Men who wear pink - think. Those who won't - don't. Pink is the color of breast cancer awareness.

Men's pink shirts

Men who wear pink - think.
Men who wear pink - think. | Source
Those who won't, or don't, can't (think for themselves)
Those who won't, or don't, can't (think for themselves) | Source

A man of distinction

The colors a man wears says a lot about his character.

Men who wear bright colors indicate a strong personality:

an Alpha male

Men who wear black, or drab colors, are insecure and "conservative" by nature.

Men who wear bland or traditional colors feel the need to "blend in" and be inconspicuous.

But, men who wear pink - think, and know how to feel compassion, love, understanding, and empathy toward others.

Personality traits of men who dare to wear pink

Men who wear pink - think.

{Those who don't - won't, (or can't) think on their own.}

  1. These men are "self assured" and have little concern for the approval of others.
  2. they are "self confident" and believe in themselves and their own capabilities.
  3. They have "high self esteem" and know they are their own person.
  4. They are "courageous" and brave against the disdain of others.
  5. They are "non-judgmental" toward others and believe that "colors" are a personal preference and do not define the person.
  6. They are "supportive" of the plight of women and their personal "rights of choice" in all aspects of their lives.
  7. They are ''compassionate'' and empathetic towards women's issues.
  8. And they are "aware" of the significance of the color pink being worn in support of the women and men who suffer and survive breast cancer.

Fashionable self assurance

men who dress well and exude self assurance
men who dress well and exude self assurance | Source
men in suits
men in suits

A free spirit

being a free spirit
being a free spirit | Source

Being a "free spirit" in Southern America

Perhaps it was the profession i spent my life in.

Perhaps it was my family upbringing.

It is difficult at times living in a closed society and being one who never cared about the negative personal opinions; the inane judgments made by others; embracing the concept of living as a "free spirit"; or a combination of all three.

The ability to laugh and cry and live life on one's own terms has never been a difficult choice.

The reason for this article is not to boast, but rather to voice displeasure of how this "modern day" society still views (and judges) others by the clothes they wear.

Last week a group of us "seniors" met for lunch at a local popular restaurant.

Knowing that October is the month to celebrate "public awareness" of breast cancer and seeing how the local towing company painted their trucks pink; the local police cars painted with "pink" breast cancer awareness stickers on the sides of their vehicles; and national T.V. stations asking people to wear "pink" in support of the "awareness of breast cancer month"; I chose to wear a pink shirt to lunch that day.

Needless to say, i was the only patron (amongst both the male and female patrons) who wore a bright pink shirt.

I stood out like a sore thumb and got the attention of everyone in that restaurant.

No shame - no blame

Never be ashamed of who you are or blame others for being who they were born to be.
Never be ashamed of who you are or blame others for being who they were born to be. | Source

No shame or embarrassment

Although I was in no way embarrassed, or ashamed, i was rather disturbed at the attention and odd "looks" by the other patrons.

The conclusion one must draw is that either these people had no idea of the significance of wearing pink in October; their shame, or guilt, for not wearing pink to show support for the plight of breast cancer patients; or worst of all - they were passing judgment on a man for simply wearing "pink" in a black and dismal world of religious hatred for the gay community in a small southern redneck town in a redneck "conservative" Tea Party Republican dominated state.

It could have been any, or all, of those reasons. They were of little consequence to me at the time. Breast cancer is a year round problem and affects men as well as women.

by: d.william 10/22/2013

October is the national annual "breast cancer awareness month"

Did you wear pink in October to show your support for people with breast cancer?

  • yes
  • no
  • i was not aware that October was breast cancer awareness month
  • i don't follow the news
  • I don't care about women's issues
  • I don't care about minority problems as long as they don't affect me
See results without voting

Breast cancer awareness should not be limited to one month a year. It is a year round problem.

© 2013 d.william

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Sonny Holden profile image

Sonny Holden 3 years ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota

My first time wearing all pink shoes was this month. I got many looks even people was looking from the corner of their eye looking at my shoes. But who cares. It's for a good support for others.

d.william profile image

d.william 3 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author

Sonny: Thanks for reading and commenting. I don't think i every saw pink shoes and they certainly would catch some attention. L.O.L.

But i know what you mean by "who cares". When i was in high school, white suede shoes were coming into fashion. And along with the white came blue and red suede shoes. I bought and wore the red ones to school just to get up the gander of the other male students. But instead they all liked that i had the gall to actually wear them in public. L.O.L.

So many of them went out and bought the white and blue suede shoes, i guess, in support of me wearing the red ones.

Life is a blast, and we should always do what makes US feel good, not just do what we think will please others.

Sonny Holden profile image

Sonny Holden 3 years ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota

I will post a picture of the pair of men Nike's I got. They are pink but they are men shoes, not woman shoes. They are limited and hard to find now. Email me and I'll send you a picture.

d.william profile image

d.william 3 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author

Sonny: thanks. I wrote you a note via hub pages email suggesting you post those pink shoes in a hub about them for everyone to enjoy. I will look forward to reading it and i am sure others will enjoy it as well.

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