Methods of Raising Our Energy


As we go through our day we are constantly being greeted by various situations or challenges. How we handle these situations depends a lot on our energy level at the time. The world is made up of energy in various forms and functions which exists on different levels of intensity. Think of energy as a vibrational frequency (VF) with a certain level of vibration or intensity. Now consider a rainbow with its different colors of which each has a different VF. Life is much like the rainbow but more complex because there are many levels of light beyond what we can see. This translates to life by demonstrating that there are many levels of Life that are beyond our physical sight. These levels can be accessed by non-physical means which requires that we keep our energy levels high. Energy can be either positive or negative and exists to promote balance in the Universe. So experiencing negative energy is not a bad thing it just means that we need that to be balanced. When left up to higher powers energy balance is reached naturally. The dynamics of this energy can get very complicated, but fortunately it is not up to us to figure out every little VF and whether it is good or bad. This we leave for higher powers to sort out, but we do need to be aware of how we feel as our day progresses. Our feelings give us important clues to how we are doing on the path to fulfillment and ultimately enlightenment. Our feelings are like an energy meter that is fueled by our thoughts and emotions. If our desires are being met then we are feeling great and if they are not then sometimes it can get pretty ugly! No worries, it is OK to get off track from time to time. If you do get off track simply refocus on your desires and keep your energy level as high as possible. How do we do this? Well let me suggest a few ways that I have personally tested. These are by no means the only and all for the methods to raise our energy, but with some practice and focus these methods will help you to be aware of your choices, feelings and emotions.

Hiking in Fall
Hiking in Fall

Activities You Love


Any activity you Love will boost your energy.  The important thing is that you are doing things you love to do on your own free will.  As far as activities go, being creative is always an energy booster.  Creativity does not come from us but through us, so as creativity flows through us it creates magnificent things and in the process lifts the energy level of both ourselves and others.  The list of ways to be creative is extensive!

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” Henry David Thoreau

Art is a wonderful way to be creative.  Ever since mankind began to draw on cave walls art has been an important method of raising our VF.  As we evolve, our methods of creating have evolved and we have come a long way in 40,ooo years!  Art includes everything from painting and sculpture to music and theatre.  Even crafts or cooking would be considered art by many.  Remember it is the creative energy that flows through us that is important.  It is up to each of us just how we use art and if we for some reason believe that we are not artists the simple act of appreciation raises the energy of both the artist and the observer.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that without appreciation art looses much of its energy pretty quickly, so the more people who can appreciate the artistic creation, the more energy that is created.  Thus is the reason for Art galleries, shows, and displays.  When we put art in our home and we enjoy it on a daily basis the effects can be very profound.  Again, Love is a key ingredient to any creation.  As we are creating and loving our creation a VF of Love is released.  For example, an artist paints a beautiful scenic watercolor and as she does this she is imaging this beauty surrounding her and she puts that feeling into her work.  When she is done and so very satisfied with the results she shares the painting with others either by selling it or giving it as a gift.  Then each person that views the painting experiences the beauty and elated feeling the artist felt, thus adding to the VF.  The more people who enjoy this experience the greater the energy created, or the brighter the shine so to speak.  This all goes for whatever form of art you enjoy.  Music lifts the spirits almost every time and that is why you hear music so much in public places, especially retail places.  Of course we go to concerts, live theatre, and parties for the same reason.  They help us feel better!  These events are literally raising our VF through our participation in the flow of life or put another way, the give and receive of life.  I guess we could just call it the cycle of life and appreciate life on a grander scale.  We must remember that what we put out we get back, so the energy we put into our creations and our participation will determine to a large extent the experience our art produces!  Now nothing is set in stone and if another person loves your art, while you feel it is awful then their energy will increase the VF proportional to their appreciation, i.e. love for the art piece. Life is a group effort and a wonderful way to raise the VF of the world is to appreciate all that you see.  The very word “appreciate” means to raise in value.  How simple it is to appreciate all that you see around you!  This is done by honoring the effort and vision that went into creating anything and everything.  The saying “credit where credit is due” makes a lot of sense, so remember that we are one and what “another” created comes from the same place you do!  The choice to create is a choice to live!

