to them. Also, real vampires do not turn to dust or rapidly decompose when one kills them. By the way, killing a real vampire is murder, and will result in a person being arrested and put in prison.

Real vampires do not change or morph into any other forms, such as wolves, bats, mist, etc.

Real vampires do not have superpowers. Some may have heightened senses and abilities, though.

Real vampires do not fly, unless they are in some kind of flying device like a plane or helicopter.

Real vampires do not burst into flames in sunlight. However, some real vampires are sensitive to sunlight and will sunburn easily. Other real vampires enjoy the sun, and can elementally feed from the sun.

Real vampires do not sleep all day and stay up all night. Although many real vampires have nocturnal natures, most also have daytime lives that they must deal with as well. However, most will stay up well into the night and sleep for a couple of hours before resuming their daytime lives.

Real vampires do not have to sleep in coffins, and they do not need to have their native soil with them when they sleep. However, real vampires may choose to sleep in a coffin for personal reasons. I understand that they are quite dark and very quiet, allowing for a very peaceful sleep.

Real vampires do not "turn", "embrace", "sire" or "change" someone into a vampire. There is no such thing as a vampirism virus, and one can not become a vampire by being bitten or through an exchange of blood. Real vampires are born vampires and may be vampires from birth or they may experience an awakening later in life, usually during their teen years but it can happen later in life. At best, some real vampires may be able to trigger the awakening of a latent vampire, which is often misconstrued as a turning.

Real vampires are not bloodthirsty killers. They do not feed on and kill victims. Most real vampires feed from willing donors in safe manners, never risking harm to their donors. Even for real vampires who feed from people that do not realize they are being fed from, although it is considered unethical by most, they will not feed in a manner that causes harm to the person being fed from.

Real vampires cast reflections. Some even enjoy looking at their reflections. Some enjoy it too much. Others do not enjoy looking at their reflections. Just like most people.

Real vampires do not necessarily dress to look like vampires seen in movies, television, or described in books. Some may do so by choice. Others may choose to look gothic. Others will dress however they want to and wear regular clothes.

Real vampires do not have fangs, although some may choose to have their teeth shaped to look like fangs or wear fake fangs. Some people have naturally occurring fangs, but that does not necessarily make them vampires.

Real vampires are not able to enthrall a person simply by looking at them. However, some real vampires are able to effectively seduce or charm people using various methods (such as NLP** and hypnosis).

Real vampires do not live in fancy mansions in households with other vampires, nor do they live in mausoleums/crypts. However, some real vampires may choose to live with each other as roommates/housemates. Others will form covens, courts, houses, orders, and/or organizations to gather and be with other vampires.

Real vampires are not automatically rich, and do not have fancy possessions. Many real vampires have to work regular jobs for a living.

The lifestyles of real vampires are not romantic and glamorous like those seen in movies, television or described in books. Many vampires lead regular lives, have families, have to pay rent/mortgages/bills, and deal with everyday things like everyone else.

SangreDelZero profile image

SangreDelZero 4 years ago

The only thing that makes you a vampire is a GENUINE NEED for other people's blood and/or energy. You can have as many secondary symptoms as there are available... but you still won't be a vampire without the Need.

The Darling Ghost123 4 years ago

Will someone read my comment and help me please...it's urgent.

Lillith 4 years ago

I wanna become a vampire is there a way to make me one

SangreDelZero profile image

SangreDelZero 4 years ago

I'll try to give you something to start with..one of the most basic trait that might trigger or be the mark of the awakening.. is the genuine belief on oneself that he/she is somewhat different..this alone.. is a clear sign that you might be one..but i'm not saying that everyone with this belief is a vampyre..but your instinct is something that cant be learn or controlled..you have this since you were born..just like how a baby learns to cry...instinct... theres something behind there.. and let it be a start...to know yourself better...

Veonica 4 years ago

Hey, I'm Half Vampire, Half Human. Any questions, email me at rockhardroni@yahoo.com .

Moon_Goddess 4 years ago

If real turn me?

from hell sucker 4 years ago

guys remmber 1 think every devil evil or satanic or vampire start with un cleaned body usally start with dirt i mean moreever sex or blood or virus which can change person in vamp...wanna more about it see or talk in face book or msn chat naseermaved@hotmail.com.....

Little bird 4 years ago

Intriguing. :) I am rarely amused. I so would love to you know more. Tordoar 79@gmail.com

Ariel 4 years ago

Hi. I am interested in vampires. I wish to become one. I sometimes enjoy drinking my own blood. I would love to meet with you. I am 12 years old. I am very mature. I do not get this from Twilight. Please respond. Thankyou.

piyali 4 years ago

do you exist in 2012........???

phillip 4 years ago

Cj I am a living vampire I have been on this earth 300. when I was bite I was walking out of the grocery store around midnight and when I open my car door i was bit by a vampire.the pain after being bite fell like I got shot by millions of pieces of glass in my neck .I was bite in the early 1900s.I was bite in grand bay Al. if you have any questions about being a vampire please contact me at pcooper799@gmail.com

Farrah C 4 years ago

this is hilarious that does not exist, neither does love. So wake up people and stop playing video games and doing drugs

Jack 4 years ago

Thankyou for this post, it has helped me greatly. There are after all many names for the one upholding truth.



We can all use it and manipulate it to our needs. Some just don't know how.

And to anyone thinking vampires aren't real, step away from your children horror stories and stop taking life so literally.

Jack 4 years ago

Thankyou for this post, it has helped me greatly. There are after all many names for the one upholding truth.



We can all use it and manipulate it to our needs. Some just don't know how.

And to anyone thinking vampires aren't real, step away from your children horror stories and stop taking life so literally.

desire 2be One 4 years ago

hi people, i truly believe that vampires do exists. may not in a way that many of us imagine but hey your not harming anyone by believing in anything that your heart says its a fact.

If there is anyone up there who is a true vampire (not the ones who just believe they are, the bitten ones) then please tell me. i am genuinely interested. It may sound stupid but human life hold no interest for me. its either way for me die or become 'One'.. don't know why but all these past couple of years i cant keep my mind off vampires. always hopes that someone will appear and bite me change me into one.. i know i sound stupid, crazy may be but truly cant help it.. so help me if you can change me, i will owe you for a decade and i mean it. i promise i will be good.

its just that i feel being honest is the only way that i can get close to it atleast. i wanna be a real vampire, actual one.. sapna.vfxartist@gmail.com is my id.. plz plz plz reply me if you can help me in any way


Jason Skweres 4 years ago

Hello all.. I am a casting producer here in California and currently we are casting for a new documentary series focused on Real Life Vampires. I wondered if anyone would be interested in telling their story. This will not be a documentary to make anyone look bad, but rather to spread light on a fascinating subject and hopefully benefit all who are involved. I myself find this subject incredibly interesting and would appreciate any kind of feedback you all have. My Email: CastingForNow@gmail.com

phoebe1807000 4 years ago

To all who claims to be vampires, convince me @ phoebe1807000@gmail.com

daisey 4 years ago

i would love to know the life style of vampires living. Much of my whole life i wanted to be a vampire searching for websites so people can turn me and all that. But i didn't find one so instead of becoming one i started to really learn bout them i am really in love with them. if there is anything you can tell me bout vampire i would really like it my email is monjoli13@hotmail.com. Email me if you can.

CuriosityKilledTheCat 4 years ago

Okay, so I'm not entirely sure what to believe so if what half of the posts say are true than surely ill get a response. I'm just curious and have a lot of questions. I don't believe or disbeliev in vampires but have been wondering for several years. So to all "real vampires" please contact me at bubblegurl16mo@gmail.com.

Allie 4 years ago




Hailey 4 years ago




Myranda 4 years ago

a vampire community, huh?... I never know that existed, however i would never come to a site and post something on a vampire site... yet to me the world has turned a blind eye on me since ive been appearing and disappearing, id rather settle then travel...

Myranda 4 years ago

I would like to be in the company of male vampire or to move in this vampire community, Im tired of being alone for so long... feel free to email me for questions or for what ive asked, that1myranda@yahoo.com

xyz 4 years ago

Go get a life!

robhampton profile image

robhampton 4 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida

This hub is stupid, and if a so-called vampire tries to bite me, they'll be in a world of hurt

Safira 4 years ago

I have been searching for a real vampire for a while now. I was wondering if any of you would be willing to answer some questions for me please? It would really help me out.

email me at puplovefox@yahoo.com


David 4 years ago

What's the point of being a vampire if you can't live forever there is only being claiming they are vampires normal regular people who suck blood to make others believe they are vampires it's all bullshit

isabella2016 profile image

isabella2016 4 years ago

do vampires live for ever and do they age,and grow old like i do

isabella2016 profile image

isabella2016 4 years ago

if there are real vampires out there i would love to meet a sexy man vampire with long dark hair,i have allways loved vampires and angeldemons and demons that is all i dream about,and i don't know why but in my dream i fall in love with one,and my friend tells me iam crazy,will if yall are real and if yall can live for ever and never die are grow old and never age,please e-mail me at rose_anderson@hotmail.com,don't get me rong i do not wont to become a vampire i get sick if i see blood,even my on, iam not a killer i cant kill any thing are any one,even if they are going to kill me,i cant hurt are kill i care about all vampires and angeldemons and demons,call me crazy every one does,love rose take care,

bella 4 years ago

[hi i like vempier can any real vempier bite me then i vempier]

Seeker 4 years ago

Hello! I'm looking for a vampire that would like to have an assistance/servant.

My email: fototjejen@hotmail.com

Peekaboo 4 years ago

Hi I am extremely interested in this entire vampire theory. I am unable to say wether vampires do exist or not I would like to believe they do. I would like to be contacted by one if possible via email please g5thirty@gmail.com

Anon 4 years ago

This message is specifically for Isabella.

Your question is very substantial and I respect your interest in the same. Vampires are, first of all, NOT immortal. They just age real slow or stop aging. Immortality would mean that they can't be destroyed at all, which here in the mortal plane is not possible. They can be destroyed but they just don't age.

And don't believe those Twilight Saga movies, books or Vampire Diaries or all that. They are insane and the kind of stuff they put on television is pathetic. It makes me puke...lol..

ayla 4 years ago

ive been looking for something like this for a very long time, i noticed that ur cahnges happened way earlier than my own, mine happened on my 17th birthday. which id have to say isn't fun at all, anyways. im what you call an "envy" vampire. one of the rare breeds and apparently dangerous. im still learning about everything but theres information i don't have that i would like. such as, what family did i come from? what blood line? etc. i was reincarrnated to be who i am today, with no understanding of why, i you can help. please let me know.

Matty 4 years ago

If vampires are real then why haven't I seen them not that I don't believe and I would love to be one I get a very weird feeling when I think about it but it just isn't possible want to prove me wrong?

Matty 4 years ago

If anyone wants to prove me wrong and show me there real then message me on mattyisere@hotmail.com

Jenn 4 years ago

I for a fact believe in vampires. There a supernatural entity tht is focusing on just normally what they do! I beleive in them, especially want to become one. You can think im crazy. But idc. X_x

Montan 4 years ago

Nebuni!! Trebuie să facă mai multe cercetări pentru a înțelege ceea ce suntem ....singura cale este de a ne întâlni pentru a cunoaște adevărul ...

Samantha 4 years ago

Do you know how mortals can be transformed into immortal

Samantha 4 years ago

I'm looking for a sier somebody who can guide me into vampiresem and teach me about vampires and i have been all day you seem legitamet so i would like to speak to you. I would like to be a vampire so i may live for ever and find like minded souls because i just don't seem to blend in very well with the human socity (I apoligize for my awfull spelling) You also seem very kind and understanding you can conntact me privatly by calling (785)220-3248. Please call soon on weekends and not durring regular school hours Thank you.

Roze Zofie 4 years ago

I would just like to say this article makes me feel I have my own vampire origins behind my mother most likely. Some days I feel that I have connections with certain people, it feels like a crush but then I date them and can't stop being around them. I also like the taste of blood. I've never really drank a human before but when I lose a tooth of something like that I like to drink it for some reason. Am I a vampire or just crazy. Please respond I need your expertise. :4:7:&:14:

Roze Zofie 4 years ago

Hello anybody home, or am I knocking on an empty door?

vivianvoodoo 4 years ago

You said that you would be willing to shelter any person whom might have tendencies of that of a vampire. Could you possibly help me in my confusion then?

Anon 4 years ago

This message is directed to Roze Zofie's query.

Okay, first of all, wanting to lick an area in your gums after losing a tooth is very much normal. Everyone loves to do it and that is main reason why people have to wear braces when they grow old. When you mess with your gum like, after losing a milk tooth, the new permanent tooth becomes misaligned and causes a term called "crowding" where, well your teeth start looking horrible and all that dental stuff. So don't worry on that count!

Secondly, having a crush on someone is PERFECTLY normal and if you wanna be around that individual then, you are just getting obsessed with that person, and nothing else. Now don't get me wrong on whatever I've written here but trust me, I have done my own pretty big share of research before advising you something about vampires, unlike, some of the creeps here, who are either kids or retarded teens writing stupid stuff!

Your condition, according to me is not at all aligned towards vampire-suff. If you have a gut feeling for your vampire origins then, maybe, you should try to search it out, through some sort of reliable source, of course. Try to avoid advertising such feelings on sites. Search properly, and who knows, you may actually have a vampire origin!

Best of luck!

Hope I helped. But trust me, chill for now, there is nothing you should be thinking so much about.

Matthew Shaw 4 years ago

Day 1

There was this cat, right, it used to belong to this guy my sister calls Shadow Shane, only because he is gothic. One day he dumped his cat in the scrap yard (or so my dad tells me) he took it back to his farm on Friday. He gave it shots for all diseases until it was completely healthy. But the cat seemed to be acting odd, it dodged the sun and refused food. I thought it was ill so I went towards it to see if he had anything wrong with him. He bit me on my right arm right where the veins are. It really hurt and it was bleeding badly. I went to the kitchen to wash it but it had healed. It scared me a little but then I thought that maybe it was the cat’s blood as maybe it had a cut in its mouth or something like that. It hurt a little for the rest of the day. Why?

Day 2

I’ve got a headache today, and my eyes hurt from the light. Everything is so much louder! My veins feel a little sore; I don’t know why… did the cat bite me? If so, what could it of given to me? I went to school though despite the strangeness. I didn’t do P.E. because of my head, and my stomach felt so heavy. What is going on?

Day 3

I’m starving, my veins are rubbing together like sandpaper and my jaw aches so much. But I am hungry, I am craving a food, a steak or gammon joint? But I’m not hungry for food, I’m thirsty too. I am eating so much I should be splitting in half, but nothing is satisfying me. My stomach is screaming for ‘food’ if I can call it that now. It’s like I am getting ready for something, a growth spurt? Why is it that ever since that cat bite I am acting wack?

Day 4

I am no longer hungry, I’m ravenous. I look at girls, but not at their bodies. Their necks intrigue me, so soft… I look at them like food. Why? I can’t stop thinking of something, it’s like it’s in front of me, but behind frosted glass. I know it’s there but I can’t tell what it is. Wait, someone had cut their hand, I went towards him. Slowly as if I was stalking them. I asked if they were OK, they said they had cut their hand. The smell was so strong, like copper but luscious. I asked if he needed help, he said no. Somehow, I got blood on my fingers. He walked off and I never saw him again. I looked at my fingers, they were red and turning sticky. I felt as if I had to have to try that blood. I put a bit on the tip of my tongue. People say it tastes coppery and watery. But this was indescribable, it was electrifying! Everything was brighter, everything smelt stronger, things were more beautiful. But things were different, my blood felt empty. I knew what had happened, but it couldn’t be true. I ran home so fast. Not in a superhuman way, but it was fast, faster than I had ever run before. How could this be true? Hunger for blood, speed, heightened senses? I don’t want to say the word, but how can I deny the clear and simple fact?


Day 5

I did some digging, all of the information is below. I realized that I have to find ways to fix this. I love vampires and I said I wanted to be one but this is different. I don’t want this. I can’t go to the doctors, they will think I’m crazy! No-one will believe me… I also looked on websites, but they are all freaks. They haven’t admitted they are nor how. There is this girl though who doesn’t want this, I think she’s like me. Faye said vampirism at first, I didn’t believe her. Does this mean I hang around with freaks? Maybe all the information below is false? What happens if later on I burn in the sun? I turn into a murderer? What if I never grow old, I’ll stay 13 forever? I’ve been keeping a happy face on in school and at home but I’m scared. I wanted blood all day. Maybe tomorrow will be better…

Day 6

Today is worst! It’s the 6th day of my ‘awakening’. All through science I wanted Alice’s blood. The feeling was horrible. I’m hungry again. But not as hungry, emotions seem to feed me? It’s weird, almost as if people’s emotions are filling me with energy. Happiness, sadness, anger and any other emotion. My emotions are basicly now a live wire.

Happiness – Pure Bliss

Anger – Rage

Sadness – Despair

All of it is too much, I need to talk to someone. Who will believe me? All I wanted was a normal life with a few crazy dreams. Not the real thing! Whoever reads this first, please don’t ignore me. I want help…

Alyna 4 years ago

It can't be true..

Alyna 4 years ago

Metthew are you really a vampire?

If yes then please tell me a way to be the one like because I really wanna be a vampire

SAHIBA ALI 4 years ago


sima 4 years ago

if u r real turn me

christian acosta 4 years ago

i wish i were you if you ever see me transform me and be best bubbies

christian acosta 4 years ago

i wish i were you if you ever see me transform me and be best bubbies

Jess 4 years ago

How do u become a vampire

Unknown 4 years ago

to be honest.. im glad that i just knew there are vampires in a real life

and i want to talk with one of them!!! how can i ?

