Missing the mark

aiming for the bullseye

Never have been good at shooting arrows with a bow but I have been intrigued by crossbows. Even a slingshot can be aimed, but not so accurately; at least by me. I have tried darts as well, and thrown baseballs and even tried to perfect free throws, but a good game of horse gets me back to reality.

Like mowing a lawn and missing a spot or searching each pot and pan for stubborn pieces of food that resisted the scrubbie. I don't know a lot of Greek, but two words come to mind. The first is teleos, which some folks call perfection, but I like the word complete. The other is hamartia, or the word for 'missing the mark' another way some people use the term for sin.

Trying to measure up, and trying to hit the bullseye every time. Sometimes missing the whole target. Knowing that sin is sometimes doing something wrong and sometimes failing to do something that is right. I remember a poster once which read, I know two truths; there is a God; and I am not Him.

God of Wonders Third Day

a frog in warm water

I don't know of too many folks who deliberately try to miss the mark. I know Luther once said if you are going to sin, sin boldly. No need to wimp away. How easy to rationalize sin and get used to it, like a frog in a pot of water that gradually gets warmer until the frog gets cooked. That is an old illustration, but I still get the point. I know I am supposed to let the day's own problems be sufficient for the day, which is in the Bible; I also know about "casting all my cares on Him, for He cares for me." also in the Bible in First Peter. I realize and I believe that in this lifetime I will never be perfect, or totally complete, yet I also believe in Christ, I am accepted completely based on what He has done.

I know the devil tempts me to either pride or despair. Pride that I think I can go it on my own, or despair that there is no hope. There is a story once that Luther was met by the devil in his study and the devil had a scroll that reached to the floor. The devil proceeded to read from this scroll, every sin Luther had ever committed, thought or spoke. Luther listened for a long time till the devil finally read the last condemnation. Then Luther said, "this is all true, but the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin." and the devil left him.

Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus Casting Crowns

a battlefield of ideas

There is a spiritual side to all physical things, I believe. Even the internet is a gigantic battlefield of ideas, belief systems, world views and spiritual forces. Ironic how the simplest ones and zeros streamed through phone lines or modems or through the air can manifest themselves into anything which can cause me to miss the mark.

If the reader understands that temptation is found not only on the internet, but within any medium of communication, or even within our own mind, it is simply not an idea to stop using the internet, although that can be an option for a season. The encouragement is that others on any medium can also strengthen our relationship to God, in ways that draw us back to the written Word, the Bible.

God's Word is True

a standard of perfection or completeness

There is a God and I am not God. Since I believe God is complete, without sin, and never misses the mark, I can worship God. The standard of perfection is a good example; even though I can't live it. Another way to measure is looking at the ten commandments; realizing they are kind of like a yardstick to see how I measure up, or a curb on a street, which gives some boundaries on where not to go, or a mirror, to see reflected something short of perfection.

So I can say, that is a good reason to have a Savior, or someone who can rescue me from this stuff, when God looks down, He doesn't see all the sin, the things I know I have done wrong, and even the things I am not aware of. That sin is taken care of, washed clean by the blood of His Son. Pretty basic. What clothes me is what makes me clean, spotless, without stain or filth or incompleteness (immaturity).

missing the mark online

It can be a confusing time. How easy to waste time, including online. That in itself can be missing the mark, knowing that how we invest our time each day is also a way to spend our life wisely. There is such a wide variety of world views even on Hub Pages; I hope this tool will be one way I can find encouragement to grow in my own relationship to God and also to encourage others who find themselves in either a prideful self sufficiency or a despairing feeling that there is little hope. I believe there is hope; and confess my own prideful ways. And even as I am aware, as all writers are painfully aware, that we try to write the perfect or complete story or article or poem or novel; when all is said and done, it might miss the mark as this article does. For every golfer that strives for that hole in one, or eagle or birdie there is that par stroke or even a bogie or double bogie that lurks by the water.

Yet the golfer still wants to sink that putt. We want to make that basket, or score the goal, or hit the bullseye....and so we write...

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

I would say that today, at least, you did hit the hole-in-one, with this article. You spoke the truth in an articulate manner and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

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