My Astral Projection

One of my most favourite place in the world is the tranquil gardens around the lake in HangZhou, China.
One of my most favourite place in the world is the tranquil gardens around the lake in HangZhou, China.

Personal Experience

This is a TWIST (The Way I See Things) posting. It might or might not correspond with other people; but this is my original experience.

The first in a short series I intend about my personal metaphysical (and in non-materialistic) experiences.

I had my first spiritual experience when I was about 14 years old, early 1970's. At that time I did not know what was going on. I was able to 'dream' of places that I never knew but it was more real than a dream. A few times I left my body and could move around in a moment - that really scared me. It was all random unplanned experiences. On few occasions I saw other beings, some whom did not look very friendly. Those times in South Africa this was not much known of - except for the hype of Uri Geller bending spoons and keys!

When I was about 16 years old I spoke to our media teacher at school about his. This particular teacher always seemed a bit different for the others, very peaceful, quiet - even to the level of being ridiculed by other children. Typically one of those people that know so much, he had trouble to convey his message. His mind was always miles ahead of that which he could speak in words.

Mr. Van Deventer was very cautious but because I already had these experiences on regular basis he wisely thought it good to teach me control. It was only then I learned about the real dangers of that which I was doing. First I learned to control the experience, never to allow it when you are alone and not to leave for a long 'time'. I was able to go places on a wish; I could see things like we would see a misty soundless movie today.

Thinking back today, I actually never 'visited' the other planes or dimensions.  It has always been only the current physical world that I went to.  In later life I did really visit some of these locations and was quite surprised at how well I still remember them.  Keep in mind that in those early days of South Africa we did not have TV and my parents never travelled anywhere but family visits.

On few occasions I visited some of my friends (and girlfriend) in their houses; usually followed up with prompting them the next day to talk about ghosts and feelings. Always they were aware of some presence. I never told them the real thing; sometimes they were surprised at how I could 'know' things.

It was one evening in 1976 that I had a very unpleasant experience - I met with the 'dark forces'. Call them angels, call them demons I don't care; those things were fearsome. In 1977 I became a 'Born again Christian' and these types of experiences were labelled as Satanic, coupled with my fearsome visions; I stopped it. How foolish one can be!

It was many years later that I came to realize the true significance of those experiences and that this is all but 'Satanic' - rather the opposite.

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tebo profile image

tebo 5 years ago from New Zealand

Another interesting hub. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Corrie Lamprecht profile image

Corrie Lamprecht 5 years ago from Thailand Author

Thank you! I am happy to see some people find it at least interesting! Hope these can help people to have more experiences.

Siriporn Benjawan 5 years ago

if you met Satan don't scare, don't fear. Keep your mind strong and ask Satan, talk and speak with Satan (ghost) they will surprise why not you fear and they will talk to you or leave away. If you fear they will happy that they can make you crazy, fear and nervous. So next time invite Satan to have a cup of coffee..

Siriporn Benjawan 5 years ago

i had met ghosts many time in my life but i not scare, i confront with ghost (satan) and talk with them. Sometimes they came into my dream and ask for donation, the next morning i go to give donation (rice, cloth, money, etc) to the monk and bless the ghosts.

Matty Says profile image

Matty Says 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Hi Corrie,

I found this hub quite intriguing. I am interested in astral projection and I am seeking the best way to learn and hone the skills necessary for such experiences.

Do you still have these types of experiences now? If so, is it through meditation or other means?

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