Do you love to exercise?  Well, even if you don’t the very act of being physically active will boost your energy.  Remember that an object in motion tends to stay in motion, so the more active you are the more energy you will have.  Of course it helps to enjoy yourself while you are exercising.  Joy compounds the benefits tremendously, so find an activity that you enjoy.  The options are almost endless, so be creative and experiment some.  Personally I enjoy walking about as much as anything, bicycle riding used to be a favorite as did swimming.  I find as I am aging that walking works the best for me in the most environments.  The environment in which you do your activity will make a difference also, so choose a place that you like and are comfortable in.  Even if you are in the city there are places to walk like parks or gyms or something.  If you live on a farm you are most likely getting plenty of exercise doing the daily chores, but if not get out and have some fun!   Gardening is a great way to boost your energy also. 

Both the physical activity and being with the beauty of nature combine to really boost our energy!  For those who are not aware of how the human body works, it can get pretty complex so let’s just keep it simple.  As we move, our bodies use oxygen to fuel the cell functions in our various organs.  The more we move, the more we burn energy and the more oxygen is needed, so the heart and lungs are working harder and harder.  The lungs bring in the air and oxygen is diffused into the blood which is pumped by the heart to the organs of the body.  With practice the body gets used to this activity and is able to handle more and more activity to a point that is only determined by the mind.  This is evident in the fact that athletes are constantly breaking speed, endurance and skill records!  The other thing that is happening at a physical level is the brain is releasing chemicals such as endorphins that regulate our perception of pain or discomfort.  These chemicals are very beneficial to our overall health and can be released in other ways as well, such as sexual pleasure and meditation.  There are many good books out on the mind body connection so if you are interested in this just visit the library or surf the net.  No discussion of physical energy creation would be complete without the inclusion of Tantra.  Tantra’s come in many powerful forms of ritual action but one of the more popular would be sexual tantra such as the Kama Sutra.  When two people come together in sexual passion an incredible amount of energy is released.  Once this is experienced though it can be addictive if a person does not know the source of the energy, so do not take this path lightly.  Joy is the goal, a feeling of oneness with all there is, so focus on that and know that we are conduits to this energy.  Our purpose is to feel, or experience with all our senses and be aware of Source!  We can use such experiences as Tantric Sex as a marker or guide to what it feels like to be one with all there is.   As we focus on the feeling during meditation we are guided to the Joy of Spirit.  It is possible to Orgasm simply by imagining it!  Some say that Heaven is one big long Orgasm.  I think that is an understatement….


Bird Watching
Bird Watching


The simple act of being in nature will raise your energy for the most part.  Walking, playing, or working in nature where vibrant life surrounds us will raise our energy tremendously in relation to the beauty of the place you are.  Parks are a great place to experience nature since they are created to be functional, relaxing and beautiful.  Any element of nature has its own VF, but certain elements have much higher VF’s than most.  Flowers for instance exist at a higher VF than the plant does.  Eckhart Tolle says in his book, “A New Earth” that flowers are the enlightenment of plants and that crystals are the enlightenment of rocks!  Just consider the implications of this statement.  When we experience flowers and crystals we are seeing the plants and rocks at a higher order of being.  The beauty they radiate is evidence enough to know that they make us feel better!  Hopefully we all know the joy of growing a plant to see its bloom or to dig in the earth to find a beautiful glistening crystal!  Simply walking through a garden in bloom will raise our energy far more than we even realize.  Consider the diversity of color in flowers and crystals verses plants and rocks; this is another sign of the enlightenment of these natural elements.  Life is all around us in nature and the more beauty a vista has the higher a VF we pick up, or is it put out?  Anyway, pay close attention to the energy you feel as you stand atop a mountain, lay by a stream, or gaze at the sunset by the beach.  This same feeling can be experienced through pictures, but usually at a lesser degree; however I have seen photos that made my heart soar and my imagination spin. 