Gareth 4 years ago

Make me one of u

Mareena Jean 4 years ago

Why try to prove someone wrong, or make it,seem as though you are right? I beleive vampires exist, and me being only 17 have done most of my time researching and have read many books on the matter. I myself have never met a vampire to my knowledge but if I in some way could I would be pleased. I do not beg to be one, nor do I cry over the fact that I cannot find one to ask questions that I am curious to know the answers to my questions. I simply let it be, yet if there is someone willing to talk to me about the matter I would be most thankful. my email is ladypuzzle92@gmail.com and an email would be most appreciated, though in cases if you feel as if you do not wish to message me no trouble, I don't blame you. Thank you for your time.

yesenia 4 years ago

realy want to become one can you help

Hiiiiiiiiiii 4 years ago


Babyjayde 4 years ago

Im doing a paper on real life vampires. I would like to interview you. Please e-mail me at 29511@ecsdnv.net

Neelam 4 years ago

please since a long time i wana become a vampire please i wanna be one of you please turn me my email i request you email me at neelamkale10@gmail.com

Chris 4 years ago

Whenever I look at vampires, all I see is beauty, and amazement of such creatures... something about them; perhaps their eyes, their enchanting charm, or the sensual factor that involves biting someone's neck to survive is scary but yet attractive... I would love to be a vampire.

chrisie 4 years ago

Hi im very interest in vampires and if a real vampire could email me at chrisiegirl@live.com it would be very much appreciated.

Anon 4 years ago

This message is specifically for Matthew Shaw.

Do not fear my friend. I can somehow understand what is happening. It's all in the psychology. Try to remember God, take his name and ask him to help you out. Lord almighty helps his children in need. Your hallucinations and doubts can grow worse. I don't completely blame you, but all I can ask you to do is to relax and find the faith in yourself. It helps. If not, then I am here to answer to queries.

Good luck!

chris 4 years ago

i am a real vampire and i would like to talk to other vampires if you live in georgia

khaoula 4 years ago

it's a bit hard to believe the existence of vampires,even though i really like them,if you could show us some proves or some pictures just to ensure us,if that was possible ;)

winter 4 years ago

i don't know whether to laugh or be disgusted.. being a vampire but not immortal , strong and fast is shitty. so id rather be normal..

AKSHAY GOSWAMI 4 years ago

Hello,I live in India I'am 18 years old and I want to became a vampire it is my while to become one of u can u or any of your friend can turn me. If yes the do mail me at goswamiakshay90@gmail.com

Mary Noble 4 years ago

What is the turth about life and death. Every one says when it is time you go to the after life. And they say you can't stop it.Found that when my mother died and my brother and my best friend I called my sister and watch my dad and my sister loseing there battle everyday so can you tell me why is this going on.I know what the churchs say but I need more then that couse what I see your bron then loved and then you hurt then you die. I just feel iam loseing my friends and my family for notting but sadness and more hurtting to put one more down in the hole.so can you let me know why is this ture. Couse for me it is a loseing battle and I don't know what to do or over come it please

At keyda28@hotmail.com

Anvin jose 3 years ago

This is going to sound fake and bs but here it is truth.

From 1985 to 2004 there was this man who lived three blocks from me. I swear, this man never aged. He had a dark personality who never opened up to any one. Other than that, he has a normal person. I'm not exaggerating, this man didn't age physically. In 2005 he moved and I didn't know what the hell happened to him.He was white and his body was alwayz cold. The last time I saw him he open his mouth and had something in the back of his mouth that looked like fangs.

Not really, but yes, I think they are out there and they suck people's blood.

Lacey Jo-Anne lalande 3 years ago

I think that I really want to meet you by the way I'm 11 years old I live in Ontario/ Val- Caron I go to pine-crest public school class 6-2 miss.van-boxel I loved what you wrote I never meet a vampire before I hope we can be great friends oh I live on high way 69 the old high way house 2646

Lacey Jo-Anne lalande 3 years ago

Are there such thing as witches or werewolves and how do you walk in the sun if their is such thing as werewolves does there bit kill vampires

Lalande profile image

Lalande 3 years ago

How do you become a vampire do you have to die with vampire blood in your sis stem than drink human blood

Akshay 3 years ago


I am an Engineering student. I like to Vampire's Very much. But I confuse that Vampire's are Real ? So Please, Sure me That Vampire are real. Tell me about Vampire's ,

Vampire's are Real ?

Where is Live Vampire's ?

How Meet to Vampire's ?

Thank You,

My email: akshay.starverma@gmail.com

vandana 3 years ago

i want tp join vampier community

Aryn 3 years ago

Please any real vampires text me about details about vampires(lifestyle,Sun reactions,aging). I want to be a vampire at the age of 17 and I am depressed about life. Again real vampires my phone number is 214 564 5357

lenell 3 years ago

What does it mean when your friend tells u that her boyfriend is a vampire right before you turn 14 you actually think he's a nice guy but then you turn 14 and start hating him for no reason like you have a bad feeling about him what does that mean

Mishal 3 years ago

Hi I really need ur help if u r a real vampire my I'd is hottyrose33@yahoo.com I got these dreams and kinda type of versions I knw this is freaky but yeah I do plz contact me if u can help …

trish 3 years ago

hun i believe all of what you have wrote and i do believe in vampires for anything is possible. many things happen when we don't expect it i mean a lot of people do not believe this but i really do and i honestly want to know more because i am experiencing a lot of things myself. please contact me at unhappy.misunderstood420@gmail.com i really need to speak to a real vampire and not a fake.. thank you hun...

trish 3 years ago

hello everyone i am trish i am 20 years old and i have loved vampires my whole life. i will do what ever i can to become one i am very reliable. the thing is i have been experiencing many things and i cant understand them i already crave blood and im not sure why ive never gotten bit or anything like that but i have drank blood before so if there is any way that i can be transformed into a vampire i will allow someone to help me for i will help you as well. my email is unhappy.misunderstood420@gmail.com you can also find me on facebook with that email. id love to meet a real vampire and not a fake one it has been a long lived dream..... sincerely trish....

rose 3 years ago

i like vempire very much

i don't belive in bats but after seen

twlight i have belived

i want to chats with vempire

juned 3 years ago

Hey guuzz juned here... I am glad dat our vampire community are tokin openly... I am a vampire i wazz born in dubai in 1913.. Wen i wazz 18 years old i got bitten by a vampire... D date wen i becam a vampire wazz 4 april 1931.. Nw i m livin in india... I still feed on human blood.. If any1 interested in becumin a vampire dan cntact me on dis num-+ 918286582635.

charly 3 years ago

can someone please turn me into a vampire? demimummy@googlemail.com

Max 3 years ago

Please, if any real vampires can email me at macksie818@gmail.com ?

I have a few questions, like;

- do you really have fangs?

- do you really drink blood? If so what off?

- do you have 'super speed / strength' like books and movies depict?

- can you tell me how you change someone?

Thank you (:

Ahhay singh 3 years ago

Mujhe Vampire Mai Bahut intrerest hai aur maine maine vampire ki All Movie watch . and I am Vampire Banana chahta ho. to kaise ban sakte hai vampire. PL. Tell ME..

My Contect. No == +91 7275905658

Jades Caputo 3 years ago

If anyone wishes to help me I ask that you send me a e-mail at that will be below. First off I want to say my opinion on the "turning" or half vampires. I don't think there's such a thing but that just my opinion. Second for myself is like if someone could help me grow along with other vampires so I may hone my skills and be the natural born being I'm supposed to be.

As for some of the haters I've read on here that doupt vampires I'd like to say people doubted we would ever be able to get to the moon and look where we are now.

One of the tracing qualities of humans is to make up your mind and never think or glance outside the small box you've created around yourself.

But like I said anyways if anyone is willing to help me ill post my emal below I ask that you do send me answers but if you don't want to it's cool...


kathleen 3 years ago

i want to be a vampire i badly want to be.

Valerie 3 years ago

can i believe you?

sllim 3 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

alter my life, give me the blood of a new life.

Kelsea 3 years ago

I have many questions for all of the 'vampires' that claim to be actual vampires on this site. If you could, please e-mail me at death.faye@gmail.com Please and thank you.

-xoxo Kelsea Maydell :)

DamienWarenratore 3 years ago

Hi there my good sir. I will call myself Damien. I am well aware of the community and its inner workings. If you are what you claim to be I would wish to speak with you. So if you could get back to me as soon as possible I would highly appreciate it.


Thank you for your time sir

Fire 3 years ago

If anyone here reads this and belongs to a clan, or is a real vampire..

I'd appreciate it if you could send me a message. I do not seek to join anyone, or anything about turning someone. I am only wanting to ask questions..as I'm searching for my father. He's the leader of a clan you may know of very well.

Thank you

My email: darknessinblood@gmail.com

Lonewolf 3 years ago

you are nothing more than a familiar. you would never see vampires working together. We are very defensive of our domain. I warn you now beware the elders. They are angered by your statements.

DanielNoctum 3 years ago

If he's just a familiar, then why would elders even care? You got one thing for darn sure though, they sure do act in secret when they want to... They persued my Mother for years, across the country even... and Here I am, an hour away from where they began persuing her and not one person... not one... ever... I've been awakened for 6, maybe 7, years... and they don't care about me whatsoever. What happened to that cab driver who knew of her through her old master, and who apparently took very careful notice of me in her arms when I was a baby? Huh? What happened to your darn society? Why must I be alone in this? Why must I create the vampire community in Porterville with no help or guidence whatsoever? Hm? Because you nitwits are all sitting about twiddling your thumbs, threatening each other and bragging about how large your cigars are in some bar 60 miles away. What's wrong with you people? Do you have no direction any more?

And you know the saddest part of this message? Even though I've sensored the entire thing so that Sappho (or whomever) would have no reason to decline its being posted (as I've tried like three times already as a member of this site...) it still probably won't be posted. How's that for messed up?

Jessica Genocide 3 years ago

Hello. I would like to speak to any of the coven privately. Please if you would contact me I would be much obliged.

Text me or email/facebook me please. Texting is the best way to get ahold of me.

Cell: 219-363-8280

Email: jesshatesemail@gmail.com

Facebook: Jess ZombieSlayer

kodeezythegreat 3 years ago

Looking. For a vampire to turn me E-mail me at kodeezy83@gmail.com

brandon 3 years ago

i am having some difficulties im not sure what i am but i hunger for blood all the time could someone please email me if you are a real vampire and if your part of the community because i need some guidance im all alone at the moment email me at brandonjacobriley@gmail.com

truth 3 years ago

This girl has made all of this up, she is smi (seriously mentally I'll) as has been in the krazy house so many times I can't count. Everything written here is fiction and not even good fiction. She went to deer valley h.s. in glendale arizona and comes from a somewhat functional broken home with a cop for a step dad and well is an attention whore. Just fair warning talk to miss kitty @ dragonfly in LA 4 truth....gl

Aleah 3 years ago

I want to be turned into a vampire. I believe you and I believe in vampires. Please mail me at aleahstewart124@yahoo.com

Daniel Noctum 3 years ago

The problem is that you can't be turned into a vampire. people are either born a vampire, or something else, or they're not one. And they either have somebody who knows about their vamp-relatives/heritage tell them, or they find out some point in their puberty (when they first awaken). But they are never turned. It's genetic. You can't put your blood in someone, and change their DNA to be like yours, or to be a hybrid of yours and their's. Well, it works the same way with vampirism.

Some people, however, can be vamps and regardless of whether or not someone tells them, they will never know it/accept it. I don't know, some people are weird. Oh well.

So who's up for some more mythbusters?

Vampires are not dead. Vampires are not immortal.

They have reflections, and can cross flowing water, and thresh holds without being invited.

Silver, Bibles, Crucifixes, and Holy Water don't work. However, a bullet can kill a vamp just as easilly as a human. A stake too, but they won't turn into ash. Neither will they turn to ash in the sun. However, the sun does drain them of their "life-force" energy, which makes them sick, and in theory could kill them after overexposure.

They do not have fangs unless they get them from a dentist, like anybody else. Some of them drink blood, but there are many different kinds of vampire, and not all of them drink blood. They do not turn into bats, though some are capable of shapeshifting. If they do shapeshift, the general rule is that the animal they turn into has to be about the same size as them (abnormally sized wolves and such). Apparently some can also turn themselves into mist, until they deplete all of their energy, and end up reforming naked somewhere.

Some have amazing strength, speed, and stamina, but most don't have all of the above. A lot have some form of magic, some more than others. Most have at least one or two heightened senses, but rarely all of them.

They don't sleep in coffins, though I hear they're incredibly comfortable, and I've heard that some can fly, but what they can and cannot do really depends upon the individual. Even vampires are for the most part the same, and very different, just like humans... only in their own vampiric way. What else?

Witches have covens, werewolves have packs, and vampires have groups (though they can all be referred to as families within their respective groups).

If anyone has any questions, or would like to talk to me about any of this, I am a Strigoi (which basically translates to "Vampire Witch", and is a very magic/power oriented species/classification of vampire), and until I recently moved, I was the leader of a relatively small group of vampires in my town. I taught other vampires, and would be glad to share any knowledge/help I can to those who are open minded, and honestly curious.

Daniel Noctum 3 years ago

My email is 8228danilenoctum8228@gmail.com

Taylor 3 years ago

Hey I am part vampire and part witch my mom was a witch and my dad was a vampire I have a friend that's a werewolf. My mom has a haunted house in centerville Mi if you want to meet me and my friend. I really need to find some friends that are a vampire.

Juliet 3 years ago

Plz help me. I'm in great trouble.Plz TURN ME INTO A VAMPIRE.I BEG.PLZ HELP ME.

Taylor 3 years ago

Juliet it is not that simple but I am part witch. You will need a witch to make a blood bath potion but it only works for a week about

Juliet 3 years ago

Taylor, i am 4rm India. Plz help me. Plz come 2 me. I invite u. I alwaz wanted 2 meet a vampire. Plz help me.I am in great danger. And u no wat?I want a vampire hu will luv me. I don't want any handsome prince. Plz help me. I beg.Plz reply

Taylor 3 years ago

Well I can't help your love problem because I am girl. But I can't see u because I am I Mi and only 13 in your counting but all I can tell you is that you need a witch to help u I am so sorry.

Juliet 3 years ago

It's OK.Can u tell me how 2 contact with a witch and a real vampire by magic spells.Then give me the spells.Plz.R u in Facebook? By which name????

Taylor 3 years ago

Yes I have a Facebook but don't contact me through Facebook I will contact you ok give me your Facebook and give me time to check my book of spell and I have not contacted any witches lately but I will contact you ok

Taylor 3 years ago

Cast your circle and light your candles (including your 2 white alter candles). Than you must give a drop of your blood and rub it on your four head. Next u need to chant on a full moon around 9ish, chant the following 7 times:

"1,2,3 change me.

A vampire I must be.

Transformation, commence at midnight.

Let tomorrow bid me a goodnight. So mote it be.

Taylor 3 years ago

But before u do this I must warn if it does not work you were not ment to be a vampire but u were ment for something else

Juliet 3 years ago

Thank u very much.I cant contact u in dis month.My exams r going 2 start.My mail id is vampirelover143@yahoo.com. Plz try 2 contact me

Cecile disouca 3 years ago

i believe in vampire but sometime i confuse that if there any real vampire

so we can feel them if somebody ask me some question so pl ask me right

now you think about yourself these is only on movie not in reality i also like vampire but how can i believe that there is real vampire

Marten 3 years ago

Hey I've been looking for a vampire that would willingly turn me into a vampire as I have been waiting for years and asking people to help me but they thought I'm crazy and that vampires don't exist. So please if you will turn me into one I would be grateful to the end, here's my facebook details: Marten Carstens, and my facebook profile pic is something of Call of Duty. Thank you :)

kiki27 3 years ago

Alright. I feel genuinely stupid and weird posting this. Almost pathetic in a way. I am a girl. I am loved by many, I'm pretty, I'm social and normal, and I've always lived a pretty normal life from someones view on the outside. Although seeming this way to many, I've never quite felt a part of everyone else. I feel different, like I don't fit in. Ever since I was little I have always been an extreme supporter of vampires, even though I never had proof that they existed. I spent so much of my life thinking about them, and considering what life would be like as one. I'm nearly nineteen now, and I can say this has been a thought since I was about 5. I'm not going to make excuses about all these reasons that may make me a vampire, but I do LOVE the dark. I always have. I always want to sleep, and I love the taste of blood. I strive for energy that I can't find.

I'm not going to say that I want to be a vampire, but I'm not going to say that I wouldn't be open to the idea. I just want to talk to someone legit, I want to talk to an actual vampire. I feel like my life would feel so fulfilled if I did. I have many questions. I don't want some weird fake, I want the real deal. Someone, PLEASE contact me.


Blue sky 3 years ago

Taylor its for you, you said you hybrid(vampire & witch). i think witch are those peoples which have abilities to create spell & do magic by birth.its true? and really can witch spell turn a human into vampire. don't worry i don't want to become vampire or not something else, i just want to know these thing. If any one whose know about witches please tell me.at my mail id cool.blue2world@gmail.com

sandeep kumar 3 years ago

i really want turn into a vampire,so please help me

Korlen 3 years ago

After reading a lot of comments and the main story i thought i put my personal story on here. I'm not saying I'm anything it just past experiences that i have witness.

This all started when I was 8 years old and I prayed to god that i could see heaven. before i went to sleep i thought it wouldn't come true...i was wrong. When i went to sleep i first woke up thinking it was morning time. it didn't feel like a dream and it was really bright outside. When i got to my doorway i looked in my parents room and saw that they weren't there. Also I didn't hear anything in the house. Before i could take another step i had this thought/urge to stay in my room and go back to bed. The Second thought that came to me was death. So I ran to my bed and close my eyes. 30 seconds later i woke up in my room at midnight. Two days later i had another dream but it was dark, and all the building were decaying. The one building the stuck with me was the church I was going to was decayed and had graffiti. When i looked at the parking lot i saw a battle. At the end of the dream i was surrounded by dark shadows and they were getting closer. So i did the same thing i did for the other dream and it worked, But ever since then I saw dark shadows figures all around the houses i lived in. This started to go away on my 14th year. It was a nice day different but nice. i was doing the dishes like i usually do every week, but i happens to notice a little girl right in front of me (theirs a bar in between us and a sink). She didn't look scary but frighted. after 2 to 5 minutes she disappeared and i haven't seen her since. Later that night at 9:00 pm i was on a program called IMVU. I was talking to my friend like i usually do. I got thirsty so i went to go get a drink. when i got to the fridge i looked at my bedroom door and i saw two red eyes staring back at me ( sorry forgot to say this is a new house, also i tried to figure out what could of made this and to this day i haven't found anything). i ran back to my computer that was in the light and wait until i started to calm down. at 10:00 i talked to another friend ( just so you know there has been cases where i could feel peoples emotions either if they are close to me or far away.) right when i got to the server she told me her heart felt like it was stopping and right before she said that I did too, and at the same time both our hearts stop ( or went really slow to where we couldn't feel it/find it). 1 minutes later my heart started to get back to normal ( also my skin was really pale) and my skin color came back to normal. Ever since this day I haven't seen any shadow figures or ghost, but I've been feeling weird ever since. Now fast forwarding to January this year I'm 17 about 18 and i have a friend who says he could see his soul or other souls ( I believe things 50% so if someone is lying to me I'm not disappointed). So I ask him what my soul looked liked and he said" its a half wolf half man ( wolf head human body) he is a hybrid. he is Egyptian and Greek ( two of my favorite subject that he didn't knew about)." it thought it was cool, but i didn't completely believe him only 25%. Until he kept guessing everything i was thinking right ( numbers, colors, problems.) that raised it to 50%. Sometimes some of the things he said scared me because it felt like it was true. Now getting to the present, no i haven't done anything really supernatural, but i feel like something is cage inside waiting to get out. I've been feeling since I've was 8 like i was different from everyone else. Also family wise nothing on my mother side except there could be some royalty (huge maybe). my dad side I'm not fully believing, because i don't know if there telling the truth or not. ( My aunt said my grandma was a witch and my grandpa something like a devil, i think she not happy with them but i don't know she could be saying the truth for all i know. my grandpa has a weird feeling around him. could be the fact i don't really see him as much.) The one thing that i thought was interesting was that my dad when he was younger he would had nightmares that only the lord prayer would get him out of. (its a story i heard from my dad.) finally people can't guess my real age either they think I'm 21 when actually I'm 18 or I'm younger.

if you have information please email at intheend1895@yahoo.com

Also please don't say your insane or anything bad. this is just me saying what I've experience and i just want answers that's all to see if It could have been just my imagination.

emery 3 years ago


Juliet 3 years ago

Any VAMPIRE here????Plz help me.My mail id is vampirelover143@yahoo.com

mayers 3 years ago


It's for you Taylor, I have read your story but I need to talk to you if you don't mind. My email is dmayres@yahoo.com. Thanks

Juliet 3 years ago

I believe strongly in vampires.So, plz don't destroy my belief.VAMPIRES plz allow me to join ur group. Turn me into a real vampire; plz I beg

briar 3 years ago

Hello I am a hybrid and I would like to spea

efeyas profile image

efeyas 3 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

Phewwww, finally made it to the end of the comment section. I applaud your individuality. However, wouldn't it just be easier to pick another name? Why do some feel the need to call themselves VAMPIRES? It is essentially that title that provokes people into ridiculous ideals and comments. Why not just create an alternate name that still defines the vampire lifestyle? VAMPIRE is too widely associated with cinema, blood drinking, fangs, turning, eternal life, etc to be taken seriously. The lifestyle you have written about is abviously real in a metaphysical way so why not create a term for that lifestyle that won't give you such grief? Curiosity got the best of me, voted up and interesting.

FlameArch 3 years ago

Ive been facinated with vampires for years to come and even if im not a vampire I got I never did and never will believe that immortality crap people always assume vampires have. And you know I think people who are looking for immortality need to lern a little about life. The reason I believe this is because life is its own reward even if you've been picked on and think life sucks. Immortality is a curse. Life is what you make of it and earlier I forgot to mention death is a blessing and you have to accept it.

Daniel Noctum 3 years ago

This is in response to efeyas. We as vampires should not conform to popular -and misguided- belief. Popular belief should conform to what we actually are. That's like saying that homosexual guys who are not flamboyant, and who don't crossdress, and who aren't looking for someone who is/does should come up with another word other than gay just because a lot of people may think that all gay men fit those stereotypes. No, that's wrong, and so is asking a species to change it's name because people have assumed incorrect stereotypes and misconceptions of what we really are. Yes, a lot of our stuff can be metaphysical, but depending on the person a lot of it can be very physical. There are some of us who just have to get into the right mindset, or who just have to get adrenaline flowing and they can be faster than our eyes track, or as strong as 7 men, or whatever. No we're not immortal, but yes we can have amazing physical attributes as well. Though it's usually not something that's constant for vampires (a lot of the time they have to bring it out of them) it's still there in some. Not everyone is the same though. Some have more magic than physical abilities, and visa versa. No, we don't have fangs, but some of us do drink blood to feed off of life-force. For some of us, ingesting the thing that contains life-force energy is the only way to get the energy that powers their supernatural abilities and tendencies. For some it is the only way to stay lively, energized, or even healthy. Just a few facts that I thought also might interest you efeyas...

efeyas profile image

efeyas 3 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

Daniel, thanks for the response. The points you make are understandable. However, it is rather a case of the chicken or the egg? Which one came first? The history of the vampire differs from culture to culture, generation to generation. What we perceive to be a vampire in this generation was a historically incorrect definition from hundreds of years ago. The taking of life force, as you explain, from either blood or the spiritual aura is a rather new concept for this day and age. Yes? No? Correct me if I’m wrong. Life force from blood is a relatively new age concept. A vampire was basically a scapegoat excuse for the plague or disease, not a blood sucking, aura eating life force entity. Therefore can we say you may be a branch off the tree of vampires (a more evolved and spiritually developed branch) or the same species but a different evolutionary branch that would indeed need a new name? Either way I find the lifestyle fascinating, those are just my thoughts. One day perhaps I will see firsthand the supernatural abilities of a vampire that you speak of. Thanks for the insight.


Danielle 3 years ago

You are a fake.

That is all.

Bayleigh 3 years ago

Hi I really want to be a vampire anyone wanna bite me

Daniel Noctum 3 years ago

Ok Danielle... that was interesting. To say someone is a fake when they haven't claimed to be anything would be rather stupid, so I hope you're not talking about L up there. The thing about what you say L, is that what i speak of is not relatively new. Not at all. Life force feeding, and powers and such as I described are much older than I am, as the species is much older than I am, and though terminology may have changed over the decades, and technique, attitude, etc. may have changed, the basic art is the same. One of the main reasons that you haven't heard of this kind of vampire as I describe, and as fiction is now hinting at is that in the past the vampire community has been very very keen on keeping itself secret. You may ask "well then why do we have lore and fiction and legend that predates your generation?", but we have those things because for the most part those were inaccurate, and that was fine with the community. If they were going to be known in the first place, they could at least be known in such a false way that they weren't really known at all. That and the fact that some people are just really bad at keeping secrets. And I can't speak for vampires hundreds of years ago because we're not immortal, and I wasn't alive back then. But sense before my generation to now, in the past twenty years, the community has slowly been working it's way out of the figurative coffin and s=making themselves known to the community. Why? Perhaps it's because we're tired of hiding in from others. Maybe we feel like if we were born this way, then we shouldn't have to be worried abut facing prosecution, and maybe we're lonely, and maybe it's because someone up there in our higherarchy believes that the people of today have become more believing and accepting, i don't know. I wasn't one of the ones who made the executive decision.

Now I'm not saying that every author or movie maer who produces something accurate to or semi accurate to reality is a vampire, but I am saying that reality is seeping through the cracks of fiction, and that's why you're just experiencing this new idea of vampire now. It's not a new idea. It's not something that's been changed into, or that has been formulated or that has just appeared in the last few years, or few decades even. It's just new to those who are not a part of the community, and to those who have no one to guide them, but should be a part of the community. That's why we have Masters, and groups, and covens, and hierarchies. It doesn't always run smoothly, in fact a lot of the time it doesn't, but a lot of that's due to just how far out of the coffin we've come. I personally would love to some day open a school. A Vampire school. A school for vampires, with vampire professors teaching anything from the history of vampire legend and it's sociological impact, to ultra speed physical education , to advanced projection and channeling: a magic of the will 202... But I may never live to see that dream come true. In all honesty, I probably won't, but I will give it my all.

My point is that just because this may be the first that you've heard of us in this light, does't mean that it's the first it's ever happened, or that it's even relatively new... My Mom was taught with in these ways, taught others in these ways, and practiced these ways 20 years ago, and the person who awakened her was taught in these ways before her, and so on. This stuff isn't new, it's just becoming more prevalent and obvious to the mundane population. You speak of being curious and interested? Well, few have taken me up on this offer to this point, and fewer still have been happy with what I've had to say. Most people on here are looking for a Unicorn (so to speak). They want the creatures from the books they read, and the movies they see. A lot of them don't even want that, they just want to pretend, or they don't even know that they don't want it until it appears... But either way, if you have any questions, and/or would like to know more about what I'm talking about (whether or not you believe it, that's your prerogative), then email me at 8228danielnoctum8228@gmail.com. I don't have all of the answers, or nearly all of them, but I will do my best to answer any of your questions that I can. I only ask that in light of the fact that I'm respecting your beliefs, and your right to believe anything you wish, that you do the same for me.



efeyas profile image

efeyas 3 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

Daniel, hi again! That was very informative, so thanks again for responding. This is a very interesting subject and one I will admit that I am not very knowledgable on. I have to say I agree with quite a few points you make above. I feel especially strong that "role playing" in your community seems to offset the advances true Vampires, as you call yourselves, have made in the last decade or so (not sure how far those advances go back so excuse my ignorance) . This is in fact where it is hard to make the distinction between the real vampire community and those vamps we see in the movies. Now that you have explained it a little better to me I can see why my previous thoughts are perhaps skewed. I still believe the name thing is a major problem but perhaps we all have our struggles. Rome wasn't built in a day, right? I am also a hubber on hubpages and may perhaps take you up on your offer of learning more on this subject if you are so willing to allow me to publish some of my findings??? Let me know. ~L

efeyas profile image

efeyas 3 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

PS The findings would only be written about in a positive light. :D

Daniel Noctum 3 years ago

Well... you seem truly curious, and interested. As I've said, I don't know nearly everything, but if you have questions, I'll do my best to answer. I don't mind you publishing what you learn. You are just as entitled to your beliefs and opinions as I am. I would hope you that you take from what I have to offer a positive understanding and respect for my beliefs and experiences just as I have respect for whatever your beliefs may be, but that's entirely up to you. Ask me your questions, privately please, and I will answer to the best of my abilities in private, and then you may post what you wish. 8228danielnoctum8228@gmail.com

Bayleigh 3 years ago

Hi I live in Palestine and I'm at a friends house and I really want to be a vampire like really bad we r at 402 east Kolstad please come bit me tonight

Daniel Noctum 3 years ago

You shouldn't leave your address on here. Humans can't turn into vampires, so by leaving your address you're only putting yourself in danger of pedophiles and murderers and such.

mica de la ventra 3 years ago

Your story is quite interesting ! and I believe that you are something however a real vampire you are not !!! sorry to say however you are quite amusing to us you are pushing your border as some of us are not happy with you ! however it will not help you me any of us and will only get you into some pretty bad situation's. as this is the only real reason you are doing this - it will not work - we are real !! but to us you are only food and really just looking for your own demise but you will never see or meet any of us ... sorry to us you are just a child - move on to something else this will only hurt you

???? 3 years ago

This is all very interesting, but what does it mean? Everyone in someway feels like they don't fit in this world. The question isn't what you are but why don't you feel you fit in. For me it is simple I have dreams that come true about 25% percent of the time.... I know this because I get this feeling that I have already lived this moment once because like déjà vo ( sry4 spelling) . And I get this gut feeling that I should do something but always do the opposite of my feeling I get. I do all of this bc of one dream I had when I was about 22 and in that dream I awoke form a dead sleep saying in Jesus name I part. The the dream was I was surrounded by 4 mountains and 4 things that I could not desrcide but in that moment one said I was the 5 the and my right hand started to burn away all the way to the bone and that is when I said that in my dream I sprang up from a dead. Sleep cover in sweat and my hand was red as if I just pulled it from hit shower just my hand and nothing else

raven heft profile image

raven heft 3 years ago from somewhere im not suppose to be.


Daniel Noctum 3 years ago

Mica de la ventra you have no idea what you're talking about. You can live in your fantasy of immortal fanged undead predators that glisten in the sun all you want, but I am the real deal, and I am not alone. The truth, the reason why the term "Real Vampire" has become so popular, is that posers (probably like you) are promoting the fantasy and Fake ideas about what vampires are. That's why there are people who are willing to accept that we as a species exist, but that we are something else entirely. Don't promote what you know to be untrue, as that is counter productive, and in the end just hurts you as much as it annoys us. I am a Vampyr, and if you were a vamp and knew what you were talking about, not only would you know what that means, but you'd also know that everything I've said thus far is true. (Save the things I've said about my family as you'd probably know nothing about me or my family.)

Keegan 3 years ago

I a'm a vampire I have sharep teeth

Juliet 3 years ago

HELP ME KEEGAN, IF U R A REAL VAMPIRE. EMAIL ME: vampirelover143@yahoo.com

falak.naz 3 years ago



falak.naz. 3 years ago


Muri 3 years ago

If any of this is real then some vampire will know how to find me and transform me


arjun rajput 3 years ago

i want turn into real vampire.

Michelle D 3 years ago

Daniel Noctum If you really are the real Deal I would very much like to talk with you at my personal email.. Im not trying to be turned into one just have some questions as this has baffled me all my life because I have seen one at least I think so and your answers would help me and to this day I do not know why I was left alive and untouched !! I have never seen this person again however I am left with many question you see I am different from most people however that is private between me and you please me at (m luibel at gmx web mail site ) trying to be smart here any way you get it -- thanks Michelle

Michelle 3 years ago

Daniel Noctum you can write me at windweaver@gmx.com

Artemis 3 years ago


I want a favour from our race.Please contact me.The reward will be abundant.

raven heft profile image

raven heft 3 years ago from somewhere im not suppose to be.

Beware your government.

Daniel Noctum 3 years ago

Don't be ridiculous Raven. There's no point in being paranoid.

Blade Vintinto Colosimo 3 years ago

Please email, I'm in IL I'm 23 100% italian, I want to become a vampire. My email is Bulldoggmmafighter@icloud.com

ciara 3 years ago

I have so many questions and thoughts... I've lost every one in my family who cares Im misjudged.... If u could please contact me gasweetchic_85@yahoo.com

i wanna be turned but i would be happy just to learn u

Daniel Noctum 3 years ago

You cannot be turned into a vampire. Either you're born a vamp, or you're not one at all. Plain and simple.

natasha suehead 3 years ago

Please there must be some way to become a vampire. I really want to become a vampirw, that is my dream.

Daniel Noctum 3 years ago

It's impossible to b turned into a vamp. The closest you can get to "becoming one" is by learning their values, and training long and hard to be able to do the basics of what comes naturally for vamps. We're a different species, and training to be like us is a hard ordeal that bears little fruit. I'm just letting you know that if you are not one, the path to trying to be one is a hard path full of disappointment.

666 unknown 3 years ago

Vampiers are real iv seen them inperson if u don't believe me then that's u IV SEEN THEM!!!!!!!!!!

666 unknown 3 years ago

Vampiers are real iv seen them inperson if u don't believe me then that's u IV SEEN THEM!!!!!!!!!!

ariel 3 years ago

is any body a vampire or werewolf if you are please bite me

anna 3 years ago

I would like to know if there are any vampires out there that would conciser turning me and my fiance? (please read my story before you say no) Thank you.

I want to live forever or at least till the world ends I guess. There are a million reasons I want to be turned one of the most important ones is that I want to study everything. I studied philosophy in college and I’m going to graduate school to get a PhD in philosophy but there is more i want to study actually when I say everything I mean it i could study every subject in the world, I also want to see the world and see it again and again. But there isn’t enough time in life to get a million PhD’s and you might say that’s a lame reason to become a vampire but its what I and my fiance love it’s what we live for. But there are other reasons why I want to be with the love of my life to live and be free, see we where robed and are till being robed of time by our family, yes I know I said I diffident have a family well not a real one anyway they are abusive and controlling and only up in till collage was I able to break free and study what I love and same with my fiance only up in till than was he being controlled and abused. That’s not to say we hate them we actually pity them. They delusional that they don’t even see what they do to hurt us is wrong. If we where vampires we could protect our self from them and not have to break the bubble they live in but let them live the rest of there human lives with us, then we can truly start to live ours. I would not miss them I don’t love them but I do feel obligated to them since they created me also I pity them, we (me and my fiance) do. I want we want to live and live and be free and strong and ageless and filled with knowledge of all the things that is out there to be learned. I know this is asking alot but we feel that we need this would one of you consider turning us? At least think about it. If you need more information we would be happy to tell you what you like to know.