Another aspect of nature is animals and the creatures of the wild.  The butterfly can be considered the enlightenment of the caterpillar!  And many creatures in nature demonstrate enlightenment in their life cycle.  Just consider a tadpole and the frog or the larvae and the beetle.  Birds are one of the most beautiful animals with their rainbow of colors and light airy feathers as they gracefully fly through the air!  Scientists now have found that birds evolved from dinosaurs, which is a perfect example of enlightenment at the species level.  Birds are the most intelligent animals on earth, besides man.  What amazing creatures they are!  Many people keep birds as pets for obvious reasons, which brings up another way to increase our energy.  Pets are a great way to increase our VF through the love and care of a pet.  Dogs and cats are the most popular pets these days, but birds, fish, reptiles and insects can be rewarding pets also to the right person.  It is the love we put into the experience of our pet that makes the difference.  Did you know that the reason we have pets is to learn to love?  Yes, pets are our teachers!  The word pet means to show loving affection or indulgement.  So the next time you have opportunity with your pet, share some gratitude!  Walking your dog in the park surrounded by beautiful flowers and scenic views, fresh air and warm sunshine is the height of any nature experience! 

Another way to experience nature and raise our VF is to simply observe.  Bird watching, whale watching, star gazing, nature photography, people watching or simply observing life around us will raise our VF when coupled with the art of appreciation.  The art of appreciation is to see the perfection in all that is and how it came to be, to acknowledge the energy that went into its creation, to appreciate the complexity or simplicity of it, and to honor the creator! 

Mineral Enlightenment
Mineral Enlightenment

Helping Others

This method is best tested for good results. By this I mean to consciously do something helpful for another person and just pay attention to how you feel. Expect nothing in return but show gratitude when you are acknowledged. Keep it simple and without judgment. We are all helping others every day but how often is it an intentional conscious act? Remember the Universe is constantly balancing itself so one cannot always be positive in this world. This is why it is so important not to judge your actions or the actions of another. All things happen as they need to in order to maintain balance and harmony. There is a principle at work in the Universe that you may have heard of before and it has several names. The hundredth monkey principle, tipping point, or critical mass are names that refer to a principle where by energy builds in one area, often invisible, to the point of manifesting change in a large fell swoop, much like a scale with the weight building on one side slowly to the point that the scale suddenly shifts or tips. No good deed goes unnoticed! When we do good deeds that energy is building to the point where Good comes from our actions. Some people call this good karma that builds from lifetime to lifetime, but not all believe this so it is best to follow your heart. How long that takes depends on our actions and the checks and balances of the Universe. So, worry not if your good deed or helpful actions seem to go unnoticed. All is well in the Universe, all ways and always. By noticing what brings Joy to our life we can better choose our actions. Helping others in whatever way feels best to you is an awesome method to raise your energy. Another way of helping others and yourself at the same time is cleaning. This daily and sometimes monotonous activity is a great way to raise our energy. Since energy is all around us, the care and attention we place on our surroundings determines the level of energy present. Wherever you focus energy goes…thus cleaning is an act of increasing ordered energy in things that make up our lives! Notice the feeling you get when you walk into a newly cleaned room. Or the feeling you get after organizing your desk! Cleaning things raises the energy level, it’s that simple. Cleaning other’s spaces also raises our energy and has the added benefit of helping others. In helping others we help ourselves! The natural order of this world is entropy or decreased order, and that is why we must clean and repair things. What we are really doing is raising the residual energy level within that object so that it is close to its original energy level. The care, love and attention we place in our cleaning is evident by the end result and how long it lasts. The more complete a job we do, the longer it lasts, which means that the more energy put in the more energy we get out. Another aspect to all this is the monotony of it all. Repetitive tasks can be a sort of meditation as we “loose” ourselves in the work. Remember the last time you were doing a repetitive task and as you were working your body takes over the task and your mind is off somewhere else. This somewhere else can be connecting to the source, or God. “Time flies when you are having fun!” This sort of meditation happens all the time when we drive on long trips or do something we do all the time. So the next time you have a chore to do, be thankful and just let your mind go. Think about that which you desire, dream of better times and feel the connection to the great beyond.