Thank you for listening to my story,


... 3 years ago

Come out come out wherever you are...


danny 3 years ago

Im pretty sure im a vampire or something like that. Last year i was in the living room with my family, my cousin and his wife were there too, they kept saying they were going to leave but i didnt want them to leave but i felt if they sensed my energy holding them back from leaving they would just leave so i defied myself into not really caring. there was a movie on the tv about a guy who was crossdressing i secretly want to be a girl but i kept defying the movie by not connecting my desires to it what so ever, the more these things transpired and my cousin and wife not leaving they didnt for over and hour they kept saying they were going to but they stayed i felt like my energy kept them there, i felt things in me changing awaking i felt like there was a mask coming over my face or rather my face was a mask and it was being pulled behind my head and my true face was finally showing i starting getting a really wide smile as my lips started to spread i felt my eyes become wide for like ten minutes without blinking once as controllable tears started to run down my face as if i felt whole for the first time, after awhile i could see differently kinda red and see strange things and energy my hearing felt heightened i also felt my body become lighter and my skin become tight my arms elongated, as i walked to the bathroom i felt like a whole new being i knew exactly what i wanted and what i was gonna do and noone was gonna change that. that lasted for one night though. ive felt other situations similar to that vut nothing as intense as that.

danny 3 years ago

Im pretty sure im a vampire or something like that. Last year i was in the living room with my family, my cousin and his wife were there too, they kept saying they were going to leave but i didnt want them to leave but i felt if they sensed my energy holding them back from leaving they would just leave so i defied myself into not really caring. there was a movie on the tv about a guy who was crossdressing i secretly want to be a girl but i kept defying the movie by not connecting my desires to it what so ever, the more these things transpired and my cousin and wife not leaving they didnt for over and hour they kept saying they were going to but they stayed i felt like my energy kept them there, i felt things in me changing awaking i felt like there was a mask coming over my face or rather my face was a mask and it was being pulled behind my head and my true face was finally showing i starting getting a really wide smile as my lips started to spread i felt my eyes become wide for like ten minutes without blinking once as controllable tears started to run down my face as if i felt whole for the first time, after awhile i could see differently kinda red and see strange things and energy my hearing felt heightened i also felt my body become lighter and my skin become tight my arms elongated, as i walked to the bathroom i felt like a whole new being i knew exactly what i wanted and what i was gonna do and noone was gonna change that. that lasted for one night though. ive felt other situations similar to that vut nothing as intense as that.

kaitlin 3 years ago

I have a friend that would like to become a vampire. he would like to know how this process could start. Anything would help

Joseph 3 years ago

I'm very serious about becoming a vampire. I've tried to call out to mother last night on a full moon and resulted in nothing. I know the dangers and risks, I'm willing to do whatever that's reasonable to become a vampire. I'm in central Indiana so please send help.

XxMarikoxX 3 years ago

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

The world is dyed with the color of blood. It will never be able to go back to the way it was before.

Just some quotes. ^.^

Ashish 3 years ago

if anyone can change me in a vamp then mail me on ashish.avasthi123@gmail.com

DanielNoctum 3 years ago

Marik, do I know you?

DanielNoctum 3 years ago

My mistake, I realize that I don't.

Andry 3 years ago

I am one.. I want meet others! The humans don't understand me! :'(

no body...... 3 years ago

are you all crazy....its a disease called porphyria people at ancient times didn't know how to find resonable explaiation to they named it has vampires... and the worst thing is it spread's diseases so people claim them to be bad or demons and avoid them

arpi 3 years ago

I want to be one pls turn me

Juliet 3 years ago

Andry help me

Vampire clans 3 years ago

Hello, I am still looking for answers and if anyone out there know about clans. Maybe you won't entrust me, but if you could just message me I will prove you that I'm trustworthy and tell you who I am.

Please, I am trying to find my father and it is really important.

Email: darknessinblood@gmail.com or fototjejen@hotmail.com

Andry 3 years ago

Juliet you want be one or...?

TAPAS KUMAR DAS 2 years ago

i want to be a real vampairs plz help me .if u exist in the world plz say me wath can i do my mail id iz rocky.tapas@gmail.com

Alicia 2 years ago

I am you mate.

Alicia 2 years ago


Simran 2 years ago

Hey..,am also trust in Vampires in their true stories in them that they exist n believe that one day i will meet him or them.,not to become Vampire just to be have friendshp with him as friend..want to know about him n tell him that what i feel about him.,,I also comment on othr web sites.,of Vampires..,n wrote about him just everything .,for my **Awesme Vampire Friend**

I undrstand u please try to undr stand me.....**I like u so so so much**i dont care what people think or say about u .,U r alrgo good have heart mean to say *Love"this thing is also true that i believe in u n want to meet u want to know smthing more about u...but this is also true that i dont want to become a Vampire""~I think u dont know how much i like u""""please reply me if this web site is true about u**'*i want to know please tell me.,Take care..,My Friend.

Simran 2 years ago

Hey.,My Awesme Friend.,i have sme different feelings .,thoughts sme times Visions..about myself n about u.,which i cant able to undr stand n so that u.;i think,.,

I have lot questions which i want to ask u but i wana get answers face to face.,I hope u Understand g.,,,,,,***take care..n be happy..

Juliet 2 years ago


I wnt 2 b 1.I hve tried many spells that i got from the internet. But none of it worked.I need your help.Plz get me a real vampire who will b turning me.I don't want this life.B'cuz it is kiling me.Pls hlp me....I'll b grateful......

Simran 2 years ago

Hey.My Awesme Friend Vampire..i just wana knw that u r really live in each n every part of World..??if yes than among human beings..how u live,,??

Is there any sign or symbol from which i can find u..or know about u?.??Just trust me please if u want,,as i trust u..

Please also tell me.,if u have powers of reading thoughts..see what will come n more,..??? Than u can able to know.,who believe u ..who want to be like u or who have undrstanding n knowing u,.or more..???

Please if u r interested to tell me or talk with me..,please u can...???i have email id.,please reply my friend..by reading all my comments ..am so thankful to u..if u do than i will give u my email id to talk more with u if u r exactly there.,**My Awesme Friend**i know these questions r

So...more..!!!bt plz try to undrstand...**Take care ,,be happy n make others***

Simran 2 years ago

Hey.My Awesme Friend Vampire..i just wana knw that u r really live in each n every part of World..??if yes than among human beings..how u live,,??

Is there any sign or symbol from which i can find u..or know about u?.??Just trust me please if u want,,as i trust u..

Please also tell me.,if u have powers of reading thoughts..see what will come n more,..??? Than u can able to know.,who believe u ..who want to be like u or who have undrstanding n knowing u,.or more..???

Please if u r interested to tell me or talk with me..,please u can...???i have email id.,please reply my friend..by reading all my comments ..am so thankful to u..if u do than i will give u my email id to talk more with u if u r exactly there.,**My Awesme Friend**i know these questions r

So...more..!!!bt plz try to undrstand...**Take care ,,be happy n make others***

Wolfy Kaia profile image

Wolfy Kaia 2 years ago

If you guys want to learn about how real vampire lives and more interesting stuff visit: https://sites.google.com/site/lifeofarealvampire/h...

And your questions shall have answers

Juliet 2 years ago

Sappho Wolf,

I wnt 2 b 1.I hve tried many spells that i got from the internet. But none of it worked.I need your help.Plz get me a real vampire who will b turning me.I don't want this life.B'cuz it is kiling me.Pls hlp me....I'll b grateful......

James 2 years ago

Hi i want to become a vampire so bad i mean i think i am one but i want to be sure its been my life long dream so pleas help me

nd 13 2 years ago



I want to become a vampire; please help me become one

can u mail me how and what steps i need to take in order to become one.


feelmeinthewind 2 years ago

What a strange and beautiful world this is. What a dark and heartless sentence.

Daniel Noctum profile image

Daniel Noctum 2 years ago from PortAngeles, Washington

Vampirism is genetic. You have to be born a vampire, not made one. It is impossible to turn into a vampire unless your genes mutate into something else, and the only known way for someone to mutate outside of their mother's womb is to be exposed to radiation and get cancer... which kills you. And even then there is absolutely no guarantee that it's even possible for radiation to mutate you into anything like a vampire, but there is every guarantee that you will get cancer and die a very painful death.

feelmeinthewind 2 years ago

A bit of advice for the wise: Do not ask for that which can not be forgiven.

Jenny cade 2 years ago

Hey my mom died 2 months ago. I can't live with this so some body bite me. I want to be a vampire sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. My numba is 704.495.5747

grgreger 2 years ago

i am vampire ,i need blood

aishu 2 years ago

hey... vampire i really wanna know more about you.can you please email me.... ufindaishu@gmail.com please please... i really wanna know about your life style your friends.how is your life all please do mail me...... will b waiting for your mail....

aishu 2 years ago

hey... vampire i really wanna know more about you.can you please email me.... ufindaishu@gmail.com please please... i really wanna know about your life style your friends.how is your life all please do mail me...... will b waiting for your mail....

kamal manu 2 years ago

cant you make me a vampire just like you

2 years ago

I find this post very informative, I don't like to talk to much about myself or talk in general but if you sappho or true ones would like to talk to me from one to another sharing experiences. I will check this post for the next few weeks.

sameeksha 2 years ago

Dude...u r a vampire? U sure?

Can i meet u? Contact u or smthng....!

Descendant of the Keepers 2 years ago

Why does everything turn blue when the lights go out?

Why did she leave me to fend for myself after waking me to my existence?

Why are people in fear of me?

Why can I see things that have yet to pass?

How did I knock that picture off the wall from the other room?

Why am I always hungry?

Why do I know when people are about to die?

Why won't anyone guide me?

Please mail me. Visrite@gmail.com

Daniel Noctum profile image

Daniel Noctum 2 years ago from PortAngeles, Washington

So, in case you haven't yet realized, the person who wrote this hub is not responding. Don't think she will, or you'll just be getting your hopes up for nothing. Not being mean, just honest with you guys. She does not respond. My offer, however, still stands for people who are interested in learning what I know of real vampires. I am still learning, and I'm learning about other kin too. I don't know nearly everything, but I'd be happy to share my knowledge with you if you're respectful and open minded. Vampirism is not a religion for me, so you don't have to worry about me trying to shove my religion down your throat or anything like that. Likewise I would ask that you not try to do so either. You can tell me what your religion is, that's fine, but don't try to convert me. That'd just be a waste of time.

Anyways, my email is 8228danielnoctum8228@gmail.com if you'd like to talk.

zeal 2 years ago

hi what is your name? do you are a real vampire please answer my qestion i want to meet you.

Juliet 2 years ago

I wnt 2 b 1.I hve tried many spells that i got from the internet. But none of it worked.I need your help.Plz get me a real vampire who will b turning me.I don't want this life.B'cuz it is kiling me.Pls hlp me....I'll b grateful......

Leigh 2 years ago

Wow, u have alot of posts...good for you. My name is leigh, & things are happening to me my entire life...never paid to much attention to it, as i studied psychology for 4 years. Now things are getting out of hand. My energy had always been strong, but not like this. I am trying headstrong to handle it..but it is gettibg harder & harder. My family cant even grasp it. I have studied on vamps, and psyche vamps..and i am really scared that i fit the profile. I am prepared to be more educated, so i am willing to leave my number..either that, or im out of answers.. 705 305 7431 i do live in canada. Id appreciate a response, but i am not going to hold my breath. U have alot if people to get back to. Just to let you know...serious replys only. I need to control the gift/ curse ive been given...i dont know where else to turn too...& it def..not gunna be the government. I do hope to hear from u soon

shreya 2 years ago

I am dying to meet a vampire... thats what I ever have wished to be... pls tell me how to know if I am.... I feel like one...

sam 2 years ago

ur fake

sam 2 years ago

if urvampire find me

Kitty21 profile image

Kitty21 2 years ago from South gate ca

I am not a vampire but I do wanna become one so bad :( msg me if ur willing to bite me :) ivette.fonseca32@gmail.com

S143 2 years ago


I am here to invite the other vampires to come and fight with me. I am also a real vampire but I'm not willing to turn any human. I know there is none of you in this site but still if any one of you exist in this site, then accept my challenge. I know you are not going to accept it as you all are afraid.Pls accept it. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

Don't be ridiculous. You're probably not even a real vamp, and if you are you're definitely a young one. That urge that you're feeling , that itch of an instinct to fight, is basic but young. That feeling that you just really really want to kick someone's ass (or have someone kick your ass) one or the other, is easy and natural when you're first experiencing your heightened emotions and abilities, and before you learn to control yourself.

You'll eventually grow, get more experienced, and learn to have control over your emotions as seamlessly as you do your physical body. Your powers and (if you truly are a vamp) your control of self will grow over time. Patience may be a foreign concept to you now, but you'll get better. At least for your sake, I hope so. There's nothing I can do really to help you except tell you about how things work, but if you're lucky you may eventually get a face to face teacher. Good luck.

S143 2 years ago

My baby bro. Daniel u r a little bit crazy. Don't try to teach me how to control myself. I am a 173 year old vampire and u r just a little human. You are not my personal enemy, so pls don't interfere in my revenge....Or else u will be paying for it....

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

Thank you for clearing it up for everyone that you're not a vamp. Vampires are not immortal, and they don't live forever. A vampire's lifespan is generally the same as any human's (give or take a few immune system advantages). Your grammar is atrocious, but what's even worse is your attempt to try and create some kind of dramatic plotline...? This hubpage was not made for role playing, it was made for answers and to reach out to the real vamps out there who are looking for guidance. You're welcome to view and read this page just as well as anyone else, but please don't try to cause problems here. There are people who come here, out of genuine curiosity, who want to genuinely learn about the vampiric subculture/race. The really don't need to be dealing with some 12 year old internet troll.

Eternal Starseed 2 years ago

~My soul is old, yet my flesh be young. I've been here so long, yet I've just begun...~

I believe in vampires as well as other beings that walk upon this planet. I do not consider myself as a vampire. Only when I can't control myself taking in my friend's life-force energy, then it can be considered. But I have been working on that. I preferably say that I am unique being in their own way. Though I like to make it sound a bit more entertaining to explain myself as of who and how I am instead of being entirely cryptic, dark, decisive, and or wise. Though I am filled with old wisdom when needed and can give advice when speaking to someone one on one who is lost or needs help. Here we go,

My whole life growing up, i have always had trouble keeping a proper sleeping schedule. I am a definite night owl and sleep during the first half of the day, usually up for the afternoon though. If I look out the window after being up all night cause my eyes are used to the dark, it burns them and stings and hurts rather badly; causing me to recoil and.. RETREAT!!! -runs back to the dark bedroom where it does not burn-Lol! I have to wear sunglasses or a hood when going outside. Because of my lack of sunlight, i have lack of pigment as well. I am very pale, almost an olive-color. Yet, my birth mother is a dark tanned woman.

What does this tell? -Answer- That I am clearly an insomniac! And my eyes are used to being nocturnal because of my sleeping patterns and lack of time outside during the daylight. As well as my pale skin, blame it for lack of golden shining rays.

My whole life i had trouble being around people because i am hypersensitive to other people's emotions. I am a very open receptive person and when someone feels a certain way, i cannot help but walk up to them and ask them whats wrong. When they ask me what do you mean, I will then answer with how they feel to an exact fit. "Well, right now you are in distress, you're confused, worried, and are searching for answers you can't grasp a hold of. I was just concerned and thought I'd offer some assistance if I am capable because I am an em-path." or if I sense someone is really happy though they are trying to hide it, i will go up and ask them what causes their heart and soul to be such a fiery flare. Because I do like people, i gather knowledge and a sense of energy from them. To me I need balance of both positive and negative. An equilibrium to keep my own personal stability. When i get unstable, i get dysfunctional. If i have too much of one thing or the other. Because as long as I am balanced and I get the right of both energies, even the most chaotic negative thing such as hearing about a friend's personal sorrows of a loss of someone soothes and keeps me tranquil. Picking up and taking in what I need, makes me feel healthy, vibrant, and satisfied- And I do mean satisfied. It is a definite feeling i get after another person shares their emotional energy with me willingly through words and they do not know it.

What does this tell? -Answer- That I am really good at reading people. That I have my own personal strange OCD desire for a balance within myself possibly as the right amount of both energies has me in a serenity state.

Let's see, what else can I share. Oh yes, when i do become unstable it becomes noticeable to others all around me are affected emotionally as well as can sense the tension in the air. When I had a friend over, and i was highly upset, the entire house was thick. Not just metaphorically, the air itself was heavy and tense and highly negative. I have a strong affect on everything that surrounds me as a person, people and the air itself.

What does this tell?-Answer- I get upset like everyone else though its noticeable without me having to show it, either that or someone farts every time I am angry and its not me! xD

Electronics. I've had strange encounters with technology. When I say strange, i mean having turned things on and 'fixed' what i was told was broken. Something I have done since i was little without much fiddling. The best part? I don't even have to take the thing a part. 'The phone's battery is dead or it went haywire, I can't get it to work.' And then it gets handed to me, I focus on it sometimes and I don't know why, then press the button and boop! it's on! and then they say. 'Wow, what did you do, how did you do that?' And I reply 'I don't know how, I just did it. magic! mewmewmew!'- That was with my mom's neighbor. Same with a TV one time, but most of my fixing has been with the computer or telephones. I've turned a laptop on accidentally before after meditating just by feeling certain emotions too strongly.

What does this tell?-Answer- My life is full of good luck and coincidences with technology! That or I am a little short circuited and some of my energy can work into the phone to give it that 'zap' of resuscitation!

Spiritual Energy. Well this is something I haven't mastered. I do for a fact can say I have healing hands. The warm energy i produce and have used over my friend to ease her headaches as well as other pains. She's diabetic and when her heart goes too fast because of her sugar, i help her with focusing on slowing it. Now as for the other ability energy, I haven't figured that one out yet. I put my palms to face one another and then i focus my energy to the center where it will swirl and spiral. Then, it thickens almost as if I am creating a dense solid air. I can morph it and expand as well as contract it. When I ask any random person- because I do this to strangers as a trick very often because they are always in awe or baffled- I ask them to place their hand in the middle. They feel the pressure as well as the force and movement. Some get excited while others pull back in fear. It's a really neat ability to control air, atoms, whatever it is i am doing. Like I said I haven't figured out precisely. Other than i can say I am messing with reality itself and bending and turning nothing into something with energy.

What does this tell?-Answer- I actually don't know what i can say that would consider it normal because this gift I have is pretty much beyond any third dimensional planed scientific logical explanation that I can come up with like the others. BUT I can say it's pretty cool when you're showing other people and you get this befuddled or dumbfounded look. Because its magical to them, exciting new and different. But like i said, I have to be careful as some get scared. Humans; people in general fear things that they cannot explain, that they cannot understand what it is or where it comes from. I admit as well it still scares me a little because i cannot explain exactly what some of the things i do or how I do them and what I have shared is just a portion of myself. I have felt rather alone in the world without a teacher, without help, but i have striven each day to help others.

My diet. My diet consists of food! Surprised? Lol, yes I eat normal food. When I am not being satisfied by emotional energies, I like to enjoy the average bowl of cereal in the morning for breakfast. Sammich for lunch, and a barely cooked steak for dinner. Yes I like raw steak, about a minute on each side just to kill the bacteria and then I like to let the blood in there.It is delicious and I get a light feeling when drinking it; satisfaction and contentment

What does this say? -Answer- I like raw meat, so do a lot of people. So I get high off of drinking the blood of my steak, I am sure people have weirder needs and desires out there. I can't help how i react to what feeds me. I will not stop what feels natural because I may possibly be different. I embrace whom and what I am.

So tell me what you think. Vampire, Human, or something else. I am optimistic and willing to listen to your questions, comments, and or concerns. I am glad to have shared and hope to get some sort of answer whether its that i am a simple human who is weird and has a strange gift, or possibly something more. I always felt unique, independent and special. But then again, everyone is special in their own individual way~

Juliet 2 years ago

Eternal Starseed,

I think that you are a very special person. :)

Actually, I'm not interested in any of the responses posted in this website. I'm only searching for the answers of my questions. But when I started reading your post, it actually felt very nice.It actually touched my heart. Stay like this. And as you know that, "Everyone is special in their own individual way".

Good Luck.. :D :)

Someone -.- 2 years ago

I've researched and been around the world. Vampires are real most are located Southern California and South east Africa. I know this because my family comes from a long bloodline of vampires. (I'm not personally one). In 1823 my ancestors were well.. Vampires. I'm not one because when I was born my mother paid for me to get a special treatment to make sure I have no blood from that ancestor.

If you have any questions at all email me at sophiehoekstra@yahoo.com

Juliet 2 years ago


Plz help me. I'm searching for different ways to find a real vampire (almost most for more than 5 years). I'm from India. Plz kindly tell me the methods to find a real vampire. I'm ready to do anything to find them.

Juliet 2 years ago


I'm from India. Pls help me. I'm desperately searching for real vampires for more than 5 years. I tried to attract vampires towards me in many ways. Like, on a full moon night I put some blood on my neck and kept my room's window open. But nothing happened. I'm ready to do anything to find them. Pls, kindly tell me the methods to attract a vampire towards me. I'll be grateful.

ishwar sharma 2 years ago

u m trig vulk

ishwar sharma 2 years ago

I want to meet and i tell for that .think god . Plz i make one vampir

zoe ong 2 years ago

Do you live in Malaysia?

Zoe Ong 2 years ago

R u a real vampire who lives in Malaysia???Or do u know something about real life vampires??

If yes then pls kindly help me. I'll b grateful.:)

Ms Anon 2 years ago

I would like to share my story with anyone who would be interested in reading it. I was born in 1989, the eldest in my family, I was loved by all. A few years after crossing my initial teen years, I was smitten with the concept of vampirism. I did a lot of research and met with a few people in North America, during my college career, who claimed to know as to how one could contact a vampire. A staunch interest in life after death lead me to pick occultism as my prime subject of philosophical study. Over the years I have met many people who have either lived within or had some contact with various Goth communities of the world.

For those who don't know, Goth communities were the rage not too long ago when Bram Stoker and Anne Rice first conjured the idea of vampires and wielded it at a theatrical level.

Anyway, my research reached its prime when I met a certain individual who claimed to be a vampire hunter. His allure was incomprehensible yet unavoidable. He guided me and mentored me for years and the truth about vampires was revealed.

Guess what? They are NOT real. The mass hysteria of the 19th century, characterized by superstitious actions by unsuspecting people who believed that corpses were reanimated in the form of vampires. Many scientific explanations exist which can be easily googled, including the mass hysteria of the 1800s, but what was conceived in myths and bundled in fear and complexity of human mortality was what my hunter friend shared with me.

The belief of the existence of vampires was as intoxicating as the existence of dragons in primitive medieval times. And hence, in the midst of all chaos and confusion, a cult was born when some individuals decided to take advantage of a situation favorable for the looting of innocent people, and the mere act of placing two snake-like bites on the neck perpetuated the superstitious vampire belief. To combat such mortals who indulged in unholy practices of manipulating individuals, a counter-cult was born, a cult of vampire hunters for the masses and secretively a group of detectives and many individuals from the law enforcement sphere of those times.

Ever since, as technology in law enforcement progressed,the fabled undead 'vampires' began to disappear. Myths were born in the 1800s and ever since undergone a series of modifications regarding the appearance and characteristics of vampires. Their allure and charm has been a topic of interest but sadly the beasts exist merely in fiction.

That is the truth, to those who are interested in it. Thank-you for sparing time to read my story- that is to all who bothered to read my story at all.

Vampires are myth and children of fiction mothered by human intellect and I believe it should stay there. There is no doubt that like machines, with upcoming breathtaking human technology human vampires will be fostered but it must be always remembered that they never have and never will occur naturally in our world. As it is, the end of the world through zombies and machines is outdated enough and I believe 'vampires' will be the next logical and scientific breakthrough seen in movies in governance to the simple law of 'supply and demand'.

P.S. Any doubts about the various myths and their origins regarding vampires, such as immortality, please reply here . Will be happy to help those who ask for it!


sarah 2 years ago

Hi Everyone ,My name is Sarah and i am from Canada,This was how me and my BF become VAMPIRES i got a guy from the internet called MAID who was a VAMPIRE so i told him that me and my boyfriend would love to become VAMPIRES so he asked me of my Name ,Country, Age ,State ,address and asked me to pay the sum of $250 to send me his blood which

i did immediately and in the next 3 days i got the blood sample through the DHL which me and my boyfriend took in the blood into your body and in the next 30 minutes i turned into a VAMPIRE so if you interested in becoming a VAMPIRE kindly contact him in his email address today (bansr67@gmail.com)

H2SO4 2 years ago


Stop posting these rubbish things.

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

Ahahahaha, thank you H2SO4. You put a smile on my face this morning.

Edwin 2 years ago

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Juliet 2 years ago

If u r real then find me. I am from India.

Molina Rose 2 years ago

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Note that serious people only and you must not play with the almighty Dinna Van because he got powers to voke you out, and make you mad or what ever he think of doing to you.

im briana stewart 2 years ago

Hey i want to become one heres my email stewartbriana8@gmail.com please i want to become a vampire

rose 2 years ago

Are you a real vampire

yudi 2 years ago

is dis all true

Allistair 2 years ago

Those who recall the "Order of Darkness" website ran a while ago (mid 90s)?

I'm back.

Daniel Noctum 2 years ago

No offense Allistair, but when I look up that website that you mentioned just about all I'm getting is about some book series. I'd appreciate it if you'd put up a link to the website here. I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

alisha 2 years ago

this all is a waste of time..not bcoz i dont believe in vampires i do believe in them more than myself but a real will never come out and say that he/she is one.....and we meet one without any effort and just by taking their names three times!!!!...I am sure that you are not one of them and never will be just texting on net that you are one of them to become popular some foolish believe you.....if i want meet one i would find one by myself not by believing in you and others....mindless humans.....cant believe you all just for fame pretending to be vampire....WHAT A SHAME!!!!!

Tanya 2 years ago

I don't want to live a human life more, no matter what it takes to become a vampire i am totally ready. I think it's really cool to become one and live a life of a vampire. After an online fake quiz , i turned out to be an human hybrid vampire. Turn me into a vampire or tell me how to .

Danil Noctum 2 years ago

To Alisha,

It's true that there are many people (humans) who would do that, but not everyone who says online that they are a vampire is a poser like that. The vampire subculture has been pushing for acceptance and safe exposure for over twenty years. It should be no wonder that they would reach out to the rest of the world through the internet (which is used by and open to most of the world today) as well as through fictional books, tv, and other entertainment containing truth about the subculture sandwiched in between fiction and make-believe. Especially in entertainment sources like that where the common person is already suspending their disbelief in order to be entertained.

A lot of the community has still been working in the shadows (so to speak) out of fear and/or the understanding that the world either may not have been or absolutely was not ready for the culture to be accepted as reality by mainstream society. So they have been working on an individual basis where they can gauge the reactions/understanding of the people they were exposing this world to/to this world, and where they could do damage control where each person was concerned should it have gone wrong in some way. Plausible deniability becomes hard with an angry mob if you've revealed your cards to all of them already.

That being said, the community has definitely been reaching out to large crowds of people all across the world on a subconscious level through works of fiction and the like. At this point, mainstream society is accepting enough that many vamps (on an individual level) have been 'coming out of the coffin'. This may not have been a decision made by the 'higher-ups' (if you will) quite yet, but that is not to say that they are resistant to the idea. They may just not feel like now is the right time. Or maybe you could take these online proclamations of vampirism as a sign that the 'higher-ups' have already made that decision in full...

Take Michelle Belanger and Father Sebaastian for example. They have been pioneers within the vampiric community for decades now, as well as pioneers towards the coming out of the community. They have written books that are entirely based on their knowledge of the community/vampirism itself (no fiction sandwich bullcrap), as well as internet talks, in person interviews on tv, and more. Look them up, you'll see. They are considered by many (perhaps mostly people who don't know better, or perhaps the people who truly know what they're talking about) to not only be huge pioneers of the community, but leaders of it as well. They've been online, on tv, in books, etc. Why is it so hard to believe that other vamps would be as well nowadays?

Isa ap Eirias 2 years ago

Thank you. I mean that sincerely. As a Psi-vamp I find the number of people that talk about being what it's like to be a vampire that obviously have no clue about it to be a constant frustration. It's a rare treat to find someone that is open about the experience and is obviously knowledgeable as well. Please continue speaking out, our community will always need more honest people to speak up for it as opposed to the people that claim to be vampires without any real basis to the claim.

To the people that want to become vampires, I'm sorry there is no way to be "turned". I've personally met hundreds of individuals face to face that were either sanguine or psychic vampires and all of them were naturally inclined to vampirisim without a choice. The closest thing a person can come to being turned in my experience is what Michele Bellenger refers to as a "sympathetic" vampire -someone who has had their energy fed on so much or so frequently that it's been damaged and they have to feed from others to stay healthy- for them it's not an enjoyable experience and even for most actual vampires it's not all fun and games.

To me the biggest issue I see in proving the existence of vampirisim is the same face in proving the reality of the metaphysical- no two individuals experience it exactly the same. While one person finds being a vampire makes them much more aware of the people around them and their emotions another may find they are disconnected and unable to associate with others falling anywhere in between.

Personally being a vampire has resulted in a hypersensitivity to the energy and emotions of others that makes it hard at times to distinguish where my emotions end and theirs begin the closer I am to that person emotionally or the stronger the emotion the harder it becomes. I'm not overly fond of people but not being around them causes severe health problems for me as I can't feed and since feeding from a single person is tantamount to forcing myself on them in my mind I tend to stick to feeding from crowds- which for me is much like sticking a normal person in a small room full of concert speakers cranked all the way up. Maybe not bad for a few seconds but a quick path to a raging migraine if you stick around any longer.

Daniel Noctum 2 years ago

Who are you, oh intelligent and well spoken/versed person in things-vampirism? I don't mean to sound condescending, or conceited, but finding someone who knows what they're talking about -online- is a rare thing indeed. And I am untrained, so I imaging that in the world of the trained vampires I would be seen as very young and not very knowledgeable. So if that's all coming from you then who are you, and where have you been all my life. If you're copying those words from someone else, please direct me to them. I may have had some complications lately, but I would still love to learn what I can from someone who knows hat they're teaching.

I've heard that empathy is supposed to be a common thing amongst psi-vamps. Is this true? Or is it really more rare? I've only known about three whom I can truly ascertain as vamps, (myself, my Mom, and my old apprentice) so my knowledge base would be limited to the experience I have had amongst those people. If you really do know what you're talking about, then please email me. Even if you're just getting it from someone else, please point me in their direction, because I have questions.

I've never had the advantage of a teacher, and my Mom cut all ties to the community (as best as she could) before I was born (including denying herself her powers). So experienced guidance has been sparse in certain areas. Anyways, please email me. If you don't, oh well. I understand that other people have lives too. If you do, I'd be grateful. If not, I'll live.

Isa ap Eirias 2 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

@Daniel Noctum

Daniel I understand it can seem rare to find someone online that knows what they are talking about. In my experience most psi-vamps do have a natural inclination towards empathy, my personal opinion is that our dependency on the energy of other people and the fact that the old maxim about being what you eat holds truer for us than most people means that it's much like being able to tell if food is spoiled or not. I'm never afraid to share what I know and enjoy talking to other people and sharing what I've learned with them, feel free to email me with questions at First_Isa@hotmail.com, be warned though that I rarely check my email and I do lead a busy life since I both work and attend school full time, make sure you include somethign in the subject to let me know what it's about or I may mistake your email as part of the typical trash I get sent. If your looking for other people to ask questions of and who are experienced my personal recommendation is to start with the members of House Kheperu, despite the amount of harassment some members of the community continue to sling at them I've found that they are all rather knowledgeable and eager to share their knowledge with anyone interested and don't feel the need to make people share their beliefs or world views, they live up to their key phrase "Seek your own truth" you can visit their website http://www.kheperu.org/ or register on their forums where most of the houses core members (Michele Belenger who founded the house and leads their priest, and Gryphon who is the head of the warrior caste, and Rhys who leads their Counselor caste) are all active on the forum and tend to check in on it at least once or twice a week while other members and associates tend to be on daily. I'd also suggest visiting http://www.drinkdeeplyanddream.com/ as many of the forums members are equally helpful and in my experience are not prone to delusions of immortality of turning and will happily share information and the administration staff is quick to ban people who harbor delusions of being turned into vampires, as well as a harsh stance against anyone that tries to cause political personal or social drama. I'd also recommend looking into the Atlanta Vampire Alliance's website. I haven't had as much interaction with them but when I met the founders several years ago at an open house event I found them enjoyable to talk to and they seem to have made a point of studying vampirisim and generally have a survey at least once or twice a year that anyone is welcome to take.

As far as your training or lack their of goes, don't feel bad it's been my experience that if someone wants to belittle you for not knowing as much as them or not having been trained in the mystic arts of high priest mucky muck then they are either fake or simply desperate to find some reason to feel superior to others. The only training anyone should need is what life offers and maybe a few pointers on how not to be an ass, beyond that I've found that every vampire be they sanguine psychic, or both is different and how we do things is the same. You don't really need a teacher if your a vampire, that's like asking for a teacher on how to be a human (Okay bad example as a former tech support agent I can attest that some of us might need training in that field) you don't learn to do it you simply do.

If you do have further questions for me feel free to use the email I provided Daniel, or anyone else for that matter who has questions. I see no reason not to share what I've learned

Priyasha Jain 2 years ago

Greetings! I had a question in my mind. I was going through the Mahabharata and many people have witnessed this person as the saying goes..There is a man in Mahabharata namely Ashwathama.Seeing his companion die in the battlefield,he killed the the child present in the queen's womb in order to take revenge for his friend'd death. Seeing this, Lord Krishna became so furious that he cursed Ashwathama and said him,"You aren't afraid of death so let me take death away from you." He then cursed Ashwathama that he would live till the end of the time and all his body parts shall bleed but no one will give him shelter.

Kindly don't feel offended but I just wanted to know that by saying this did Lord Krishna turn him into a vampire? ( As of the legends I've heard, vampires have a very dark and painful life..)

cain 2 years ago

Okay im confused right now .i dont know whether or not to believe you. As you know there are loads of fakes all over the internet claiming that there part of the supernatural world and such. Of course im interested in the supernatural and im not dumb enough to not be aware that there real vampires and all out there. Thats not the only thing thats confusing me, all the time i feel like im being watched or something and im getting these weird kind of dreams. In these dreams theres always one sentence thats being repeated over. And over again. Im not sure if this is just my imagination kicking in or something else. My friend claimed to have seen a vampire on her shed and i told her to be careful weird things are happening yo her to she hears screams in death or danger situations but when she tells her family there like there was no one screaming. Im getting confused that whether this is real or are we imagining everything?