Loving Relationships

Love is the way; the way to raise our energy to the level of enlightenment. Love is all there is or to put it this way, God is Love. Every relationship you have, be it with yourself, your partner, parents, children, pets, friends, or enemies is a relationship with God. The energy you put into that relationship determines the quality. Put Love into a relationship and you experience a loving relationship. Life is so simple, but how often do you consider this fact? It is important to know when you have Love in your life and not “just love”. Love is of God, “love” is of the ego and can be destructive. So if you have ever been “hurt” by love it was because you were experiencing ego. God’s Love is positive vibrant energy of the purist form! It lifts you and brings Joy to your life. To share this energy is the highest gift anyone can ever give, it is priceless! If you remember from my first book I mentioned how one can maintain this energy forever. When we get our energy from the source, God, we never run out and in fact we are energized by the sharing of it! The more we give the more we have. Test this right now, by looking in the mirror and telling yourself “I Love You”! Practice this daily and feel the difference in your life. I promise you that sincerity pays. Put Love into every relationship you have and nothing but good is the result. Do yourself a favor and only focus on what you desire and forget that which no longer serves you. Here is an example of how many of us derail our efforts. We look into the mirror and say “I Love You” but focus on our faults, or on bad feelings or feeling nothing. What you do, say and feel is true. The feeling will come if it is not apparent at first. Practice, stay focused on Love, and success is inevitable! We had to practice walking for many weeks to master this, so why would Loving be any different? We walk everyday so we stay good at it. Do you practice Loving on a daily basis? (For those who don’t walk, substitute smiling or whatever you do on a daily basis) “Use it or lose it” the saying goes, but can we ever lose Love? Love is who we are, so if we lost everything we ever had and stripped away all that which makes you - you, all that would be left is Love. This is our essence! The only way to really experience who you truly are is to do the very thing you fear the most. To do this all we need is our minds and imagination, making this literal is not the point here. Try surrendering. Strip away all that which you think you are and see what remains. The best method for this is meditation.

Silent Bench
Silent Bench


"The possession of God is the silence of the heart. The thought of God is the silence of the mind." ~Mother Mary of St Austin

A still soul is the pathway to God, for God resides in the silence in between reality. The journey within begins with a desire to know God and is never finished. When we sit in silence and hold nothing in our minds we are opening the door to our heart. The heart is the seat of the soul thus connecting us to our higher self. The next time you have a day off do nothing at all, and I do mean nothing! This takes a lot of practice, but can lead to awesome shifts in our perception of what is.

"Silence is the folding of the wings of the intellect to open the door of the heart." ~Catherine de Hueck Doherty

Meditation is the simple act of continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature. Many people use meditation as a method of clearing the mind and finding that nothingness that we all are looking for. The mind is a tool and it is always on. Let me say that again, the mind is always on. So what we do in meditation is focus the mind on something, or nothing. Since focusing on nothing is very challenging for the beginner we start with something. A mantra works well, such as I am Peace and Love. It is simply a statement that we resonate with as truth. In your meditations focus on your desires in a positive way as if it is already true. For Instance, say you desire Peace in your life, get comfortable, relax, let go and focus on Peace. Ask yourself questions such as these. What does Peace mean? What does it feel like? Is it a place? Is it temporary or permanent? Where does it come from? You get the point, to simply dwell deeper on the subject or object of focus. If another thought comes in, allow it to pass and re-focus on the subject. At first this will happen frequently, so just relax and let it flow. As we practice meditation it gets easier and easier, but the changes are not always apparent. Not to worry, change is constant and with focus the change is in the order of increased energy! If things appear to be going poorly that is OK too. Whether you are experiencing this truth is due to many factors. Some of which I discuss in my first book. Suffice it to say that thoughts plus emotions equal feelings and let our feelings be our guides not what we see. Persistence and consistency always pay off. Remember that meditation is a simple act and can last for a few seconds or hours, it can occur when we least expect it like while cleaning, exercising, working, or it can occur when we deliberately focus on meditating. Without meditation in its purest form we would perish! So you are doing it now, but you can get much greater benefit from it by meditating on purpose. Awareness is the path to freedom.