I dont expect you to answer but if you know whats going on can you pls tell me whats going on?

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

Honestly, you need to give more information. Where the dreams are concerned: What kinds of dreams are these? What's happening in them? What sentence is being repeated, does it mean anything to -you-, and what else is happening in them?

Where the shed dwelling vampire is concerned: I'm not sure what your friend saw, but saying you "saw" or "spotted" a vampire is a lot like saying you spotted a human. Not all, or maybe not even most, vampires are super into Gothic style clothing. Vampires, at least most of us, look just like humans. So maybe she should be more specific about what she saw too?

The screaming thing is weird. Does she hear it in her head, or as if she as hearing any other noise with her ears? How does she feel when this screaming happens? Has she noticed something that was just... 'off'/out of the norm that seems to happen when she hears the screaming? Is she perhaps creating the scream in her head to maybe inwardly voice her feelings, or is she maybe hearing a loud neighbor with the adrenaline rush of being angry or something? Or is she hearing spiritual/dead-people screams like you're implying might be the case? That's why I'm asking these questions; to try and figure out what's going on (or to at least help narrow down the possibilities).

Mehdi 2 years ago

Hi. My name Is Mehdi. From Iran. Tehran. My Nights That I Am Looking to Becme A Vampre. But The Results Did Not. i'm 15 Year old. I Know That You're Not A Vampire. Because Vampires Do Not Show Their. Just Because i've Lost My Hope Is To Give An Opinion.I Wanted To Be A Vampire. That Night I Saw Sleeping Drinking Blood. And to My Taste! And Was in Good Taste. Only iF. i Can Guide You in How TO Become A Vampire. i Find That i have! I Am Not Like Other People In My Imagination. I Have 100% Of My Dreams Is to Become A Vampire. And if Anyone Does Not Understand Me. Soon As Possible. Please GIve Me A Convincing Answer And in Fact. i Have No time For Lies And Tricks. If you Can Not Answer What to Do in A Sentence. Good Night !

2 years ago

You are far from being any leader in any 'real Vampire community'.

johnny 2 years ago

i wanna be a vampire as well just hours know it s real if everyone get together we can all findthe answertogether and become a coven I live in buffalo email if you can.help.jlc3991@yahoo.com

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

Thank you, "A" for that entirely vague, self-absorbed, unprovoked response. You did well at not making sense.

As for Mehdi, I wasn't going to respond at all until I saw that there were already two responses to that post (which spurred the response 'really people? That post is what you choose to respond to/believe in?'), but people are people. Oh well. All I can say, for whatever it's worth to people, is to not fall for obviously fantastical, made-up, fruitless crap. If you're going to fall for something, or chase something that you're unsure of the veracity of, at least 6/10 times you can trust that it's bullcrap if what the person is saying A.) isn't very intelligent, grammatically correct, or just doesn't make sense, and B.) if they're claiming to be a high official on an unofficial site or if they make other baseless claims that they can't even explain. This applies as not only does his/her post not make any sense (I can't tell if they're saying that they've given up on becoming a vampire, found out how and can guide others, or asking for someone to guide them on how to become one... or a mixture of all three?... no sense made), but they also don't have the patience to read long posts for whatever reason? This tells me that they are just being an internet troll looking for occasional entertainment in responding to people who believed he/she could teach them how to turn into a vampire.

Okay, now for the small part that deals with my belief/understanding brought to me through research and experience... Most of the time you can also discount what someone is saying as true if they're saying that non-vampires can turn into vampires. Vampires are born, not made. Most people don't want to hear that, but it's true. There may be some truth in what they're saying about other things, but 'turning' is one -very- common misconception.

2 years ago

Perhaps you should refamiliarise the garbage you posted, your "story", before you consider others as self-absorbed. Then you may come to understand what provoked the response.

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

First of all, you don't know whether or not that person experienced those things unless you experienced them with that person, are that person, or experienced the opposite with that person. That is if you're talking about the author of this hubpage. I personally haven't posted my story on this specific hubpage, but if you were to read it you would understand that there's no base in calling it fake or factless. Especially sense 100% of it is personal experience. Unless you were talking to Mehdi, that was an unnecessary response. If you were talking to Mehdi, then I agree with you full-heartedly , and apologize for assuming you were talking about me or the other person who was talking about their empathy and such. Yes I said it, and am no stranger to apologizing when I realize I was wrong; which happens more often than not. I can only hope that the same can be said of you.

2 years ago

The response was directed at the propaganda of the page author and at no discussion in the comments section. Provided the initial reply, I made an incorrect assumption. I appreciate the clarification. Regards,

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

Ok, cool. We've both apologized about our miss-communications, you're cool in my book so far, cool. I felt like you were talking about me, and with my reply it made sense that you thought I was the author, and I felt entitled to defend my point of view, but regardless you are entitled to your point of view. It's a perk of being (as I like to say it) a human -being-, regardless of whether or not you are actually human. So tell me, why do you find this hub page story false? And why do you specifically think that this person has nothing to do with any kind of rank in the community (of which I would know nothing really)?

aisha 2 years ago

its was very useful to me. But still I want to ask a question , can I find a vampire in tamilnadu, india and vampires are good or bad?

rishabh shukla 2 years ago

I want to meet u plzzzzz its important be oz I m also vampire plzzzzzz meet me in Varanasi at India plzzzz help me

rishabh shukla 2 years ago

I want to meet u plzzzzz its important be oz I m also vampire plzzzzzz meet me in Varanasi at India plzzzz help me

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

I don't know of anywhere where vampires really wouldn't be. I'm sure there are many in India, but I have no way of knowing other than the fact that they're much more common than people might think.

Asking if vampires are good or bad is like asking if humans are good or bad. We're all people, and we all have the capability of being both good and bad. It's all about choice. It also depends on who you talk to. People have prejudices.

aisha 2 years ago

please please answer my question I want to know it soon

aisha 2 years ago

rishabh shukah are u a vampire really. How did u become a vampire please say

phoebe180 profile image

phoebe180 2 years ago from Philippines

Anyone reading this, be careful putting your email, cause there are scammers out there collecting emails. And I just got one, asking for my details so they could do the blood transfer threatening me if I wont give my details they will sent their kind to bite me(and I have long been waiting, but nobody came, not even a single mosquito). Dude, seriously, blood transfer is done through blood transfusion. Wake up. If there are real vampires, they will sense you and they will come to you directly. But there aren't any. Just some cults trying to pamper you with your so lost soul.

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

Phoebe is right, there is someone collecting emails for some stupid scam. Someone else who emailed me from this site got the exact same email from the exact same person as I did. It starts out saying, "I am Mr. Richard from United State of America..." If you see this email, then please disregard it. Delete it, ignore it, report it, etc. The choice is yours, but throughout the email the author proves to be full of crap in more than just not knowing that the US is more than one state.

With people like this, Phoebe is absolutely right: They aren't real or true, and they're just scam artists. People may have gotten a little more creative on how they present or lie to you, but the bottom line is that when people are offering to turn you into a vampire, they are in fact lying. Vampires are real, as I've said before, but they are usually not at all what most people expect them to be. Vampires are born, not made, and anyone telling you differently is selling something. Sanguinarians (sanguine=blood) do drink blood to sustain their energy/power/overall health/whatever, but by no means does a vampire biting you mean that you will "change" into one. Vampirism is genetic, yes, but just because it's in a vamp's blood doesn't mean that them giving you that blood will turn you.

If someone ever offers to "transfer blood", or give you theirs, turn them down every time. It isn't safe. You have no idea what kind of diseases they might carry, or hat kind of sicknesses that their immune system has fought off that yours may never have encountered. When you get sick it's because you have some how taken in a virus that your immune system has never before encountered. The process of healing is where your blood and immune system work together to fight off the virus and create an immunity for it. From that point on you will never get sick from that exact virus. The reason we keep on getting sick throughout our lives is because viruses mutate and change into something that our body isn't immune to... that and the fact that there are so many viruses out there. Exposing yourself to someone else's blood risks exposing themselves to the viruses they may be carrying without even knowing it.

Vampires are real, but they are much more human than a lot of people may know or care to know. Most of fiction about vampires has some grain(s) of truth to them, but those facts are sandwiched in between fiction/fantasy. Some fantasies are more liked than others, and some work more efficiently to appeal to and involve readers into the story. The fantastic idea that anyone can become a vampire is in fact fantasy.

The point of this fantasy serves two purposes: To empower the vampire(s) of the story, and to empower the reader/non-vampire human(s). It empowers the vampire by saying that they have the power to turn anyone they want, and can bestow it like a gift, but also they can bestow it like a curse to anyone they may want to control or specifically unleash and negatives sides to vampirism on. It empowers the humans/reader because it tells them that they can be whatever they want to be if they are willing to try. This is why it is in most vampire fiction, but it is untrue. Again I say, for whatever it's worth, vampires are born not made.

My main point in saying all of this is to tell everyone to be careful. Vampires are real, but a lot of the people telling you that they're one of them are probably making it up. Keep in mind that regardless of what people may say, no one is immortal. one of the most important things to do is to survive. Don't jeopardize your health for something that may or may not even work/be true, and on top of that something that you may not even want (regardless of whether or not you realize that).

My email is already on here and I've already been contacted by one of these scammers so I have no problem leaving my email again for those who would like to contact me but don't wish to scroll up to get it. I have had meaningful conversations with multiple people who have either appreciated what I've said, or not, believed it, or not. It's ultimately your choice as to what to believe, but I can confidently say that I will tell you the truth as I know it about vampires. I don't know nearly everything, but I would be happy to share what I do know. You may not like what you read, but at least I won't be scamming you for any reason. I have nothing to gain from sharing this information with you, and I'm not going to ask you to pledge anything, or pay something, or whatever.

All I ask is that you be respectful and open minded. My email address is 8228danielnoctum8228@gmail.com

Isa ap Eirias 2 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

I don't often mention it because it usually causes me all kinds of headaches but for the sake of argument- as a psychic vampire- that is an individual who feeds off the vital energy of living people it's possible to create what's known as a sympathetic vampire. It's the closest thing you can come to turning another person into a vampire and is someone frowned upon because it's dangerous to them.

A sympathetic vampire is someone who has been fed upon so often and had so much of their energy taken away so frequently that their body looses the ability to properly replenish the energy on it's own. That means they have to do the same thing that a psychic vampire does and feed from others to sustain their health- without energy in your body it looses the ability to maintain its self, your vital energy is what tells your heart to pump, your lungs to breath, your brain to fire electrical impulses and read chemical signals, you cells to divide and repair themselves so without it you become prone to any number of illnesses that the human body is normally able to fight off without issue.

But this isn't permanent it's a temporary state and it's NOT SAFE the same thing that could make someone a sympathetic vampire could just as easily kill them instead and the little bit of research I've found on the phenomenon suggest that the state usually only last a matter of months sometimes a year or two at most until the damage of having been repeatedly used as a source of food for a psychic vampire has healed.

The bottom line though is that while everyone thinks being a vampire would be great the ultimate truth is it's not. Being a psychic vampire has made me so sensitive to any form of energy that high temperatures, bright lights, loud noises, crowds, strong emotions, or anything else similar to those things are painful and trigger debilitating migraines. It's a double edged sword, I'm better in tune with the metaphysical realm than most people and I can manipulate energy instinctively in a way that takes practitioners of Qi Chung years or decades to learn. I have to expose my self to a crowd to feed and any group of people that I can't count on my fingers is going to have so much emotional noise around it that it's painful for me to deal with, but if I don't feed my health deteriorates rapidly If I go more than a week without feeding from a crowd I have asthma attacks, then my heart rate becomes erratic, my blood pressure starts bouncing between extremes, I develop hypoglycemia, my immune system tanks and becomes almost worthless and the problems just keep getting worse the longer I got without feeding

Daniel Noctum 2 years ago

I have heard of this before, but I usually don't mention it for a couple of good reasons. A: It doesn't actually turn them into a vampire, not even temporarily, it just gives them a very real need that their bodies weren't built to be able to fill, and forces them to learn the hard hard way or die. I have mentioned that it is possible for a human to imitate vampirism to a degree, but it is an uphill battle (on roller scates) for them, and even then it can take days or even weeks to figure out/produce something that it may take minutes to hours to learn. It can take a lifetime for a human to learn the basics of vampirism.

Besides all of that, It's unhealthy for humans to practice at all, let alone have the problem that the person above is talking about. Not to mention all of the other problems generated by this line of work. The person above has only talked about their personal problems with their powers and the control thereof. They haven't mentioned the crowd they attract just by having power, let alone using it or being a part of the community they belong to. Demons, rival groups/factions, corrupt leaders, rivals within groups, the general public quite often... I mean oi vey. There are so many problems and dangers with vampirism that I don't believe you should ever involve someone into it unless you can teach them to hide and protect themselves thoroughly, as well as how to control themselves, AND you can do all of that for them until they can/know how to. And even then you shouldn't bring them into this world unless you can handle the responsibility and guide them until they no longer need you (even if they don't yet realize they do need you). I guess that's one of the main reasons my group was never very large.

Isa ap Eirias 2 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

Daniel is entirely correct that dealing with the vampire community brings about a whole host of problems unrelated to the actual vampirisim. Youy have petty arguments, easily bruised ego's, constant issues with people feeling that they deserve respect just because they have been involved in the community for a decade or more. You have people like Todd Hoyt aka Sabastian Todd, aka Father Todd who will tell you what ever BS they can just to get a passing bit of respect and admiration and has repeatedly taken advantage of other people just to make a few dollars and has abused several people in the community around the world. There is generally though very little that a psychic vampire can do that a normal person can't do. Everyone is capable of manipulating energy psi-vamps simply have a natural affinity for it because they are more attuned to it, just as someone that has lived their whole life on a ship is going to be better at sailing that someone that's lived in the mountain's their whole life.

Personally if anyone is truly curious about vampires I suggest the try contacting House Khepru who I've linked previously, the members make it a habit to share their knowledge but have little tolerance for fools or idiots. So if all your goign to do is pester them to make you a vampire don't bother, if you want to learn about vampire, otherkin, or metaphysics in general then they will happily talk with you and share their knowledge and they have an open house event every year in Cleveland in May for people to come and meet them.

My issues with empathy are a small problem, I do as Daniel implied on a daily basis deal with entities that others would consider daemons and angels, I've had conversations with individuals that identified themselves as Gods from nearly every pantheon I've heard of and a few I hadn't until then, I can't pass a graveyard without at least half a dozen specters trying to get my attention either because they are lonely and want to talk or want me to do something for them or just to complain bout the noise of modern life (Pittsburgh was bad for that one thank you Versailles and Allegheny).

But I'm more than just a psychic vampire. I'm a spirtual Thrianthrope (tiger to be exact) and that also causes problems for me. I have to remind myself constantly that the people around me aren't prey, that stalking things because it's a challenge that would provide entertainment isn't acceptable.

radhika 2 years ago

hey guys.... i just want to be a vampires... nyhow. i dnt know whether it is gud or bad t i only know dis dat being a vampire is more good than being a human being.. nd human beings just cheated on their partners.... bt vampires dont do dat they love their partners nd their soul unites till their last breath.. dis is true love... i want to be a good vampire.. i do not want to harm nyone.. just wanna get those spiritual powers which they have... in dis way i just want to help many people nd ofcouse becoming vampire is my passion frm my childhood dnt know why? bt i really love d skills which d vampires have.. nd i want to do every hard possibility to become a vampire.. i m ready for being a vampire... nd in dis way i coluld olso get my pure love of my life...

theblackoracle 2 years ago

I am the Oracle I have finally come. I am here. looking for my kind. Where are you? theoracle_blacknight@yahoo.com

Giggling twiggy 2 years ago

i assume you get request for people who are wanting to be transformed as they say into a vampire. nowing most or all dont really know what they are really asking for. its funny because i am wanting the same thing but Me i want to be turned so i can love my mate forever. He will protect me from anymore Phyical harm. and my heart will finally know what it would be like to love truely. i can finally be like these seniors that have been together for 50 plus years. to hell with wanting immortality for selfish reasons i would love to be giving Immortality to love my man like a beautiful man no matter his diffrent way of living..i could tell him how beautiful he is how much im proud of him regardless us being diffrent.we would be diffrent together and i would be the one that brings a smile to his dark spirit..I beg and long one will read this and hope to have someone that will be his light in his dark..Let me bring sunshine to your soul even if dance in the moon light.. i can be found on Facebook..Giggling twiggy :) i sure do hope to see feel be with you soon..i dream of you always untill then xoxo

aisha 2 years ago

ok how to find a real vampire by just seeing them

Alexandria Kornilivous 2 years ago

Hello Children. I saw this site and could not resist the urge to look at all of your comments. I noticed much arguing among my children. Children please no arguing. To those who do not know of me, I am Princess Alexandria Kornilivous. I and my twin brother are the next in line for the title of King and Queen of the Kornilivous Clan. We have been around far longer than your knowledge and records may go back. The comments are very interesting to say the least. If you need to join a clan and or have questions I will be willing to answer them. I am NOT willing to turn anyone. Turning someone is a privilege not something you beg someone for such as a toddler would.

My E-mail is: akornilivous@yahoo.com

I also have a Facebook Page: Alexandria Kornilivous

Again do not ask to be turned. You will be turned away! No questions will be answered either if the question surfaces.

aisha 2 years ago


pia 2 years ago

do vampires believe in God? If so which God did they worship

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

Vampires are people. It's true that they are a people, and have their own communities, but honestly they are just people. This means that just like humans, they have many different religions depending on the person. Some are Pagan, some are Christian, some are Wiccan, some are Atheist, some are Satanist, some are Jewish, etc. They don't participate in one racial religion, or anything else like that, lol. There is documentation of older religions that talk about things like vampirism, and older communities that are portrayed as vampiric that had a communal religion, but whether or not those things are true (as far as I know) there has never been one 'Vampire Religion'. Like I said, vampires are people. Their religions span in number just as human religions do, and most of their religions are actually the same as humans. I can't speak for everyone, but as far as I can tell, vampirism is not a religion for vampires; it's a practice, it's a way of life, it's an existence and a race. But for most vampirism doesn't tend to be a religion.

pia 2 years ago

looks like u know more about that, well thank you for explaining

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

Looks like I know more about... what exactly? Or more than whom? I'm not sure what you're getting at, but either way... I'm just about always willing to share what I know with just about everyone. I don't know everything, but I feel that sharing what I do know helps 'the community' as well as non-vamps. People fear what they don't understand, but more importantly understanding other people helps to build a community and construct a future. I have always wanted to share this world with the people that I care about, and eventually with the world, in the safest ways possible. Many things have changed drastically in my life, but I still feel like making this kind of knowledge public, possible, and easy to find is conducive to a positive future. One that involves.

aisha 2 years ago

do vampires really have the power of mindreading, quick healing etc....?

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

Well it depends on the vampire. Most vampires, not all, have access to some degree of magic. But even amongst vamps everyone is different, so some have stronger magic than others, and some are more physically inclined than others. Even if you were to only consider the vamps that have magic, they're all so different that one may be able to read minds while another may not. What I mean to say is that yes, reading minds is possible amongst vamps, though not all can do it. Some are healers, some are adept at causing pain with their minds, some are capable of calling/drawing on elements, and some are -very- good at the whole 'faster than you can see them' or 'impossibly strong' thing (even amongst their own kind). Now with the healing thing you were asking about, I've never met a vamp who could heal instantly from wounds and the like. Nor have I met one who even claimed it. Seeing as though we're not immortal/invincible, I think the idea is ridiculous. I can't speak for everyone, but I think it's a pretty safe bet to make that vampires don't heal instantly from injuries. They may shake them off in the heat of a fight, but it doesn't mean that their cuts and scrapes close instantly or anything like that.

aisha 2 years ago

did you met any vampires in your life?

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

Well I've met a lot of people who claimed they were vampires, but not many of them were telling the truth. I know my Mom who is one, and my old apprentice was a vampire. I had other students but not very many of them really took to the training, or could do it. I'd say that... to be sure without a doubt I have met 4 vampires in person. So not a lot, but that's 4 peoples' experiences and my own with vampirism, couple with my and my Mom's research (including her experience with the community when she was active). Like I said, I don't know nearly everything, but what I have to share I know to be true... through experience and trial and error.

Isa ap Eirias 2 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

Sorry I got a bit behind on this Aisha like Daniel I'm always willing to answer questions though I do also suggest people do their own research as well. Though my interactions with him have been limited to here Daniel has had pretty much the same views as me on a lot of things though we do have different personal experiences.

Going back to one of your earlier questions that didn't seem to get an answer- no there is no way to tell a vampire from a normal person on sight. We do in fact look like normal people and it's not like we have fangs, red eyes, or burst into flames in direct sunlight. The only real way to tell us apart from anyone else is by being aware of energy and actively trying to sense it, however how a vampires energy feels tends to be different for each person some people say it feels heavier, some say it has a magnetic pull to it, other say it has a feeling of age that is disproportionate to the actual person.

When it comes to the healing it depends. None of us are exactly going to stand up from a bullet to the head or heart like it's nothing. Again were still essentially human with a few added traits. I've met some vampires that couldn't fight off a stiff breeze without sneezing, and I've known others that never got cold and could recover from broken bones in a matter of days. The amount and frequency we feed seems to have an impact on this, if we only feed enough to keep ourselves from having major problems our bodies aren't very healthy as we are essentially starving ourselves slowly, if we feed constantly and in large amounts then our bodies tend to use that excess energy to reinforce itself in small ways instinctively, our immune systems function a little better our bodies are a bit better a repairing themselves, etc.

I've personally met and interacted with several dozen other vampires face to face courtesy of the fact that today's technology allows us to arrange events months in advance. The best example of this would be House Kheperu's open house which is an annual gathering of energy workers and psychic vampires in Cleveland that started off with a couple dozen individuals from across the US and has since grown to people from around the world numbering over a hundred who spend 4 days sharing ideas, learning, getting to know each other, and generally just being normal people with a shared trait. There are also groups of vampires both psychic and sanguine across the US such as the Atlanta Vampire Alliance and New Orleans Vampire Association that work with people in their local area to understand their abilities when they first start out.

If your wanting to look at some more technical information you can also look up Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC which is the only company in the United states that researches vampires. The founder is a rather intelligent man and worth talking to when he's not busy trying to juggle the demands of life.

Once again anyone with questions for me you can reach me at First_Isa@hotmail.com, I will however due to the fact that I've gotten somewhat less tolerant of *ahem* BS from people I've started ignoring questions about turning for the reasons I've already explained in my previous comments here.

DanielNoctum 2 years ago

It's very encouraging to hear from someone else with a different background, yet very similar perspectives. I'm always mindful of the fact that I could be wrong, but to hear that I'm not alone and not crazy amongst the people who make me not alone (for the most part) is very encouraging. It's also good for people who seek knowledge (especially about topics that are so elusive in their true form as vampirism) to get multiple perspectives, and to hear from more than one source on the same topic. I appreciate you posting on these hubpages; it's good for me and other readers. I wish I had the money to attend events like Kheperu's open house, and get around a bit actually meeting people. But such is life, that we spend most of it searching. Anyways, thx for posting.

EmmaBee 2 years ago

So basically a vampire is just a way to reach your natural human inner power? it's the perception of it that you like?, honestly i would like to know about REAL vampires if they are out there, like legit fangs and shit, anyone can reach their inner power through nature, the best way to do this is dig a deep hole, put some rugs and thick rags and pillows in there so your comforable then get someone to cover it up with a stone, you will connect with the forced of energy, with all the electrical currents around us these days it interfears with our bodies natural abilities.

Once you go into nature like this your body will start to come back to all it's natural abilities and heal your mind and body as it should and you will feel like you were re-born once again, anyone can do this. I'm a girl that is super intutive, sometimes i know what people are thinking but i have to have a connection to you to do this and i've had a few weird things happen to me over the years so it's no suprise vampires are super alluring to me.

Honestly i think "vampires" like this is just people who are still in touch with how humans should all be, most people have very much lost touch because of all the corruption and the technology, they don't even know how a real human should even behave anymore, so there is those of us who are very aware and concious of that still who are lost because society outcasts us because they now fear the true potential of a true human being, it's sad really, so now we must hide in plane sight under some label just to be able to be ourselves. I know if real vampires are real (and i think there is a giant possibility they do), id probably fit in better there than in society these days, but even for you there are rules :( i know darn it.... lol rules... rules... so many rules... lol it sucks big time.

aisha 2 years ago

thank you Daniel and Isa for explaining . I may keep getting questions in my mind about vampires. So please if u know something else about vampire post here so that we can see it and get more knowledge about it.

Isa ap Eirias 2 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

My pleasure Daniel and Aisha I enjoy sharing what I know and I think it's the responsibility of anyone with knowledge to share that knowledge with those looking for it. If your wanting to find people or groups in your area send me a message as I know a few Facebook groups that partner with vampire groups around the world.

EmmaBee the perspective you offer isn't unique and it's one that some members of the vampire community have considered but it doesn't really make sense to us. It's hard to say that it's a human power when we are constantly having to take energy from others in order to stay healthy. personally I have to constantly drain a small amount of energy from wherever I am pr I start getting sick and at least once a week I have to engage in a major feeding from a crowd (usually at a mall or other public place so I don't feed from an individual due to personal qualms with that) or I start facing issues with tremors and blackouts, too long with out feeding and my bodies core temp will start dropping along with my heart rate, blood pressure, and other bio rhythms.

joe 2 years ago

Sappho you are a joke,wake up.What kind of a vampire are you?You will not live forever same like Satanists,you think being a vampire is a culture

aisha 2 years ago

Isa are you a vampire?

aisha 2 years ago

Isa are you a vampire?

DanielNoctum 24 months ago

Joe, is that what you truly believe with what little information you have, or is that just your fear reflected in the shape of deliberate ignorance and born from lack of understanding?

Isa ap Eirias 24 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

Aisha yes I'm a psychic vampire, and I've been aware of my condition since I was 13. Before then I would feed unconsciously from anyone around me which wasn't safe for me or them.

aisha 24 months ago

wow I was talking to a vampire , I have longed to meet a vampire and ask him/her all about them, but nobody is here where I live, but its ok I can clear my doubt here

Isa ap Eirias 24 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

Well I've shared my email a few times and your welcome to send me a message with any questions you have. I'm sure that with enough looking I could probably find someone in your area willing to answer questions aswell, I know of several groups across the US, and I've recently come into contact with groups in South Africa and UK as well with a bit of looking you can usually find a group near you and most major cities have at least a few members of the vampire community.

aisha 24 months ago

Well in that case , can you please say me whether any vampire are there in india

Isa ap Eirias 24 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

I know there is a small group Aisha, and you can contact them at aivo.org@gmail.com, I believe they are still active though they stopped using their facebook group do to problems with trolls- such as people asking how to become a vampire and claiming to be hundreds or thousands of years old. From what a friend has told me the founder of the Alliance of Indian vampires and otherkin is a great guy but is usually more busy offline than online so Ashwin may be a bit slow in replying to you.

dawn1978 profile image

dawn1978 23 months ago from Trenton, Georgia

I would like to contact a vampire if possible i live trenton georgia and have always been fasinated with them i can never stop thinking about them i have alot of questions for them and about myself i have always enjoyed the tast of blood as far back as i can remember taking it as far as raw meat or pricking my significant others finger just to get a taste or wanting to suck the blood from a wound i have always felt very different and alone it would be nice to have someone to talk to about this that wont think im weird thank you if there is someone who can help me please email me dawn.summers4@aol.com

DanielNoctum 23 months ago

Well that would definitely be Ias's area of expertise. Good luck with your search.

Isa ap Eirias 23 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

Dawn I'm not familiar with the cities in Georgian the only major group I know of in Georgia though is the Atlanta Vampire Alliance, It's headed by Merticus Stevens who is a great guy and helped found Suscitatio Enterprises which is a company which researches both psychic and sanguine vampirisim. you can check out their website at http://www.atlantavampirealliance.com/

Ash 23 months ago

I'm looking for my kind in florida, if anyone is on here my names Ash. Feel free to hit me up, ladypuzzle92@gmail.com

DanielNoctum 23 months ago

I've heard of at least a couple of specific vamps in Florida before. I have no way of contacting them, so it's not really worth an email, but I more or less came across them in my really early days after awakening. One was named Gio, and I don't remember the female's. I have no idea of their actual power levels as I never met them in person, and they were doing a whole lot of make-believe and lying. My point is though, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a well sized community there. Though, I imagine it's a bit sunnier than they'd like. Anyways, good luck.

aisha 23 months ago

Thanks isa

dck 22 months ago

dude !!!! u should see a doctor !!!! there is no such thing as a vampire !!! all those stories u heard about them is playing with ur mind ....I think u are just in need of a psychiatrist!!!

Nikki 22 months ago

Are vampires an immortal creature?

Isa ap Eirias 22 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

Nikki vampires are not immortal. In fact if you ever meet someone who claims to be immortal you should probably call their sanity into question. The closest thing to immortality a vampire of any sort could claim is the ability some psychic vampires claim where they keep their memories from one reincarnation to the next.

In general vampires of any sort don't posses super human abilities. In fact all the things we are able to do instinctively can be learned by a normal person even the ability to draw another persons vital energy can be learned as a skill as it can be beneficial to the person the energy is taken from if done properly.

22 months ago

I have to say, I've been coming on here for a little over a year. Each time I ask a question under a different name, and each time someone will answer. But the only two who are smart enough, and know what they're actually saying is truth, is DanielNoctum and Isa ap Eirias. It's good to know you two are the smart ones here, and like me you do check back periodically.

Isa ap Eirias 22 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

To be quite honest M I have hub pages send me notifications whenever I get a reply on a topic I'm following. and I have a compulsive habit that's nearly obsessive about providing information to others that probably stems from my overall dislike of ignorance and an outright hatred of willful ignorance.

sanjana 22 months ago

Dude you really need a psychiatrist. ..!!!

There is no such thing in existence. it's fully fake and funny. ..

elena 22 months ago

Can anyone tell me that whether the spells in the website www.spellsofmagic.com are real or not? It is very important for me. I'll be grateful if u can answer me.

Isa ap Eirias 22 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

To sanjana and dck (You may well be the same person given your equally poor taste in language usage). Why do you think I or any other vampire needs to seek professional help? I generally don't attack others beliefs but think about this: Billions of people around the world think that if they murder someone and then apologize a beardy guy in the sky who came down and raped a woman over 2000 years ago so that her son could die for them. and not only can they get away with murder this way, that can beat their significant others, they can discriminate against others, force their wives to go out wrapped head to toe so only their eyes can be seen, declare war on other countries for believing in a different dead guy, or for praying to the same dead guy differently.

Now who sounds more delusional? The people that think they are free of moral responsibility because of someone who died thousands of years ago, or the person who has been proven to have to do certain things or face negative consequences. Keep in mind that I did speak with a therapist on a regular basis regarding other issues and she honestly saw nothing unusual about my psychic vampirisim nor the influences it had on me, in fact she's the reason I'm so adept at handling my more predatory instincts.

To Elena, I generally suggest avoiding spell work if you can avoid it as it can muddle the waters unnecessarily. Spells of any sort be they the weastern worlds traditional witchcraft or some of the more esoteric eastern cultures methods are all ways of focusing the mind to manipulate the same sort of energy that psychic vampires (a friend recently suggested the term 'pranavore' if you don't like vampire) feed on. If your wanting to learn the basics of it Michele Belenger's "Psychic Energy Codex" Is a great starting point for beginners, if your insistent on working with spells though Silver Ravenwolf has a series of rather helpful books that go through not just the casting part but also explain the logic of 'when' and 'why' a spell should be cast. If your just starting out on such things start small, learn to form and maintain a simple energy ball before to try an actual spell would be my suggestion.

madhav 21 months ago

hai i am madhav from india...guys pleaseplease mail me at below idand please do if you are a vampire and who live in india ...and i am waktun to be one of you people...sooo


thank u....

madhav 21 months ago

hai i am madhav from india...guys pleaseplease mail me at below idand please do if you are a vampire and who live in india ...and i am waktun to be one of you people...sooo


thank u....

Isa ap Eirias 21 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

Madhav if you look back through my previous post I provided the contact info for the India vampire group. However as has been mentioned repetedly there is no way to turn a normal person into a vampire you are either born this way or you aren't There isn't a way to make a person who isn't a vampire a vampire.

niyaz ahmad 21 months ago

Mujhe banna h wampire

elena 21 months ago

Isa ap Eirias,

Thnx Isa ap Eirias 4 ur rspnse. I'm vry mch satsfied wth ur rspnse. I hv anthr ques. I hv bn srchng 4 vmpre spells. I hv gt mny bt nvr tried any of thm. Aftr gtng ur ans. i hve dcided 2 quit using spells.Could u kndly tell me tht whr 2 srch 4 vmpres. I'm frm India.......

Shayla 21 months ago


I'm reaching out...

DanielNoctum 21 months ago


Even if spells were not dangerous at all, that's not the kind of magic/power/whatever you want to call it that most vampires use. That's not what comes naturally from being a vampire. That's generally witch territory. With that, and the knowledge that humans can not be turned into vampires, you should know that (for the most part) there are no vampire spells. There may be spells that involve vampires out there, but for the most part if someone tells you that they know a 'vampire spell', they're probably bullshitting you.

DanielNoctum 21 months ago


People from other countries may have grammatical problems with the English language because it's not their first, but they don't do what you did. I understand about being anonymous, but we wouldn't have known where you live anyways, and so you had literally no reason to insult our intelligence by pretending to be from India when it seems obvious to me that you have a fairly standard (for America) understanding of the English language and are just being extremely lazy in an attempt to fool Isa. I don't know why you feel like this would be necessary, but I feel like all dishonesty is direct disrespect, and that in this case it's a waste of time.

I understand that some people come her to fool around, and some people are just a little too unsure of the idea of vampirism to take it seriously, but pointless dishonesty and testing astuteness is not conducive to a serious, open, mature environment. I'm not exactly sure about Isa, but I know that that's the kind of environment I would want for a website that I'm going to put hours of my life into to try and help others. Just something to think about, I guess.

Isa ap Eirias 21 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

Thank you Daniel,

In general I don't understand the use of spells of any sort as in my experience they tend to be simply tools that act to help the person using them focus their mind better to shape energy the way they want. while it can be helpful for someone just starting out it usually develops into an unnecessary and wasteful crutch. Most people I know that practice spell work seem to expend more energy than they need to to get the same results.

On the topic of 'vampire spells' elena Daniel is correct in the statment that their are no spells or ways to turn a regular person into a vampire. it's an inborn trait and something that you either have or don't. their are individuals known as spiritual predators that feed off of energy in much the way that psychic vampires do however this is by choice and not out of need and I've never really understood the reasoning behind it as it has some fairly severe inherit and unavoidable risk (truthfully even for psi-vampires like myself there are dangers present in feeding that we can only mitigate and not eliminate such as forming a 2-way bond to anyone we feed from directly that can be used against us by them if they have the necessary skill or knowledge, and it can also result in the person forming some uncomfortable and unwanted emotional associations with you).