Harmony of Sound


Music is great and the great many masses use this every day to feel better whether they realize it or not.  However, what I would like to bring to your awareness here is the Harmony of Sound.  Yes, sounds make up music and when used in their basic constructs can be a very powerful way to raise our energy.  The sound of a drop of water, the ding of a bell, and the rustling of leaves are ways the world caresses our very souls.  The simultaneous combination of tones from these sounds makes up a harmony that touches us in deep and profound ways.  These sounds are often used in meditation to help direct our minds and to focus our thoughts in the present.  If you are having difficulty with a mind that wonders try using one of these sounds to help focus your mind on the present moment.  Any soft relaxing repetitive sound can be used, so explore and find what feels best for you.  I particularly like the sound of rain drops.  Just be aware of sounds as you go through your day and pick out the ones you like the best and use these to get started with your meditation.  For instance, when meditating in the park bird songs can work very well, or the sounds of a water fountain or the wind blowing through the leaves, or …you get the point.  Another great tool for harmonizing is called Toning.  This is a sound you make usually in a group, but can be done alone.  It doesn’t really matter the sound you choose but pick one that feels good.  Experiment and see if “ohm” feels good or singing the vowel “e” in a constant pitch for as long as you can and then repeating.  Maybe the sound of “a” or any of the vowels will suit you better.  As a side note, the sound of moaning is a form of toning and is usually done when a person is in pain or agony.  What is happening is the sound is refocusing the mind away from the perceived difficulty and thereby relieving the pain.  So if you hear someone moaning don’t make them stop but instead honor the forces of nature as they heal, and if you can help this person that might be a good idea too.  Have fun with Toning and try it with a group of as many as you can gather.  You will be amazed at how good you feel after Toning for only a few minutes.  After you make this sound for about 2 minutes be silent and listen.  Not for anything in particular but just relax and be with the harmony you just created.  Usually Toning is done in equal time to the resting period afterward.  Breathing techniques can be added to this process to deepen the experience.  In fact breathing is a great tool by itself to raise your energy.  Since this subject is a whole book in itself I will refer you to the many resources on relaxation and meditation through breathing found on the internet.  Let me just share one simple method of raising your energy that involves breathing that I heard from a Buddhist Monk.  In times of panic, stress, or simply to relax focus your attention on your breathing.  Feel the air move in and out of your lungs.  Feel your diaphragm move up and down by watching your belly rise.  The air needs to go deep within your lungs, so breath deep and slow.  Notice your body, the chair you sit in and the material world surrounding you.  All it takes for your consciousness to shift is one breath, but keep focusing on the breathing for as long as you can.  The Buddhists call this mindful breathing and it is a great technique that can be used anywhere at any time.   “Breath deep, Seek Peace” James Gurney

New Day Dawning
New Day Dawning



“Any life-form in any realm -- mineral, vegetable, animal, or human -- can be said to undergo ‘enlightenment’” ~ Eckhart Tolle.

Raising your energy is most often a conscious choice and by using the above techniques you will be feeling great all the time.  The one thing that I really want to emphasize here is that Enlightenment is not a goal it is an experience.  Most of us reading these words have had this experience before, if even for an instant.  Consider all the pleasant memories you have had, and now think of a time when you felt like you where on top of the world, floating above the ground, or about to explode with joy.  We are all Enlightened because we are all one with Great Spirit.  What you are going through right now is an experience of reality, not reality itself.  The experience of Enlightenment is simply feeling Joy and Love to the maximum and consistently vibrating at a higher state of being.  When we get glimpses of this state they are merely previews to coming attractions.

I realize that this is just skimming the surface on this subject, so the point here is to be aware, ask questions, and seek truth.  Feel free to make comments or ask questions. I sincerely hope you will continue on your Journey of Love with innocent curiosity and boundless joy!  Make this the first day of the rest of your life by choosing to be awake and aware of all the beauty and wonder this fantastic world has to offer!

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