In terms of your spelling and grammar- while I'm not overly strict about it and I'm fully cognizant of my own failings in both departments if your going to address a question to me please use language more in line with your first post than the second one, I don't have the money available to hire cryptographers to decipher every question posed to me.

Bailey 21 months ago

I have question for any "real vampires" out there willing to talk. You can reach me at ggossipgirllxoxo@gmail.com

Elena 21 months ago

Thnx 2 both of u, Daniel and Isa. Daniel, so u mn 2 say I'm an American? Ok i cn undrstnd tht my accent shows tht i'm an american cause i'm mstering in american accent. But i'm born and brought up in India. I'm not fooling any1 here. I just hve a keen intrst in suprnaturls. I'm getting a hint tht u r insltng Indians by telling it indirectly tht we dnt hve a propr knowledge of grammar. Thnx 4 ur rspnse but 2day i hve lost all my faith and rspect on this website and on u americans. I promise 2 quit learning americn accent and this website. I would also like 2 suggest othr indians, Pls iha pe maat raho ye sab hum indians ko insult kar rahe hai. Agar apke dill mein bharat k liye pyar aur samman hai to quit karo is website ko meri tarah. Jai Hind!

DanielNoctum 21 months ago

I never said Indians have lower intelligence, or are incapable of learning the English language. I did say that grammar issues happen when you learn a new language. No one expects someone who is using English as a second language to do so perfectly. What you do is type out words without any vowels. I've corresponded with people who's native tongues were not English, and none of them did that. Americans sometimes do that when they're being incredibly lazy when they type, and it's just sad. If you truly are learning English, then you're learning how to write it as well as pronounce it, and if so, it would be entirely reasonable to for you to have spelling and grammar issues until you knew the language like second nature. That being said, your spelling intentionally skips most (but not all) vowels and even some consonants to get the sound of the words across while typing the bare minimum of letters. This means that you know exactly how the words sound, part by part, and why they sound that way.

Also, I don't know Hindi, but from my study of French I know that even though they use the same letters as English does, they have different sounds for how those letters come together (even when they come together in the exact same way). This is how someone can carry an accent from one language to another. So unless you were fluent in English, you wouldn't know which letters to skip, and which ones to keep to make sure that when reading the partial words we still got the same sounds. That doesn't just come from study though, that comes from being surrounded by the language for years until it becomes second nature. Otherwise, there would be mistakes, and in your typing you show few to no mistakes at all where typing the way you do is concerned. Also, it is common amongst people in America who intentionally don't spell out full words in their typing that when they want to type the word "you" with minimal letters, they type "u" instead of "y" or "yu". The fact that you did this shows a familiarity with American-English texting and email-correspondence as it does the exact opposite of what you had been doing with most of your other words. With your typing, you group together necessary consonants and skip vowels entirely because you know that in the English language, we build our words around vowels; while we may have words like "you" that technically consist entirely of vowels, we do not have a single word (that I have ever heard of) in our language that consists entirely of consonants. We, as Americans, actually have a very hard time pronouncing words in other languages (like Hebrew) that have no vowels, and it's entirely because we have no words like that ourselves. You know this, and what's more, you know how Americans place vowels when there are none. For example: You know that typing "rspnse" would translate to "response" to an American because we recognize parts of the word and in our minds compensate for the vowels that aren't there. However, to know which letters to keep and which to drop, you have to know exactly which ones make what sounds, how the word would sound without vowels, and be familiar with the full word.

To move onto exhibit B of why I believe from your typing that you're an American, let's revisit something that I've lightly touched on so far but haven't explained. Your use of the word "you" as "u", and other words like it like any1. This is quite possibly the biggest dead giveaway that you're American out of everything you've typed so far. If you were an English learner, and your learned method of communication was to avoid vowels, you would avoid vowels altogether. You would not insert the "e" at the end of "rspnse", and you would not use the letter "u" to convey the entire word. If you were studying English you would have learned that the only way to spell "you" is with those three letters. You would not know that that word, and that letter alone, share the same exact sound. Most likely due to a rigid learning course and a non-American accent, you probably wouldn't associate the sound of the letter "u" with the word until you started extensively texting Americans, and some of them were just lazy in their typing. Even so, it's not likely that you would also know that "anyone" and "1" have the same exact sound were you to take off the "any". Lazy Americans who text do that, but you would not have learned that in your foreign language studies as I am aware that other countries are almost invariably stricter with their foreign language studies than America is. That's one reason why other countries hate us so much; they think we're lazy and stupid. Even less likely is that you would have learned in your foreign studies "when being lazy, it is acceptable to skip most vowels, but some of them (especially the ones at the end) must always be there, or you won't be understood". The fact that you put an "e" at the end of "rspnse" means that you're very familiar with how the word should be spelled, and how it sounds, but only put in enough vowels for the reader to get the correct sounds on the end and the beginning. When we read, we don't read every letter in a word. We read the first and last letters, and maybe one or two in the middle depending on how long the word is. But you're aware of that fact enough, and familiar enough with the English language that you have no grammar errors (for the most part), and you have no spelling errors that don't make sense. You obviously have spelling errors, but they all make sense. You also know it well enough to know when you need to include the first and last letters, when you need to include vowels, and when you don't. You also don't seem to have any foreign mannerisms in your typing. All of this screams out at me that you're a native English speaker, but none of it gives me the slightest impression that you're foreign at all. To top it all off, you replace the word "two" with 2. I mean, come on. Someone who was learning English would not learn that those words mean the same thing, because they don't. It might even be a while in their studies before they learned that those words sound the exact same. Someone who was learning English would not substitute the word "to" for 2, as it wouldn't make sense to the learner, let alone who they were typing it to. An English learner would confuse the words "two" and "too" with "to" before doing so with "2". You're literally typing with the least amount of letters absolutely possible.

I can't speak for Isa, but you've now insulted my intelligence, my rationality, my ability to reason and defend myself, and even my integrity. I don't come to this website to be questioned about my sanity, or ability to do research, or morality, or anything like that. I come to this website to be questioned about one, overbearing, topic: vampirism, and my knowledge/experience about it. I'm not here to convert anyone, I'm not here to induct anyone, and I'm not here to control or manipulate anyone. My sole purpose for being here is to provide information about vampirism and my experiences/knowledge about it to those who seek that information. You don't have to believe me, you don't have to listen to me, or agree with me. But I ask for two things on here: That you respect me, and that you respect anyone else who is on this website. Part of that consists of voicing your dislike (or disbelief) of what we have to say elsewhere, and part of it consists of not wasting our time by telling us pointless lies, and then acting like we're unreasonable for not accepting bullcrap, or that I am specifically cruel to people just because they're not American. I'm not a prejudiced person, but if you're going to talk to me, at least show me enough respect to not mess around and fling bullshit just because I'm actually capable of thinking for myself and perceptive enough to catch you in your entirely pointless lie. I've never felt that I know everything, or that I'm never wrong, but at the very least if you're going to lie, make sure that there's a point, and that it's not obvious. I guess that's all I have to say about that. Don't push on the subject; I can obviously cover my bases.

Isa ap Eirias 21 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

Bailey you can get a hold of me through my email. although I'm not sure how your defining "real" vampire. as putting it in quotations makes it seem like your trying to make a joke about it.

Daniel and Elena;

Elena first off Daniel makes excellent points your first post that I responded to had perfect English, in the modern age even if your unsure the least you could have done was plugged your original response into something like Google translate. Daniel thank you for the astute break down as while I try to extend the benefit of the doubt after the last post I'd pretty much given up. I'm far from literate in Hindi, however Elena if you want to continue using such poor English that even a first semester student would be ashamed allow me to respond with two phrases I was given by one of the AIVO members for a response to such things: "bhaand me jaao" and "Gaand chaat mera"

rajesh 21 months ago


What a response to elena's post. Amazing. But do you even know the meanings of 'bhaand mein jaaon' and 'gaand chaat mera'. If you dont know then no problem. I will praise you in Hindi: Chutiya suyar sala kutte ko chod ja k. Ask the meaning to AIVO members. Have a nice day:)

SangreDelZero profile image

SangreDelZero 21 months ago

the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance...it is the illusion of knowledge..those who dare to doubt.,time will come you will learn how to trust.,those who put themselves as judge of truth and wisdom., the gods will be mocking you.,

SangreDelZero profile image

SangreDelZero 21 months ago

I'm so glad to see that this community is still alive.. I'm seeing some potential..I'll be watching you.

Isa ap Eirias 21 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

Rajeshe getting a hold of the AIVO members has been difficult since they closed their facebook page after serious issues with harassment, but yes I'm familiar with the meaning of the phrases and that they are not particularly kind. I try to avoid phrases I'm not familiar with and I checked the initial persons translations against others, although at this time I'm having trouble remember why a bunch of us started exchanging insults and swears in different languages.

DanielNoctum 21 months ago

Oh god, life... I could have been hasty and wrong, admitted, but sometimes when you're 90% sure of something, and all of the credible evidence points towards your conclusion, you're right. if it hobbles and quacks like a duck, it's probably at least a goose. Life. My desperate attempt to remain useful and pertinent in the slightest in this world have become so sad that they're officially offensive. Great. I don't really know why I still post on this website anymore. I lost my powers over a year ago, so the only thing I have to offer are my experiences, ideas I understand, and theories I may have had. And that's really not much. Especially sense I chased someone away for the sake of my online presence. Stupid. Most people just want to know which spell to use to turn them into a vampire, or whether or not some Dracula 2000 character is going to come into their life and make them a fledgling. People want to be bitten, dragged off into the night, and turned into some god , and let loose upon the world. It's ridiculous.

I'm not some Dracula 2000 character. I'm just some fat kid who used to be able to use some vamp-magic over a year ago that he inherited, who started a group and had an apprentice a long long time ago, and who has since been drained of all of those things for a while. It's inexplicably frustrating for magic to have been my life, my future, my identity, and now to not feel a single drop of it in my veins, and to know that I never will again... I have nothing to offer anymore... You (whoever the potential reader may be) know, my dream or goal used to be that I would start a vampire school dedicated to the education of vampires and humans alike if they wished on vampiric history, culture and etiquette, physical vampiric abilities and potential as well as magical, how vampires affect society today, and how mainstream society behaves towards vampirism, etc. etc.

Of course I never thought that I knew about half of those things, or that I'd be the single teacher or anything, but I wanted to learn. And I wanted to get together with people who had the same passion and ideas, who could cover the subjects I couldn't (or couldn't do as well on) so that collectively we could form a school and offer all of that to students and more. But it's gone. I had been in denial for a while, trying to force my way (as if that was going to work) back into having the powers I lost one by one, until one day I just woke up and realized/accepted that they're all gone... I have no idea why. Personally, I have always believed that if you're going to punish or torture someone, then they need to know why. There's no point otherwise as it's completely unproductive in any other way than to get your rage out. But then you have a problem. You've done something to get your rage out, but not to solve the initial problem. No lesson learned. If god was punishing me for something, or if I had pissed the wrong person/group of people off, and that's what caused me to loose my magic, then they should have said something. Because even though one of the goals would have been achieved (my pain), still, no lesson learned. Idk... I guess I'm rambling at this point. But there it is. The range of my usefulness can be measured by a teaspoon, and some day all of my knowledge and experience is just going to disappear... go to waste. At some point in my life I'm going to just start forgetting things, and because I'm incapable of properly training anyone, and completely incapable of teaching anyone who doesn't already know how to use vamp-magic and manipulate energy, when it goes it's gone forever. No point. No point to the past... 3 years of my life. 3 YEARS of my life! dedicated to a practice, an art, a science, that just... went away. And I have no idea why. My old apprentice has stopped practicing because he doesn't want to endanger his girlfriend; that's entirely reasonable, but 3 years... And now I'm just supposed to start up college and 'figure out what I want to do with my life'? What a joke. At this point in the system for most people it seems like we go to college not to figure out what we want to do with our lives, but how to fit into the system. College, debt. Car, debt. House, debt. Job... all for modern day slavery.

Did you know that when slavery was technically legal, someone could take on a slave in order to pay a debt. However once the person started working for the slaver, the slaver would continue to bill the person for things like tools and food and a place to sleep for as long as the person worked there so that even though the person was paying off a debt, he was constantly racking up more of a debt than he could ever pay off through slavery. figure out what I want to do with my life... I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I knew my talent, my skill, that I could forge and get better at and refine until I made it into a future. But that's gone, and I could never explain that. There are no do-overs or take-backs in life. So here's to the system! To which I am now just a nuisance. Bottoms up! I fucking hate ants.

Kathryn 21 months ago

I love vampires enough to wish lestat ,eric,and louis were real. I think i feel the pull towards vampirism. How could u help me?

sovereigninja2081 19 months ago

Hello, great people of the internet. I am Jake I live in colorado and am trying to talk to a vamp. I love research and I love science. I have a great idea for an experiment, but I need to talk to a vamp. Cause there are a lot of factor that I think you guys could help me out with. the experiment involves a sensory deprivation tank, Ultra Sound, EZ Water, and some medicinal mushrooms namely Grifolafrondosa or Maitak, Genus Ganoderma commonly known as Lingzhi or Reishi and Hericium erinaceus or commonly known as Lions mane. As well as L-thininen and Niacin. so please help me out my email is sovereignninja2081@gmail.com email me if you are interested.

Sunny 18 months ago

Hello guys I want be vampire if there is a real vampire and read this then plz come and turn me in to one of you .. Mail me plz


A.Fleenor 17 months ago

Need help figuring everything out. Just learned i have vamps protecting me was drawn to a place of emplyoment recently full of non humans and it is like they have been expecting me. I smelled wet puppy smell all last week off of couple and feel like something huge is about to happen involving me. Has been making crazy during my full force awakening and i have been told that i am something else beyond vamp i have new ablities i discover all the time out of nowhere i embrace all and want to know all.

lkjhgfdtfd 17 months ago

Hi Everyone,This was how me and my BF become VAMPIRES i got a guy from the internet called Mr Marc who was a VAMPIRE so i told him that me and my boyfriend would love to become VAMPIRES so he asked me of my Name ,Country, Age ,State , address and asked me to pay for just to send me his blood which i did immediately and in the next 3 days i got the blood sample through the DHL which me and my boyfriend took in the blood into your body and in the next 30 minutes i turned into a VAMPIRE so if you interested in becoming a VAMPIRE kindly contact his Yahoo Mail(HenrySmith869@YAHOO.COM) he also has a friend who is a warewolf just incase you want to be one,, Yahoo Mail(HenrySmith869@YAHOO.COM)

Bhavika 16 months ago

Need a help. I belong to India..

aisha 15 months ago

what help bhavika

Umang 15 months ago

lkjhgfdtfd this seems like vampire diaries act although im to interested in becoming a vampire especially one with psychic powers one do yea if anyone really know lemme knw

Isa ap Eirias 15 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

Umang as most anyone in the vampire community that doesn't have their head lodged firmly up their posterior will tell you and as I've stated repeatedly here vampirisim is something your either born with or not. If you want to learn more about psychic vampires I suggest tracking down a copy of "The Ethical Psychic Vampire" by Raven Kaldera, as well as a copy of Michelle Belanger's "Psychic Vampire Codex". You can find an early draft version of the vampire codex on www.sacred-texts.com if you don't have the money to spare. Even if you yourself are not a vampire some of the information in the Codex can be helpful in learning to manipulate energy in the same way that Psychic vampires naturally do.

dernersessian 14 months ago

I’m Noel Dernersessian from the United States, I want share with you how i became a vampire. this something i have dream of all my life and i said to myself that i we do and give anything to belong to this family. Today with the help of Mr. Enrique am a full member of that family today. All i need was a blood to turn and him provided me with that and today and stronger, faster, hear from afar and many other qualities all thanks to him. If you dream of becoming one here is his contacts worldofvampir@hotmail.com

aneesha sajeevan c k 12 months ago

well..i really want to meet a vampire..just im excited..and iam from india.where i can fnd one???please help me

DanielNoctum 12 months ago

I'm surprised no one comments on this anymore. It's been a while sense I've checked it, but the comment section has been pretty active for multiple years. Huh.

Laila Sen 10 months ago

Can any one please tell me how to trace a vampire???? I have been trying this for many years... I'll be very grateful if you let me know...

Laila Sen 10 months ago

Can anyone please tell me whether the following spell works or not:

Blood red, pale skin, moonlight draw me in, quench my thirst coarsing the veins, let my body feel no pain..

Kindly let me know. I will be grateful. :)

riya 8 months ago

I want to become a vampire ,, any way possible

Torie Fritts 8 months ago

Hi if you have time to know me or want to help me you can talk to me on Facebook I want to know about my blood line

Torie 8 months ago

I believe in my heart that everything that you see or don't see with your eyes can be real

Jill 7 months ago

Hi i know this post is old but i thought this was very interesting indeed. I would love to talk with you. I feel like i could learn a lot from you if you would let me.

Sarah turcios 5 months ago

Are you willing to train me

DanielNoctum 5 months ago

The author hasn't posted on here for years... like more than 4. If you want someone to talk to about vampirism or have questions etc, then you can email me at 8228danielnoctum8228@gmail.com. I can not garuntee that you will like the answers I have to offer, and I will not claim that I know everything, but what I do know comes from personal experience. You may not agree with or like what I have to say, but at least it'll be honest.

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